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  1. AHPP

    Making the news today....

    What would Soloman do?
  2. AHPP

    Down scaling

    It's written as much for (non-pro) firewooders. Equal if not more likely buyers. The aforementioned helpful fellows on facebook had enough time to point out I'd spent too much time writing a thorough ad. I know, I know... I've also just sold an eighteen-year-old MOT failed van. Imagine those negotiations.
  3. AHPP

    Down scaling

    I've got a good 250 for sale for £200. Private message if interested. Here's the advert I've currently got up for it on facebook. Only interest so far is from some very helpful fellows on treebay.
  4. AHPP

    Tasty treats

    They sound delicious.
  5. AHPP

    Emergency First Aid

    Good thread.
  6. AHPP

    Natural Screens...

    I like his suggestions.
  7. AHPP

    Telegraph pole removal

    Just because they say they own it doesn’t mean they own it.
  8. Employer NI/pension contributions?
  9. AHPP

    What would you have done with this tree?

    Yeah. Looked again. I think I might change my answer to rigging more of the branches (with groundsman with a tagline/pole+hook). If a rigging rope comes in horizontally ish from another tree , you'll be putting the trunk in compression relatively nicely. Or just keep the guys and rig from each stub. Fishpoling or trunk wrapping might make a tiny difference to the bowing or might just make you feel better. Or a rigging line from another tree could be used as a cradle so you're not lowering over the building. That might even stand the tree up under load. One of the branches looks to go off more vertical than the others and might take a redirect from another tree or even a main point on a base tie, either set with a pole/throwline? Like the rigging line coming in horizontally, a climbing line coming in horizontally from another tree will put a reasonable compression load on the branch/tree and you could make it a bit of guyline if you're happy with your climbing line taking that (pretty static) strain. That's a bit of a ramble isn't it. Hope something of use in there. Hard to say from pictures obviously but it looks doable. I've done similar. Not elegant. A lot of straddling etc. Put the ply over the Velux windows. Khriss might be right of course.
  10. AHPP

    What would you have done with this tree?

    Climbed and cut and chucked, maybe zipping or rigging a bit (probably on my tail). If it seemed bad while spiking up, I'd have walked a pair of guy lines up with me (and back down as I chunked).
  11. AHPP

    Weight in motion

    Which bit exactly?
  12. AHPP

    Communication Skills for the Arb Industry Course

    Get in the sea, you chancing poofters.
  13. AHPP

    The beauty of the Tax System

    Broadly agreed. Lower tax rates tend to increase total tax income because people don’t hide it etc. That leaves me in a quandary. Do I want the government to have no money so it can’t afford to be a cunt to people or do I want lower and fairer taxes? On balance, I think I’d prefer the latter as long as the government’s remit is pretty small: defence, enforcement of contracts and property rights, that sort of thing.
  14. AHPP

    The beauty of the Tax System

    Do you think the amount you love and care for your kids is fairly typical?
  15. AHPP

    The beauty of the Tax System

    Would you let your children get ill and go untreated? Would you let them go uneducated? Would you let them tip rubbish?


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