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  1. MS290 sprocket & oiler questions

    Or buy a Husqvarna
  2. Come on then own up, whats your record?

    I got a 576xp stuck in a big limb on a fallen beech, then pinched the 3120xp (bought along to ring the trunk up) and had to cut both free with a T540xp (yes I used it on the ground)
  3. WANTED: logs, wood chip, Brash and fines

    Contact Caleb @ Eurogreen Enviromental he usually has a big pile of arbwaste. 01903 700678
  4. A mate of mines brother had one for fencing, had a lot of reliability issues. Says something that he now has a Discovery 4.
  5. Looking for Milling Timber

    Try Dave Welch @ Hillside Timber - 07825 944822
  6. Sugi bar not oiling

    TBF Rob is not a smug bloke, have met him at a few of the shows, I use a few of his bars and find them excellent, chainsaw chains and bars have an infinite variety of durability imo, as everyone has their own sharpening style/preference/chain oil type/level of abuse they submit their kit to. There simply isn't a one size fits all from what I have observed.
  7. Big "Dawgs"

    @shavey on here can get 562xp dawgs hes a gent as well
  8. Etched stove glass

    we use http://www.wilko.com/multi-purpose-cleaners/astonish-pro-cleaning-paste-500g/invt/0340934 dont get it from wilko just the easy google - its brilliant. I have OCD about my stove glass and clean it about twice a week!
  9. The Land Rover Appreciation Group.

    I've recently got a Td5, lovely engine, tows great, there are some pictures two pages back. I wasn't too worried about head as they are easy to work on, and parts are cheap. Land Rovers do require more routine maintenance than Jap pickups, however imo are more capable. Also looking at the issues some guys on here are having with new Hiluxes maybe jap reliability is not as good as it was? Will you be up for defender driving position? its an acquired taste
  10. The Land Rover Appreciation Group.

    At 200k for a TD5 might be worth checking if the cylinder head has been replaced, as sometimes they crack. About the right money for its age if its reasonably clean, if I could I would. However if you are used to Japanese pickups a Defender may not be for you as they are very different.
  11. Recovery winch for tree work.

    A mate had a PTO powered husky on his truck, incredible bit of kit.
  12. Recovery winch for tree work.

    I wouldn't be able to advise on that tbh, My 110 had just one hd battery, whilst winching at night with headlights/worklights on the headlights would dim due to increase load, but never had any issues or bonfires in the dashboard. Wire direct to batteries if you can, as earthing the winch on the chassis can throw up a few problems sometimes.
  13. Recovery winch for tree work.

    Superwinch is a posh brand, and spends more on marketing. IMHO, thats all there is in it. Superwinch comes with a shinier finish. Winchmax will do synthetic rope, however for dragging trees through mud steel braid is more durable. I contacted Winchmax once to get some parts, (drove over winch remote in the dark) and he said he can sell cheaper as he has less overheads. AFAIK nearly all winches are made in the far east, Winchmax just don't have as many frills on them. My one was used and abused, but never let me down. Essential to fitting any winch to a vehicle is to fit a cut off switch to the power, as they can do strange things if the solenoids get wet.
  14. Recovery winch for tree work.

    I had one of these on my last truck, basic but brilliant, I will be buying another when funds allow.


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