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  1. No reason not to run a smaller blade, except your tip speed will be commensurately lower, which presumably means the blade will not cut as fast or clean. mth
  2. Whoo Hoo, RBG has died! That will put the cat among the pigeons! I say whoo hoo, because despite her intellectual ferocity she had an overweening ego, and had stated her determination to outlive Trumps presidency, etc etc. A very political animal, for a judge. Not unlike the bisim in our own Supreme court, that announced the startlingly rapid and unimanous vote agaiinst Brexit. Marcus
  3. I dont follow popular culture, nor football/cricket/snooker/horseracing etc, nor watch ITV(to the best of my recollection) or most of the shite that passes for entertainment. Odd as fcuk I appreciate, but hey ho. I do know who Stephen Hawkings was/is though. So google to the rescue. mth
  4. If I knew who she was I would comment.
  5. This steak was probably 40mm thick, and despite the 10-12 minutes in the oven at 180 was still well-rare. No butter needed, and the pan juices were scraped over me potatoes. Ah haint toldt the wife yet, but I intend to resurrect an old CI Skillet for this job, it is hiding about the shed somewhere. Cheers. mth.
  6. Well I should have posted images of the last few fry-ups the wife made(and I will the next time) M&S(or any other reputable) black pudding, soft fried eggs and Heinz baked beans being the central items. BUT The reason for my post today was the first successful(in 61-16=45 years!!!) steak, cooked at home that is. The wife and myself were not reared to eat steaks(due to tight arsed parentage!), and despite enjoying the occassional decent steak when out, were never able to cook a steak at home to please ourselves, though in honesty mostly Tesco type offerings, with the odd "decent" butchers steak thrown in, but always, always, always, disappointing. But when we were in M&S looking for their black pudding(and see above) we bought a couple of 450g sealed in plastic sirloin steaks. Which when opened did not bleed whatsoever!, and following the instructions on the pack for a rare finish, were quite perfect, pre-heat the heavy-arsed SS pan in the oven, then transfer onto the big gas/wok ring on max flame before the steak was popped in, 2 mins each side, no touch, followed by 10-12 mins in the oven at 180 deg Fan(which had previously preheated the pan) Nor did it bleed out after cooking, at all. Washed down with a decent Shiraz. Why take me 45 years to figure this out! BURP!!!!
  7. I have been wondering how the closure of so-called wet bars(and paramilitary run "clubs") and the policing of such , went down in West and East Belfast, ??????????? The patrons will have a wile dreauth on them by now.
  8. 😉😁😉😁 Da Man got it sussed!
  9. Musta bin driving a Series II then.
  10. First, by correctly loading the trailer or caravan, it will not "snake". Second it should be noticable before it gets so severe as to be a problem, slow down, stop and adjust loading, or simply drive slower. Third, having first noticed the snaking, let off the throttle and, fingers crossed, drift down to a safe speed. Braking, let alone heavy braking is a BAD idea. These 3 things "worked" for me. "Yer man" or woman, was simply driving recklessly. Simples. P.S. I never had the power to power it out, but it does not seem like the best idea.
  11. Apparently 3' by 30' straight trunk, good access on a farm place, with a telehandler, felled back in the Spring, April ish. Anyone interested? Marcus 077-642-11-521


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