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  1. At least three companies in my area hire them. Arguable about more skill to operate, plenty of people can make a mess with a digger, not that many can actually operate one.
  2. I had a couple of CT's I think they were, managed to find a website in the US selling NOS parts, however its not a saw you would want to be using very often if you want to avoid carpal tunnel.
  3. Get a silage/muck grab. Will usually handle big logs if you are gentle and brilliant for brash.
  4. HuntingHicap


    Is that Connicks grab wagon?
  5. Speak to Jeremy Lloyd at Farriers Land Rover in leicester, he knows them inside out.
  6. Militant or Matador?
  7. Congrats on the purchase, brilliant bits of kit. The new feed rollers are good as well.
  8. HuntingHicap

    592 585

    Looks very similar shape wrap to the one on my 576xp.
  9. HuntingHicap

    592 585

    I want one.😁
  10. But you run it flat out while its chipping? I honestly can't see there being a massive problem with chipper dpfs as chippers spend most of their time flat out, unlike diesel trucks which get sat in traffic idling for long periods of time.
  11. I use pred 38 a fair bit, brilliant grinder. Bit thirsty but worth it.
  12. Avoid anything with a scissor lift. They are shite.
  13. Looks like he's felled some trees onto a hanger to try and knock it out, and its having none of it.


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