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    I have the Makita version and can be had for £360 with x2 6amp and fast charger. Time it with a free battery offer from Makita and you’ll get 2x extra batteries for free. Good saw, little heavy and the chain tensioner breaks too easily
  2. Distel Lightweight Aluminium Spurs - All Clothing & Protection | Uniforms, Workwear, Specialist Equipment & PPE Suppliers WWW.ALLCLOTHING.CO.UK Distel Lightweight Aluminium SpursThe Distel Lightweight Aluminium Spurs are made from engineered aluminium making them extremely light-weight. The shank is fully height adjustable and is comfort padded. Fans of classic synthetic leather straps have been heard, so you can now select from the leather strap or the £270
  3. Cheers thought you meant the rope! Yes I use the new ZZ and blue T and it’s great [emoji106]
  4. Really? I brought mine 10/2020? Have you further info please
  5. Great information thanks buddy. Running moving ropes atm - *till I learn the ropes*
  6. Thanks for all the replies guys I’ll keep you updated how I get on! Really appreciate it [emoji106]
  7. Ill give this hitch a go and see if it works - I’ve only ever attempt a VT
  8. I’ve now tried the 8mm/60cm Marlow Viper as a 3 over 2 VT and it’s too short for to make the second leg/braid 🤦. It’s going back tomorrow for 70cm... I’ll keep you posted
  9. EVO Currently on sale at Stanton Hope @299 plus VAT.... if anyone’s in the market
  10. Thanks Steve - 3 over 2 seems the best - I tried more wraps to shorten the legs but added too much friction... I’ll give a 60cm a go. On a side note - what difference is the 10mm over the 8mm? Does the 10mm add more friction again?
  11. Hey guys Looking to set up a hitch climber - any suggestions on the eye 2 eye hitch length and diameter suggestions. I brought a 10mm 90cm ocean and the tails seem way too long! Any help appreciated!
  12. Cheers buddy! I’ve been in half a mind to sell the 346 as lack of these parts at a decent price. I’ll give the decomp valve version a go as it looks like £116 all in and see


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