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  1. spudulike

    Chainsaw maintenance Lanarkshire

    If the flywheel has slipped very slightly then the saw will run but will be underpowered and may rumble a bit if the ignition is too advanced. I reckon your saw just has a slight bit too much ignition advance. New saws have coils that move the ignition timing around to make the saw easier to start and develop more power. Older ones had fixed ignition timing and would often rip the starter out of your hands if the starting method was a bit lethargic.
  2. spudulike

    Customer still in bed!

    Knock...knock....feck that, fire up the chainsaw and go through it
  3. spudulike

    Life’s small pleasures.

    The blast of evening cold air when you walk outside from a stuffy room on a summers evening. The first heat from the sun on your body in spring after a hard winter. First BBQ of the year, half a bottle of red and in to a bag of chilli crisps just before the meat is ready for serving.
  4. spudulike

    Hummin’ a tune in a tight spot

    Great song, great solo....that is Will You by Hazel O'Connor
  5. spudulike

    Chainsaw maintenance Lanarkshire

    Just pop off the flywheel and check it but it is probably OK. If you increase the distance of the coil from the flywheel, it will retard the ignition timing and help with severe kick when starting it. Try around 1.5 - 2 thicknesses of a typical business card but watch out - if you go too far, the spark may fail. Opening up the plug gap has a similar effect on ignition timing.
  6. spudulike

    Chainsaw maintenance Lanarkshire

    Idle is a bit fast or those clutch springs are a bit shot!
  7. spudulike

    Chainsaw maintenance Lanarkshire

    Which saw....365/372 Xtorq perhaps?
  8. spudulike

    Magnolia tree pruning

    Unlikely to do it any harm, they put on growth like a weed after pruning and the "bog brush" description is pretty accurate. In my experience, you hit the big branches trying to retain a bit of shape rather than trying to lightly prune the lighter stuff.
  9. spudulike

    husky365 or stihl 391 or 441 ?

    But people don't listen until they have made a mistake and then know too late....but what do us old farts know
  10. spudulike

    husky365 or stihl 391 or 441 ?

    The 365 is a far better saw than the 391 as it has alloy vertically split crankcases rather than being of clam type construction.
  11. spudulike

    How are you guys coping with GDPR compliance?

    My wife pays HMRC £120 a year as a bookkeeper so they know she keeps books and will report the instance of one of the two clients she has for money laundering....as if, they aren't Columbian drug dealers This is another load of old rowlocks that just makes business more and more difficult. Looks like the sole trader will be soon be expected to do quarterly accounts same as VAT registered companies.....I wonder if we won't have to pay half the previous years tax bill 6 months early when this happens......fat chance! So much for entrepreneurial spirit and encouraging small business!
  12. spudulike

    Engine tacho

    I found the tachs where you have to wrap the wires round the HT lead to be a PITA. especially on MS200s as the side cover has to be removed! OK for the occasional user but not for commercial use.
  13. spudulike

    All rounder required.

    Not being funny but is this in the right section The description of the employees skill set is a bit light on substance!
  14. spudulike

    572 XP sold with only one dog and no chain roller.

    You need parts 537 01 72-01 and 503 92 27-01 for the dogs only or part 589 77 21-01 if you want the dogs and roller chain catcher kit. Don't know if they are available in the UK or not but guess you could import them.
  15. spudulike

    Hit and run .



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