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  1. difflock

    Identify this fuel

    Bugger me spelling, i not y blithely https://www.google.co.uk/search?q=blithely&oq=BLYTHLY&aqs=chrome.1.69i57j0l5.11886j0j7&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8
  2. difflock

    Identify this fuel

    Not a lie but an alcoholic mechanic(where I worked) spent a couple of winters trying to get a Victa mower to "go", incl replacing the carb, with a store bought brand new one, etc. etc., no expense spared, & all blythly charged out to the "other" department who owned the mower, and all without any success. Hi successor, when he found the then by forgotton about mower, first emptied the stale fuel from the tank, it was mostly red diesel. Doh! p.s. I too would have said red diesel.
  3. difflock

    Quantity of wood/timber - advice please

    Huh ! Me back is aching even thinking of moving that lot! marcus
  4. difflock

    Making the news today....

    I too have occasion to thank God, for giving me the wisdom to be an atheist.
  5. difflock

    Quantity of wood/timber - advice please

    Photos perhaps? At least they should give some indication of the quantities or overall amount? mth
  6. difflock

    Most valuable bit of kit ?

    A (reasonably*)compact telehandler/tool carrier with a pallet toes/grab/brash grab for starters. *depending on the type/size of jobs one targets. marcus
  7. I was wile in the notion of a Lohberger, see link; http://www.lohberger.com/en/herde-oefen/homepage/ when the wife fancied a stove/cooker for the garden room. but she settled for a 1200mm Bertazzoni in the kitchen instead. An the garden room got another Morso. marcus
  8. difflock

    Making the news today....

  9. Do I deduce the WoodStove market has reached saturation/died a death/requires resurrection then?
  10. difflock

    Thorn in knuckle

    I am, kinda, with HOYC, re antibiotic avoidance, for whatever reason, unless ABSOLUTLY needed. Many others are not, apparently. Essentially, in my reasonably, i.e. 60-15=45 years formed opinion, antibiotics should not be guzzled as a preventitive measure, as most undoubtely/indisputably are. Save them for when they are actually/really needed. marcus
  11. difflock

    Making the news today....

  12. difflock

    Making the news today....

    So much trash, unfortunately not all of it can be Skipped afterwards, like wot certainly most of it, should be.
  13. Erm, 50 to 100 to 150 years, at an educated guess, for owt of similar traditional cast iron construction as Astroflamm/Morso/Jotul, for instance, as said, door seals, baffle plates, firebrick linings and glass will require periodic replacement, but since we ran a Morso Panther 24/7 for 4 months of each winter over a 10 year period, incl "slumbering" overnight, with only a replacement baffle plate and firebrick needed(due to overstuffing) and additional daylight burning in the autumn and spring months. This also included a couple of alcohol induced bone-dry Mahogony offcut fuelled fires where the 4' long flue pipe was glowing dull red. Despite this mistreatment this stove has done 20 years and is no worse for wear. Hence my opening line re expected life. And the flue has never been cleaned during these 20+ years btw. Marcus
  14. difflock

    ArbDogs? Pics!

    That is so cute, I really like the smooth haired Dachshunds, having fond memories of a daughters dog.


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