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  1. Erm, your Honour, is that actually legal?
  2. I feel for your innocent Valmet, but at 60+ have started to understand being thankful nobody was hurt/badly hurt. Marcus
  3. I have pondered why they bother with 12V as well as their 18V, what does 12 do that 18 cant? Ditto re other brands.
  4. Well I pulled a few smaller split Sitka from beneath the stove, between 6 and 9%, then pulled a couple from the box I brought in 24hr earlier, about 10 to 12%, and the ones from the logpile in the shed, were showing 12 to 15%. And based on how easy any of these logs are to kindle, with scrumpled up newspaper/cardboard, I could believe these figures. They were all end grain readings without splitting afresh. I appreciate my meter could be a bit optomistic, but my gut feeling is it cannot be far wrong, since I bring in random sizes from the logpile, and use the finer split bits to light the fire, generally after letting them sit 24 hrs squirrelled away beneath the stove. But if the wife has squandered my carefully hoarded kindling stockpile I have bytimes simply picked up fresh brought in cold sticks and used them, with no signs of dampness being evidenced when doing so to light the fire. m
  5. An Axe! How much training, RA statements and ambulances-on-standby are needed to facilitate that endevour!
  6. If it were that simple . . . Why would "everybody" not be doing it?
  7. That dammned Green Eyed God is afflicting me right bad right now.
  8. I dont know about insects but the cock Robin is getting wile territorial round the bird feeder. Plus I saw a couple of trout rise in the pond yesterday.
  9. That would also have been a very sound pick. I grew up with a 540 Universal, and a Fiat 640, both were indestructable. Though that Duncan cab was a proper bastard on the unwary/uneducated elbows!
  10. Dinny tempt me . . . Since ah always had the hots for Deutz. And still do.
  11. I actually got 2 of those, I cannot fine a use for them but still wear them, kinda like a male corset. My excuse is they keep the phone from falling out of my shirt pocket, without being too warm. BTW Can anybody inform me what their role was in the Army? Blacksmithing was my only notion, but then the plastic zip would be liable to melt.


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