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  1. spudulike

    560 oil tank leak

    Common fault on the older 560s, as previously mentioned, locate all the crankcase bolts on the flywheel side and crank them up as tight as possible but avoid stripping the thread or snapping the bolts. Done a couple like this and seemed to work OK.
  2. spudulike


    I think he has "a vision in his head", if you can get an image of that, I am fooked
  3. spudulike

    Down scaling

    Sod the top handle, where can I get hold of the hottie, got lots of saws that need polishing I think the OP said NO to wanting a top handle so it is a smaller ground saw I believe!
  4. spudulike

    Rattly husky 61

    If you look at the original fitment of the bearing in the case, you should be able to tell how far the bearing needs to be pushed in to the cases. You could use a set of verniers to measure the critical measurements. It may be an issue but if you are aware of it and have the confidence to do this sort of repair then you should be OK.
  5. spudulike

    Rattly husky 61

    Typically the bearings go in to the cases and then the crank goes in to those, the exception being clam style engines of which this isn't one. I haven't split a 61 but ADW is a fair bit older than me so am sure he will be along soon with his old man tales
  6. spudulike

    Heated grips Husqvarna

    As ADW says, get the multi meter out and check for continuity. You may find someone has fitted a non generator flywheel or the magnet has detonated - also possible that the handle or tank have been swapped out, just check for the wiring going in to the handles and for the generator - if it isn't there, you don't have heated handles.
  7. spudulike

    Stihl MS361 Woes

    If you have a spark with the saw in its cold and hot state, Try pulling the air filter cover off, look between the air filter back plate and the cylinder on the clutch side and make sure the breather hasn't become disconnected from either end. These machines are a bit rare but have seen this on a couple of them. Symptoms would be a fast idle, screaming a bit at the top end and a tendency to die on opening the throttle. Not what you have but worth a look at...unless that coil has popped!
  8. spudulike

    New sthil reviews

    Fitting an 8 pin will give you more chain speed but will only be an advantage on a shorter bar or on smaller diameter wood. Explore longer bars or start pushing harder and it will be easier to stall especially on harder or larger wood. I found on a heavily ported 357, that an 8 pin was good up to 8-10" wood, beyond that, a 7 pin was faster on a 15" bar.
  9. spudulike

    Rattly husky 61

    Good point on the oil pump bow, had that happen and caught it on a MS660, similar effect!
  10. spudulike

    Stihl 020 buggerage

    I think I may have done 1 or two in my time The most memorable was for a guy that worked for Husqvarna but not going to say any more on that one
  11. spudulike

    Rattly husky 61

    If the bearing has that much play on it that the lobes are contacting the cases, I would check for scuffing of the cylinder as the movement of the crank tends to push the piston up the bore at an angle and this can wear the plating off the bore pretty quick!
  12. spudulike

    Stihl MS361 Woes

    Are we saying that the Chinese coil has bitten the dust? You are more likely to get a spark with a smaller gap but it is probably toast - that is why they cost so little Send it back to the supplier if it is faulty.
  13. spudulike

    Stihl 020 buggerage

    You could get your original carb sorted, if only we knew someone who could do such work! Other than that, L&S but the price is £90 ex VAT for the original part!
  14. spudulike

    New sthil reviews

    Blade, is this like Zorro - the gay blade. I always thought they were bars or perhaps I am missing the humour
  15. spudulike

    Ms 390 not oiling

    if it works without the bar on then doesn't with the bar fitted, it would generally be the oil hole in the bar that is blocked - worth checking again. If it is clear and it still doesn't oil then it sounds like either the pump is plugged, the pickup is blocked, the worm is stripped or the pump has worn. It is usually a case of stripping all the bits out, inspecting them and replacing whatever isn't right.


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