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  1. O.K. I shall pop a small piece of wood in the oven the next time the wife has it on, and leave it overnight in the decaying heat. Cheers mth Though I suspect the alogrithm may "break down" as one aproaches 0.00% moisture content.
  2. Which I included the 8.5% for the "toasty" sticks below the fire, being aware that my bought-off-ebay "CEM DT-129" moisture meter could well be mis-reading, a little. It also gives 99.8%/99.9% when tested in wet water. Can you suggest any easy way to calibrate it?
  3. Snowing like a bitch here in Nth Co Antrim just now.
  4. Well I tested a few conifer logs at random from my open fronted and draughty shed just now, 13.5% to 15% (and it was snowing outside when I tested them) Compared to the selection that have been toasting below the stove for a few weeks, most of which are giving a very consistent 8.5%. Cheers mth
  5. I would contend that one of the key benefits of the "billet bundle" system, despite a little more handling, is their outstanding suitability for air drying. With the bottom row set on rails, very little ground contact and good airflow even at the ground, plus stacked 4 or 5 high(I dont imagine more than 5 high would be stable or safe) even better exposure to airflow, and easy to both cover and secure a cover over, and even if left uncovered, simply "write off" the top row, if they happen to be surface wet, restacking them 4 /5 high again, and the 3/4 rows beneath will be dry regardless. As in, even with the exposure to wind driven rain, the wind soon removes any moisture due to the rain. And if they are lifted after a few good days of blowy sunshine, despite any previous rainfall they will be shockingly dry. Marcus
  6. Automatic all the way, especially for towing.
  7. difflock


    Not an honary mention for the humble stump grinder AKA the very expensive to repair fiber optic cable finder/gas main detector etc etc
  8. difflock


    Lord God! Somebody else noticed!
  9. The daughters boyfriend brought me back a rather nice Buck knife from the States. I also got a "found" Mercator as above. But both knives are lock-blades, and I understood it was illegal to carry any lockblade in the UK. Unless specifically work related. By that I mean I always carry a penknife in my hip pocket, a tidy aluminium scaled Swiss Army "Officer" model I think it is. So would I "get away" with the lock-blade if stopped by a zelous PSNI Officier when out and about? Marcus
  10. difflock

    Spear Cut

    Where does the fear come in Stephen? and to quote a Golfer; "the more I practise, the luckier I get" So that only leaves skill.
  11. But since most rivers are most constrained by towns and cities at their costal outfalls, and such development has walled and constricted the channels, which essentially cannot be changed to improve the flow, any improvements(like dredging to improve flows) upstream MUST cause insoluable problems downstream. So the flooding pain must be shared along the length of the river, not merely moved ever downstream, where there are ever-more houses.
  12. There used to be water meadows alongside the rivers, in the flatter areas, these are now filled with houses. Not hard to see why these areas "flood" is it?


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