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  1. That'll be the primary school you were in, sicko.
  2. The bee comment last night made me think of artificial insemnation but I thought I was being silly. A friend of mine used to work in a commercial greenhouse, peds. I was telling him about my mum's reliably excellent cherry tomato yield from her garden variety garden greenhouse. "Oh yeah? How many artics is she doing a day?" Snide bastard.
  3. It's newspeak and frankly dangerous. The sort of person you can convince to say, "One of our South Asian colleagues who manages the parking facility." is the sort of person you can convince to push the button in a gas chamber.
  4. Quite. Shibboleth bullshit is for closed shops like dolescum work. You pay support industry dolescum like tendering consultants to teach you the right buzzwords and you're in. Real people can smell it a mile off and will discriminate.
  5. Don't try to sound clever, posh, corporate etc. It'll have the opposite effect. Just keep it real and short. And yeah, AI is the preserve of bullshitters, like shop staff who read the label when you ask them something.
  6. Interesting. Do you intend to hold them to it?
  7. Alternatively, her property is too small.
  8. AHPP

    The post

    It's just taken a letter of mine nine days to travel about twenty miles with a second class stamp. Feels slow but I don't post stuff often. Anyone else noticed delays? Have a lot of people just clogged the post up with postal votes or is this par for the course now (broken Britain etc)?
  9. I'd have written a short letter but I didn't have the time.
  10. Go on then. Put up or shut up, you green fingered wanker. I'll batter you and the horse you rode in on. Semper virens! How's that for a start?
  11. Gravity homeopathy. Set the water even lower.
  12. AHPP


    I remember a decent length drive with a mate not long after Chester Bennington killed himself. We sang along to a load of Linkin Park. My mate remarks, "If only there was some way to have seen this coming."


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