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  1. If it's not the beginning of the end it may just be the end of the beginning. Actually on reflection I'm sure Mick Dempsey posted a picture of his slippers once (grumpy 50 year olds?) so maybe it's not as far away for me as I thought....
  2. Dan Maynard


    It is really poor, isn't it. Thing is I've got a 1977 Dolmar 112 and a 1995 PS6000i and they both run great so Dolmar definitely used to know how to make proper saws that last.
  3. Willow is famously high moisture content when green, hence why it likes to grow near water. Dry it out, burns fine. I live near a brook, lot of willow round us, burnt loads over the years.
  4. I remembered Daniel Murphy video about chipper spares, it's Bandit but don't know if the same thing you are looking for
  5. You have to pay for chip with no bark (such as play park chip) because that's a forestry product. Somewhere like Madingley Mulch have a range of stuff to choose from. On the other hand you can have mixed arb chip for free, if you can take a van load and we can just tip it off eg onto the drive. Smaller quantities are possible but that's just a delivery so there are usually some beer tokens involved. If you are on the west side of Cambridge I'll be passing a lot more often so can probably drop some off if you let me know where. Our chickens are fine on the free chip, they don't have expensive tastes.
  6. I've got a 'Drill Doctor' that was about £150. It does a pretty good job at creating the basic shape and the drills cut well afterwards. I couldn't get small drills anywhere near as good by hand, and won't develop the skill now either but that is fine. Personally I would say split point is not essential if you pilot drill, we never had them years ago anyway.
  7. Brilliant. You have to remember to stop before the log is through, otherwise you will be finding out what happens when the un-stoppable meets the un-movable!
  8. One of my engineering customers (make engine parts) have always had free vend coffee machines. They recently stopped putting plastic cups in the machines and issued every member of staff with an insulated mug. Now I have to remember to bring a mug when I go there to do a service or else I can't have a coffee. Not sure that works for you, not very welcoming to guests.
  9. I doubt it predates the extension, pretty fast growing tree could be 40 years old. I'd be inclined to think that is so close there will be problems down the line even if you keep trimming it, plant another tree down the garden and then take it out once the replacement is established.
  10. I volunteer in a Woodland Trust ancient wood near us, it's popular with dog walkers. I forget the exact amount but it's something like a ton a year of dog crap to get rid of from the bins.
  11. About a tenner apparently (according to my teenage son). Think that makes it 4,000,000,000 quid, enough to hire a plane or two to transport it out.
  12. I'm on 13mm dDRT and the Harken Ninja and HAAS both work just fine.
  13. 6 pieces? He's got a flock of sheep to do yet! Great job.
  14. Sounds a bit bonkers at first sight but interesting idea as I also have 110 hard top. Not going to get a huge amount of chip in but as you say for smaller jobs may be ok. So far my solution to all this is have a big trailer and a small chipper, can get a few cube in there with the chipper. Just sometimes in town wish the trailer was smaller too. What are you going to chip with? If it's a tow-behind then it's going to have a lot of blow so it'll be hard to stop the cab getting covered in chip as well, I'm thinking floor to ceiling gaps all sealed. Problem that door isn't that big too. Can you get wheelie bins small enough to roll in? Could chip into a couple and roll up ramps, might then be easier to unload. Certainly be interested to see pics if you do it.
  15. Does the engine stall in the cut or just the chain stop?


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