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  1. redmoosefaction

    Stump grinder teeth sharpening & re-tipping

    Hi Stumpy... which coarseness of wheel did you get?
  2. redmoosefaction

    Alternative to the GX390 engine

    Just ordered a Evo420 14Hp engine...Let's see how it goes.... How's yours Wolfie
  3. redmoosefaction

    Pictures of my massive deck

    Are you gonna get all the local kids to come in and play on your big deck...lol
  4. redmoosefaction

    Nice camping spots

    I know it's a bit out of the way but there i this mad campsite in an old limestone quarry near Paris Camping Campix
  5. redmoosefaction

    Nice camping spots

    Been here 3 or 4 times.... camp fires allowed..yay, camping in pastures, loads of space... bring your bell tent! Thistledown Homepage Thistledown
  6. redmoosefaction

    Best games on an ipad

    Get a motorbike and a playstation
  7. I think when you are running the bigger machines (60hp+) then the shear power of these machines mean that they don't need to be sharp, but when your on smaller machines the metal must always be sharp when your cutting wood, you know, like chainsaws.
  8. redmoosefaction

    what to do with big lump of oak?

    Someone who can buy it. It's quite an impressive bit of timber.
  9. redmoosefaction

    what to do with big lump of oak?

    Hi Muttely, Yes it is for sale, it's in Thames Ditton near Hampton Court, I think I'm going to be there this coming week if you want to have a look. there's various lumps as well. PM me maybe
  10. redmoosefaction

    what to do with big lump of oak?

    I'm in this situation as well... I have a very large oak we felled the other week main bole is 6m long and 5 1/2' wide rot in the 1st 1.2 m of base and I reckon it weighs around 12t, should I post on the milling forum or else where... cheers
  11. Sorry I don't know what those teeth look like...but are they here... Stump Grinder | Stump Cutter | If you buy quantity the prices come down even further..nice guys to deal with quick service
  12. redmoosefaction

    Tree ID Conifer...

    It didn't look like Thuja... more something like a Chamaecyparis ssp.
  13. redmoosefaction

    Tree ID Conifer...

    Sorry about the picture quality.. it was the other side of the garden next door....
  14. redmoosefaction

    Anyone running greenteeth on vermeer 252?

    What ever you choose...use QRMS for really good prices. Stump Grinder | Stump Cutter |
  15. redmoosefaction

    Tungsten Chains

    The tungsten chains do go blunt and then you have to send them away to be sharpened. Where are you...I know someone with a stumpy that goes down to 14" wide!


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