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  1. HuntingHicap

    'Worlds least polluting woodburner'

    I have a Parkray Consort 7, it's not zero emissions but it is a brilliant stove.
  2. HuntingHicap

    The Land Rover Appreciation Group.

    Not yet, sat in a field with about 6 other butts, just never seem to have enough time🤨
  3. HuntingHicap

    Boys toys

    More pics needed😀
  4. HuntingHicap

    The who can get most outraged at bad treework thread.

    Thank you. I can now enjoy the forum without that gold inlaid Phallic object.👍
  5. HuntingHicap

    Tipper or 4x4 with tipper trailer?

    will pm if thats ok
  6. HuntingHicap

    Making the news today....

    Absolutely. Plenty of tractor pulling monsters powered by truck engines. Fordson Majors with big v8 lumps are quite popular.
  7. HuntingHicap

    Upgraded the MS181

    its suffering from "Farmers Chain" 😁
  8. HuntingHicap


    I put 20,000 trouble free miles on a king cab NP300, was a good truck but needed a bit of weight in the bed if you were towing heavy. Company still has it and I haven't heard any horror stories. Would say that even though this one had rear leaf springs it was actually reasonably competent off road.
  9. HuntingHicap

    Making the news today....

    I'm fine with trophy hunting providing its not Yanks shooting protected/endangered species....or some poor bugger's sheep! 😂
  10. HuntingHicap

    Making the news today....

    Tbh I was all righteously stirred up until I saw the sheep photo....only a Yank...(sorry to stereotype but they do ask for it)
  11. HuntingHicap

    Making the news today....

    Hadn't seen the sheep! 🤣 I suppose as long as it was a clean shot? I think someone has been ripped off, told she was stalking a very rare woolly beast...better not let her near Wales....
  12. HuntingHicap

    Making the news today....

    Wild Goats are fairly different to domestic animals. Can't see what all the fuss is about, of course there is trophy hunting, and as long as its from a sustainable source it's good for local economy, as for the MP throwing his toys out the pram, why's he trying to ban something that encourages tourism to Islay, where I can imagine there isn't a whole lot of tourist attractions. (Apart from the scenery obviously)
  13. HuntingHicap

    Big Oak stick

    Unfortunately true. My old boss bought one standing once to mill as it was a very impressive tree, massive trunk, etc. When his old Devonshire cutter turned up with a Fordson Major to winch it over, and told him it was a f%&*ing Turkey, he did some rapid negotiating to the extent we were paid (not much though) to take it away. Horrible timber, masses of sapwood, rough grain thats hard to cross cut, a night mare to split and not even much good for sleepers as not very durable. Blame the Yanks, I believe thats where it came from originally.
  14. HuntingHicap

    Waterproof alternative to plywood

    Something PVC? I used to work at a building plastics merchant, we did 8'x4' sheets of pvc, used for walls of freezer rooms etc.


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