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  1. difflock

    boy was crushed under fallen tree

    Erm, First the posed photograph? Then; In the "cant fix stupid", catagory, why is my immediate reaction to the supplied photos and text, that "someone" (& possibly at least incl the grandparents) was "tidying up" with a chainsaw, and cut the trunk that was attatched to the rootplate, or otherwise relieved the load on it somehow. Without any regard for the childs whereabouts or safety, and with reference back to the posed photograph. Seems clear from the evidence provided.
  2. difflock

    New barrel and piston for Husky 365

    Sniff!, why do I not unreasonably suspect that stating "any other oil" must be mixed at 33:1 has, at least, 2 positive effects; (i) The saw will not run a well at 33:1 mix, (ii) it will cost more for the greater quantity of 2S oil required, ergo, the gullible owner will buy the Husquvarna oil. I simply cannot see how any modern computer designed or optimised for a particular mass market application 2 stroke engine, is any different from any other. Ditto for reputable mass market 2S oils designed for particular applications. Pure happenstance I run Stihl oil in a Stihl saw, but adhere to the view that good oil is good oil, when used within its particular manufacturers recommendations or specifications, regardless of the branding. Marcus
  3. difflock

    First day of spring!

    21/36=58%, is a significent majority, I say the 21'ers have it.
  4. difflock

    First day of spring!

    I agree with the 21st, and boy-o-boy is it Spring out there this morning, zero wind, very mild and incessant birdsong. So mild I was actually tempted to go skinny-dipping in me new pond when I had the dogs out at 06:00.
  5. Have not modern tractors rendered Unimogs a trifle unnecessary? Especially with the easy availability of front links and PTO's on "ordinary" tractors. Never mind modern tyre technology allowing for high road speeds and phenomonal flotation/traction once off road. Plus the proponderance of CVT or Fendt type transmissions. Aside from the non-HGV steering issue, but I suspect this is currently a bit of a moot point, since hydraulics are now so reliable?, especially if subject to regular checks on the hoses.
  6. difflock

    What saws you got ?

    I always found it a trifle ironic, that we in Western/European culture, quite naturally and instinctively, pull a handsaw to start an accurate cut, but then insist in push-cutting to cut. I can only presume the human musculature can generate more power pushing, hence the development of our push cutting saws.
  7. difflock

    Cops at the door....

    Recently discussed this with the wife, i.e. false accusations of assault, more from a marriage breakup perspective, and our sad conclusion was "get your retaliation in first" , since the Police appear to believe the accuser, even though if from pure vindictive motivations the accusation is false. Quite why the Police appear to be unable to understand how base human nature works is perplexing. mth
  8. difflock

    Climate change anyone?

    Enough to make me fucking Puke, but not unlike Obama's entirely unmerited award. https://www.indy100.com/article/greta-thunberg-nobel-peace-prize-climate-change-school-strike-8823506
  9. difflock

    Climate change anyone?

    Ah the horrors of a custard covered Earth westphalian . . .
  10. difflock

    Climate change anyone?

  11. difflock

    Making the news today....

    I dont wonder, but I sure as hell do worry.
  12. difflock

    Making the news today....

    Joe Stalin lives on, writing "undesirables" out of history, which is to say Facebook have done an Uncle Joe on Tommy Robinson, see link;
  13. difflock

    Climate change anyone?

    8 tonne for us, the dwelling gave a bit of a kicking =43% of it Actually that 8 tonne is for both of us, so make that 4 tonne?
  14. difflock

    5.5Kw 3ph motor off a single ph supply

    That is another "project" for me to sort out, some day, getting the 30HP DOL motor (+ another 10HP motor on the hyd power pack) on the Baker bandsawmill to run off a reasonable sized genny, without prematurely knackering the genny's engine due to spending a lot of its time little more than ticking over. Fingers crossed(while I still got them to cross) Just need to find an electrician first!
  15. difflock

    5.5Kw 3ph motor off a single ph supply

    I cannot understand, that with modern electronics, that it should be beyond the ken o man, to cunningly arrange super-capacitors, to provide for the necessary start-up current, without overloading the incoming supply. And fine if it only allows a start every 30 mins/1 hr whatever, no odds, for the vast majority of users. By the way I read an article about single phase motor development in the USA, that using, if I understood half correctly, a beefed up version of the technology used in brushless DC cordless power tools, they can run 100HP motors on single phase. WOW! Marcus


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