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  1. Old Mill Tree Care

    Groundie vacancy-Surrey, W Sussex border.

    I'm still waiting for the best groundsman ever to get in touch.......... Thanks Al.
  2. Old Mill Tree Care

    Experienced climber

    Hi sdullee Are you still looking for a job? I'm based near Reigate, Surrey. I have a couple of ads on here but I'm looking for a brilliant member of staff to join our teams. Preferably full time but part is ok. Salary is negotiable depending upon your abilities. Thanks Al 07834 414271
  3. Old Mill Tree Care

    General shortage?

    Nail on head mate. [emoji1360][emoji1360]
  4. Old Mill Tree Care

    General shortage?

    It’s highly likely that you didn’t just make the guy a load richer because most of that money goes to pay overheads, it’s not all profit. It is also likely that the extra money only goes to pick up the shortfall caused by his regular staff messing things up or breaking kit the previous week. Of course I am generalising and not saying this is always the case (& certainly not the case with my current staff team) but I’ve employed and lot of people over a lot of years and have a well educated view of the whole story.
  5. Old Mill Tree Care

    395xp Full Wrap Handle

    [emoji23][emoji23][emoji23] Can I have one for a 201 at the same time. [emoji12]
  6. Old Mill Tree Care

    General shortage?

    I agree Steve but if a firm can’t charge the client enough to pay the better wages, it ain’t happening. There’s a limit to how much a client will pay because of: Public perception of tree surgeon/glorified gardener [emoji849]. There’s always a college leaver who’ll do it cheap. There’s always a new clueless start up who’ll do it cheap. There’s always a gypo who’ll do it cheap. Without a really tough regulating system to push out all of the aforementioned, it’s never going to change.
  7. Old Mill Tree Care

    Who is the chip box guy?

    Thanks. He’s also been recommended by someone else on here and I’ve spoken to the guy at Boulters. He’ll be getting my business. [emoji1360][emoji1360]
  8. Old Mill Tree Care

    I’ve got a dead Cedar!

    It died two weeks ago and I mean from being 100% green to 100% dead over three days. Anyway, it’s coming down so if anyone wants it, it stands about 8m from the driveway but the lawn is solid. Access is good for any size vehicle. It’s in Reigate, Surrey. I put a 2 litre bottle at the base to show scale.
  9. Old Mill Tree Care

    Cedar wood good?

    What uses are there for a Cedar like this? The needles fell of two weeks ago, literally over three days and it’s a gonner. If anyone has a use for it, it’s next to the driveway.
  10. Old Mill Tree Care

    General shortage?

    Hi Ben I'm in Surrey, just south of Reigate.
  11. Old Mill Tree Care

    Who is the chip box guy?

    I remember a thread with a guy building chip boxes in the Basingstoke area. Does anyone know who he is? Thanks.
  12. Old Mill Tree Care

    General shortage?

    Move to Surrey and I’ll give you great employment. Although maybe not enough sarcasm for you as we’re all dead posh down here. 😜
  13. Old Mill Tree Care

    General shortage?

    I’m not referring to a person of below average height in the Army. There appears to be a shortage of available staff, professional, qualified, useless or other. I’ve been looking for ages with two threads on the employment forum here and adverts elsewhere, with very little interest. I’m in desperate need of anyone who is competent. The only two enquiries during the last two months gave me the impression that I had to move my business to their mums house and make breakfast before they’d scrape themselves off the mattress, to update their social media. Anyway, I just wondered if it’s coincidental or is there a general shortage of people at this time?
  14. Old Mill Tree Care

    Groundie vacancy-Surrey, W Sussex border.

    I’m still looking for that switched on, motivated person.
  15. Old Mill Tree Care

    Groundie vacancy-Surrey, W Sussex border.

    I am actually looking for two people.


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