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  1. SRT HSE question

    Yes I think climbing on two ropes is Drt but aka TRT = Twin Rope Technique lol! If you’re sick of hitches and knots, get a Bulldog Bone. [emoji1360]
  2. Hitch Hiker thread.

    I guess if you’re keen to try one then you’ve done your research and whittled it down to this. In which case, just buy one. You won’t be disappointed.
  3. SRT HSE question

    Well if you are saying to them that you’re climbing on a single line, just don’t specify what configuration you are using that line in. ie: doubled or stationary. In my mind, SRT means Stationary Rope Technique. DbRT means DouBled Rope Technique. They’re both single line techniques though! Regardless of the system you’re using, it’s still a single line, as in one line. Unless your climbing on twin lines ie: two lines/ropes.
  4. Hitch Hiker thread.

    I clipped mine onto the harness bridge ring. Originally I had a tether thing that was on the top of the karab but then I disposed of it because I was too lazy to thread it on when setting the device up.
  5. Bandit gallery

    I have no doubt that those grinders are very effective but I can honestly see 95% of employees rolling them within 20 minutes. I hope I’m wrong but the Carlton with the same track configuration was dodgy and had much smaller overhangs than this Bandit. Sorry to poo-poo and I’m not criticising. I’m actually a huge Bandit fan.
  6. Foot Ascender Recommendation

    CT for me cos it’s better than the Petzl.
  7. Which is the worst blower?

    Valid point Gary but one only needs to look in the tank to see and smell the fuel. Beyond that, look in the cylinder and it won’t be stained by 2 stroke.
  8. Which is the worst blower?

    Aspen is Husqvarna’s fuel of choice. ALL the R&D work is done with it. Plus it’s premixed so the operator can not mix it.
  9. Which is the worst blower?

    That’s what I’m hoping for. I’ve put it on Twitter as well. I don’t normally make a fuss but this is unacceptable.
  10. Which is the worst blower?

    Well I can tell you that it is the Husqvarna 125b. I bought one several months ago, it gets used about 10 minutes a day and has been run on Aspen fuel. Then it stopped working. Seized engine. The dealer said it would be a warranty but our trusted Husqvarna said no, it must be fuel or operator error. Well that is just nonsense but they won't budge. Not only am I massively disappointed, I am furious! This is exactly the kind of service that has made our country crap and the global laughing stock. Furthermore, one of my trucks was broken into recently and chainsaws were stolen. They are insured and the claim is going through and I will have the opportunity to replace with the same, or I could choose a different brand. So Husqvarna UK, should I now switch to a different brand for ever more. I have been loyal to your brand for a long long time and understand how things work, but this blower situation is beyond the pale. I'm not expecting anyone to reply to this, except Husqvarna. One mightily disappointed customer!
  11. Arbpro foot ascender on spikes kit

    I only climb SRT so it’s a personal thing then I guess.
  12. Andrew Cervino wood boots

    I’m a UK 9 in Airstreams and would ideally choose an 8.5 in the Andrews.
  13. Arbpro foot ascender on spikes kit

    I’ve had the Kiwi Spikecender since they came out and get on with it fine. Of course it can pop out easily but a couple of climbs refines ones technique and hey presto, no problem.
  14. Bandit gallery

    Agreed, it’s an awful lot cheaper to run! [emoji23]
  15. RW and Zigzag

    Well done Rich. I was about to chime in saying the same. [emoji1360]


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