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  1. You do rub people up the wrong way (and I should know…). I don’t mind much because your contributions are usually pretty well considered, however brusquely put, but it is possible to be uncompromising and still convivial.
  2. I’m a well above average penny pincher and I winced when I saw the thread topic. Besides tyres and brakes, I can’t think of anything worse to skimp on. Pay for OEM.
  3. I’ll keep it in mind but I’d prefer chest. You rest saws etc on your legs.
  4. I gather the screw type are quieter than the piston type.
  5. Alas. My trousers only have hips and arse pockets.
  6. I’m trying to take more photos while I’m climbing so need my phone handier than the bumbag I currently keep it in. Trouser pockets are out because it’ll get crushed etc. Chest seems most obvious. Shirt top pocket is ok on tame climbing but wouldn’t trust it when I’m leaping and swinging etc. What are people doing?
  7. Don't be obtuse. You said in a previous thread that you lobbied the government to keep the recently dropped licensing requirement. Shall we get rid of all training? Not for me to say. Get rid of all government and whatever is worth having will still happen. Whatever isn't worth having, won't. And yeah, I put my money where my mouth is.
  8. No. The tree industry is generally real and productive. People want to make things out of wood and to look at the sky. Driver training (where the training is de facto necessary for licensing) almost exclusively exists because of constraints placed by earlier governments (that you lobbied for I recall). It's artificial and a harmful drain on other people. Someone has to pay £500 for a trailer course. That's £500 they can't spend on good shoes for their children or on an evening course to better themselves.
  9. So I should keep my mouth shut when they're plundering someone else and be glad it's not me? That's serf talk.
  10. You really are wired like a big bully's little bitch. The government does a rare thing and leaves people alone a bit and you're genuinely annoyed that they're no longer granting you your monopoly at the expense of everyone else. Take a bloody hard look at yourself and find some way to lift up your fellow man rather than treading on him to get a little higher.
  11. Stupidly didn’t whip the camera out while this (right stem) was on the hinge. I only had about forty seconds. Ash top, going out at exactly the angle it looks like. Bored and released and the wind sat it back UP onto the bar. Obviously more sail and/or wind than it looked like. A slowing of the wind let the gob half close in proper slow motion. Must have been at least five seconds. A little novelty on an otherwise straightforward thing.
  12. Dolescum writ large. Receive a lot of tax loot in land subsidies and similar. Use it to monopolise what could be productive land and property while excluding the people who pay for it.
  13. May I encourage you to just plant the trees yourself and keep the National Trust out of it. Certainly don't give them any money. They're a bunch of arseholes.
  14. Occasional user, not owner. The Forst ST6 infeed is rubbish. I'd want to know the ST8 is better before ordering. Engine better though. The old Timberwolf 190 diesel was intimidating; the new 280 petrol is considerably less so, hits the no stress easier, throws worse. Consider the petrol if you have cold enough weather to make diesel engines inconvenient and are open to supercharging it.


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