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  1. J, I do sympathise but are you getting work done? I imagine broadly speaking yes. I've tried to chase down ideal vehicles before and the answer is that for people like us with higher/more versatile than average demands, they don't exist or they do exist and they're mega rare/expensive/old/whatever. I'm much happier now I've got better at accepting imperfection and get 95% of stuff done fine. Drive old shitters and accept they'll get hit/scratched. Justify it to yourself however you want. Fit in with local style maybe. Think of yourself like George Orwell in Down and Out. Slum it for the experience. A Delica would probably be an excellent introduction for you to the notion of cheap vehicles being good.
  2. Narrow 4wd van. VW. No idea about towing but power is probably good. You're the problem though, J. I suspect you'll be happier and just as productive when you decide that you can't beat them and should join them. You still have to back up in a small car when you meet someone driving the other way. You might as well back up in a big vehicle.
  3. Observe and plan for a year or two. You might make better/different decisions with the benefit of circumspection. Thrash at some bits with hand tools to keep yourself busy and make space for a picnic in the mean time. Make a map or something maybe.
  4. Tell that to the Africans with Chinese highways through their savannahs etc.
  5. Potentially expensive way to save money. Give me a call.
  6. Just saw this comment on an article about how solicitors are, on average, paid less than train drivers. I laughed. An average solicitor is a sweaty, polyester suit gimp operating out of a small office above the local chippy on Grimsby High Street. Cannot possibly compare that with the responsibilities and training required of a train driver.
  7. "Hello. It's egg. Any progress with my matter?" "No." "Thank you. Goodbye." "Goodbye." One unit, £25 + VAT.
  8. High Street solicitors probably £150-250 per hour (in 10% of an hour/6 minute increments), almost certainly + VAT.
  9. I've just bought one of the absolute bottom-of-the-range Stihl cordless chainsaws. It's excellent. With appropriate expectation and use, I imagine the other domestic stuff is fine.
  10. Can’t help with question I’m afraid but interested to know what a stob is.
  11. Among other things, it's sold by Stihl and recommended for Stihl machines by Stihl.
  12. I'm pretty thin and Petzl with shoulder straps fits me.
  13. AHPP

    Gap in the market?

    We’re thinking about this the wrong way round. Ban cars completely. Let them get as far as a massive park and ride bicycle hire operation on the west side of Taunton. The day trippers would rarely make it past Tiverton. Agricultural and forestry vehicles could pinball down the lanes with their eyes shut without fear of meeting anyone.
  14. AHPP

    Gap in the market?

    Value is subjective. I want Devon to visit (preferably on two wheels) so twee lanes preferable. Jonathan wants Devon to work so bigger roads preferable. Any debate about the rights and wrongs of public spending on public things can be made moot by getting rid of public roads and letting the market decide what type of private roads exist. Probably both. Markets usually keep most people happy.


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