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  1. I would start at the basics, if you are getting some devices crashing and not others, the obvious question is why and is it down to the location of the devices etc. Is the complete internet going down or just connection to some devices. Are the devices well away from the router or are they all close? If it is certain devices then you will need to work out why...... The wall thickness and construction is an important factor, flint makes a pretty good Faraday cage and blots out most signals, dry lining stops pretty much nothing! Some devices will be poor at picking up WiFi signal, you can get software on a Lappy and see what the WiFi is giving you in regards to signal. Sometimes devices don't like some of the WiFi encryption ie WAP, WEP and the like, the older ones may not like the later types of encryption etc. From what I have read, the BT router is supposed to be one of the more stable and furthest transmitting ones. I have used Netgear and now Billion, they aren't really complicated TBH, I have only 3mbps in our village....30 miles from Londonand have had to get creative to get the best out of it. The Billion router allows you to monitor the signal coming in to your house and lets you see the upload and download signals using a piece of software as I mentioned which is useful as often if our internet is bad, the upload speed is very choppy. I guess there are people out there that will go through your system and make the necessary changes but here we go again.....there will be good and bad........
  2. Lets face it, the public out there are unwashed lazy bastards that can't even put their rubbish in a bin, in the foot well of their car and then dispose it in a decent way. The idea of kids picking up litter, 100% agree with that as it will stop them dumping their litter on the countryside in their adulthood. It really boils my piss when people drive off leaving a pile of their shyte under their car to then blow around the car park. In the old days our parents would have given us a hiding for littering but now...... I wonder what would happen if I dropped a load of my rubbish in their front garden or bunged it through their litterbox.....sorry letterbox, bet that would raise a comment. I reckon if it wasn't McDs or KFC, it would be Costa, Starbucks or some other outlet so as long as the outlet has sufficient bins then they probably can't do too much apart from marketing campaigns on littering. Some of these lowlifes need to be disciplined as the hedgerows are becoming clogged with this crap lobbed out of cars! Lazy feckers!
  3. I use a Billion router- Bipac 7800, the main reason is that you can run a program called "Router stats" that shows you your connection quality etc and you can also tweak your SNR (Signal to noise Ratio) which with ADSL can make a difference. TP link do those mains cable boosters Stubby is talking about and although I don't use them (the router has a big transmission range), I would if I needed it. Are you on ADSL or fibre? This router will cope with both and you can pick them up on eBay cheap enough. Setting it up...it is always an interesting one but it isn't too bad if you go online and get the settings from Google!
  4. I never like doing this as if the saw has...an air leak, split fuel line, dirty air filter, old fuel filter etc etc.....it may go BANG And I know what the next question will be....It isn't good enough, I want my money back......I just avoid it!
  5. More like she knows where you are (The Shed) and it is keeping you out of mischief like drinking or shagging other women plus it isn't that expensive!
  6. Go for the Meteor kit (circa £95), check the inlet manifold is round where it joins the cylinder, it should be if it is a Special but sometimes recoil side covers are swapped so do check as the 365 had a square inlet union with the cylinder and needs a new 372 inlet manifold if converted. I haven't changed the carbs on the ones I have done and all tached up and ran as they should and have had none back so that should be OK as long as you do tune the saw correctly and take in to consideration that the saw will pick up revs once bedded in and may need a retune after a period of time.
  7. Sounds expensive and a divorce will top it all
  8. Part number - 1141 030 0400, looks like it is specific to the MS261 only. It is the cost (£165 ex VAT) plus the labour that kills any attempt to fix them. The work in splitting the bottom end of any saw is considerable and unless you are a good engineer, it will just not be economical to repair a mid cost saw like this.
  9. Exactly, all those very important meetings our politicians have that go nowhere and mean nothing, business meetings that could be done by video conferencing etc and what about all those visits to Lapland over Christmas by over privileged kids, that's another 50,000 litres there and back by each plane!
  10. Another easy target to make it look like something significant is being done. I think anyone taking a flight should be made to stay at their destination for a minimum of seven days. It would stop all these futile trips and using flights like busses. A plane will get through at least 20-30,000 litres per flight - that's a fair bit of pollution.
  11. Unlikely unless it was caused by something else but stand to be corrected A good option is to whip the side cover and bar off every two months and give it the wobble test, changing the bearing if it does wobble.....put your thumb and finger on opposite sides of the drum and try to wobble the thing. If it wobbles 3-5mm on the edge then it is well on its way. If you put a new drum and bearing on your saw, just remember how it feels - only works if the crank isn't damaged though. Also, if you put the chain brake on and the machine stalls...investigate the issue as the bearing has probably collapsed.
  12. I use a wicker cradle U shape basket, I have had it years, wasn't cheap but very sturdy. I used a piece of carpet (upside down Hessian up)to line it and it stops all the dust and bits falling through. Worth getting something made well as it will last a life time.
  13. I reckon Matty is missing living 3 miles from me, I think the record was a buggered 357XP being dropped off around 8.00PM and being up and running for the next mornings work. I sort of miss those days for the entertainment, piss taking and he always bunged me a tip.....always the sign of a gent!
  14. The Mtronic ones are always OK, It is the ones that had the conventional carb that were suspect. I have written off some tidy machines in the past through crank damage.
  15. Glad it worked out, sometimes simple and sometimes a mare!


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