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  1. spudulike

    Homeowner Slightly Larger Saw - Stihl 260 or ???

    Just remember, they will all cut wood but some make you smile more than others!
  2. spudulike

    Stihl HS81 hedge trimmer problem

    Sometimes it is all that is needed but always feel happier if I have found the route cause!
  3. spudulike

    Homeowner Slightly Larger Saw - Stihl 260 or ???

    I get through around 3-8 of these a week and is rare not to have an MS200T in. I get rare failures when back with the customer and these tend to be where the customer has fitted "the more reliable 020 carb" which tend to be extremely sensitive to adjustment on the L screw and new diaphragms have absorbed fuel and softened! Sure, buying second hand is rife with issues, one of the biggest being that the saw has an aftermarket top end, seen a few of those and strangely, once from a local well known repair shop!
  4. spudulike

    Homeowner Slightly Larger Saw - Stihl 260 or ???

    Yes, it is a bloody MS200T, the only top handle of this size worth having!
  5. spudulike

    Stihl HS81 hedge trimmer problem

    sounds like issues in the metering section of the carb - main diaphragm, spring, needle or metering arm. The gauze strainer in the pump section is also worth checking.
  6. Some good advice on here, my stance would be that if she gets it cut down, she will end up: - 1) On the street 2) Buried under where the hedge stood 3) Being very sorry She owns 30% of the house, therefore only 30% of the hedge is hers so a 30% reduction! Just remind her that you will be choosing her nursing home in a few years time!
  7. spudulike

    Set of echo Sugihara bars for my huskys

    That is some list, two links to Portugal......Vape shop......weird.......hope Ireland is treating you well, bet you are enjoying all the talk about the elusive "Backstop" and the Irish border...Yawn!
  8. spudulike

    Homeowner Slightly Larger Saw - Stihl 260 or ???

    First of all, don't get hung up on bar length, a 14" bar on an MS260 would be nice, a 16" acceptable, 18" wouldn't be nice and remember, you can walk round the other side to complete the cut on the rare occasion you need to. An 18" on a small saw would be boggy and knock the balance off. A good MS260 would be a good hop up on the 181 as it is a pro saw and are generally pretty robust. You would need to ensure it has an OEM top end as many have been lashed with Chinese ones after seizing but I still get good ones in for service every now and then.
  9. spudulike


    Sprockets last a long time and generally people are lazy or uninitiated and don't bother changing them until I get my hands on them. You can reduce the wear on the rim or sprocket by learning to adjust chain tension correctly and ensuring the oiler is putting enough oil on the bar. I usually change spur sprockets once the spur has indentations on the ends of the lobes - not really worth not doing whilst the saw is in bits!
  10. spudulike

    What's on your bench today?

    Bermuda I reckon!
  11. spudulike

    What's on your bench today?

    Worth trying pulling the kill wire off it then pulling it over again as £70 for a new one is a tad eye watering!
  12. spudulike

    Set of echo Sugihara bars for my huskys

    Where ya been bud, not Madera again? Been a long time!
  13. spudulike

    What's on your bench today?

    I have had the blower coils fail, just make sure you try the spark with a big 5mm+ gap, a normal gap and always check the spark in subdued light with a bloody hard pull. If that doesn't work then it is new coil time
  14. spudulike

    What's on your bench today?

    Pressure check the carb. The throttle being open or closed will have no effect on the carb leaking fuel through to the cylinder.
  15. spudulike

    Stihl 461, troubeshooting.

    The port size would need to be made smaller with carbon - 1/4 of its size would make a difference - mostly an issue on hedge trimmers and strimmers. My bench is rammed and rammed full again!!!


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