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  1. difflock


    But crucially the pickup does not look overloaded(though from the loading, it looks like it should), based on the "stance" of the vehicle, which is borne out by Bill's comment re the surprisingly good steering.
  2. Who is the above speaker?
  3. difflock

    You are God for a Day

    On tother hand . . . I got a mighty lot of smiting to do, a human herd cull being well overdue.
  4. difflock

    Ride on mower vs tractor and topper?

    Not an issue on the demo machine, with wide low profile tractor grip type tyres fitted, possibly filled with "gunk" or possibly kevlar ply lined, or else over the couple of hours of demo, the slow, pin-prick leaks were not yet noticable?
  5. difflock

    Ride on mower vs tractor and topper?

    I tested an Attilla, an Etesia model, many years ago, for a 2 WD machine its traction was phenomenal, only matched by its apparently indestructible nature and cutting prowess. The test site was bramble covered well-steads on a fairly steep slope. There had to be a downside but it was not obvious on the test. m
  6. difflock

    free fall dismantling large limbs

    cept thissun https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Eric_Brown_(pilot) I simply could not recall his name yesterday when I saw this post.
  7. difflock

    Wood with natural holes in?

    Do the ditiz's that buy these not realize they are the perfect spider/creepy crawlie habitat/hide-out? P.S. Seriously hope not lit by a tealight or scented candle. M
  8. difflock

    Show us your Arb Diggers please.

    Loads of jcb 8085's about, incl one at my very reputable local guy, any thoughts re this model, I do know the earlier 8080's were generally despised. m
  9. difflock

    Show us your Arb Diggers please.

    Eddie, on reflection, despite my earlier determination to buy a steel tracked 10-13 tonner, it probably makes more sense for me to hire this machine for a week at a time, as per your hire comment, since sheaugh cleaning and maintenance works to the roddens(Moss access tracks) are easily quantifiable discrete chunks of work. And with the other small holding(where a pond needs cleaning of a lifetime of dumping of household waste by the previous occupants, etc etc, etc etc) site clearance for a future log cabin etc etc, being 6 miles away, no worries about moving the bigger digger. So I shall focus on purchasing a (hopefully cheaper) nominal 6 tonne rubber tracked machine for "footering" about the house, yard and garden, including firewood duties. Also presumably easier to sell on such a smaller rubber tracked machine, if needs be. Thanks, Marcus
  10. difflock

    what logs have you been chopping today!

    My recently deceased big black dog Hugo, had the brains to stay a safe distance away when I was wielding the chainsaw, & generally sleeping peacefully behind a good solid tree, to protect himself from tractor attack most likely, like I said he warnt stupid! A tidy, minimalist/light on the ground set up there you got Rowan. Marcus
  11. difflock

    Show us your Arb Diggers please.

    Perhaps, at 60, I have turned into my father, in that diggers seem to be very expensive 2nd hand, driven, as I understand, by our weak Stirling and the resultant strong export trade. So is there a sweet spot age wise for UK buyers, i.e. are fresher diggers relatively better value on our local market? The rub is I can only justify a limited spend, based on guessing 100-200 hrs, and probably nearer 100 hrs than 200 hours each year, but spread out in very small bites depending on the(very fickle) weather and intermittent tasks, so probably better suited to my own machine. but then 100 hrs, even at £30.00 =£3000.00/year over 10 years, hmmm So how much an hour for service and maintenance costs should I allow. For say a 10-13 tonne steel track machine. Marcus
  12. difflock

    So what's going to happen to the firewood market?

  13. difflock

    So what's going to happen to the firewood market?

    OSM, With those sentiments I can only, mostly, agree. regards marcus
  14. difflock

    So what's going to happen to the firewood market?

    I was merely attempting to establish that there are timeless universal truths about the human condition and the societies it forms and the choices made by those living within any given society. There are those who are absolutely incapable of managing money, even that money provided by the state for the welfare of their children, and no amount of money will make any discernable difference to their self inflicted and purely relative "poverty". The money will always be spent fecklessly. Repeated down through the generations. Some have drug problems, alcohol and ciggaretts for a start, or scratch card addiction, most simply "need" continuous instant gratification, with zero thoughts for tomorrow, their future, or their families health and welfare. I merely wish those on the left of the political spectrum would accecpt this akward unpalatble fact and stop seeing that ever more our money is some magic solution to these peoples ills. I could name specific individuals & families in the local communities, incl a recent ex sister in law who fit this feckless profile. also Jordan Peterson made the very valid point that the US Military has learned that it is pointless recruiting those below a certain IQ, which IQ represents I think it was a minimium of 10% of the US population, so how can any society really provide for these dysfunctional(in respect of our ever increasing complicated world) people? Simply giving them money/more money is not the best answer, simply the simplest to implement. I.e. Pretending that by providing ever more generous benefits will cure the problem is pure "LA-LA" land. In the UK it has patently failed since the 1950's so 70 years negative empherical experience. There are no easy answers, but an acceptance of some harsh inescapable facts about our fallible human nature might be a start. But is it Nature or nuture? Ask any dog, horse or cattle breeder that question. Marcus
  15. difflock

    So what's going to happen to the firewood market?

    Sommat recently, a food related story, caused me to comment to the wife; "Bread and Circus" will continue to keep the masses happy, i.e. mass-produced, heavily advertised, read-to-eat, proper-shite food and celebrity related news. Nowt has changed from the time of the Romans, incl that unfortunately emphirically true statement attributed to JC(no, the other one, the origional JC) "The poor will always be with us". or The more things change, the more they stay the same.


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