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  1. Just took the switch apart dude, well, it kind of sprung apart haha, but from what I can make of it there’s still no beep! I’ll get a new one and let you know [emoji106]
  2. When I put the meter on the red and black it reads around 70.2 and then when I push the switch it drops to 1. Is that right?
  3. The switch has terminals on its side that aren’t used, and it has about 6 wires coming out of it. Should I put the meter on the red and black wires and then push the switch?
  4. No the battery is full and there’s no flashing lights?
  5. Hello all I’ve got a hla85 hedge trimmer that’s stopped working. Every so often when rotating the head it would work for a bit so I assumed it was a break in one of the wires around that area. Ive stripped it down and tested all the wires on the setting on the multimeter where it beeps if there’s no break in a wire, and they all seem ok. So I was wondering if if could be the switch which is in the pic below How would I test it with this multimeter? When I rested the earth and live at the battery it read something like 41.5v, and the same at the back of the motor. Any help would be great thanks!
  6. I’m not sure, I’ll ask tomorrow. When I’ve googled the 160 I have seen other blue ones and when I rang up greenMech they said the colour was blue for the serial number?!
  7. Yeah I rang greenMech with the serial number and they gave me the paint code. It’s the same blue machine as the others but the paint code doesn’t match? I get the paint made up by a local auto paint mixing firm. I went back in today to say it doesn’t match and he made a drop more up to check but it’s still a totally different blue.
  8. Hiya, Does anyone know the paint code for a blue 160? I phoned the maker and they said ral 5017, but it’s nothing like it!
  9. It’s not CE marked, but I splice my own ropes so they’re not CE marked but they still pass loler.
  10. I’ve been loving mine. I only use my chest harness when I’m walking up a stem on spikes, the rest of the time I use the handle on the chicane and just slide it up the rope, it works really smoothly and seems to make the process feel quicker. I think there’s rope out now where the splice does fit through a zigzag? Would be handy! I have a BGB which is great but not CE’d, so it’s nice now not having to worry about insurance and whatnot. The only thing I think would be nice would be a smaller version of the Petzl OK, it would make the whole system more compact, better for those with short reaches.
  11. Mine is an older one and had real trouble with tickover, but recently I tweaked the L jet and tiny bit and it’s been sound ever since!
  12. I’ve not had any problems with mine. I adjusted the h jet a tad when tuning in the wood just to the point when it stopped gurgling. The only thing that happened was once I burnt a big hole in my trouser leg, but that was my fault!


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