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  1. Have driven both a 35x and a Ford 3000 a bit, the MF is only going to cope with quite smallish trees, the Ford is still pretty manoeuvrable. Both good choices, not that it helps!😁
  2. He cleans windows Kyle. You wouldn't understand. Bill Gates has been skyping him about the vaccine rollout.
  3. No, but please do. Preferably while wearing shorts and flip flops.
  4. Oi! I have already claimed first dibs on those!
  5. Thats only a medium guy stood next to it though😆
  6. I had an albino hob, polecat gill. Likewise had a flexi pipe run, they loved it. And a weldmesh base in the day part of the cage where they shat, so could hose it out. Fed them a mix of dry food, rabbit, squirrel, pigeon, pheasant, you name it, they ate it. Vicious little bastards but they were good at rabbiting.
  7. Have to love the "ping ping" noise as the wires are burning out. Especially on lorry or tractor tyres.
  8. I didn't know fixings companies ran chippers...
  9. This was the same one who came marching through a live felling site, past all the barriers and warning signs, but it was ok "because I am going to the church". Yes love, nearly for the last time as well!
  10. I had a somewhat "special" lady ranting at me yesterday, pretty much quoting Farage's rant verbatim, she was slightly non plussed when I explained that the reason she could see so much sky was because the leaves are off. She thought it unacceptable that we were felling hazardous trees next to the paths, instead "the path should be moved" - despite the fact that doing so would destroy more habitat than what we were doing.
  11. Scaffold pipe, scaffold pole. It's a tube you peasant. That's why its called tube and fitting.
  12. I appreciate that your new axe isn't as "new" as you wanted it to be. But. Its for splitting logs? Just crack on and use it.
  13. I recently changed my 560xp to 3/8s, definitely cuts better.


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