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  1. Oh dear...I can tell a few stories but now is probably not the right time!
  2. I think burning it should alleviate the problem!
  3. Looks like there are two types (two and three legged metal laminate) although both will probably work - one on eBay for £20 if yours is bad and I would test as I trust no-one and there are a lot of lazy/misguided repairers out there: - Stihl 026 Chainsaw Coil Pack WWW.EBAY.CO.UK Stihl 026 Chainsaw Coil Pack. Condition is "Used". Dispatched with Royal Mail Signed For® 2nd Class.
  4. My take on it is to purchase a secondhand OEM part, this looks like the same coil housing as found on MS200Ts, but I would try to get a good one off ebay rather than go for a crap Chinese one with the one caveat being if you can't get the OEM one then it may be worth a punt. They are to be found on many saw types so check for this as well - details on the link below. Have you checked the spark...using an old plug with the end electrode gap opened up considerably? Has the HT lead also been checked for continuity? Purchasing a coil is the last thing I do as they are expensive and like to be sure I am 100% right before parting with my/customers money. Had a MS461 like that - corroded HT connector!! Simple check if you have a multimeter - Ohm range and from earth to the plug cap spur connector. Ignition Module for Stihl 026, 044 - 0000 400 1300 | L&S Engineers WWW.LSENGINEERS.CO.UK Ignition module/coil Genuine Stihl Part OEM Part No. 0000 400 1300 Suitable for the following Stihl Machines: 026...
  5. Strange one, is the carb held on with two small nuts on the threaded rods as it should be? I didn't reckon it was this as it would either be clamped or not and the fitting of the air filter wouldn't change that: -
  6. I do understand what you mean, the later MS260 had a compensator carb but this saw may have been upgraded. In my experience, the saw will run pretty much the same with or without the filter - it certainly wont make the revs go mad high or make the machine stall.
  7. Oi....stop this behavior, most of my work comes from aerial damage.
  8. I know...I know but people sometimes get their facts wrong. I always find these saws damn difficult to start without the air filter as the choke is in the air filter and the saw doesn't like to go without it when cold. My thinking the air filter fitting is impacting on the throttle linkage somehow as you said, fitting an air filter shouldn't have this effect - I take it the two carb retaining nuts are fitted between the carb back end and air filter? I added the impulse line as it is the only issue I have had on three consecutive Stihl 026/MS260s so worth a look IMO. Sounds a bit like the guy with the backfiring TS400!!
  9. The most common issue with this saw is the impulse line coming off the union just under where the cylinder meets the crankcase in the gap between the rear of the cylinder and the air box but don't see how this meets your failure description as it usually just makes the idle race and over rev at max revs. Had three in a row just before Christmas!
  10. Oh....take a pic of the saw with the filter on.
  11. When you fit the air filter, do you take the choke OFF and then just slide it on to the two threaded rods? The choke mechanism pushes on to the choke plastic lever and NOT behind it!
  12. My thinking is the air filter choke mechanism (it is built in to the air filter) is somehow holding the throttle open when you refit the air filter. You will just have to look at this area and you could fit the air filter slowly and see at what point the revs start racing and what part of the air filter housing is fouling the throttle mechanism.
  13. Only when I am singing along to She was....an "American girl"......good ol Tom Petty


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