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  1. HuntingHicap

    Hitch lock for TW160

    Hi Mark, I have this one on my Ifor, amongst other locks, it works hitched or unhitched. Not sure if it will work with your coupling though. https://www.sasproducts.com/fortress-a-hitchlock-avonride-hitches-14-p.asp
  2. HuntingHicap

    Toyota Rav 4?

    What will you be using it for? There's a bit of hate for Land Rover on here but you could get a niceish used discovery 2 or freelander 2 for around 2k, and still have 2k held back for the inevitable issues. I run a 52 plate defender, the missus drives it during the week and I use it at the weekends. In just over a years owning it has cost me about £300 in replacement parts, which isn't too bad for a 16 year old vehicle that spends every weekend towing a 3.5 ton trailer and does a fair bit of motorway work. Discovery 2's share all of the same components pretty much, but don't have the Defender cult following so are therefore cheaper to buy. Just watch out for chassis rust at the back.
  3. HuntingHicap

    1 Tonne Trailers

    I would say that is pretty clear.
  4. HuntingHicap

    Today's milling

    Has anyone on here ever used PVC window trims as stickers? only asking as I have easy access to free damaged ones, they are 5m lengths, you can get various block sizes. Link to explain what I mean. They should last ages and be ultimately re usable. https://edgebp.co.uk/window-finishing/window-trims/standard-white-window-trims/15-x-13mm-block
  5. HuntingHicap

    Today's milling

    Thank you Bill and Saul, thats what I was looking for.
  6. HuntingHicap

    Today's milling

    Sorry for slight thread derail, I have searched on here but getting mixed messages. I have bought a sawmill powered by a chainsaw, and will be running either my 395xp or 3120xp as the powerhead, only a 36" cut at the moment. The guy I bought it from ran an 880, he said always on 25/1 mix or it will lean seize. I have never run my saws on that strong a mix, @spudulike would you or anyone else be able to give me a more definitive answer? Thanks. Alf
  7. HuntingHicap

    'Worlds least polluting woodburner'

    I have a Parkray Consort 7, it's not zero emissions but it is a brilliant stove.
  8. HuntingHicap

    The Land Rover Appreciation Group.

    Not yet, sat in a field with about 6 other butts, just never seem to have enough time🤨
  9. HuntingHicap

    Boys toys

    More pics needed😀
  10. HuntingHicap

    The who can get most outraged at bad treework thread.

    Thank you. I can now enjoy the forum without that gold inlaid Phallic object.👍
  11. HuntingHicap

    Tipper or 4x4 with tipper trailer?

    will pm if thats ok
  12. HuntingHicap

    Making the news today....

    Absolutely. Plenty of tractor pulling monsters powered by truck engines. Fordson Majors with big v8 lumps are quite popular.
  13. HuntingHicap

    Upgraded the MS181

    its suffering from "Farmers Chain" 😁
  14. HuntingHicap


    I put 20,000 trouble free miles on a king cab NP300, was a good truck but needed a bit of weight in the bed if you were towing heavy. Company still has it and I haven't heard any horror stories. Would say that even though this one had rear leaf springs it was actually reasonably competent off road.


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