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  1. Ah bin burning conifer, Sitka and Lodgepole for 20 odd years now, straight, pure and unadulterated, but BONE dry. Zero issues, nor has the flue ever required cleaning. Super easy to light, and with an almost instant hot fire. mth
  2. asahi+beer - Recherche Google WWW.GOOGLE.COM Was probably to blame! Ask me how I know. P.S. Lovely work Andy. Despite the beer.
  3. I thought of SS, Aluminium, or galvanised, but figured that whilst it might have been copper, or more likely cheap brass origionally, the galvanised would be the most period appropriate. But since I have the copper and it is easily worked, and I can solder the corners leakproof and it will look attractive and age gracefully. So now I need to contrive a contraption of a home made brake-press. Or try and get the cousin to do it at his work? Cheers all.
  4. You want a solid block, of such a height that the head of the splitting Ax or maul strikes the top surface of the block being split at near enough 90 degrees. Force vectors or some such.
  5. The daughter has eyed up the perfect place for it, in a wee "bolt on" front porch, so I figured the UV resistant Osmo(that I used for the window frames) should be best suited, plus it is so easy to touch in any scratches or damage.
  6. I have genuinely forgotten where I acquired this hatstand, most probably being discarded in an office or store red-out by the Council. Anyway it was falling apart. See pics. A whole lot of scraping(and aren't old hoarded disposable Bacho handsaws so useful!) 80 new dowels. Some short tempered swearing/squaring before the glue went off(it was warped and twisted, one leg in particular, but I got it sorted) I had to make the base up from scratch, which was tricky to fit since the oak side rails were bent, and canted inward towards the top! Hmmm? I might try and source a sheet of copper, from an old hot cylinder I did NOT take to the scrappie when scrap copper was stupid high, and fold a tray to sit in the base to catch the umbrella drips. And finished with Osmo. I enjoyed this project for the daughter, but if I charged by the hour? Cheers, Marcus, the hat.
  7. Naw, a wile pity it didnay ignite!
  8. Sniff. MB OM606, pure mechinical and apparently good for as much as a reliable 500HP, though prob not if towing.
  9. Kinda like!😁 EDIT To go back to the OP. The wife kinda likes me working slow!
  10. Cough cough! Shoosh you. OSM. Can you draw off the liquid LPG though? Which you need to do to fill another tank. Cos a God fearing Free P neighbour tried running a dual fuel Vauxhall off the bulk tank for the grain dryer, and ran into this problem, the tank was top tapped, so he only ever got a sniff of gas in the tank.
  11. Now could well be the time to buy a thirsty brute of a V8 petrol "Jeep", with fingers well crossed, and I also suspect LPG must be attracting fresh interest, IF it is still available at fuel stations? Marcus
  12. A LPG/gas conversion then?
  13. When we could afford to . . . I ponder such things(and in for me an "enlightening" way as did our Son during his adolescent years, to a troubling extent, and due to his 3rd generation inherited genetics😌) Anyway someone coined a phrase something along the lines of, "hard times produce strong men, who produce great societies, which creates weak men who create hard times, which produce strong men . . ." Or, be they medevial robber Barons or modern organised crime Bosses, once they have gained power, by violent means, they must then desire order and stability, and education for their family dynasties to prosper within and enjoy untroubled , such is human nature. Like by buying into legimate businesses to turn their dirty money clean. A conunderum indeed! signed, Gibber, Mutter an Twitch.(be a good catchy name for a firm of psycoanalysists that would)
  14. A whole lot of truth in that statement Mull, Or "spare the rod and spoil the child" as I imagine the Victorians expressed it. They were perhaps more corrector than they knew!
  15. You worked with Prince Andrew?, I am impressed!


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