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  1. difflock

    Crown Lifting

    Probably needed to take his saw back to the shop because it was blunt.
  2. difflock

    Mature beech trees leaves turning brown

    I noticed, a couple of weeks back, that any of the various volunteer Oaks coming up the Moss, that had had the temerity to come into leaf with the unseasonally warm April weather, were well tobered by the subsequent cold blast of air from the North. The fresh green leaves looked more like tea-leaves. And that was even in sheltered locations. mth
  3. difflock

    Climate change anyone?

    maybe sterilise the Jeremy Kyle demographic😊 KJ, I see a use for that rather neat label, I shall therefore file it away for future use. P.S. Would you still allow them to vote?
  4. difflock

    Climate change anyone?

    Except each of those three pictograms need a 3 diagram to show the fall in the cost of food/the number of houses built on fertile floodplains/population increases/the acres of agricultural land covered with concrete runways to facilitate needless holiday travel, etc etc. All to easy to focus on the farmer, when his choices are driven by or constrained by societies ruthless demands. Unless you can persuade the Green Party supporters to turn up and labour manually for free like the serfs of old, to support the non-mechanical food husbandary they so apparently favour. And eat the very plain fare so provided, you want another bowl of pottage there Jonathan and Siân?
  5. difflock

    Game of Thrones - spoilers alert

    But with the GoT budget or finances why the apparently appallingly writing of series 8, so I was referring to the perhaps deliberate "killing off" of the series, i.e. was there a sub-plot to/story behind, the clearly sub par writing?
  6. difflock

    Game of Thrones - spoilers alert

    Any possibility that the actors got greedy/too hard to pay?(while appreciating the money spinner the GoT franchise is) I am waiting on a hard drive with the entire series thereon so will reserve judgement on Series 8, but what I liked about the random earlier episodes I watched, was the balance of the characters, no individually was wholly good or wholly bad(well mostly) or at least even the "heros" have flaws.
  7. difflock

    Making the news today....

    And there my Mrs. thinks God created Men for Woman's pleasure(ing) . . .
  8. difflock

    Older vans/trucks

  9. difflock


    But they are both on black, ergo joke does not work
  10. difflock

    260 chain running on.......

  11. Presumably the excavation for the founds, effectively killed the tree?
  12. That will be a Council job, the planning and execution of the wall building took so long, that the tree had already died and been removed by the time the wall finally got built, but the drawings had to be obeyed!
  13. difflock

    I’d please

    Cough cough, actually "Identified". Just saying like . . .
  14. difflock

    Who has sent me a MS361 and another saw?

    EDIT, Better replies above(once I read them)!
  15. difflock


    When we built the house back in 1996, we had House Martins move in immediately, for a few years, then they simply did not return, yesterday for the first time I saw a pair investigating one of the favoured West facing peaks, fingers crossed they are here to stay. The Swallows, (and I never could tell the difference between them and Swifts), have been in residence, in numbers, since the couple of sheds were built. Regardless of particular species, it is a pure pleasure to watch them feeding over the pond. I must try and spot the bats again, they are certainly about. cheers mth


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