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  1. Linen absorbs more moisture than most fabrics making it one of the best for hot weather.
  2. Dirty air filter, too much oil or running rich!
  3. In my book it is pretty sad that this nest has been destroyed. I have never seen a Goshawk in the wild and with this sort of action, it is unlikely I will any time soon. £100.....really!!
  4. I always find a play on words is a dry and intelligent humour
  5. We all know it is an outdoor swimming pool!!
  6. Like I said in the toxic covid threads, time will tell on this one but the fact Ethanol is Hygroscopic doesn't fill me with confidence that aluminium carb housings will like it or fuel lines and diaphragms will fair any better.
  7. spudulike

    jonsered 625

    Not me but yes, that will work - the plastic tube affair!
  8. I got a pair of these small Kowa 8X25 bins. Kowa tend to make a lot of high end optics and their spotting scopes are pretty damn good. These budget binoculars impressed from day one, small enough for the pocket, very bright and clear optics and the acid test is the speed you can focus them on to the target. My wife liked them so much, having got through three pairs she disliked or destroyed, she purchased a pair from the guys below:- Kowa 8x25 SV DCF | Buy Online at CleySpy WWW.CLEYSPY.CO.UK The quality Kowa 8x25 SV DCF is available from CleySpy with a wide range of accessories (other filter)- buy online at fantastic prices
  9. I have seen the oil pump come loose in the past. This tends to take out the oil pinion and stop the flow of oil. Worth making sure the oiler is functioning as it should and the locating screws are tight.
  10. The valves usually benefit from a re gap every now and then. Usual sign it needs doing is that the engine feels to have loads of compression as the bad valve adjustment knocks out the automatic decompressor and you can feel it on the starter. A bit of backfiring can also happen! Once the tappets are done, the engine feels like the compression is very low but starting will be easier. If the tappets are bad they can be a pain to start. Holding the throttle fully open on these power heads can make starting easier if it is being reluctant. Other than that, carb accelerator pump if the motor bogs straight off throttle.
  11. You can give L&S a bell, they will put a call in to Newton Aycliffe and supply if it is available in the UK otherwise you will need to purchase separate parts. You can also try Mark Skyland on here if you PM him, see what comes back!
  12. Sounds like a good result and hats off for offering more, it goes a long way and means a lot when someone values your time and effort in fixing something that can't have been easy.
  13. Possibly old engine oil, flush and fill with fresh decent chain oil.
  14. It is the "ICE" signs you see on open stretches of road, I think there is one near Peterborough on the A1m....in the middle of summer it doesn't quite work...but there again, this year


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