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  1. nearly all ready is, not many good youngs guys coming through mostly buzz nuts
  2. i'll never quit swings, or grappling hook
  3. I think we will need a go fund me poor paddys keyboard is taking a hammering. Im not outright against it or for it, its certainly job specific i wouldn't abseil irata without a backup But then i wouldn't cut without a second tie in may that be a lanyard, like how we've been working for years I can conceed why people get pissed with you paddy alot of the chaps having be cutting for a long long time and certainly know their stuff arguably we don't know your time frame in the job and it sure as shit isnt the same as aerospace
  4. Can't see me going over to two ropes in a hurry 10 years in cant see much benefit. I will on occasion use 2 lanyards but bloody rare
  5. I use mine without the guide so just the stone, pretty good onsite. For home invest in a proper bench grinder.
  6. sap is bad but this is lifting my weight trying to release it bad
  7. Ok today was a conifer reduction, big ****************er and the akimbo ****************ing sucked its unusable on any amount of sap couldn't even release it Id go far as to say its not fit for purpose, so bad i would get a refund if possible. Real shame
  8. I think for now the programming is complete The Arduino has 4 selectable loadcell calibrations so i can have a 20kg 100kg 2000kg and 5000kg loadcell On button press it will display the maximum achieved Scales can be tared The hardware side is a morning from completion i do enjoy have a bigish mill that can remove some proper material , im awaiting bits from the laser cutters then i will be building a testing a completely new design of climbing device preliminary 3d print prototype was very good Aswell as load testing my rigging winch Finally can stop thinking about c++ for a while you wpuld or wouldn't believe the agro a bloody bracket can cause in an if statement Unti next time
  9. Im almost 90% sure hes had a business in that aswell
  10. That would be my thought, not like you are causing damage
  11. Has google not told you that trees are self optimising. You really need to do further research. In realtity trees dont just blow over, nearly every tree ive dealt with has either had an underlying condition / freak storm or such we are not every day cutting up tall trees because they've blown over.
  12. mtt.tr

    Best Combi can.

    New they come apart pretty easily


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