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  1. Google Maps MAPS.APP.GOO.GL ★★★★☆ · Ferme Don't mess around going anywhere else, press day entry on the key pad, head right as you come in and follow the road you will see all the chip piles and log piles Its so easy to tip there Do
  2. I've just accidentally ordered another 12 Greenmech discs from Rotatech after just remembering the last 8 that I ordered shattered on the edges when installing. I've installed these 100s times over the years without issue and was 2nd guessing if it were my fault. Pic below shows how much they overhang and then once tightened edges explode. Think this was on a Arb 130 so trying with the new order on our 205d to see if it were a batch issue or chipper issue Anyone else had these issues? When I emailed they said to send back which was good but have never got round to it as who can be arsed to box them up and send out. Guess we will find out next week LOL EDIT - Reading back on my corrospondense with them, they were more than helpful and offered to arrange collection themselves - Can't fault them at all, maybe I should remove this post
  3. As posted before (for Scotland) A client we have who are a claims handler, needs 2 x teams in each of the above areas. Needs to be a proper company, so insurance, employed staff, proof of certificates etc ideally incorporated for at least 2 years. You quote whatever you want on job and have a 1 in 2 chance of winning it. The money has been good for me, just trying to help them find more teams and they are short up there. Please PM for details or if interested, I need to be somewhat commercially sensitive on here. First come first served as always. If you're not in the area, please don't PM. When other areas come up I'll post. Please PM: Company name Contact number for relevant individual to be called on + email address. Number of teams or staff (ideally needs 1 person who just does quotes/surveys) Approx area covered, for example 20 mile radius from X postcode
  4. Haha i was too lazy to go back and lool at the OP
  5. I've created my own for all our staff through fast feilds which has all of your features and some more (but tailered to our generic RA, which must be reffered to in SSRA, although no one does). I thought about doing what you have, but couldn't make the figures stack up. Even if you get 350 monthly users - which will be harder than you think. My only feedback would be to keep it simple, why bother doing quotes/invoicong etc which 1000 other CRM's will do way better Surly keep it as basic as possible and serve the SSRA market as cheaply as possible Best of luck with it, looks great.
  6. As infrequently as possible - which is not what you want to hear. Good chance it just self seeded rather than was planted. The landlord has ZERO requirement to do anything to the tree on your behalf other than safety recommendations. Legally the HA should have inspection records for the tree (they probably won't) so if they wont allow anything else, ask that a tree survey be done. All that will likely be recommended (based on my view from my arm chair) is a crown lift over the pavement to 3m and deadwood removed if present. Again, check your tenancy agreement
  7. Mini Fleet policies (normally requiring 3-4 vehicles minimum) work off of claims experience. Which is really annoying as you have to get it from your current broker, who invariably drag their heals to limit you getting other quotes. Just been stung today, 2 weeks into our new policy, sold our transit tipper worth 5k and replaced with a brand new canter - had to pay an extra £1,100 to do so 😢 Its gone up a boat load this year. Apparently its becuase the insurance underwriters paid out 108% of the premium income in claims last year. Where as normally the net figure is 90-92%
  8. In case anyone was interested. Got our settlement figure, which was showing the 10k less than expected, absolutely jumping for joy. Felt a little suspicious so trawled through March payments again and WOW I am honestly the biggest idiot. We had indeed paid the deposit in March 🫣😳😳
  9. So unbelievably true. Its like me smashing crayons into a sheet of paper vs a pro calligrapher But I'll get the hang of it with time, I was pretty crap on the skidder at first compared to now
  10. Your anger is directed at the wrong people. Renting has become what it has become because of the government. Being a landlord at the moment is pretty crap, and is no longer a decent investment (commercial is the only way to get decent returns IMO). So you will see a sharp drop off of landlords and guess what will happen to rents..... they will go up. You should be screaming at the lack of production of council houses, rather than aiming it at landlords. To think, even on a basic level, if we scrapped HS2 when I wanted to at the beginning and spent the 100 billion on producing houses for those who will never get employment, so we can chose an area where land is cheaper, but say within 50 miles of family origin (might caveat this with excluding disabled, as likely need local family support) Rough numbers; 2-3 bed house, construction costs plus land costs per unit (bare in mind the economies of scale) of say £150k. With a 100 bil budget (which will still have the same effect as an infrastructure project like HS2 on stimulating the economy) we could produce around 666,000 houses. For sure won't fix the issue, but it certainly would make a reasonable dent. I would like council housing to be available for all, should people wish it, but I feel it would be a good idea to move those who will never work, into new homes away from areas where current rents are super high in commuter towns/London so that those who do work, but need support, get it and can be local to work. You will be surprised at the shear amount of HA/council housing provided in deep London areas for people who will NEVER work.
  11. I'm in the Sherpa camp, but looking at a 2.7t with a rotating grab to add to the fleet. My concern if you went straight to a digger is that for domestic jobs, surly it shreds the grass up? Vs a sherpa on grass tires which doesn't and will fit in more places, can fit in the back of a custom and can be towed by all tippers. A 2.7t (3.5t with trailer) restricts towing vehicles a bit. It's a really hard decision to be honest. When we were deciding, we went a month and wrote down the number of times a digger would of been better on a job that day vs a sherpa For us, the sherpa won so we bought. Now we would like to add a digger as it of course can do a lot of things a Sherpa can't
  12. Surpised clients are willing to wait that long. Most of mine start moaning any more than 6 weeks Busiest we have ever been too, which seems to be the case for most as can't get any new staff
  13. No THC detected 15hrs after May have to do another test, 2 hours after consumption
  14. I'm doing an experiment today - So, I may or may not of smoked weed last night and I may or may not be in the UK (I'm not on the tools for the rest of the week) and ordered a drugs testing kit of the saliva style as getting urine at work is probably more intrusive. It says it comes between 1035am-1135 am today in the post Will post results, supposedly it tests for the legal driving limit, the same as the roadside ones used by the police. If it shows up, I'll do another tomorrow and so on until it disappears, as very interested to see how long it stays in your system


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