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  1. The one I was working on was like a boomerang. I think in the end it came back to a load of sawdust in the fuel tank, flushed it out and a new carb did it in the end......it depressed me tbh.
  2. Normal - check the fuel line, the carb for the normal stuff, the drum/sprocket, needle bearing, oil drive arm and oiler. Just clean it up and check as you go.
  3. I think this bit of kit allows dealers to appear to be some sort of saw magicians but in reality, as long as it goes through the cursory checks, they tell their customers that nothing is wrong and it stops them using their grey matter to diagnose the faults in the traditional way. The diagnostic is a bit wobbly and there are only three bits of info it lists that can be construed as useful.
  4. Unlikely any oil will cause a saw to leak from a crankcase join. You may be able to sort it by doing up the crankcase screws either side of the leak but don't tighten too much.
  5. This will show you the parts - looks like you are either missing a rubber seal or it is out of place - http://s30387.gridserver.com/partsDiagrams/Husqvarna 254.pdf
  6. What you could do is stick in an underrated power system and spend the savings on a fire extinguisher and a pair of trainers! I love it when guys ask a question and argue when they don't get the answer they desire...no disrespect to the OP whom I hope is looking for a logical explanation and think he has it now!
  7. Never seen that before.......they don't half go, one shoe shot around 20 yards away and the drum span down the drive like a scalded cat!!!!!
  8. Had the first courgettes, tomatoes, lettuces and the cucumbers have been the stars of the crop, had around 6 so far, small ones but really good flavour. Got the runners beginning to form beans now, won't be long!
  9. I also like to fix things rather than binning them but often find that I am spending hours fixing a customers part with the charges being close to a new part so it makes little sense not to purchase a new part. Hope it all works out, don't want that part to fail!
  10. I think the Parts Counter are about right. It is likely the caliper is pitted and hat has taken out the seals. Just fit nice new callipers, bleed the system and bingo, brakes that work.
  11. That was someone getting clever with the ECU programming..... no steering wheel activity="special" environmental programming, steering wheel activity = just get on with it performance setting. Would have been quite clever if they had got away with it! Nothing to do with OBD2 though!
  12. Yes a coil change is fine but not a carb swap, that needs CST! Us scummy independent self employed guys are not worthy
  13. From memory, I thought al the earth connections join on the top coil connection and this wire goes from the top coil screw and ends up joining the engine just behind the flywheel. I try to avoid these saws, bad experiences on them!!!! Not sure why you have so many earth connections on yours, one should earth the coil laminations and the other provide an earth to the kill wire....you seem to have two earth connections and a spare one???
  14. I never understand how you can purchase the test kit and then not get the access to the access code, why just not sell the test kit in the first place - found the same on Stihl and Husqvarna, both the same. Same happened with car manufacturers with OBD2 ports, they were protective over their diagnostic systems but didn't get away with it as they were told by governments to standardize and make the technology widely available. Means I can find any fault code on my car with a £3 module and a £1 phone app.....ahhhhhhh Fixing it is always another issue!!!
  15. These saws had either a permanent oiler - on all the time even if the chain was stationary or one like on most modern saws where they only oil when the chain is spinning. The oiling has been good on all the machines I have tried. The oiler is adjustable so try it on maximum and if that doesn't work, purge the tank, clean the pickup filter and pump and check the oil pinion.


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