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  1. My mates Uncle was allegedly The Beats Manager back in the day, not sure if he was having us along but he got an awful lot of stickers and merchandising stuff if he didn't
  2. I reckon you could make a good song out of that...you could call it something like "Run to the Hills"...got a good ring about it.
  3. Got the burner going tonight, 13 degrees outside and been raining on and off all day....ah...British summertime!
  4. It is a two stroke, there are no valves, all the timing is down to port openings and durations or those openings, that is what makes two strokes what they are. You may be thinking about the powervalve system as used in the Yamaha YPVS - this was merely a way of changing the exhaust port timing by raising and lowering the exhaust port top to change the power characteristics at different revs. You need to ensure the engine has compression (was the piston clean looking when you removed the muffler?), other than that, if the saw is old, try a new fuel line, fuel filter and carb kit.
  5. I did wonder from your past posts if something was going down...just don't let it, easy said but sometimes you just have to grasp the one good thing that happened in the day rather than the shit storm it may have been. I hope it passes in time and you get to the good bit again. Keep talking to us...we ain't all bad!!
  6. Go to a local autojumble and look for one with "Made in England or Japan or Germany" on it and it should be a belter if in good nick. You could see if you can purchase a new union if it unscrews.
  7. It very much depends on the sort of money you paid out and whether the time going after them could be better spent generating your own leads. Some of these companies are just con artists at best.
  8. I thought Farage said if we left Europe, we could control our borders and sort out the small boat illegal immigrant issues. That worked out well then didn't it!! The bloke hooks on to public sentiment and uses it for his own purposes, personally, I wouldn't touch him with a bargepole - too smug and dangerous IMO.
  9. Just stick it on eBay and see if it goes....possibly someone on here may have a use but eBay gives a decent spread of customers and google picks up ebay sales pretty well.
  10. Just stick it on eBay and then purchase a much more suitable modern saw. These old bangers are worth some silly money to collectors and it would just break your back if you use it for an hour or two. The knife/blade is a "Bar" and the part that cuts is the "Chain". Even if you fit a smaller bar, the AV and weight will still not be good.
  11. perhaps a pic or a model number..."Red"....Jonsered perhaps?
  12. Ah, Dumper, met him once, did up an 026 with sentimental value from what I can remember...decent fella.
  13. Try removing the plug, turn the machine so the plug hole faces downwards and pull the starter handle a few times. Make sure the choke lever is in the stop position as the fuel I expect to come out may ignite. It sounds like you have petrol in the bottom of the engine. Clear it, leave the plug out all night, try starting it again then get back on here if it doesn't start. It may be worth taking the exhaust off to take a look at the piston through the exhaust port....any scoring is bad news.
  14. Don't forget to change the fuel filter as I have had similar symptoms on KM94s and this was the issue.


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