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  1. Stayed in a holiday cottage recently with a small burner, surprised how frugal it was. Maybe 6 logs in an evening, something like that.
  2. Muntjac is the thing people worry about round here nibbling the regen.
  3. Muntjac is the thing people worry about round here nibbling the regen.
  4. Muntjac is the thing people worry about round here nibbling the regen.
  5. They were air drying the boards for 6 months I think on the chair program, seems it still makes sense to air dry for a while to get some of the moisture out even if working at industrial scale.
  6. Put your work laptop on it for a while, becomes office furniture so you can put the wood and legs through the books too.
  7. Sudden stops in fluid flow can cause huge pressure waves, hence the phenomenon called water hammer in domestic water pipes. I'm not a hydraulic expert but I would guess more expensive hydraulics on a digger are designed to take the shocks, but splitter built down to a price lacks the extra parts.
  8. If it's not exact, maybe best to aim a bit high with the PPR so the computer thinks the engine is running slower than it really is. That way the stress control will cut in early, rather than other way round and stress control cuts in late. My dad bought a tachometer from Machine Mart a few years ago for his boat engine, don't think it was hugely expensive.
  9. Got a Sabatier knife a few years ago, was scary sharp when it arrived and by dint of encouraging everyone to think it's my knife and not for cutting cake onto plates etc has stayed sharp. To keep it razor I give it a rub occasionally on a Fallkniven DC4 stone. To be honest it's supposed to be for field use so is a bit small but I got it for penknives ages ago and it works, every now and then I look at other wetstones and get lost in the options so go back to it.
  10. Thanks for that. I'd have rather they showed more about the woodland and less sanding to be honest, but I guess it's entertainment show at the end of the day.
  11. This is similar to the discussion we have doing conservation work in British woodlands, where we basically cut down loads of trees to let light in and increase biodiversity. We currently believe that's better because the wildlife has adapted to the cycle, I also remember good old Oliver Rackham saying one of the big problems with conservation work is changing ideas and fashions. The other thing I remember is that Cathedral Grove which is an old growth park where Reg Coates has been working is thought to have burned around 600 years ago because the oldest trees are around that age. So I have an idea that given a few hundred years Beranek is right, it will grow back and be pretty much as it was before. It's a common idea that cutting down all the trees destroys a forest, whereas the picture is far more complicated because you are leaving behind all the stuff under the ground where there's far more going on than we understand. The areas in the UK where most firewood was cut historically, such as Sussex Downs for the iron industry, have the best preserved woodlands. Where they cut less firewood they dug, burned and ploughed to plant wheat or potatoes, lots of ancient woodland was lost to this in the UK since the war so it's easy to point at the Americans but we are guilty here too.
  12. Few years ago I injured my shoulder pruning a tree at home over Christmas, I think just because I climbed cold. The thing that amazed me was when the physio started poking the damaged muscle was down my back nowhere near where it originally hurt. She did sort it out though, touch wood.
  13. ELCAS Training - Brampton Valley Group WWW.BRAMPTONVALLEYGROUP.CO.UK ELCAS Training with Brampton Valley Training & Assessments Ltd Brampton Valley Training & Assessments are at the forefront of Service Leaver Training and have developed course packages that are ideally suited for services leavers aiming to create a new career within the Arboricultural and Forestry Industries. Our courses will provide Service leavers all the relevant, ... Also do ELCAS and is where I have done my tickets, up the A34 to Towcester so we seem to be drawing an arc around Portsmouth but not getting much nearer.
  14. Every now and then he splits one I could fit in my burner.
  15. South is wide, isn't it? Some good trainers Hampshire way as well, if Kent is too far.


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