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  1. Best thing I did was take my entirely unexpected package and go at 57, (with 32 years "punched") I am now 60, and I was looking forward to a payrise (being the State Pension) in 6 or 7 years, but I will not be getting ahead of myself. Marcus
  2. But assuming wind or birds do not carry them off-site and into a watercourse, surely they will eventually degrade back into the environment, assuming they are not made to the same degradation proof standards as Wavin sewerpipe. In the greater scheme of things there is always something to eat anything.
  3. Hmm, You know that old expression, "Big feet = Big Lad", is there a corrolation, or does he take after his poor ould Da? mth
  4. I ordered a router bit yesterday at 12.22Hrs, from Dennis Wilsons of Glenavy Through the letterbox 08.30 this morning, c/w a complementary carpenters pencil. WOW! Well impressed I am. Edit; I "pinged" them an unsolicited testimonial this morning and got a actual human reply inside of 4 hours, also proof that someone is "gripping" their on-line operation.
  5. Fcuk me! you nabbed that before I edited it, but only cos it had already been said.
  6. Pre-nup or pre-tup, cos I always get them confused
  7. The Soliciter we use airly dismissed my notion of paying for a couple of letters he wrote to a neighbour regarding a disputed RoW. Cynic that I am, I merely allow he will recoup any such losses when our Estate is settled!
  8. I take it the guards are to prevent the "fecking" sheep eating the trees, this could also perhaps the reason they are transplanted when larger? Marcus
  9. stob /stɒb/ Learn to pronounce noun DIALECT•SCOTTISH a broken branch or a stump. "old roots and stobs and crackling leaves" a stake used for fencing. Round here in Co Antrim I have heard locals refer to fence posts as "paling stabs"
  10. Just need someone to do a European equivalent is all!
  11. Ah tink yees is getting yer causation and correlation all fanked up Tommy B


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