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    Serious Saw repairer and performance tuner.
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  1. I just test saws through the year and it tends to fill the log store pretty quickly.
  2. Damn, can't a man get some rest
  3. They do stop damage to the starter pulley etc.....just saying!
  4. Yup, made it myself and stuck a 6mm drill straight through the fleshy part of my thumb as a reward. You need to either have the factory tool or get inventive for the flywheel side!
  5. The 357 has stuffers, makes splitting them more difficult without the right tools.
  6. As Robert Plant sang.....and it makes me wonder.........
  7. Just fall in to it, slippers, nice cardie or tank top, bargain hunt on TV.....all good, embrace it.
  8. Is that supposed to be funny....I guess it may be.....of course you do
  9. I charged for a re-pack on the bin bag job and did get paid on both my non paid saws....in the end. In one case, it wasn't the money, it was the fact he pleaded he needed the saw, would definitely pay the bill the next day and like a mug, sent the bloody thing back, 6 weeks later I asked for the new cylinder kit on his machine to be returned as it was my property....he got the message in the end!!
  10. Just use a typical business card, that will do the job. Place it between the coil and flywheel magnets, let the magnets draw the coil toward the flywheel and do the screws up....pretty simple.
  11. Found it, the volcano spares system works again....part 1122 400 1204, definitely off an 064 but they had many variants so check the back first to compare part numbers.
  12. I think I have one somewhere in the garage but am damned if I can find it. Pull your flywheel and get the part number off the back. I think it is a thinner flywheel than the 066 one that I was after and may be able to dig it out with more time. I do know it is in decent condition.
  13. Sorry but this has to be done, not that it helps......
  14. spudulike

    Drowned engines

    And I, in the early days, washed a McCulloch down with a bit of water and detergent, next day, the clutch was solid and needed work to shift it again. Looks like you got lucky, amazed it didn't corrode as I also had an old Solo, poured a cup of water out of the bore when I got it and it was solid. I did get it running.....for 10 seconds before it permanently died as the piston was badly corroded to the bore. I guess there are always exceptions but my experience is bare steel covered in water rusts very quickly.....think car disks, leave them a weekend in the rain and bingo....rust and very grabby brakes for the first few applications.
  15. Both poles are a oval and if they twist, it locks the shaft in place. Try rotating the end shaft one way or the other and see if it frees it up.


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