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  1. 2 Morso(e)'s fitted and fired up the backend of 1997, I have forgotten the models.
  2. WTF, would anyone imagine, that the person who felled the trees, was somehow magically responsible for THEIR inability to cut the felled trees up. I shall therefore stick with the distillation of my observations across some 45 years. "Ye canny fix stupid" mth
  3. difflock


    Hang a few, and send the rest back to wherever their families emigrated from. No need for harsh prison sentences.
  4. Some bugger went an outbid me!
  5. What like the confused Cowboy who burnt his balls riding the Range?
  6. I hid my Brattonsound gun cabinet keys (twice) before going on holidays, hid them so well I could not find them that is! Anyway I had to ask a locksmith's advice, a 10mm dia hole with a cordless drill and tap with a hammer on a drift (about 3 min per lock) and I was in. Scheesh! P.S. Needless to say I did not order a spare set of keys when I lost the first set, neither "mislaid" set have ever surfaced yet either, a good few years later.
  7. I was annoyed I did not put the 255 tyres on, instead of the factory fit 235's, saw one that weekend with the 255's on and it looked SO MUCH more purposeful, I could hardly credit they were only the next size up.
  8. Yup, I intend to put a BIG not 540 PTO/250 rpm only sticker on it. Though I am the sole operator.
  9. Yup, though some o the 'Derry men were a little unamused, on the other hand the Dublin guys were highly tickled.
  10. I replaced the factory 6.5" pully with a 14" pully, I could not handily get a 13" one for whatever reason. Means the wee Kioti can now run the saw blade at the correct tip speed, while ticking over, much, much easier on the ears and the diesel too. I was so proud of my handiwork, I fitted a see-through polycarbonate guard. Complete with the newly re-toothed and sharpened blade, humming nicely and cutting like a dream. Other taken in Donegal, during our June bank holiday "G" Wagen meet, overlooking Magilligan, simply posted here because I really like the image
  11. Unless I am missing something, that is an 8 tonne bottle jack. Ergo, b e a k i n d a s l o w
  12. It all depends, mostly on the integrity of the design, with some allowance for whimsy, but mostly on the suitability and excellence of the materials used and thoughtful construction. And "I just know" what I like, but my tastes are remarkably catholic.
  13. Top pic is the Harbour Bar in Portrush, bottom one is between Portballintrae and the Giants Causeway
  14. I believe Stubby already is . . . Then he uses the charcoal to cook with.


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