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  1. Anyway. Hoping to hear from Sarahsmile. She apparently thinks seventy million taxvictims should be paying a tree officer and council hierarchy to be there so she can tell her neighbour he can't cut down his tree if he wants to. I'm interested in her justification. I can only assume she's very, very important.
  2. Socrates and Galileo were told that by tellers.
  3. What makes the tellers worthy of telling?
  4. No. It's someone wanting to tell someone else what they can and can't do.
  5. Ask yourself if you're happy with yourself, using the might of the state to tell someone what they can or can't do with their own property. Ask yourself whether you'd be happy if tomorrow morning your new neighbour was rushing to the council for an emergency order to prevent you mowing your grass or washing your windows.
  6. It's at least not the absolute butcher's option of just screwing it. Should still work. Will actually spring for a plug in due course. I buy new scabbards and everything.
  7. Antivibe on a 230. Didn't even have a tec screw short enough. That one is ground short and inside a cutoff rawlplug inside a cutoff frame fixing. It's not even done that well. A bodge to the power of four.
  8. AHPP

    ArbDogs? Pics!

    Civilised Sunday stimulation. IMG_2927.MOV
  9. AHPP

    ArbDogs? Pics!

    Features dog and new van furniture. IMG_2923.MOV
  10. I have a bloke like that. Everything needs "crowning."
  11. That redwood was in the grounds of a fake boobs clinic. But alas, no procession of chesty onlookers. We did it on a Saturday so the crane could block the road that the Range Rover Evoques use.
  12. This was the meat of the job.
  13. Yep. It was only that one dead thing nestled into the back of a hazel stool that we did like that though (yes, we considered choking the hazel stools too). I'm fully on board with the flying slinger technique. Passes time-and-motion. Spiky solidarity on the monkey puzzle. "£1000 and I'm going to moan like a bitch all day." is my stock answer.


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