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  1. I would have thought the neighbours are quite welcome to kill any roots that cross the boundary. Glyphosate is going to be a lot cheaper than solicitors though.
  2. Nobody suggested popping to Costa? Deliveroo? Have worked with one chap who would call them up if he'd done a private job at the weekend as feeling flush.
  3. Surely quick check on tank pressure is open the filler lid? Does this stop the dripping? Definitely had saws that don't want to restart when too hot, let tank pressure out and off they go.
  4. Secondhand, still possible previous owner had problems in hot weather and that's why they sold it.
  5. We had loads of wood that dad called macrocarpa after the 87 storms. Used to crack and spit chunks out of the fire so had a guard up, would be ok in a woodburner. I'd say somewhat similar to leylandii, slightly more orangey colour.
  6. I don't think I could be doing with separate coffee, milk powder etc as not always in my own truck. I usually make the coffee into the flask, there is a brown layer inside it to be fair but I reckon that just adds to the flavour. Once in a blue moon it gets a dose of Miltons, no aftertaste with that.
  7. Just thinking if you're selling it to a Vat registered firm they don't care if you do put vat on, so not really a hit to take.
  8. Also, it's possible but far from given that they will interfere with your foundations. Tree roots are relatively shallow so if you have foundations they will very likely be deeper. This makes it a hard case to prove, so not a strong argument from the TPO point of view.
  9. I clicked through, I don't think you can use that VAT margin scheme. There are specific rules for secondhand vehicles and they don't apply if you have paid VAT on the vehicle when you bought it. https://www.gov.uk/guidance/using-the-vat-margin-scheme-for-second-hand-vehicles When you say conflicting information from two different people, were they both accountants?
  10. Even softwood? I'd generally give or throw away conifer as most people don't want it and once I've split a few cube for myself it has to go somewhere.
  11. Copper should be doable clamped between a couple of bits of angle iron, slap the flange over gradually with a shorter piece. It's how we used to DIY car sill patches out of steel when I was younger.
  12. I think we're fairly early stage, the more I look the more I see at the moment but I think younger trees generally are better. There are quite a few thinning trees with a huge number of keys, does sort of make sense that if the tree detects the end is nigh it diverts resources to reproducing.
  13. You might have luck on here but I would say worth ringing people up too. SP Landscape at Red Lodge must be your way, I sub at Richardson Tree Surgery in Cambridge and one of the regular guys has gone to the Lake District for the summer so you might get a few days there - don't know what the plan is not my shout. I'd say ring everyone and try to get a day here and there, all experience is good and makes it easier to get the next job.
  14. Id go a bit lower, the other factor is that lower gives more swing. For me somewhere around knee height, can't remember where I read that. On the ground is too low and you lose energy as the log bounces more, set against the advantage that the log can't fall off so saves on picking up. I've gone mostly hydraulic now but I did set up one block with a tyre which saves a lot of bending and picking, and another block for busting down bits that don't initially fit in the tyre.
  15. Can't listen to JV. Had a nostalgic feeling for Steve Wright show but particularly hated his joggin fishin runnin "no g" feature on a Friday afternoon. Any joke explained is not funny, this was the same joke explained over and over and over again.


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