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  1. I can do it everyday, and sleep well. I talk myself out of a lot of work by being honest and always have the clients best interests at heart. Every quote I give to the elderly I tell them to get 2 more from Arb approved companies. Ethics and price are two separate issues. Just because 70% of clients can't afford us doesn't mean I'm ripping them off like the gypsy roofers you refer to. What they do is misleading and fraudulent. I would never pressure anyone into a decision and only offer written quotations and a 14 day cooling off period (a waiver can be signed for urgent works). I can only assume you went for the cheapest price in the end anyway 😂 Will the job get done for that price? Probably. Will they grind it out properly? Maybe. The clients the companies in this thread manage to earn 2k or other high daily rates from aren't looking for the cheapest, they're looking for the best. If price was the only factor I'd be out of a job
  2. In the interests of me gaining some knowledge from this thread as its not often you get a responsive customer on here I have a question. Price aside, what did you like about certain quotes and what didn't you like? Such as quote 2 turned up on time or quote 3 had a clean van, well spoken etc Thanks
  3. Price is dictated by supply of quality tree surgeons and the demand for it. In greater London right now, there's more work than there are GOOD tree surgeons who run a clean and efficient business. So many clients out there that are happy to pay that price for a well spoken, well reviewed company. The ability to sell and make yourself stand out compared to the competition is equally important as the quality of work you deliver. Quite how long this supply/demand balance will last for I'm not sure. Maybe until the job losses kick in.
  4. Right.... I mean its more like 320k once you take the vat off and work 48 weeks of the year. Thats what people team of 4 should be aiming towards. Its only 26k a month, definitely not impossible. Should leave 13k profit a month. Healthy.
  5. Mate Pikeys in London don't work for peanuts! They'd have 2-3k on the job and whatever they could get their hands on from the house when the OP's not looking 🤣
  6. Honestly this and having your chipper stolen in London is a genuine running cost I have to allow for. The other difference between my £2k quote and the cheaper one is it allows us to pay our staff properly and give them the perks that they deserve (Gym, chiropractor, meals, full time contracts etc). The profit in the job is what covers you on days you can't work and so on. I think the disparity in quotes is some people are quoting to earn a living, other quoting to run a business. You'll struggle to keep a good groundie alone for less than 25k a year in greater London.
  7. So you'd put 600 on a sub 6 inch easy fell but only 400 more for a much worse tree with a big grind and only access for a small grinder... OK, will stop shooting my mouth off now 😂
  8. As soon as the client tells me how long it should take or that its not a big job I normally don't bother even quoting at that point.
  9. At least you had the balls to put forward a price. If i was beaten by your quote it would be cool as at least its reasonably close. The £466 difference between me and you is the tax I charge for wear and tear on my back from that many logs 😂 No guarantee you can even get a wheel barrow through
  10. I directed it at you not the OP. I have no issues with the OP he is well within his rights to reject prices etc What I wanted to know from you (a fellow tree surgeon) is what you would put on it as you are saying the 2k I suggested appears too much or unrealistic...
  11. As mentioned below, that included the grind. Seeing as how we have all got the price wrong, can you please enlighten us with your price? Again, let us know if it includes VAT or not. £1,666 + VAT to fell and grind that thing would take all day. Adding this made up £600 job that none of us has seen seems unnecessary. If you price the first job correctly you don't have to bust you nuggets cramming a second one in.
  12. This is in london, totally different costs compared to where you are What price would you suggest? Please specify if it includes vat or not
  13. It doesn't mean literally travelling for 5-10 hours. If we are away from our main office or yard, which obviously we are, the clock starts when you leave until you return. Its not unheard of to leave the yard at 06:30 and return at 16:30 although we like to avoid it 😂 It is unrealistic/unpractical to have facilities to make hot food/drinks in a van and that's the point/spirit of the allowance... £500 a month was an example and isn't just my breakfast, all staff/directors get food.
  14. If it were 15 meters tall and had all its branches it would no longer be 2k 😂


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