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  1. But quite pricey? Honey F@@kers are nearer me and usual a bit more competitive.
  2. I see the manufacturer is still around, whats parts availability like?
  3. No. You may be asked for HIP insurance, (hired in plant) - this may or may not be covered under your public liability. However several of my local plant hire companies just lock up about £500 on your card instead. (Don't think they actually take the money, just its"spoken for") Prices will vary but local to me you can get a 6" Forst for £120 a day plus HIP and Vat. Some will charge you a sharpening fee of 20 quid or so, I don't usually get charged this as I look after their machines and don't put metal or gravel through them. There is a chipper ticket under Lantra I believe, not done it myself, learn't ont job as it were. Probably some of the bigger companies on here have to have them as part of their insurance, however I believe if you are competent you will be fine. If you have never used a chipper it would be worth looking at doing a course, or when you next do a job, contact a smaller local tree surgeon, get him to do the job at a day rate with your assistance and learn from him.
  4. And bar studs. Don't say that too fast 😂 There's a lot of 560 bashing, however I have one a 2014 model, with a 562 top cover and air filter, the muffler has been opened up a bit by @spudulike and it has been absolutely faultless. The only non wearing parts I have replaced have been a couple of clutch springs. Not bad in 6 years.
  5. I think @northumbriaforestry uses a quad and trailer a bit?
  6. Got some oak cord, felled about a month ago. Would be something in there. Am near Horsham.
  7. Cut it down. Bugger will only grow like a weed and drop crap everywhere. Only good thing about Eucs is they are good for shooting pigeons out of. Something to do with lots of small dead twigs good for nest building and a nice open canopy so you can see the feathery little sods.
  8. Think they're actually aloominum. They also wear great tall leather boots with spikes in the soles, called "caulks" I think.
  9. All Land Rovers are money pits! I have a td5 dcpu, love it, before that had a 300tdi 11 hcpu for 10 years. If you can't spanner and weld, don't buy a land rover. They are a disease. But I love em! 😁
  10. They tow a dream but if they are not scrupulously maintained and not thrashed are expensive to run. For that money a TD5 Discovery 2, tows well, you can pick up for around a grand, and have money spare to fix it. Basically a Defender with comfier seats.
  11. They are a bloody good chipper. Like a Defender is a good offroader. But both need maintenance, and the owners need to be aware that bits can and will fall off.
  12. Basically they have been flooding the market with highly aggressive but slightly dodgy long term chippers for the last 5? years, with good finance packages. Anyone with any sense knows that once a forst is beyond its 3 years warrantee it's a lottery, if it's had a mechanically sympathetic owner operator it's probably fine, if not then good luck. Ask @Pete B for further details. Other more established manufacturers tend to get a higher secondhand value.
  13. I had a kick back when I was 16. Pre doing any tickets. Cut about 20mm into the peak on the front of the hat. Trashed the visor. Bicton college asked to keep the helmet as a training aid when I did my tickets there. If you are in West sussex I have a medium size pair of arbortec breathflex trousers, hardly worn, you can have them for £50.
  14. Have also noticed this, and wondered how it can be sustainable, did hear a rumour they have been exporting some of the used stock? can imagine Eastern Europe and developing countries might not be too fussy about the condition of a used chipper?
  15. Agree absolutely. Think its a bit like the Husky/Stihl debate. Forst/Husqvarna tend to be fine with owner operators/people with a bit more mechanical sympathy, however if not maintained well can have issues. From what I have seen of them Jensen were a bit tougher, and Stihl are rumoured to put up with abuse a bit better.


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