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  1. Try Coppards hire, they do Avants with timber grabs if thats any good?
  2. And old established small arb companies who are happy to work for peanuts. I am not a million miles away from you Alasdair, I have a full time job (not in arb) however I do some arb work part time. Before I get branded any of the above I am NPTC qualified (for what thats worth) and have public liability and employee cover. I have never advertised but get a reasonable amount of work via word of mouth from friends and family. I recently priced a large conifer hedge, (approx 4 metres wide, 8 metres high and about 15-20 metres long) to side and top, client wanted about a metre off each side and two off the top. I advised him he would be better off getting rid of the whole thing, and replanting, however priced him £400 calculating it as a long day for myself and a labourer, mate's rates as he is a friend. He told me this morning that he has got someone else who is going to do it and an adjacent Lime reduction for £460 inc vat. I don't regret this at all, it was one of those jobs I was dreading, however my point is, for the company to be VAT registered it must be reasonably professional (might even be you), how can they afford to pay staff a decent wage out of that?
  3. Bit south of you but I have a mate in Sussex who can build any arb body you like pm me if you want his number.
  4. Thanks Rob, got a new milling bar and chain breaker and riveter. Does the latter come with any spare rivets and links?
  5. Agree with Stubby. However I think it helps the saw run a bit cooler, especially along with the muff mod. ( I have no scientific research to back this up!)
  6. I have a 2014 560xp, has been faultless. 18" bar and 8 pin sprocket, modded exhaust, high top cover with 562 air filter. My most used saw.
  7. Anyone got any experience of these : Agroforteka company - Agricultural and forest machinery - Home WWW.AFA-MACHINERY.LT Agricultural and Forest machinery Beckdale Industries BECKDALEINDUSTRIES.CO.UK Seem to be copies of old model Avants.
  8. Sorry late to the party on this one, I have a genuine Hi Lift and a Farm Jack (generic copy) I would say the Hi Lift is definitely better made, but they still both do the same job.
  9. Or try Acacia Plant Hire in Henfield.
  10. 7up - also know as "Snow White"
  11. Hi Mark, I have this one on my Ifor, amongst other locks, it works hitched or unhitched. Not sure if it will work with your coupling though. https://www.sasproducts.com/fortress-a-hitchlock-avonride-hitches-14-p.asp
  12. What will you be using it for? There's a bit of hate for Land Rover on here but you could get a niceish used discovery 2 or freelander 2 for around 2k, and still have 2k held back for the inevitable issues. I run a 52 plate defender, the missus drives it during the week and I use it at the weekends. In just over a years owning it has cost me about £300 in replacement parts, which isn't too bad for a 16 year old vehicle that spends every weekend towing a 3.5 ton trailer and does a fair bit of motorway work. Discovery 2's share all of the same components pretty much, but don't have the Defender cult following so are therefore cheaper to buy. Just watch out for chassis rust at the back.
  13. I would say that is pretty clear.
  14. Has anyone on here ever used PVC window trims as stickers? only asking as I have easy access to free damaged ones, they are 5m lengths, you can get various block sizes. Link to explain what I mean. They should last ages and be ultimately re usable. https://edgebp.co.uk/window-finishing/window-trims/standard-white-window-trims/15-x-13mm-block


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