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  1. spudulike

    Stihl ms 211/ c throttle linkage removal

    Just post some photos. Pitting on the combustion chamber tends to mean metal fragments have been smashed repeatedly between the piston and squish band but the piston would also have damage in this instance. It is most likely your description may be a bit off and a few photos will clarify. The clutch oil leak - may be fuel oil residue from a badly leaking seal (if black) unless the oil is clean chain oil from other sources.
  2. spudulike

    Smaller saw to compliment 372XPG

    I think that Husqvarna can't sell the 346 in to the EU but can in to non EU countries. I have looked and on Ebay there is a seller in Turkey and TBH, eBay do protect the buyer - not sure if that is where it came from, just turned up one day looking like a big lump of cheese!
  3. Think this is the little blighter. L&S are a good supplier on many levels and use them wherever I can with no issues - https://www.lsengineers.co.uk/tension-spring-stihl-part-no-1121-160-5501.html
  4. spudulike

    Smaller saw to compliment 372XPG

    I had a customer send in a newly purchased 346 direct from Turkey for porting. Think it was a bit over £500 (ex porting) but was as it should be and work done as specified!
  5. spudulike

    Stihl ms 211/ c throttle linkage removal

    Expanding circlip pliers work pretty well in removing these clipped top handle covers!
  6. spudulike

    Echo 2511 woes?

    Wes - you sure know how to make friends
  7. spudulike

    Echo 2511 woes?

    You have got to remember that the guys in the UK do a lot of domestic work rather than in the middle of nowhere so having a saw that performs rather than making your ears bleed at 1/2 mile away is the better option...believe me......you are the one that wears spangly dresses and sling-backs at the weekend.....or so your mates say
  8. spudulike

    Echo 2511 woes?

    I tend to like clever muffler mods that give you the performance but not the ear bleeding noise some can give. I go subtle on these saws
  9. spudulike

    Husqvarna 550 Mk 2 or older MS 261-CM

    And don't I know it
  10. spudulike

    Spuds workshop

    Damn, that's done it, bang goes the easy life, better put those deck chairs and Pimms away Spudsworkshop@gmail.com
  11. spudulike

    Husqvarna 395xp real or fake ?

    Probably sales bollocks as we call it......talk to the engineers, get more sense from them
  12. spudulike

    Ms362c being a right pita

    Had a sheared wire on a rare MS280 and it ran bloody rich and badly so worth checking if the solenoid and a carb check/clean/rebuild doesn't sort it.
  13. spudulike

    Husqvarna 395xp real or fake ?

    Yeah, but what does ADW know Just joking, if he says it is fine then I wouldn't worry as it will be fine!
  14. spudulike

    Echo 2511 woes?

    These saws are possessed by the devil, had a machine in, worked fine vertically, did a muffler mod and the idle would die vertically afterwards. I can say that I know what causes it but there appears to be no "Engineered" fix for it but have got a "Heath Robinson" one for it. I also have found what I believe fixes the poor starting and dodgy idle issues - I think it must have taken around 8hrs of work or more to get through this and can say the lazered new ones seem much more stable.
  15. spudulike

    Husqvarna 357

    Is that crank an OEM one? Seen this type of carnage on a "Boomerang" MS660 where the owner didn't want an OEM crank in his machine due to cost. Big end detonated in one, the crank sheared in two on the other. Fitted an OEM crank in it, fine for a year and then the pikeys came and pinched it along with most of his other kit. He purchased new kit and not seen him for a year


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