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  1. difflock

    Anyone used thunderbolts?

    Your gunsafe may well be different, but most of the "reputable" brand gun safes, (& fully approved by the home office) are pathetically easy to break into, with nowt but a cordless drill(to drill a 6-10mm dia hole through 2.0mm thick mild steel) then a drift and a hammer to knock the bolts back. A few minutes silent work. marcus
  2. difflock

    Making the news today....

    Set up a flamethrower equipped security cordon around the area, & let Darwin sort it out.
  3. difflock

    Making the news today....

    That lot make the Spanish Inquisition look moderate.
  4. difflock

    Are air dried logs to be made illegal?

    Typical Government attitude, needing a hi-vis instant result, rather than a sustainable slow grown product. Unfortunately the Government, nor its servants care one hoot about the actual viability of these projects, or unforseen side effects, they will simply move on to another much publisized "wonder" project. I experienced it at a smaller scale in local Government. Absolutly no thought given to longivity, a "rip-out-and-replace" policy was always favoured, which was then conflated by the shoddy specifications and installation and maintenance practises, but no one really cared, because they were always moving on to the next-new-thing. For instance concrete paving was reckoned to only have an expected 10 year life, exceptionally 15, then pay for it to be replaced, this being architect/engineer specification 9 or 10" thick reinforced slabs, "poured" with pish-thin overwatered concrete for handiness/lazyness, never mind the haphazard reinforcement placement. Wheras "farm" concrete would have been placed perhaps 4" thick, without reinforcement, and expected to last 30-40-50 years, from my direct experience. marcus
  5. difflock

    Making the news today....

    cough cough (i) terribly presumptious on your part KJ to use such a reference to our future Dear Leader's proclamations. (ii) Ye misspelled hit, & see link: https://en.oxforddictionaries.com/definition/diktat
  6. difflock

    Stove fan

    I am a stove fan. But unless a fan is drawing HP way beyond what stove thermodynamics can provide, it simply cannot "propel" hot air across a room, the hot air will simply rise, or if the room is small enough, the fan is not needed, if the room is big enough to need a fan, the fan cannot be effective. Unless 230V powered as per Big J. I simply cannot understand this fallacious belief. A heat source will cause convection currents that easily outperform any stove fan. Like in our old living room, when sitting some 5.0m away from the Morso stove, in front of a large double glazed bay window, I could feel the warm(but cooling, therefore falling, but still warm) air coming down from the ceiling, and unnoticeable to me, carrying the window cold air down with it, that was in a room with slightly higher ceilings too. So; I am not a fan of stove fans. P.S. Ceiling temps in that room were probably not less than 30 deg C, and almost certainly more, but our bedroom was directly above.
  7. I burn very little treated timber, bits of ply, bits of barely treated softwood fence boards, v occasionally fragments of painted wood, but I will repeat my question; What other disposal method is out there for such wood? If it is buried in landfill, where do the toxic chemicals go? And, indeed, why are such toxic chemicals, or even MDF(as a product) allowed to be used? Or should we export it all to China?(and buy more MDF rubbish furniture) BTW I strongly support local(within economic size constraints) incinerators, for disposal of all burnable waste. I would also like to use the average NIMBY as fuel. Marcus
  8. How would the fumes get into ones home, if being burned in a stove? They will be sucked up the flue, other than absolutly miniscule amounts, unless one is in the habit of sticking ones head inside the stove firebox. Also, How about some specifics re the offending glue types and the toxicity of the gases released. And, How is such glued wood to be disposed of otherwise than by burning? I strongly dislike broad-spectrum scare stories. regards marcus
  9. difflock

    Making the news today....

    I too imagine that our own British fishermen, certainly were, and probably still are, too greedy. Bigger boats and the technology associated with fishing have entirely changed the likelyhood of "missing" any fish. Never mind the horrendous collateral damage, to the seabed caused by GPS guided Scallop dredging. I appreciate it is still potentially hazardous, but that is a seperate issue. Marcus
  10. A non-story, shit happens, though I would be curious to understand the possible/probable ignition mechanisms. If the last person to leave the room, without touching the stove, did not notice owt amiss, i.e. no smoky or burning smell, and the fire was (presumably) dying down, why should ignition occur anytime later? Were cloths drying in the vicinity? Was the stove on a non-combustible hearth, probably not since this was not listed as a fault. But my previous still applies. From someone who has noticed hot/burning smells and removed the scorched(but previously damp) firewood from beside the stove. Before retiring to bed. Or has someone jumped to conclusions and blamed the stove simply because it was otherwise defective. P.S. I just Re-read the link. I Have not changed my mind, despite the apparently decrepit "in bits" stove, what did it ignite/what was beside it to ignite? And why did no-one in the room notice owt amiss, between the stated 20.00 and 23.59.
  11. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1hiv1YNnLSk A truely virtuous cycle.
  12. difflock

    me new bigger pond

    See semi filled pond, O.K. Wrong way round, the first shows the origonal pond to the right, in front of the bulldozer, to which the new pond will drain across the top of the fresh peat, via a 150mm pipe, 2nd one is obviously the rapidly filling pond(so at least now when it pisses, there is a positive for me) The glass house needs to be moved, but new location not yet decided, or indeed agreed! Marcus btw, It is my intention that this be an "infinity" pond, i.e. the water level is intended to rise to the very top of the raised bank, fingers crossed, seepage permitting. A local tree hugging gentleman's eco-whatsit wife is going to source the local plants that will help to keep the water clean, though with an average(for our location) of 1000mm per annum from 500m2 of roof should probably be OK anyway. I am toying with hiring a pump to pump the established pond over into the new one, partly to check if any of the fish are still living, and partly to "prime" the new pond with all the established watery goodness from the older pond?
  13. difflock

    Gerie spice and Kylie on the same sofa

    Well I first slapped her 17 year old arse, in the back end of 1981, and continue to do so, with frequent regularity. I would also confirm that a short 3 weeks after a hip replacement(on top of 2 artifical knees) she continues to enjoy getting her arse slapped of a Sunday morning. Hence my late arising. Kiss and tell I appreciate, but not much else in my personal life to boast about. So "Ya Boo Sucks! MTH
  14. difflock

    Gerie spice and Kylie on the same sofa

    I would crawl over broken glass too, but only to get away. Never did rate those popularily overrated screeching trollops. However as I gleefully pointed out to a room full of, reasonably fit/some proper fit, women on a training course, the main beauty of being an older man, is that a greater proportion of the female population are younger and therefore likely to be more sexually attractive. Within constraints of course.
  15. difflock

    Making the news today....

    I will unfortunately dignify that comment with a reply. Visit the average British pub and listen to the generally ill-informed, and downright wrong views held and vehemently espoused to be true. Or even observe the general stupidity of the average Caucasian driver. Before ill-advisedly commenting on other races. We are all on a spectrum of humanity, regardless of colour or breed. mth


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