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  1. Do you double end, Saul?
  2. I can’t answer with any experience or authority but if I was wanting to set a framework like a mill up to be true, I’d want to do it on a nice flat floor to take as much guesswork out of the equation as possible. I’m sure it’s possible without but you’d think that it puts things in your favour.
  3. I've got a 500i and a 661 that I want to buy a double ended bar for for milling. I'll also need to to either buy or make a mill. I want to get a big enough bar that I don't keep finding trees I can't do (without having to halve, skim and roll etc) but I don't want so big that it's either unreasonably unwieldy or it sags/flexes excessively. DOUBLE ENDED MILLING BARS - Chainsawbars WWW.CHAINSAWBARS.CO.UK What have people got and how are you finding them? Do the proper mills keep the bar tensioned better than a DIY mill made from plywood and threaded rod? At what length do you run into diminishing returns with bigger bars? What in your opinion is a nice compromise, all rounder size? And I'd welcome any other input you think is relevant. Thanks in advance.
  4. I for one would be immensely grateful if you could keep your constant pointless advice to yourself, you unrelentingly negative, know-it-all bellend.
  5. AHPP

    Air die grinder

    I bought a quick coupler spigot for a nut gun the other day and the threads to go into the nut gun were covered in crusty white/grey/blue stuff. I assume that's liquid PTFE?
  6. It is. Wranglerstar on YouTube did a burr like that a few months ago.
  7. Thanks. I get all that. I must have misread something because I thought there was more to it.
  8. Can someone humour me please. I'm trying to learn things.
  9. AHPP

    Zenoah 2500T

    Dad’s got a Zenoah strimmer which is excellent.
  10. AHPP

    Tip site

    Try asking at either the skip place or the aggregate place on the Great Waldingfield industrial estate.
  11. What's 7k a quarter? Some threshold?
  12. Hack fvck out of it it. You may be surprised. Apples are tough trees. Silky Fox pruning saw somewhere around £30. A tool worth having anyway.
  13. That'll be about horizontal and vertical direct effect.
  14. Has anyone tried one of those pulleys where the wheel turns one way but not the other?


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