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  1. Cheers for the reply! Would you tie a bowline on a bight, instead of hauling the whole of the working end up to tie the knot?
  2. What method do you guys use to switch to a canopy tie when in the trees? I can see it being a massive faff when trying to set it up. I'd like to get used to the last method in the Climbing Arborist - Canopy Ties video on Youtube, using a DIY cambium saver of sorts, to be able to ascend the anchor as well.
  3. But as I'm self employed, how do I go about this? Every website tells me I cannot get the enhanced check as an individual, an organization has to get one for me.. I have no organization to do this! Quoted from a DBS check website: Standard and Enhanced DBS (CRB) Checks are only available for organisations to apply for on behalf of their employees/contractors. This is stipulated by the DBS (Disclosure & Barring Service) head office. Therefore under no circumstances can any DBS (CRB) checking company organise Standard or Enhanced DBS checks for individuals.
  4. Hi all, I'm getting a lot of tree inspection work at schools across the UK, and I'm looking to get an enhanced DBS check. I was wondering if anyone knows the process of doing this when self-employed, as many websites I have been on require an organization to apply for you. I am being advised to get the enhanced one instead of the basic one. Can anyone advise on this? Many thanks
  5. My thoughts exactly! When I get the odd private job, we often get it done with good time and I always pay them full days regardless. Then every one is a winner and you're all happy.
  6. I can see where you are coming from, but I'm not expecting full days pay for half a day work when the job only has half a day money on it.... I get that. It's when the employer get his job done beautifully (with a full days money on it) with a few hours to spare and then squeezes another job to make even more profit, and you get nothing to show for your efforts. Not even £5 for a pint as a good gesture. Cheers Simon, just the reply i was looking for. Though for me the late days far outweigh the early days 🤣
  7. Thanks for the reply Chris. That's an ideal way to do it I think, and yes in many ways you can't win. I tend not to rush jobs because of the inherent risk of an accident anyway, but I have been doing what you mentioned... just padding out the day to get the job done in the time stipulated. I only do tree condition/risk assessments.
  8. Hi all, I just wanted to post a thread to get others' opinions on this topic, as I'm sure there's variation out there. I've been a sub contracting climber for 8 years now (and consultant for a short while) here in the UK and have never come to a conclusion. As a self employed climber or groundsman charging 'X' amount as a day rate, you'd obviously get X for the standard 8/9 hours worked that day. But what if you work 4/5 hours... would you still expect your day rate? For instance, if you worked hard and got the job done in good time. (I know this depends on circumstance, such as if my employers job got cancelled last minute, I would not expect X amount if a replacement job couldn't be found) My current main employer normally lays another job on us if we get the main job done in good time, squeezing the most out of us. (This aggravates the sh*t out of me) But also, if you're a self employed consultant working for larger companies, say you book the day off to do a survey they asked you to do and it takes you 2 hours to do the inspection and 1 hour to type it up. Do you charge 3 hours and lose the rest of the day... or charge the whole day because you booked it out for that survey? This happens to me quite a lot. All constructive comments welcome and look forward to reading what other subbies and employers do. Cheers!
  9. Cool cheers for the replies! Carlos, where did you order your Bulldog Bone from? did shipping cost a bomb? I can't seem to find it on UK online stores
  10. Hi all, Pretty much all of the SRT videos I've seen on youtube install the climbing line with a throwline, and I understand this works well large trees from personal experience with DRT. Though personally the majority of trees I work on are under 20m, so don't necessarily warrant using a throwline, I usually just squirrel up using DRT. This brings me onto my question as I'm using SRT a bit now. If I use DRT to get to the top of a 15m tree to save time messing around with a throwline... how do I efficiently set up a canopy anchor that is retrievable, and that has a set (minimal) amount of tail on the working end? The primary way I imagine doing it would be to tie a normal alpine butterfly anchor and attach a secondary line to that in order to retrieve... but that leaves me with a stupid amount of rope on the working end to pull through redirects all the time. Or the other way I see is to haul up x amount of rope and use guess work looking at the end of the working line, and use some kind of running bowline on a bight to tie the anchor. Any help or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
  11. Hi all, Sorry for all the SRT spam 😅 I'm trying to get into SRT after years of climbing on DRT. I've been looking at the gear including a foot ascender and knee ascender to "rope walk". A thought crossed my mind, how would you use the foot and knee ascender in conjunction with spikes?! I wear Geckos so there's a large area of the inside leg covered by the pads. I'm planning to buy the Systeme 3A knee ascender for it's capabilities to stay attached to the lower leg... but again spikes wouldn't allow for you to wear the ascender. What do you experienced SRT guys do in this case, when you have a medium/large dismantle to do?
  12. Hi all, Just created a quick poll (apologies if this has been discussed before, I'm sure it has) to find out how many of you use either anchor with SRT. Reasons why you use your choice of anchor would be greatly appreciated. Or does it ultimately boil down to what the job at hand is? Many thanks
  13. Hi all, I'm wondering about the compatibility of foot ascenders with 13mm rope instead of thinner rope. I know using a thinner rope, say 11.7mm, will run a lot smoother. I'm just thinking about whether it's worth spending £150 on a new thinner rope, or just getting by on my 13mm with the normal foot and knee ascenders. Also how does the Rope Wrench handle 13mm? (By the way I climb DRT and highly considering the switch to SRT) Many thanks, Jack
  14. Do you know of any resources that explain how to make a diy rope wrench and tether?


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