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  1. Does anyone have a site to tip logs and chip in early/mid October? 4 or 5 Transit loads. Happy to pay to tip. Thanks Al 07834 414271 [email protected]
  2. I have the one with the curved handle and everyone finds the ergonomics to be a pain. Also the chain jumps off really easily regardless off chain tension.
  3. Thanks. As I expected, a bit of common sense and specific tools for specific applications. Thanks.
  4. I changed to a Bull Dog Bone only because it is much easier to put on and off the rope. That makes a difference for the type of trees I deal with and the way I climb. My preference is the BDB but I honestly would not say a bad word about the HH.
  5. Hi Rich Do you now have a preference, BDB of RRP? If so why? Thanks Al.
  6. Ok so I’ll re-phrase that. “Two rope climbing & work positioning - TRC&WP” I just meant Getting It Done With Two Main Lines. (GIDWTML)
  7. I’m looking at this in my phone and can’t see the voting thing. Where is it? Anyway, I’ll vote “yes I do use twin ropes”. Although I’ll never admit to how many times in my climbing career that I have used TRT [emoji50][emoji23].
  8. I used a Hitch Hiker for quite a few years. Bloody brilliant device. Just tie the hitch cord REALLY snug and it’s perfect all day long. I still have it in a box actually.
  9. Did you know that you can buy every single component separately for the BDB? That’s how I’ve kept mine going. Just order them from Gordon. It’s the best device I’ve ever used by a long way because it’s simple and small. I do want to try the RRP though.
  10. I’ve been on the BDB for about 6 years and love it. I’ve been considering the other options. Yesterday I used the ZigZag, which is bloody great but actually illustrated the the BDB is Fu##ing brilliant! Absolutely faultless! Long live the BDB [emoji1363][emoji1363][emoji1360][emoji1360]
  11. I have a client who wants a butt carved. Location is Reigate Surrey. Is anyone interested in this?
  12. I too bad that thought and worked out the price of building one myself. However now that It’s been delivered, I was surprised that the quality is higher than I expected and I can see that the material costs must far exceed £50.
  13. Well the usual amount of Arbtalk negativity has ensued [emoji849]. All I can say is that: I bought it I screwed it together I loaded it It’s easy It suits my needs perfectly. If you don’t have a requirement for it, there’s no advantage in slagging it off. (Unless you feel your inferiority complex will benefit from trying to degrade another mans efforts).


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