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  1. Get a skidsteer loler tested? I can imagine there is a very slim margin of tree surgeons who would do that. I have some experience of ag welding, and given the right size bushing being readily available, could cut that off and stitch a replacement on in a bloody sight less than half an hour. You obviously have never been in a plant hire workshop for any amount of time.
  2. I was meaning once he'd started. Of course having seen it he will wander off to sit on his phone in the bog for an hour and a half, have a dump the size of a small country.
  3. Ffs. Its a skidsteer grab, not an offshore oil rig derrick. Any decent ag mechanic will cut that off and weld a replacement on inside of half an hour. Sometimes replies on here are nuts.
  4. Yeah thats right. The metal one is what I tie the saw strop to, the plastic one is for high clipping the saw.
  5. Just cut it off completely and weld a replacement bush on there. Doubt if it is cast, probably just looks like it from the way it has broken.
  6. Engine sounds smoother, less rattly than the kubota.
  7. Got in a scrap in St Budeaux once. Late finish on a site was getting a pizza and a load of ****************ing 12 fingered local scrotes had a crack at us.
  8. Its a shithole. Have done a fair bit of work in and around croydon, all you can hear all day is sirens.
  9. Southern Vehicle Bodies in Sussex would do you a good price, not that far, pop over the bridge and its about 40 mins.
  10. Lmk when you decide to offload those saws mate
  11. @lux you've got a new log splitter, knock it over. (The tree that is)
  12. I tried one the other day. Animal. MS500i that is.


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