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  1. I would find it odd that there would be anything unusual about belts for a MaConnell sawbench? If there are no belts on there try a few random marked belts to establish the correct "V" section/profile, then measure around the 2 pullies with a tape. There should be plenty of room for the adjustment of tension, which gives wriggle room length wise, but check if the adjuster is at the stops, and which way! Then look online. There are a couple of really good sites/companies. Sorry if that sounds a bit like teaching granny to suck eggs. mth
  2. I was trying to reuse some of the "oodles" of salvaged 3/4" copper, to save me buying any 22mm. Purely to maintain the authentic integrity of the plumbing installation, you understand, nothing to do with being tight fisted at all, at all, at all. I also turn my nose up at push fit fittings, horrible things, well the obtrusive bulky plastic bodied ones anyway. I do like to look of the snazzy copper bodied Yorkshire push-fit fittings though. Cheers again. mth
  3. My father was an advocate of "Boss White" on bigger compression fittings, he figured the lubrication from the linseed oil was as significent in getting them properly torqued up as was the sealing effect of the clay fines. I still got and use an ancient tin, though it needs freshened-up with Linseed oil. P.S. Plumber Mait is a non hardening compound for bedding sanitary ware etc. Not for compression plumbing fittings, at least per the wording on the tub I rescued from a skip! P.P.S. Being still a young man, I never ran across Imperial copper pipe before! Back at it today. Thanks all, mth
  4. I had been aware that the Imperial system was based on internal bore size, and the newer-fangled metric system was OD based. But that very clear explanation was spot-on. Anyway, do the push-fit fittings sealing with "O" rings be intended to be a "one size fits all" solution and the 22mm fitting will work on 3/4 pipe, or is that chancy. I ask because the previous occupant who installed the Charnwood has "Teed" in with modern push fit shit on the 3/4 pipe beneath the floor. They were apparently not leaking, but are unsettlingly slack on the 3/4 pipe. I was in a notion of replacing them with capillary or compression fittings, ***to be sure to be sure. Cheers, Marcus, ***Edit, To say to be sure to use imperial compression rings per your sage advice OSM. Thanks
  5. Gas boiler btw. No idea, it is for the daughter who done the paperwork, for her house, it was presumably a multifuel. She is in the notion of a gas stove though I favour a smaller woodstove for room heat only. Cheers m
  6. Apologies for not beiing Arb related but ah dinny indulge on any other forums. Anyway, I was gutting out a host of crazy convoluted plumbing relating to a monsterous 18kW Charnwood stove that is being removed as a condition of getting a grant aided gas boiler installed, tracing pipes and labelling them for the plumber. I had had to replace the totally siezed stopcock on the 15 mm incoming mains. Ho hum, no worries. Plus stop-ended the 2 No. 28mm pipes coming in(and out!) from the old oil boiler located in the garage. Ho hum, no worries. It was not until I went to re-route a 22mm pipe that I realized it was actually 3/4". Which would probably, in hindsight of course, tally with the 1970's build. So old 1/2" is indestinguishable from 15mm and old 1" is indestinguishable from 28mm. But 3/4" is nearer 21mm than 22mm. Why Why Why . . .
  7. Usual barstewarts! Anyway, IF one has to do a course to run an electric truck at 4250kg. Why does it have to be electric? IF one has to do a course. Barstewarts!
  8. Just to say, "it does what it says on the tin", coverage wise. The floors were presumably the original 1970"s softwood, and sanded with 60 grit. As near as I could be arsed to measure 58 m2, so 2 coats just shy of 120 m2. And used a "dreedle" less than 2 tins, so just under 5 litres. Stated coverage was 24m2/litre. So dead on! Very impressive honesty on the part of Osmo.
  9. When you need to feel the Earth move . . .
  10. Smells of "Scratch a hippy and you find a millionaire"(somewhere in the previous generations)
  11. See images from today. First 2 are floors with the 1st coat on. 2nd 2 are of some of the crud I hoked out of the seams. A wonderful collection of fluff, stones, dried in paint and chewing gum, plus quite the collection of nails and hairpins. Yeaugh! Said hoking should have been done prior to sanding, but I was not in charge! However to reiterate, a wonderful product and a pleasure to apply. Getting about 3/4 the quoted coverage with the first coat. Be interesting to see the coverage with subsequent coats. Marcus
  12. Course, being an Ulster lad ah unnerstan the lingo, if no the anachronisms.
  13. A useful guide! Mother of God! All the Line of Duty lingo, jargon and acronyms WWW.BT.COM What’s a CHIS? What's cuckooing? Know your Reg 15 from your OCG? Here’s our quick guide to explain all the acronyms...
  14. Oddly enough, one of my better picks was the bought-new 4 panel doors for the house we got built. Everybody else was picking 6 panel, but the 4 panel looks better in the contemporary/modern/smaller format. Still annoyed I only specced a couple of the internal doorways at 2' 9", when the bloody doors turned out to be the exact same price as 2' 6" ones. Thanks again.


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