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  1. Gerbutt

    Bulldog Bone in action

    It’s not CE marked, but I splice my own ropes so they’re not CE marked but they still pass loler.
  2. Gerbutt

    Petzl OK and chicane

    I’ve been loving mine. I only use my chest harness when I’m walking up a stem on spikes, the rest of the time I use the handle on the chicane and just slide it up the rope, it works really smoothly and seems to make the process feel quicker. I think there’s rope out now where the splice does fit through a zigzag? Would be handy! I have a BGB which is great but not CE’d, so it’s nice now not having to worry about insurance and whatnot. The only thing I think would be nice would be a smaller version of the Petzl OK, it would make the whole system more compact, better for those with short reaches.
  3. Gerbutt

    Echo 2511 woes?

    Mine is an older one and had real trouble with tickover, but recently I tweaked the L jet and tiny bit and it’s been sound ever since!
  4. Gerbutt

    Beech Takedown close to Building

    Nicely done dude 👍👍
  5. Gerbutt

    Ported Echo 2511.

    I’ve not had any problems with mine. I adjusted the h jet a tad when tuning in the wood just to the point when it stopped gurgling. The only thing that happened was once I burnt a big hole in my trouser leg, but that was my fault!
  6. Gerbutt

    Ported Echo 2511.

    Thanks bud. I brazed it myself. I stared off with a smaller hole but after a while went to that size.
  7. Gerbutt

    Ported Echo 2511.

    The house is surrounded by police as we speak!!
  8. Gerbutt

    Ported Echo 2511.

    Just the exhaust port on this one Bill. It rips even more when fully warm and the chain the correct tension!
  9. Gerbutt

    Ported Echo 2511.

    Hello Here’s a little vid of my 2511 cutting 10 inches of oak. The chain was a little tight and the saw was a bit cold, but it still cuts well.
  10. Gerbutt

    390xp hd air filter and cover?

    Yeah I’ve ported the cylinder and the exhaust so thought I’d add the filter kit too. Interestingly, the first exhaust I did a duel port at the front to the side, but after reading a bit online I swapped it out for the original one which has the hole on top and just made it bigger, and it much prefers that!
  11. Gerbutt

    390xp hd air filter and cover?

    Hello bud, it’s the high top I mean.
  12. Gerbutt

    390xp hd air filter and cover?

    Haha, nice mine MrNick 😀
  13. Gerbutt

    390xp hd air filter and cover?

    Hello all Does anyone know if you can get the hd air filter and cover for a 390xp in the uk? And, is it worth getting?
  14. Gerbutt

    Bar lift in cut

    id say it is your rails, mates saw was doing it when disking up. same chain on new bar and it was fine.


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