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  1. My take on this is that is simply not right to allow anyone to decide so young that they need gender "reassignment", what will they want to be in another couple of years? When they change their minnds, and Vicky yes but no but yes but no Pollard springs to mind Never mind some of the fruitcake "parents" encouraging such nonsense. And the nutcases running some of the "enabling" charities. Both aided and abetted by the newspapers and TV, with the oxygen of publicty. And tought-not-sorry but the "if you dont do what I want I will kill myself" manipulation is fornicating the system up for the few with genuine problems. aka "the boy who cried wolf". etc etc etc the NHS is truely fornicating fornicated. P.S. The wife was just telling me about some young female athelete who damaged an ankle beyond repair, rendering her uncompetetive, she wanted the NHS to amputate the still servicable limb, and fit a blade or prosthetic, so that she could compete(and win) in the Paraolympics! F.F.S! Thank God they refused.
  2. Guessing the constant wetting prevents the various beetles laying their eggs. I am always astounded at the speed with which they "move in" and the damage the larvae do, so fast! To my firewood stock, so no odds, but still astounding.
  3. Hmm, 10% better cutting performance with a longer shelf life? HTF does a chain deteoriate, while sitting in the box, on the shelf. Packed in more protective oil or sommat?
  4. A trifle harsh I feel. Knowing at least 1 local individual who left a well paying job at Greenmount to set up as a trainer, mostly on Ag related stuff. He was young, personable and knew his stuff, I used him for training at work, he tailored the various Lantra(I believe it was) units to best fit our needs. Others were less assidious or hardworking. My constant gripe was the 100% rubber stamp pass rates for most of this mandatory training, and "they" wondered why accidents caused by lack of cognative function continued to occur. Again I witnessed trainers instructing candidates as to which box to tick(multiple choice questions) to "pass". For the herbicide application qualification, hey, its only dangerous chemicals he will be working with. Never mind the digger "training" that consisted of at least 50% tea breaks, interspersed with shite lacklustre instruction. BUT Essentially ALL Government driven by needless mandatory tick-box training regulations. P.S. Apart from "Ye canny fix stupid", my other go-to phrase that describes so much Government/Council run shite is "Lets all pretend" La-la-la
  5. My 62 year old untrained but **uninjured take on training and RA's is best summed up by our H&S Officer deciding that lorries could only tip on hard flat paved surfaces, and only after chocking the wheels. Scheesh! I am not sure if he had even watched a truck tip on a site before committing his notions to print. Etc Etc Etc **despite undertaking various potentially hazardous and unapproved procedures with power tools and machinery. And all the training in the World cannot fix stupid. Marcus
  6. No, poorly worded I appreciate, but "she" sat and spun on top of the hardcore, the trailer bring a bit bogged in the softer ground off the hard. I was simpley gobsmacked at the lack of traction, compared to most any normal configuration of tractor. This was however a transport spec Fastrac, so that probably had a bearing on the matter.
  7. FFS. Ploughing wi a Fastrac. What did you expect. From memories o wan getting laired on hardcore while tipping a dump trailer, where much more ordinary smaller tractors came, tipped and went without fuss.
  8. Have you the accident statistics to back that up, how dangerous, or more correctly, how accident causing, the young agricultural drivers are I mean. Anyway the various insurers will have the statistics based on their liabilty, and the fact that they have not incited the Government to bring in harsher agricultural regulations, simply means there is no need to address this non exstent issue, however anomalous it may appear to be. Again. Follow the money.
  9. Deal-done. Bought the 655.0 VS one with the B&S engine. Started 2nd pull. Boxed effortlessly. Easy emptied. I am well pleased. Fingers crossed.
  10. One reason BT are so keen to discontinue their copper wire landline service, presumably. Fibre shite not being worth of stealing, presumably.
  11. The big glass insulators on the (guessing 33kV?) district transmission line that ran through our fields were also immume to .22LR, though there was a satisfying "ping" when hit. Or so somebody told me . . .
  12. I grew in a rural area. I remember the ceramic insulators on the crossheads carrying the GPO wires was all. The tele pole outside our house had them still insitu until recent, if I remember correctly. Oddly enough, for whatever reason, I do not therefore associate these insulators with overhead electric supply. Thanks.


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