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  1. Nice big fat rope to hold is a bit easier too, less getting gloves stuck in it.
  2. I think it's great how we are cutting pointless bureaucracy now we are free from the shackles of the EU. No, wait ....
  3. I didn't say I don't keep it razor sharp, the difference is the way a full chisel blunts when you hit a nail is to knock the corner right back so you have to file that right off. Semi chisel kind of dents the whole edge a little bit, so you file much less off to get it sharp.
  4. I guess the problem I see with sharing costs is that some are very long term (woods, barn) and some will be day to day such as fuel, chains etc. Balancing the profit to reflect this will be tricky. If you pay someone to cut and split then all the risk and reward are with you, or even sell the timber standing, cut your risk to nothing. Either is more clear cut and hence better to me.
  5. I would have said Stihl for everything but have started to baulk at the price especially for the 28 and 36 inch bars I bought recently. Semi chisel on my 261 saves a huge amount of filing as so much crap in garden trees, makes it much better value than full chisel too as not filing it all away so fast.
  6. Does look like a shrub one of my customers had and reckons it Portugal Laurel. I'm not sure, it's chipped and ground out now anyway so no argument.
  7. My bridge is a bit close to my knackers, no chance whatsoever of a chainsaw being near there. Bridge is safe with me.
  8. Looks great to me too. I guess the ideal would be to go to a country fair or woodfair where they have a chainsaw carving event, chat to the guys and see what different gear they have - fingers crossed next year? Maybe there will be something in the autumn.
  9. Been with Trust four years, they have been good paying out for my stolen gear but obviously the premium has gone up from that. PL or EL aim to never make a claim...
  10. Yeah I guess they do now, what I meant was NPTC started training two rope before TG1 was released.
  11. You referred HSE and AFAG but not the Arb Association TG? I must admit I've not studied the latest version in enough depth to answer this/say if it provides an answer. I think NPTC training rules were set without the TG so not necessarily the same.
  12. It probably is, I've lost track to be honest. It's just that I bought my current harness at the APF so trying them on at the show is the thing to do.
  13. I gave a bag of green leylandii logs to a friend last week as they have bees in the chimney and wanted to smoke them out. Seemed to work.
  14. "Like a war zone" Really?
  15. I'm needing a new harness in September, probably cross this one off the list then. Need to try them out really, job at the APF


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