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  1. Is this one defo the correct size? M14x1.25 Spark Plug Repair Kit 14 mm 8.4mm Long WWW.EBAY.CO.UK M14x1.25 Spark Plug Repair Kit 14 mmInserts Supplied are 8.4mm long installed. This Thread repair kit for M14x1.25 consists of a Special Pilot nose Tap that does not require prior drilling, together with a special insertion tool and 5 off 8.40mm Helicoil type inserts. Sorry for all my confusion.
  2. Is there an m14 x 1.25, that’s what the first kit shows on the box?
  3. I can’t find that kit anywhere dude. Where did you get it from?
  4. Good morning everyone. Thank you very much for the replies and explanations [emoji106] I’ll have a look for the drapper kit, looks good. Thanks for taking the time to supply all the info buddy [emoji106]
  5. Thanks for the info ratman. Do you know which size and depth to go for, that’s what I’m not sure of?
  6. Good morning I’ve an ms441 and a ms362 that need a new thread for the spark plug. Could someone please put a link to a suitable kit? Thank you
  7. It was the plug spud. I’d have just assumed it was ok as was sparking, so thanks for that [emoji106]
  8. The carb I’ve put on is off my bg86 and this is a sh86 but they look the same. The air glitter set up is slightly different but I can see that making a difference. I’ve just put the coil on but it’s the same, it just pops once or twice in around ten pulls. I’ll try the plug tomorrow. The carb is pulling fuel up into the primer well. I’ll try a bit of carb cleaner through the carb inlet and see if it fires with that. Does the fuel filter set up with the two pipes just pull out the top of the tank? Thanks for your advice so far [emoji106]
  9. Hello all, hope you are well? I have a SH86 blower that’s not starting. When I got it it wasn’t sucking fuel up with the primer bulb so I’ve stripped the carb, fitted new kit and also fitted a new flange where the primer bulb is. When I ordered the flange I ordered the other option for the carb accidentally, but the only difference seems to be a breather pipe coming off the back. The original has just a hole without the pipe. I fitted it all, it sucks fuel up fine but still won’t start, just splutters every now and then. I’ve now swapped the carb with a known good one and it still does the same. It seems to have a good spark, it’s the same as the running machine. I’ve taken the exhaust off and the piston looks mint. I’ve taken the flywheel off to check the key and that’s fine. I did notice some red sealant around the crank seal. Would a major air leak cause it to not start at all? The seal doesn’t look bad to the eye but I know they still can be. Any ideas?
  10. You’re both stars buddy, thank you very much [emoji4]
  11. By the way, I made this tool out of a half inch socket to tighten the castle bolt back up again.
  12. Hello Gareth Thanks for the info and the number to call. I spoke to one of your chaps the other day, I think it was George?....I can’t remember his name! He was excellent, we discussed what I had done - re-sealing the DCV and then he told me about the seal in the bottom of the pressure release valve and how to change it. I was exactly as he described, castle type bolt was loose and seal was split. Replaced that and it’s all working fine again [emoji106] Thanks for the help, would have taken me ages to work that one out! When you see whoever I spoke to, give them a high five from me.....but from a distance hey [emoji106]
  13. Hello bud What makes you think that? He did have a problem with the forward relay once but that was that the forward wouldn’t work now and then, and if you fiddled with them it would sort it. This problem is like the rollers have lost the torque to pull stuff through, they stops as soon as you offer a limb to them?
  14. Hello all A friend of mine has a TW230 which has just got roller problem. What happens is when you try and put a branch through, as soon as it touches the rollers they stop. The throttle is full on and the belts are tensioned. TW said the other day that it’s the flow control valve so I’ve resealed that and it’s not solved it. Any ideas please?
  15. Thanks for the replies chaps. I’ve managed to do it. After getting the three bolts out the motor side I took the thin green ring out and then the spline bit came out and the roller popped out east after that. The bolts had sheered the other end so I drilled those and helicoil them [emoji106]


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