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  1. Although my garage is secure, I'd like some extra protection for my 3 saws with 18/20" bars. What solutions are people using for securely storing saws at home?
  2. I'll be putting both my saws away from now until around April. (Husqvarna 372 and 562) What is the best condition to leave the fuel system in and where/what is the best method of storeage for the saws? Any additional measures for the AT 562? Thanks.
  3. Lotto

    Nether Auchendrane woods

    No specific requirements. Happy to accept logs of any diameter.
  4. Yeah I have my 372. Just becomes heavy after around 4 hours. Think I'd prefer two saws anyway. 346 is top of my list.
  5. Asked the same question to my local Husqvarna dealer. He recommended that with the type/volume/frequency of my cutting it might be worth considering having only one saw but with multiple bar lengths. He reasoned that running two saws is generally more expensive. He recommended a 562. Can see his logic.
  6. Put your foot through the handle and lift upwards enough to compress the throttle fully when starting on floor. Effectively starting it on full revs. Might be enough to get it going at least.
  7. Lotto

    Husqvarna 346

    Do you have the dealer details please? Thanks.
  8. How would a 357 compare in comparison to a 346? Is it a much heavier saw? Is the 357 3/8 chain?.
  9. A 346 looks ideal but can it be purchased through a local Husqvarna dealer by order? I'm not confident that if I was to purchase from Turkey for example that I'd be buying genuine.
  10. I enjoy maintaining my own saw. I think the AT would limit me doing everything myself. I'm not a serial saw swapper so both machines will be with me for the long haul. The microprocessors will degrade over time and will require dealer assistance to rectify, something I can avoid with full mechanicals. I'm not doubting the AT performance, just manual suits me better.
  11. I'd like to stick with manual carb adjustment as opposed to AT. Can only see the 365 on the Husqvarna website though. Think that would overlap with the 372 too much. Do they do a non AT 50cc pro model?
  12. I cut for firewood only. Only fell dead trees or hung windblowns, allowed to take stuff already down, I live in a forest and have a 372XPG fitted with a 20" bar. I would like a smaller pro saw to do the limbing with. Should I fit a smaller bar to my saw or which model of smaller saw would you recommend? I'd like to stick with Husqvarna as I have a good local dealer and also continue to use 3/8 chain as I find it easier to sharpen. Most weekends the saw is in use for around 6 hours in total.


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