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  1. Where from please? PM if you’d prefer.
  2. Is drawboring where you purposefully misalign holes so the peg pulls the joint together tighter?
  3. AHPP

    Ray Mears

    Since this is now half about shooting and this is a forum: Where on the internet are people talking about shooting these days? Been away from the forums for a few years and the bbs and ukv are both now dead. Not checked pigeonwatch but assume similar. The stalking directory seemingly less affected. Is everything on Facebook and Instagram?
  4. Didn’t really answer my question unless I’m missing something.
  5. Rig it like that. If you need help to clear the fences, rip the limbs in with a base pulley and portawrap truck pull (unless you have a bollard that lifts). Light negative rigging high up then reverse a truck half full of chip up to the stem to chog into.
  6. A decent climber and an avant zipping about will do that in a day without the stress of harming the paving.
  7. Assuming the operation was performed before the TPO was on it, what’s the crime?
  8. The ones with induction hardened tips may be too hard to sharpen with a file but will still sharpen with diamond. I’ve sharpened the sides and not the tops before and felt modest improvement but I think that’s the wrong method.
  9. Straight out the back for me. I could justify it by reckoning that pulling cambium fibre is better timber practise than pulling heartwood fibre but the reality is just that the saw’s already there and I’ve never had a problem with it.
  10. Putting tops down a channel in conifers is good for protection but of course increases the likelihood of hanging stuff up. Also more work if the top is leaning away from the channel and you have to pull it over or change the balance. Good food for thought in terms of mass damping lower down as well as up top though.
  11. It was a line of conifers that made me think about the topic. On spready hardwood, I’m more inclined to build tie in and rigging points around Y shapes and get rid of brash at the ends of the Ys as early as convenient. I place more importance on good geometry than mass damping (cheers, Paddy) there.


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