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  1. I presumed he was, but hey, at least in that respect he was absolutely correct. But it might be another one, but I figure heads of MI6 stay in post for many many years. So very few retired ones likely to be still alive at any given time.
  2. This one puzzles me, is the former head of MI6 simply shit-stirring to settle old scores, or is he misinformed or deluded(highly unlikely) Marcus
  3. Hot weather(bit early this year mind) an certain sectors of society gotta find some excuse to riot.
  4. I took a walk through the Ash I planted 10 to 15 years ago, only a few dozen of them, spaced about 3m apart, and was tickled by the beautiful clean straight smooth boles, up to 200mm dia, to about 3m high. I had idily pruned them a couple of times in the intervening years, more to stop branches slapping me in the face when walking, but it must be said also curiosity as to the difference it would make to the form of the grown trees. I was quite pleased with the results. Twill be a wile pity to lose them to Ash dieback, but hey-ho. Marcus
  5. So as a Welsh citizen, who lives 2 miles from the border with England, pop over the border, drive 260 miles and then 2 miles into Wales, before returning by the same route. And then say; Hey I only drove 4 miles!
  6. What about briquettes, against kiln dried; https://www.firewoodandlogs.co.uk/wood-briquettes/44-79-ecofire-superflare-premium-fuel-logs.html#/36-bags-20kg_bag
  7. Despite using a chainsaw for 45 years without ear protection, I have longtime been a big fan of Eliane as well.
  8. And yet, when I fitted seat rails from a VW Sharan, so that I could use the 2 otherwise unused seats from the Ford Galaxy, into OUR Steyr Puch Van, I took it down to the DVLA in Coleraine and "fessed up" a woman came out, looked at it in the car park, and happliy taxed it a PLG. But that was 15+ years ago.
  9. I have wondered at how they "get away" with washing their ponies down in the pristine stream at Appleby, using plenty of bog-off detegerent, and nary a word said about the Environment or pollution. This information From a widely publisised image.
  10. Did they indeed even know who they sold it too, though I appreciate quite a few landowners will possibly be swayed by a large brown envelope full of undeclared cash. But still everyone is supposed to be trweated the same in the eyes of the law.
  11. Bloody 'ell, never mind the air dried vis-a-vis kiln dried conundrum, look at the astounding value the softwood is in comparison to the hardwood! ah fink leastwise.
  12. Wot! like the parents of Eton pupils will ensure that the education of their children takes priority over their online gambling, smoking chip eating, couch surfing and vodka guzzling habits. Per another headline shrieking about the injustices of the middle class school children getting an unfair advantage during their extended absence from School, simply because their parents care about their childrens education, and ensure they participate in the distance learning provided. Like wot the oiks dont. But: "Its not fair" they shriek. FFS!
  13. Gents, Twas a headline I read, about parents "demanding" a vaxxine, before they allow their little darling to return to their Schools. and my instant thought was could it be that a percentage of these self-same demanding parents were also fervent anti-vaxxers. Anyway I thought I would take the opportunity to get in on the fake news business. Cheers, Marcus P.S. I guarentee their is a grain of truth in my thoughts.


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