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  1. Good research Dan. Thanks. I seem to remember that the Stihl advertises 51 minutes run time while the Echo only 18 minutes. That would be the decider for me, if that’s correct.
  2. Also Mike, leave the fungal brackets on the tree. Don’t break them off.
  3. I’ve had two 2511 for several years and they are brilliant. The carb setting is fiddly to get just right but definitely worth doing or it runs badly. I know a few guys who’ve used 150 and 2511 and always favour the 2511.
  4. I’m interested but the proclaimed battery run time is a heck of a lot less than the Stihl equivalent [emoji51]
  5. Sorry I should have stated that most of our work is in Reigate.
  6. For the same reasons as stated above, I am looking for one more person so give me a shout if you’re the right one.
  7. Thanks Jon That place is good enough but wondered if there is somewhere close.
  8. Does anyone know of any tip sites near there or anywhere in south London (inside M25) but must be open at a weekend. Happy to pay good tipping fee. Must be open on a Saturday and Sunday [emoji51]. One load of woodchip, 1 or 2 loads of logs in 4ft lengths. Will be delivered in Transits. Thanks. Al 07834 414271
  9. Enquires here went mad three weeks ago. I think it’s the national mental state “Life goes on, life must go on”. Hopefully.
  10. I’d recommend the Distels with Velcro uppers and definitely lowers.
  11. Does anyone have one? What are your thoughts? What are the bad points? Thanks. Oregon PS250 battery pole saw (8″ bar & chain) – FR Jones and Son Ltd | Warehouse Operating As Normal WWW.FRJONESANDSON.CO.UK The Oregon Pole Saw gives you precision, power, and a telescoping reach for all trimming and pruning jobs. The shaft allows up to 4.5m of access, while the premium battery pack and mid-mount motor provide you with the longevity and comfort for a long day’s work...
  12. I have the Echo pole saw and I would not recommend it because of the ergonomics of the handle and the chain jumps off very easil. I wish I’d bought the Stihl. I know nothing about any of the other brands.
  13. If I had some high octane Vodka there is no way I’d be using that for sensible things like sanitising or purifying. That stuff would be going straight down the hatch! [emoji1363]🤪[emoji23]
  14. I’ve just received and email from a well known Arb retailer: 250ml hand sanitiser £24.50! 110 disinfectant wipes £24.45! 5kg of Pasta. WTF! How shameful. I will never again buy from them!
  15. You’d think so but that doesn’t necessarily work. I’ve witnessed it with my own eyes and ears on several occasions.


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