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  1. What's on your bench today?

    Normally it is a piece of clear pipe with one of those Stihl breather screws inserted around an inch from each end of the pipe.
  2. Bargain saw...?

    I once got a Zomax saw in with a few others I got to refurbish. From what I remember, the top cover had charred around the spark plug, the starter gear was appalling, the AVs were as soft as poop but the engine seemed to run OK. You do get what you pay for although sometimes you can get lucky and get something better than the small cost you paid should have given you.
  3. What's just fallen out of my 201?

    Straighten it and then use a couple of pop rivets to hold it in place. They often fall out like this!
  4. French wine, any followers?

    Ca' Marrone Rosso IGT Puglia Appassimento We pick discounted ones and then get the extra 25% off and at £5 per bottle is damn good. The other one we like is called "The Duke" and is a very smooth full bodied Spanish. Usually £8, often.discounted to £6 so £4.50 with the 25% but wasn't discounted this time.
  5. MS211C Primer circuit

    The fuel is being pulled up through the fuel filter, if the fuel filter is fully submersed in fuel, no air will get pulled up UNLESS the fuel line is holed!!
  6. French wine, any followers?

    Hope you purchased 6 bottles to get your 25% off! We usually hit it hard when the offers are on at Tesco. Got a few bottles of a cheeky Italian this week....very nice to.
  7. Stihl 084AV and mill

    The 084 coils are not available now and you may find that other parts are also EOL although some are shared. There are a couple of top ends, one with an anvil clamp for the muffler and the other is conventional bolt and nut. Spares would worry me. An 088/MS880 may be a better option.
  8. Ms201 carb kit?

    The C1Q standard kit won't quite do -cost me an hour or two trying!!! Believe me, there are differences!
  9. 024 problems

    You can remove the carb and remove the top and bottom covers and see where there is fuel and where there is not! Lack of fuel if carb related is probably the choke not closing or the metering arm being too low. Lack of fuel can also be caused by a massive air leak in the crankcases, seen it where the cylinder has become loose but is much less common. Personally I usually just go through the carb and clean, inspect and replace anything that looks iffy and it is rare the saw doesn't fire after this.
  10. Underwater chainsaw

    Just the thing for today's weather!
  11. 024 problems

    These are the old school checks and very reliable, you can check the front of the piston through the exhaust port or just lift the saw by the recoil starter and see if it holds for 2-4 seconds at TDC on each compression stroke. Spark is checked by earthing the plug on the cylinder and pulling the saw over fast. Fuel is checked by pulling the saw 10 times with the choke on and seeing if the plug is damp after this. The most likely issue is with the metering arm being set a little low or the diaphragm going a bit hard. It is very possible that the piston may have seized or partially nipped up. Coils tend to be pretty reliable.
  12. I am Spud and here is my photo.......
  13. M tronic

    The bad bit about Mtronic is lack of idle adjustment so if the saw gets a bit of wear and the idle falls off, you can't adjust it. The good bit is the fact they constantly react to the changing conditions and usage plus they do offer a bit of protection if the saw develops an air leak. Maintaining the autotune saws can be more hit and miss as you don't have the luxury of screws to fiddle with. The 461 is a decent machine, similar to the 661 inside.
  14. Looks like something Matty picked up from a dude down the local after a few pints.....or is that too many
  15. Cyclinder Kit change

    Very generally, you can usually clean the bore on 660s and get away with a quality piston rather than the £200 OEM pot and piston.....done a fair few now.


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