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  1. I did try searching but chopping brought up chopping blocks/sticks and oil was mostly vehicle related. So anyway a mahogony chopping board needs sealed. See images. What is the issue with BLO? I thought to check but it is apparently a no-no for food use.
  2. Se connecter à Facebook | Facebook FB.WATCH Connectez-vous à Facebook pour commencer à partager et communiquer avec vos amis, votre famille et les personnes...
  3. "Manual splitting nirvana is achieved by wading into a pile on the floor and flicking and golf swinging through it at 13,000 revs, the Formula 1 of axe work." This is how I split Ash when 16-17-18, so satisfying. Same as nibbling in around a knot, without getting the Axe stuck. Then if I had teenage angst to assuage I used the couple of prehistoric steel splitting wedges with a sledge on knots or other knarly stuff.
  4. This, heats this, the projecting garden Room, and the two open-plan rooms behind as well for 24 hrs, via this.
  5. Hmmm, a real tough one that, a guarenteed longer tougher from the magistrate, or toss the jury coin at crown court.
  6. Having been running a 5kW wood burner for a few years now, lit at 06:00 and burning through to bedtime, with the otherwise unheated garden-room never dropping below 19 deg overnight(perhaps exceptionally 17 in a howling gale) and kept between 25 and 28 during the day. On 1 well heaped banana box full of dry softwood. I try and leave the felled trees unprocessed until the bark starts to fall off, since they are then much lighter to manhandle. This also gives all those wonderful wood boring insects a opportunity. I like that. P.S. How is an electric saw safer than a petrol one? (aside from perhaps being perhaps less powerful)
  7. stupid greedy selfish shortsighted bastards. that raped and pillaged their way across a pristine continent. and will do the same to any new habitable planets that are discovered. I despair.
  8. Dry conifer. A few of the smaller or more fiberous pieces. Plus a handful of scrumpled up newspaper or cardboard(from the fruit boxes used to bring the groceries from Tescos)
  9. Well we currently have semi horizontal hail and sleet bouncing off the windows today in temps of 3 to 5 deg. But last week and over the weekend it was around 12 to 15 Deg and the birds not unreasonably imagined it was Spring, Lord they were singing their hearts out.
  10. That's my New Year spoiled. by Sir Cnut Blair. Boke! I suppose at least that that other odious git Bercow did not get recognised.
  11. But only with "extras" for all the "needs", incl umpteen bastard spawn.. Quite seriously.
  12. They apparently have a few "quirks" like the non replacable propshshaft support bearing, that means ordering a complete new propshaft from Toyota at 3 or 4 k. But the Toyota owners forum will shed more light.
  13. What are these chimmnay sweep thinngies anyway?
  14. It was, absolutely I suppose all I was trying to say was that it does not need to be fancy, convoluted and overworked to be quite perfect. And the "leftovers" will be eaten and enjoyed over the next few days. With Zero waste.


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