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  1. Ha! bit of delving finds that Harken make both!
  2. Yeah my next question would've been which is the knockoff?!
  3. Thanks for the replies guys! Has anyone tried the Notch Jet Step or Harken Ninja?
  4. I have been using a Pantin for a while now but just got hold of some Clip n Step boots. The Pantin just slips about now! So is there a better Foot ascender available? In the meantime how is the best way to fit the Pantin to the Clip n step boots? High? Low? Many thanks!
  5. I could have it completely wrong but I was going on some vids I've watched of James Kilpatric's setup. It seems as though in some situations he is using DRT from a floating anchor on a line which itself is base anchored and the floating anchor is an ascender. So once he's back at the ascender he can continue up. I'm with you though on the SRT! Got a rope wrench at the beginning of the year to try it and loved it ever since! I do like my spiderjack and ropeguide for tigher crowns and those sorts of trees where your up,down,in,out,over under etc. If you know what I mean?!
  6. I'm looking to do a competition in September so I've been watching a few videos. It seems like a popular setup is to go up on an access line but be connected to an ascender by your DRT system. So ascend to a point where you want to go out on a limb. Go out and back on DRT then continue up on the access line.
  7. You'll get the best out of SRT if you use it in conjunction with DRT as opposed to 'switching over'. I've found, since I started using SRT (and subsequently using throwlines much more) that setting my access system in the centre crown as high as I can gets me into the tree but if there's a big or long limb to visit then setting another DRT system from the ground is really handy! So SRT up into the crown and for the most part but then use the mechanical advantage of the DRT to get you up or out that awkward limb you set up before!
  8. Haha yeah I was looking through for some info about setting the Ropeguide twinline from the ground and got sidetracked! Hey ho!
  9. If you have the ropeguide in a choker situation then giving the rope a good sideways jerk (try to send quick 'ripples' up the line) can help get the cam loosened when retrieving. Once unlocked, the sling should continue to lengthen until the pulley can come though.
  10. It's a bit of a misconception to refer to toothed ascenders by how "agressive" they are. The points on the cam of an ascender are there to allow them to part the fibres of the rope without damaging them thereby creating a much greater surface area to spread the load over. When used with a suitable rope such as kernmantle, the teeth help to grip both the inner and outer layers of the rope simultaneously. (I don't mean to call out your post Haironyourchest or criticise in any way. I just hear people talking about ascenders a lot in a way that isnt strictly correct). That said, you're dead right. These devices are only good for one thing - going up! 😀
  11. Getting your rope through some sort of cambium saver as soon as possible in the job saves a lot of shite build up as it stands the rope off the tree. Also bung your textile equipment in the washing machine with some Beal rope wash or Teufelber Scrubba or suchlike - conifer sap comes out fairly well! Also sunflower oil takes it off your hardware a treat! Just wash in soapy water and dry well after!
  12. Many SRT systems are derived from a DRT system so to me it seems feasible to use the rope doubled over to access and then convert to SRT at the anchor point. It's not as if its "cheating" or anything! 😂
  13. It's a funny feeling tending your rope in tiny increments as you come in off a branch using SRT as opposed to reeling miles of rope for DRT! The weird thing about SRT is you think it's going to be all frantic and complicated but once you get your head around it it's actually a very smooth and uncluttered way to climb. You just have to take a very deliberate, pragmatic attitude up with you!
  14. Sort of faffing about with all of it right now!


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