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  1. difflock

    Show us your Arb Diggers please.

    I think the Yanmar are direct injection, and always supposed the Kubota to be indirect injection?, simply due to the quietness of the Kubota(based on my limited knowledge of car diesel engine technology) So the Yanmar should be more efficient.
  2. difflock

    1984 MB Engineering integrity

    Most bits are available from a motor factors, a lot of commonality with MB Vans of the same period, engines and brake components for instance, obviously the panels remained unchanged over the vehicles life, so they are available, the only unique to "G" Wagen bits are the fuel tank,( and the early steel ones did rust, but from about 1988/89 they are plastic), and the front axle, I dont know about the transfer box, but I dont recall ever hearing of problems with them. The bullet proof 617 diesel is lacking in grunt compared to modern diesels, but at least with a tow or a battery and sommat oily in the tank they will always go, and go, and go . . . for ever and a day. There are also various options for re-powering with a more powerful MB diesel, the world really is your oyster in that respect, but outwith my knowledge or skills. Running on coil springs all round I am of the opinion they ride nicer than a LR, but not unknown for them to nip the springs, but again easy sourced. Marcus
  3. difflock

    1984 MB Engineering integrity

    They would all need well washed before any pictures are taken, but I had intended to photograph the wee Red one this afternoon, except me bloody camera battery was flat. Also need to wait to Monday to get the 1989 LWB back together(awaiting a replacement fuel primer pump) and fired up. Fingers crossed, Marcus
  4. difflock

    1984 MB Engineering integrity

    3 actually! 1984 SWB 300D, bought 1st, and a lifetime keeper/family heirloom in the making.(history as above) 1989 LWB 300D, bought as a "keeper" for the wife to drive, and lovingly fettled by myself, wiper spindles replaced etc etc 1999 LWB 290TGD Van, bought relatively shortly after the 1989 LWB, simply because I got the once-in-a-lifetime chance of the good Sprinter direct injection 120bhp TD/Intercooled engine with the automatic gearbox and Recaro seats, this was then the wifes daily driver. but I do intend to sell the middleun, and this the 40th anniversary year being the prime opportunity! cheers Marcus
  5. difflock

    1984 MB Engineering integrity

    Indeed, as I understand the simple difference, "G" Wagens kept the oil in and the rain out.
  6. difflock

    1984 MB Engineering integrity

    I pulled my wee red SWB 1984 300D "G" Wagen out today, (she had been sitting for about 15 years parked up in a shed), slackened off the Banjo at the fuel filter, about 5 pumps of the hand primer pump and diesel was pishing everywhere, so tweeked the banjo tight again. Slackened off the nuts at the injectors, churned her a few times, diesel showing, so tightened them up again. Then about 5 churns after using the glowplugs(and I deliberately had churned her a few times without heating the glowplugs, to get some lubrication about the engine before allowing her to start) She started and ran perfectly! Happy days! P.S. This one is another keeper(i.e. forby the Steyr Puch Van) GIW405 was the Coleraine showroom demonstrator, bought by Oliver Murphy, a local mechanic, who maintained her to the highest standards, then sold her to me about 18/20 years ago, so I am effectively only the 2nd owner. Marcus
  7. difflock

    Greenheart pile removal

    Tightly Strap, or clamp, a vibrating poker, or two(i.e. normally used for concrete) to the subsurface portion, just above the bottom? And if 12 m of water depth( depending on the tidal range) keep the vibration deeper than the slinging point. Kinda presumably in mud silt otherwise piles should not be needed, hence my thoughts as to how to "seaugh" them outta the mud, and thinking a slow steady pull over time with vibration. I know absolutely nothing about the subject, I am simply thinking out loud. And actually the time element may be more important than the pulling force, purely based on my experience of extracting posts from mud using my manual(but limited) brute force. Slow and steady wins out over fast and brutal. Edit: Bound to be water-proof hydraulic powered vibration rigs out there for setting sheet steel piling? Or thinking a standard petrol or diesel powered vibrating plate re-powered with a suitable hydraulic motor? Actually actually double drum vibrating rollers already got hydraulic powered eccentrics to provide the vibratory force, judging by the location of various hydraulic pipes? Marcus
  8. difflock

    Greenheart pile removal

    Is it not possible to pull them out, if a crane is to be involved anyway, thinking something involving vibration if a straight pull will not work, since are they not seriously valuable timbers?, especially the sound stuff from below the waterline. marcus
  9. difflock

    Whats the weather like near you?

    Thats what you get for pissing into the wind, innit . . .
  10. difflock

    New branch logger in action

    That OSM, is so deeply profound, without this sage advice I would not have known how to fill these bags.😉
  11. difflock

    "Clean Air Strategy" today we find out.

    Oddly enough, ever since observing a rough agricultural tractor pulling into a filling station in Turkey, and filling up on diesel, which led me to conclude they did not have rebated diesel. Which led me to wonder why the UK persisted with this stupid abuse prone rebated diesel system.(and this was 30 years ago) One diesel fuel only, simples, so some agricultural produce will cost a bit more, ditto for construction work, but most users will figure more economic ways of working, and life will go on. The extra revenue should allow the Government to reduce the tax on diesel too, therefore lessening the impact, and indeed levelling the playing field in respect of agricultural tractors illegally competing for haulage work. So a win-win-win And that is from a farmers son.
  12. difflock

    "Clean Air Strategy" today we find out.

    Go On, Explain please?
  13. difflock

    The beauty of the Tax System

    I would rather see one flat rate income tax, with say a 25k income before contributing, and a higher VAT rate (which will be equally paid by benefit claimants and by those working in the black and criminal economies), with no exemptions for childrens clothing, carry out food and other potential loopholes. Plus a return to the Property Vote, if rates, particularily commercial rates are going to remain to be so high. The obverse of the "no taxation without representation" if you like. Also anonomised & published true costs for the costs of keeping the most expensive in benefits problem families. Or a benefit cap, regardless of the number of brats fathered by multiple temporary fathers. It would be truely eye-opening. mth
  14. difflock

    mini skidsteers/loaders

    Bloody ell add a remote an it ud be worth a fortune on Robot Wars surely?


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