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  1. Hmmm, that merely tells me a certain section of the population belonging to certain sectors of our socio-economic spectrum, cannot be managed! Short of employing good numbers of ExParatroop/Royal Marine types, and not always in a strictly medical capacity.
  2. Somewhat indicative of some of the issues plaguing the NHS in respect of service delivery would be an NHS employee who saw fit to take last Friday and Monday off on the sick, on full pay of course, while still being well enough to attend the staff Christmas "do" on the Friday Night, needless to say splashing photos of he "big night out" all over FaceAche, and was then truely insensed at being written up for(and I cannot quote the exact terminology) such misconduct. She also has a history of such behavouir with her previous NHS employer btw. But the NHS HR department fucked-up the internal(to the NHS) transfer paperwork, so now she gets a fresh start. The staggering and uneeded workload created by alcohol and drug abuse is another un-addressable issue. Never mind the smoking/vaping, staggeringly poor diet, and lack of exercise causing needless and easily avoidable health problems for a significent proportion of the not insignificent numbers of the uncaring and mostly uncontributing population. All conflated by sometimes impotent and sometimes incompetent management, in a vast and unmanagable organisation. BUT My emergency(and idiopathic) pancreatitis treatment was 1st class, except the routine non-emergency stuff suffers as a result of these emergency demands. And A & E in the this same Hospital is absolute SHITE. But the Radiological ( "x" rays and CAT scanners etc) within the Hospital is superbly well run, I can only surmise due to whoever is in charge of that particular Department. Marcus
  3. (i) I was mostly an uncivil LA supervisor, that is uncivil to the stupid or lazy, and sometimes not mutually exclusive fuckers busy bilking the system, regardless of their status within the organazation. (ii) I understood that our Pension Scheme was self funded, other than the Employers contributions, and you are quite free to clarify any misunderstanding I may have, see link att. https://www.nilgosc.org.uk/
  4. Oh Ere! Ah jist remembered us lot are Ulster Scots, does that mean we get to vote?
  5. Was there not an old saw "no taxation without representation", by some political lot in days o yore. I put it to you Mull, that us contributing taxpayers should now be gludering from the rooftops "no representation without taxation". I.e. "he who pays the piper, calls the tune" jat. mth
  6. We go through a 2000l fill of Kero each 12-month, mostly driving the downstairs underfloor for background heat, and it only runs for 1.5 to 2 hrs am each day during the winter months, then off until the next morning. The single 5kW wood burning Morso then effortlessly takes over the space heating demands being lit am each winter day**. With the addition of the garden room akinda now forming a triangle with the adjacent kitchen and living rooms, and the stove being located in the middle of the triangular space, it all works so serendipitously, but with definate planning aforethought. The garden room sits at about 25 deg C, with the living room and kitchen not noticably cooler, the three spaces being now effectively open plan. I have no idea how much timber we burn since it comes from a jumbled loose firewood pile. **N.B. On bright winter days the stove is not needed from mid morning to mid afternoon such is the solar gain from the glazing in the garden room. Hey, it all works as it should.
  7. This sticker was made and stuck-on in Germany. P.S. I did, a few years ago observe a large cardboard box in a skip, from a large screen TV set or somesuch, proudly stating "MADE IN THE UK", which puzzled me recognizing the product brandname. On closer inspection it actually said, in very small text "this carton was" before the "MADE IN THE UK" I shit you not.
  8. I believe Dwayne was the bloke who introduced me to my favourite statement, which merely crystalized a lifetime of rueful observations; "Ya caint fix stupid" RIP indeed.
  9. Ah! bin there, an got the tee shirt, the promo one that came with the new bumper!
  10. But dats only a wickle wee-small dog
  11. I will also be contacting Morso(e), though since we bought the stove "cash and carry" as part of a stock clearance deal BUT from a as far as we were aware an official local Morso dealer. I see no point in persuing this local well known/and reputable dealer(who in honesty would not give a fig anyway) cheers mth edit I emailed the Morso UK importers, in so far as I could establish. I should prob have phoned as well!
  12. Remember my conclusions above . . . The 3 year old Morso has already got a crack in the Cast Iron top plate, adjacent to the flue, noticed last night. Unlike the 1997 Panther it has never been overfired, nor has had the flue pipe glowing dull cherry red(and more than once two) like the 1997 model suffered at my hands. It has only been fed clean conifer, and indeed, due to the emissions air injection crap, the firebox is relatively restricted, compared to the 1997 model. The 1997 Panther did not crack despite my blatent overfiring. But the poxy 3 year old one has. CONCLUSION Modern Morso's are CRAP, compared to the stuff from 20+ years ago. Marcus
  13. Not just Labs, I had been bitching to the Mrs. about one of our very fit athletic Bulldogs near cleaving me (and repeatedly too) off my legs when walking up the Moss, by barreling up at full tilt from behind and not slacking when going past my legs on a narrow game trail type path. When she took me down, hard hard hard, on the concrete street, as the Mrs happened to be watching too, and NO, funny it was NOT.
  14. We see quite a lot of our daughter, and her boyfriend, because he can sit in our free toasty heated garden room, drinking the endless provided tea, while "casting" YouTube canoeing content to our wall mounted smart TV, for us ALL to enjoy! Senior Management also uses this facility to "cast" tapestry and needle point YouTube content to the larger, easier to see screen. Me, iffen ah were younger, I know what YouTube/internet I ud ave bin casting to the TV! That


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