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  1. Got another one today, the wife spots them and I splat them, I think they are under a neighbours shed but their numbers are diminishing rapidly!
  2. Back to the Downton Abbey Box set then
  3. Nice, Cantonese style...little chilli kick!!
  4. If we didn't feed the birds, the rats would still be there but we wouldn't see them. It isn't a problem for me, got a couple of decent rifles that will dispatch a rat very easily. The bird food falls from the holders on to the ground and usually the fat pigeons hoover it up and the odd rat that turns up doesn't last long! I am sure most of the people in the village would say that they couldn't possibly have rats...really They aren't under my shed....anymore
  5. And me....a big bugger eating the bird food, got him smack in the head, no chance of escaping
  6. I stapled damp course membrane on my raised garden wood after the first lot rotted after a few years. Seems OK so far after a couple of years.
  7. I always thought No 6 was sweet and sour chicken
  8. My generic oil issue check.....flush the tank with a bit of Diesel/Petrol/Spirit, Check the pickup pipe and attached filter - pop a bit of WD40 down it and make sure it comes out of the filter - do not use an airline on it as it will BURST!!! Inspect the pinion oil pup drive gear, it is easy to miss damage so inspect for a flat on the worm thread and also look at the start of the thread and follow it whilst rotating the gear, I have had one where the thread was broken and ran in to itself instead of completing the path to the end of the pump thus stopping the pump rotating. FInally, blast some WD40/cleaner in one end of the pump and expect it to come out of the other freely if the housing is worn or less freely if it is in good order but.....you should beg some through. Blasting with a compressor is fine, wigling any blockage out with a pin is an option and, depending on the pump, you can often see a blockage or see the pump shaft if it is OK. Blockage is more likely to happen on the pickup/Input side. This should fix most pump issues. Pump housings do wear to the point they stop working, the initiated can tell from blowing down a pit of fuel pipe pushed against the pump input or outlet holes.
  9. This is the tool ADW mentioned. If you have an old socket of the correct dimensions, you can fabricate one yourself! Make sure you take the recoil cover off when removing and refitting the clutch as the pawls locate in the recoil pulley unlike many other saws. I personally find the Stihl piston stop, one of the best - that is the dog bone double ended one. Never use a metal screw in type as it is likely to crack the crown of the piston. Puller for Husqvarna 445, 450, 455, 460 Chaisnaws - 502 54 16-03 | L&S Engineers WWW.LSENGINEERS.CO.UK Puller / Koppling Genuine Husqvarna Part OEM No. 502 54 16-03 Suitable for the Following Application's: 340, 345, 346, 350, 351, 353, 445, 450, 455, 460
  10. But......new saws are run on Alkalyte fuel in the factory as you can smell it in the tank on new machines.....just saying what I have found!
  11. Yeah, but there is "adjusted" and "ADJUSTED"!!! Not sure I can describe these BRs as being adjusted.
  12. PCP air rifle and a good telescopic has done a few in my back garden. Poison and traps if you don't fancy a shooting party. They are partial to peanut butter and bacon for the traps! Terriers/Jack Russells are formidable ratters!
  13. It is strange but....it has wiped this fella out, taken me a long while to get them sorted. The MS150 was pretty normal and a re-tune sorted it within minutes but these blowers were something else! definitely carb related and no retune was going to get them running correctly!! Just read your post again....the 881 must be just a few months old....probably the reason it is OK!!
  14. Following on from this, I have a local customer who purchased a drum of Aspen and most of his kit now has running issues. His MS150T stopped idling and would stall - that was the easy one, richen up the L screw and speed up the idle - bingo. BR700 & BR600 back pack blowers - one would pop but not run, the other dead. Had the BR700 apart, adjust the tappets which I always do and went through the carb - clean the strainer, cleaner down the H&L screw hole etc. It would now run flat out but the low speed part of the carb was dead, no idle. I had to resort to the ultrasonic cleaner, strip the carb right down and then clean it for 40 mins with a bit more carb cleaner in the H&L screw holes half way through. This did it and the machine worked so repeated on the BR600 and had the same result. All I can think is the Aspen purged something from the tank and whatever it was, stopped the carb check valve working or blocked the low speed carb circuit. I have had this before but not had to resort to the US cleaner before. No doubt I will get a lot more of his kit through over the next few days
  15. As much as I like the bloke for championing the underdog, he doesn't do the Pensions, ISAs, share thing on his TV program and openly states so. As much as saving £125 on your yearly heating bill is good, cracking on with a pension as young as possible and making as much use of tax free investments is a much bigger game changer if done earlier enough in life.


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