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  1. Ahhhh, great replies all round. Thank you very much. Will send to GM next time
  2. EVO205D if that makes a difference. The shop we have always taken our straight knives to said they can do it, but they are concerned it may cause an issue with the distance to anvil. I know on the forst ones we used shims after 1 or 2 sharpens but this would be the first sharpen on these discs. Anyone done this or should we just buy new? PFA
  3. Looking to get a few for the vans but so far the ones I can see a small saving on are the diesel only cards and most exclude premium petrol which we use on our saws/grinders. Or is it just the convenience of having payment terms and no real saving? There also seems to be a lot of convoluted/hidden costs after the initial 6 months is up. Any recommendations?
  4. I'm not sure why that last bit made me smile so much but its very true. If you're doing the same work you were doing when you started 4 years ago for example, you're not progressing. Anyway, in regards to what would I charge? I've switched up how I quote now so would go a little like this: 3 hours work x 2 men with minimal plant/equipment and waste would be £84 inc vat per man hour x 6 so £504 inc vat. (£420 ex) Admittedly, probably wouldn't win the job but as Mick says, this kind of work is for when you just start out. It doesn't work when you need to make £1200 + VAT a day with your 3-4 employed men to make a profit, but thats just us. The question was, what would you charge, which should be slightly different for every company. Also, 3 hours is slightly more than half a day IMO unless the next job is real close and the 1st was near the yard.
  5. This Its all well and good DIY'ing on simple fells, I feel this is well out of the remit of DIY. Experience is really needed here, saving a bit of money at the cost of life or injury is not worth it. The tree can twist and fall in such unpredictable ways if you haven't the experience or qualifications for this.
  6. They really are, but currently coming in at 11k more than the CMC S22HD. Both have the same specs, not sure what the difference is for. Happy to pay the larger amount, IF I know why Used one before (see pic) and they are just as wobbly as any other MEWP at full reach haha but yes very good kit. Narrows to 0.8m too
  7. Thank you, exactly what I wanted to hear. They're off the list now haha!
  8. In fairness, 1 has lowered theirs into the late £70's + VAT with trailer, guessing orders are low at the moment given the drop in work. I've thought about 2nd hand and doesn't seem worth the hassle. This MEWP is likely to depreciate to around 55k in 5 years from new so only works out as a loss of £500ish a month. Plus you get warranty and less down time (In theory). That's less than 1 job so I'm just biting the bullet. Don't wanna risk my life on something like this 2nd hand
  9. Clutchy


    As more and more domestic tree companies realise the Covid gravy train is over, they're going to bid jobs just to win them and 'keep the boys busy'. Going to see a lot of tree firms go bust or need to downsize fairly soon. Just hope that they do it quickly as the longer it goes on, the cheaper the rates go for everyone. Companies who have added multiple gangs to keep up with their high demand from last 2 years are going to be in big trouble I fear
  10. Any one have an up to date experience with these models? 2021 or newer About to place an order for a tracked MEWP, needs to be 11.5m outreach min and circa 20m up and must weigh a max of 3.5t with skeleton trailer. So far looking likely to be CTE 230 as have used it a few times and is decent with variable jacking. All seem to be around 90k
  11. Is the new river wheel available on predators? I've had a look before and couldn't find it. All the americans rave about it on the fb stump grinding group, looks very effective I think its similar to the sandvik one 🤔
  12. I've heard great things about the sandvik, not sure if there is a way to upgrate them on a predator 38x? Yep same as the greenteeth excapt the teeth have a thread which you screw into. I think greenteeth is the opposite
  13. Ive used the 4 in 1 tooth set up (cant remember the name) for a few years on a 360 and 38x and has been very good. They are expensive and it was fairly difficult to touch up properly. So I recently swiched to the ECO teeth they now do. I liked the idea of being able to turn them up to 2 times (like greenmech disc blades). Realistically you can only turn them once before you are cutting with the blunt side again. They're a lot easier to touch up and work well on the 360. On the 38x however They're so brittle. I've broken countless in a 2 weeks they've been on, even if I didn't hit anything. I've also broken 4 carriers. I'm not aggressive with the bites or anything. I'll call them to see if its a production issue. If it is, I'd like to stay on the ECO teeth. I have around 100 of the other 4 in 1 style but have found no one sharpens them properly.
  14. No, £450 + VAT, would of been in and out in 2 hours and on to the next with the big grinder. Quoted from pictures and questions 🥴
  15. Ouch, teeth aint cheap 😬 I cocked up big time on a stump today assuming I could get the tracked machine in... Instead had to use the wee one. Took me the best part of 6 hours with sharp teeth throughout, couldn't cut it any lower either


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