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  1. spudulike

    MS200T Exhaust Bolts - Thread stripped

    The finished thread is M5, I usually strip off the tank and handle to do the job as it is easier to do so. I generally find the washers are missing on the exhaust bolts and the aluminium wears under the bolt and makes it come loose. A little thread lock will hold bolts in place.
  2. spudulike

    MS200T what carb?

    Sounds like it needs a good going over by someone good at working on these machines!
  3. spudulike

    Dormak CR 53 pro

    You have posted this on a Chainsaw thread - it may help posting it on a Lawn mower thread!
  4. spudulike

    Been offered a 2012 560xp...

    Yes, it is the year it was manufactured - may have sat on a dealers shelf for a few months as well!
  5. spudulike

    Where is the chain brake band on a Stihl MS271?

    The whole plastic cover comes off in one piece, it is held in place with 3 small torx screws. Once these are removed, the cover is keyed in to the bottom engine cradle by way of tabs on the cover and slots in the lower engine cradle. The cover can be removed by pulling the top of the cover forward and levering the bottom out. Bear in mind that the chain brake is a safety device and it appears you haven't got much of an idea on working on saws!
  6. spudulike

    Stihl 441 problem

    Does the saw idle OK with no issues? If it does idle OK then it sounds like fuel starvation when the saw is under load or max revs. Typical issues - split or kinked fuel line, blocked breather, blocked gauze strainer in the carb, carb needs cleaning from standing, blocked fuel filter etc
  7. spudulike

    Spuds Porting and Tuning Thread

    Interesting conversation with one of my customers today. I had recently ported his 395XP, he had taken a big tree down and had a 28" bar on the 395XP and a 30" on the MS880 which was standard. He was somewhat surprised to find the 395 outperforming the 880 with ease on ringing up the same timber - not bad considering the weight and engine CC difference! It is good to get a bit of feedback as it is rare I get the chance to run the big saws I port through big wood and it gives me good information about the improvements my adjustments make.
  8. spudulike

    Makita recall

    The issue I have seen is with the rivet (ringed in red on the image) distorting and the thin plate it is attaching getting very loose. This has the effect that the chain brake doesn't actuate well if the brake guard is pushed on the side nearest the recoil cover.
  9. spudulike

    200t HT lead replacement.

    The fuel lines contract if not in contact with petrol and leaks in this area are relatively common on old saws that have been standing and clear of fuel. Try turning the carb L screw 1/8 - 1/4 turn anti clockwise and increase the idle a bit to compensate. If that doesn't help, you may have a dicky accelerator pump.
  10. spudulike

    200t HT lead replacement.

    The lead is screwed in, easy fix.
  11. spudulike

    A Tail of Two–MS200T–Top Handles & Compression Tests

    I am liking the way you are dragging a four hour job out for four months. Dont you hold M5 helicoils in your box of bits😬???
  12. spudulike

    200t does it have an oil tank vent?

    These vents tend to get plugged. They only operate one way so you need to use an airline on the outside of the vent to blow any shyte that could be blocking it inwards in to the tank. You can use a soft pipe over the vent to see if it is allowing air in to the tank but sealing under vacuum.
  13. spudulike

    Stihl HL-KM 135 pinion gears removal

    Actually it isn't that easy and I found the manual lacking in detail making light of the job so made my own method up but heat does help the extraction of the bearings!
  14. spudulike

    Stihl HL-KM 135 pinion gears removal

    It is no secret, the service manual tells it all, it pretty much says it is....."easy"! Which it never is but that's life! Use a bigger hammer!
  15. spudulike

    Husqvarna Parts

    L&S have just started to sell and stock Husqvarna parts. If you don't see the parts you need, give them a bell, they are a decent outfit IMO.


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