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  1. Certainly have, got a digger on hire making a track so it is can be driven to, then need to sort out alot of renewables, and wiring in house, insulate all the walls, renew windows, few wooden floors down, convert an attic into a bedroom, sky lights in, re fit bathroom, carpets upstairs, jobs a gooden! Sounds excellent. Updates please.
  2. That's the ballpark. I know of one probably similar to Stihl's that was £13k.
  3. I'd also happily drown a VAT inspector in a horse trough if that helps.
  4. I know a plant man who had one on the dash of a Transit that hadn't been started in years. Only A4 paper size. Started straight up, like it had been driven that morning. Couldn't believe it.
  5. AHPP

    Gap in the market?

    I've seen you mention horticultural registration on here before. What's the score?
  6. I didn't. We're arguing about nothing. Back on topic, twatting about with trees makes money from people who are scared into thinking they need to twat about with them.
  7. The ratio in Congleton is that protecting people from every little thing isn't necessary if it reduces public utility. The law realises that making things 100% safe will make life miserable.
  8. Yes it will. Tomlinson v Congleton.
  9. 370,000,000 years ago - trees arrive 200,000 years ago - humans arrive 1000 years ago - modern legal system emerges in UK - people now definitely responsible for their property damaging other people's property 970 years of people being responsible for their trees causing damage etc goes happily by 30 years ago - internet arrives, lets people more effectively swap ideas about how to scare people into unnecessary tree work, people act like fannies about perceived liability hiding behind every photon We're talking about things like silver birches in a McDonalds car park. They'll be dead from drought, compaction or the need to put a bin where they were before they're twelve feet tall anyway. It's not a two tonne limb from a heritage oak that could fall on a picnic in Hyde Park.
  10. 13 Douglas Firs from 12" to 30" DBH, along a main road and with a power line as thick as a boner running through all of them. Done mostly solo, a bit of help from a five foot girl and my 65-year-old dad and a day with a one-armed man with a winch on a 110 to put the biggest one down the side of a house. I undercut the nearest quote by £2500 and still made made money after buying outright almost all of what I needed to do the job. Once I'd done it, I knew there was no tree job I couldn't do. Uninsured and for cash btw. I love telling this story.
  11. Bollocks. Trees know what they're doing. They grew fine for the hundreds of millions of years before we invented the arboricultural consultant. Formative pruning is important for doing three jobs to trees that probably need no jobs doing to them.
  12. I love videos like this. Any time that someone tells me the training standards in this country are anything less than laughable, I can show them it. I usually use the one with the slow motion heroic blower tutoring.
  13. You blow my mind every time you post this. You sound like a badger asking a dogfighting ring for careers advice. You seem to appreciate quality in other areas of your business. Why not with financial planning? You're at war. Tool up with an accountant.
  14. Electric. You won’t care if it lasts a year. They’re excellent.
  15. Interesting. Tell us more about the Derwentwater project please.


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