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  1. HuntingHicap

    Oak for milling

  2. HuntingHicap

    Oak for milling

    Near Gatwick, how soon do you need them gone?
  3. HuntingHicap

    OREGON field test

  4. HuntingHicap

    Oak for milling

    I have a 14', how long are the two smaller butts? if they are a bit shorter and could be pushed up to the front should balance the bigger bit over hanging the back slightly?
  5. HuntingHicap

    Oak for milling

    Two ifor williams loads? Could I collect?
  6. HuntingHicap

    free fall dismantling large limbs

    I have used the coos bay cut described in the linked thread successfully but you do need to be careful not to get the saw pinched.
  7. HuntingHicap

    free fall dismantling large limbs

    Good thread here.
  8. HuntingHicap

    Anyone tried one of there?

    They can also be lethal in the hands of the unwary. I have a mate who was lucky not to have a smashed jaw when he got smack in the side of the face by the handle while it was under load.
  9. HuntingHicap

    560xp bar

    Second this. Lots of cheap 576s, 372s and 365s on ebay at the moment. Probably due to the launch of the 565 and 572xp. Any of these saws will comfortably pull a 24", and up to 28" if you don't lean on it too hard.
  10. HuntingHicap

    Best poison for grass and weeds?

    Having been involved in harvesting organic wheat once or twice I agree with the above. A combine was barely necessary. Scissors and a bucket would have worked.
  11. HuntingHicap

    Best splitting axe?

    This. I have x27, its brilliant. I also have Gransfors Splitting axe, and would love their maul. I've also got the husqy splitting maul, the orange handled (dunno what its called) husky splitting axe which i use for banging in wedges, and the Helko Vario 2000 which is a massive beast but good for stubborn logs.
  12. Parts expensive to buy and very bulky. If you want a towing beast, buy a Discovery 3 or 4 that has had a new engine/gearbox, or save a few grand back in preparation for doing it. They tow lovely, masses of space inside, but mechanical issues do and will happen. That said with regular maintenance (which few of them get) they aren't so bad.
  13. HuntingHicap

    Husky 340

    Domestic/homeowner saw I believe. If you are looking to go full time at some point best to go for a pro saw, a reasonable 346xp can usually be found for a few hundred quid.
  14. HuntingHicap


    Having wasted my time and effort discussing guns on a certain other tree related forum with a high US membership, I have changed my thinking on this. We are ruled over by a monarchy/goverment, we have never had a successful revolution, and the guns we can have are only those that we are allowed by our government for the purpose of hunting or target shooting. Whereas the USA is a republic I think, they have the right to bear arms in order to rise up in defence of the freedom they secured in their revolution. This has bitten them on the arse in the last few years as we have all seen, but I certainly don't have any answers as to how to sort this.
  15. HuntingHicap


    I've actually got one of these air pistols, I can't see the link you have posted, but mine is a co2 power jobby, 8 shot I think, the max limit for these is 6 ftlbs, it will only dent the end of an empty beer can. The one you have posted may well be more powerful, but as lads we used to dick around shooting at each other with this sort of thing, I am afraid you may well be disappointed with its performance. The biggest danger I can see is being shot at by plod if you or someone else is waving it around. Some armed forces are jitterier than others.


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