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  1. I use an st8, TR8, and ST6p weekly, recently hired a pretty much brand new st6d, and IMO the ST6p was all over it. Have used Jensen a fair bit as well, solid engineering and basic, but not really keeping up with Forst performance. Do Forst have the odd issue? yes, who doesn't, + they are very fast to sort problems.
  2. Some will slate them/hate them. They do make the saw bulkier for storage/snedding, but are nice for climbing, and a good excuse not to have to cut stumps too low. Just sell the idea of grinding it out to the client instead.
  3. Surely sheep can be kept in/out with a 'leccy fence?
  4. From the back, towards the hinge, from slightly higher and at a 45 degree angle downwards. Sometimes called a dogtooth cut due to the small angled bit left. Continuing out to the back with the bore cut is ok sometimes, but runs a risk of the butt taking the saw with it as it goes if it snaps out suddenly.
  5. Discipline was shot, had to disband the regiment!
  6. I have had a couple of saws ported by Spud, as have many others on here, and can vouch for the quality of his work and his excellent communication and customer service.
  7. Bit further away but acacia plant in Henfield keep their kit up together.
  8. Would it be any good for cleft fencing? how bendy is it?
  9. Get a hitch welded to the back of an old 3 in 1 bucket works well too.
  10. Nobody likes the know it all in the corner of the bar....
  11. I bought one about 3 months ago, don't know if its a new version or not but seems ok
  12. Under GDPR regs you can ask them to not contact you again. I have used Forst fairly extensively, have seen a few build issues but then have seen similar on all sorts of machinery. Don't understand the hate tbh. Most hire companies around me run them, hire kit gets hammered, don't think it would be the case if they were made of chocolate.
  13. Choke a sling, loop it through itself around the tree. Don't fell the supporting tree, there is a fair chance the one it is supporting will land on you.
  14. Too far from sussex, or I would have popped round and sorted it for beer tokens. Be careful with hung up trees they can throw out some surprises.


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