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  1. Drt, zz on one and sj on the other, he doesn’t do srt. I’ll have a dabble with 2 x srt next time.
  2. It was rigging bud, quite a tricky one too 👍
  3. Not boring at all bud 👍 A friend tried it today on a fairly large maple dismantle. It looked a bit of a faff to set up, and at times it looked to get in the way, but it also looked really handy now and then and the more he used it the smoother things looked. I suppose as a dismantle the longer he was up there the less branches there were to get in the way, may have been a different story on a reduction!
  4. One of the chaps at work said it bud. I’d have thought getting to them ASAP would be your main mission, but then some would say you’re no use to them if your one anchor fails?
  5. Is it true that in the case of a rescue you have to enter the tree with this new method?
  6. Has anyone got a link to an unlimited coil for a 390xp please?
  7. Hi spud Sorted the pressure washer [emoji106] Found the plunger you talked about, took it apart, cleaned it and then had another go and the washer made some new noises which sounded good. I then noticed the fan move but then stop and become solid, so I stripped the lance and the pressure nozzle had become blocked too, cleaned that out and hey presto [emoji106]
  8. Hello bud Its an electric one but it also runs on diesel for heat. It’s not been started for a few years so maybe the plunger is stuck! Water is getting to the handle on the lance because it was dripping from there. When you pull the trigger it makes the sound of starting and the lance kicks a little as if there’s pressure, but then nothing. Where roughly would the plunger be?
  9. Hello all At work we have the above pressure washer that’s not worked since I started there. My task is to try and repair it. When I first plugged it all in, water was leaking out the side of the motor and the oil was milky. I’ve taken it apart, replaced the oil and pressure seals and now there’s no leaks but it doesn’t start up. When you’ve plugged it in and then pull the trigger it makes the noise as if it’s going to work but then it’s stops and makes no effort to start again. Can anyone think what to check next? Thanks Ger
  10. Hiya Bob Do you have a link to these please? I’ve found a set that looks the same for that price but they are a different make.
  11. Hiya Jase, I’ve managed to sort the chipper [emoji3]. I ended up stripping the directional valve and the flow control valve and replacing all the o-rings. Works a treat now. Thanks for all your help and pointing me in the right direction
  12. Is there a way of testing it dude?
  13. I think I’ll take your advice onboard and get a used hub carrier from a breakers [emoji106] I’d still like a tap and die set but I’m wondering now if the above could be applied to virtually anything that’s repaired? Say, an ms660 needs a helicoil for the plug, you put one in and then one of your staff is doing a cut where they have to chase it, and just at the critical part the plug blows and they get injured, I suppose the same would apply? Maybe just get a set for cleaning holes and bolts, not making or repairing anything?
  14. Yeah I have dude, which bit do I measure, on top of the thread?


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