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  1. HuntingHicap

    Vid's & Pic's from the Redwoods

    Love the skidder. Any photos of that pickup lurking behind it? sorry to be nosy! 😁
  2. HuntingHicap


    sharp ones.
  3. HuntingHicap

    Vid's & Pic's from the Redwoods

    Hi Erik, would love to see more images of the machinery/vehicles you run, the kind of work you do there is kind of a different world to here in the UK.
  4. HuntingHicap

    worthing woodchip/log drop

    Eurogreen @ Titnore Lane used to take chip free, not sure if they still do.
  5. HuntingHicap

    Centrewire gate

    Try Oliver Lloyd at Secure a Field 01530 242405
  6. HuntingHicap


    Sorry mate got my sss's mixed up😁
  7. HuntingHicap


    Hi Andrew, have tried to contact you please pm me
  8. HuntingHicap

    Sugihara bar

    Rob and Laurie two quality blokes, very helpful.
  9. HuntingHicap

    Beech Failure - building damage / road closure / power out

    This is something straight out of Jethro......Are you from St Just?🤣
  10. HuntingHicap

    Vid's & Pic's from the Redwoods

    pics don't show.
  11. We've got a Hunter Parkray Consort 7....don't know if its exactly modern but its not too traditional either...I absolutely love it, it runs flat out all winter.
  12. HuntingHicap

    Stump grinder, a worth while investment?

    For pedestrian a carlton 2010 is cheaper but capable (secondhand) but will make you feel like you've had a bit of a beasting at the end of the day, a predator 460 is a much nicer machine to use, but dunno how good it would last long term, I hire the buggers when i need one.
  13. HuntingHicap

    Air cannon

    fair enough mate.
  14. HuntingHicap

    Air cannon

    sounds a good way to be picking pieces of metal out of yourself or worse....have messed around with bird scarer bangers a fair bit when I was a lad but petrol can be very nasty...
  15. HuntingHicap

    Air cannon

    5 years for an illegal firearm mate.....


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