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  1. Depends on what the saw looks like....I have seen "light use" look like it has been dragged out of a village pond before. If it looks nice, £250 is probably a bit light and would think £250-£320 if the plastics, bottom and stickers are nice and it has a lightly used bar, chain and scabbard. eBay sales generate good prices but you can get done over by ebays lack of love of trusted traders!!
  2. Mmmm, just checked the piston and it is a VEC one, I probably couldn't get a Meteor one at the time and charged accordingly. Looks like the circlip lasted for a couple of years and let go....didn't last as long as it should but at least it earn't its money back!!
  3. Don't get me going on cat shit, at least the dogs only do it in their own garden and not the neighbours freshly prepared veggie patch!!
  4. I think I have only done one XPG...Durham for a fella called Scott......if it is this one, it had a new piston in it a couple of years ago as the original one had seized. It may well be fixable again if the bore isn't damaged beyond the normal transfer.
  5. That looks toast to me
  6. I am not sure how you got the gig to look at the saw but anyway.....you need to look at the exhaust side of the piston as this side gets the hottest and will show the signs of seize. The inlet side is the cooler side and rarely show seizure marks. The ring isn't visible on the inlet side as the ring ends are often on this side and would snag if they protruded in to the inlet port.
  7. Just ask him what bit of the job he doesn't want done so he can save £50!!
  8. The male spade looks like the rear carb heating plate connector on the XPG model....the other two connectors for the kill wire are much lower below the choke lever and not visible. The saw should run without this being connected if it is the heater plate but obviously worth reconnecting. These saws don't tend to cover the plug with fuel so your "fuel not getting to the plug" may be misleading. Usual check is to make sure the plug is sparking and if it is, try a bit of fuel down the plug hole or a squirt of WD40 etc down the back end of the carb. Like others have said, it may be a seized piston but that would be pretty obvious on the recoil handle but worth pulling the muffler off to check.
  9. spudulike


    You should hang that in your downstairs loo!!!
  10. If that last pic of the saw is the clutch drum, measure the crank shaft to make sure the shaft isn't shot as that wear looks bad. A few pics of the cylinder damage would be useful.
  11. The special had closed ports...like this: - SELLING - Husqvarna 365 cylinder | Outdoor Power Equipment Forum OPEFORUM.COM I've got a good Husqvarna 365 cylinder here that came off a running saw that had 160psi compression IIRC. Made by Mahle. Make offer. ...
  12. It all depends if the ridges are protruding aluminium transfer or scores through the nikasil plating. Most cylinders can be brought back to life if it is just aluminium transfer. The special 365 should have closed transfers, same as the 372.
  13. As above but as another option, stick a 372 top end on it...the XP and not XTorq....you may need a different manifold and clamp otherwise, enjoy the extra wallop!
  14. Just Google the saw model with "IPL" after it and take the part codes off the document. On Husqys, the heated handles and components are usually listed near the end of the document. IPL=illustrated parts list BTW!
  15. No Castrol R...shame on you😉


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