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  1. But you run it flat out while its chipping? I honestly can't see there being a massive problem with chipper dpfs as chippers spend most of their time flat out, unlike diesel trucks which get sat in traffic idling for long periods of time.
  2. I use pred 38 a fair bit, brilliant grinder. Bit thirsty but worth it.
  3. Avoid anything with a scissor lift. They are shite.
  4. Looks like he's felled some trees onto a hanger to try and knock it out, and its having none of it.
  5. Nato hitches are terrible. As are sankey trailers. Only the british military could come up with such an over engineered rattly design, and a trailer that can be towed across a ditch but is next to impossible to reverse. Pin/ball hitch combo would be more use, then if you are bothered enough put the strop through the pin.
  6. Nice Mick, you going to put some more aggressive tyres on it? Winchmax do some pretty good deals on winches, I've run them for years on mine.
  7. If buying new then the st6p with its three year warrantee all day. Wouldn't go for an old one of either, but brand new, side by side the forst will run rings around the TW.
  8. HuntingHicap


    Get back to your plumbing.
  9. I don't know what sort of fencing you have been involved in but root protection aside met posts are purest dogshit and do not last as long as a decent 4" post that has been properly installed. Also believe the OP said concrete posts they will lean all over the shop on met posts.
  10. Let me know when you need someone to take away those ported saws because you are finished with them guv'nor 😁
  11. I use an st8, TR8, and ST6p weekly, recently hired a pretty much brand new st6d, and IMO the ST6p was all over it. Have used Jensen a fair bit as well, solid engineering and basic, but not really keeping up with Forst performance. Do Forst have the odd issue? yes, who doesn't, + they are very fast to sort problems.
  12. Some will slate them/hate them. They do make the saw bulkier for storage/snedding, but are nice for climbing, and a good excuse not to have to cut stumps too low. Just sell the idea of grinding it out to the client instead.
  13. Surely sheep can be kept in/out with a 'leccy fence?


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