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  1. GA Groundcare is correct. Arbrep Services are still operating as they were. Jodi is also South African so they’ll still be a shithot company!
  2. Does anyone know of anyone that can deal with repairs and servicing work on a Jensen in the south east? (Arbrep Services have relocated to South Africa). My chipper is only just over three years old and low hours so I don’t feel the need to trade it yet. Thanks.
  3. I’ve had two Cut n Climb jackets. The first one was crap, the second one is more crap. I’ve also got a Mountain Warehouse jacket reduced from £120 to £50. Very good at £50.
  4. I’m still on the look out for the right type of person. [emoji1360]
  5. It depends upon many factors Eggs. Like, How long someone was destined to stay for from the start. Being unfortunate to be lied to by people at ‘interview’ stage. A business growing. Too many variables for you to make a judgement on.
  6. No, you are completely wrong Eggs. As usual.
  7. Oh I totally agree with you Bob. That's the root problem and reason that we are in the position we're in but we can't change it overnight and I need staff to appear overnight. 😮 I had one guy leave in a tantrum recently because he felt undervalued/felt he should be rewarded massively for his short service here. He had no comprehension of the cost to me/my business for his development. It is just a typical example of someone feeling entitled and wanting everything NOW. Of course, if he'd stuck around for another day he'd have discovered just how valued he was and the enormity of what was about to be literally handed to him. The general attitude of "I deserve it now!" is what really riles me. Sorry for the rant. 🤣
  8. Yep that’s a good post Marc and I agree with you however: How the friggin hell can we charge clients enough so that we can pay staff well when we have to compete against cowboys, Gypos and scum bags.
  9. Fundamentally the day to day functions of feeding and housing the population has remained the same. Houses and infrastructure must be maintained and developed therefore why is it now virtually impossible to find staff. I’ve spoken with plenty of other chaps who own their own companies and they all say the same-This year it has become almost impossible to even find idiots, never mind decent people. I’m no exception, work is flooding in, I’ll pay well and offer good development opportunities to the right person, yet there is no one forthcoming. Odd and really frustrating!
  10. That depends upon how skilled and conscientious you are in reality. Not how good you think you are [emoji12]
  11. Yes that is whilst working for the Arabs in Chelsea. Meanwhile in the rest of the country it’s quite different. [emoji23][emoji23]
  12. Advertising for tree work? Total waste of money. Doing good work is the best way to get your name forward. Advertising will ensure that you appeal to the ‘get 8 quotes to find the cheapest possible’ type of client. That helps ensure that pricing in our industry is permanently suppressed[emoji849][emoji853]
  13. I’ve had an Echo 2511 for a few years and been very happy with it. Whatever brand you use, make sure a dealer is close, or you live close to Spudulike.
  14. If you enjoy working and performing well as part of a slick team, this would be a good opportunity for you. Most of our work is in the domestic sector so no need to deal with dog poo covered verges or irate pedestrians. The commercial side of our portfolio is smiling jobs only. I’m interested in the right type of person (far more than than age or a plethora of certification). Almost all our work is in the Reigate area so if all this appeals to you please contact me either by email: oldmilltreecare@aol.com or phone: 07834 414271 Thanks Al.


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