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  1. I tried to submit an application last night and it won’t go through. I guess the issue will get fixed on Monday🤷🏼‍♂️
  2. Yes it is true. Ivy out paces the tree and completely covers it, at which point the tree doesn’t get enough sunlight and dies. Simple. It the same as slowly wrapping a human in cling film, starting at the feet.
  3. [emoji849][emoji849][emoji849]
  4. Ivy quite simply covers trees and hedges then the tree or hedge dies inside a shroud of Ivy.
  5. What? Are you saying they won’t pair with any Sena model? Someone previously said that they’ll pair with any ‘mesh’ system and that includes some Sena models🤷🏼‍♂️. So I have SMH 10r but I can’t find out if they are mesh technology or not.
  6. I recently drove past a small woodland in Norfolk. They were the only trees within eyesight. Every tree was engulfed with Ivy with only 10% poking out the top. I’m a few years the Ivy will engulf 100% of every tree then every tree will die. The only woodland in an area devoid of trees[emoji51]. I’ve also watched every park and roadside in my area become engulfed with Ivy noticeably during the last 20years. It used to be ‘unnoticeable’ and now it’s an obvious horror. During the last storm most trees that fell were covered with Ivy.
  7. An additional team member is required, either groundie and/or climber. If you wish to work to a high standard and improve your skills then please contact me on 07834 414271 or [email protected] 90% of our work is in the Reigate, Surrey area. Salary or day rate is dependant on abilities. Our work is predominantly domestic with some very easy commercial clients. Thanks Al.
  8. [email protected] GB are you able to shed light on the ProCom/Sena compatibility question?
  9. Will these ProCom work in conjunction with Sena Bluetooth? My thought is to buy a ProCom each time a Sena breaks, so I end up with ProComs only. One of the damn Sena is goosed and two more are dodgy[emoji849].
  10. Has anyone used these yet? One would assume them to be good as they’re built for purpose [emoji848]. ADVANCE ProCOM ear defenders set - Smart, efficient, comfortable communication WWW.STIHL.CO.UK
  11. Hi Chaps I have a job near Crawley, West Sussex and need a machine that will fit through a 10ft wide gate. It does need to be shears, not a grapple saw and mounted on an excavator due to ground conditions. With or without operator is fine. With or without big chipper is also fine. Best way to contact me is 07834 414271 call or message, or [email protected] Thanks Al.
  12. I saw something about a failure associated with the bird. Can anyone shed any light on this?
  13. And because I don’t know my password I can’t see the details to contact any of these tip sites [emoji849]. I don’t know how to get my password.
  14. Well say away Steve but like I said, I can’t find it on the app and don’t know my password to use this site on my desktop.


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