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  1. The Eliet and Bugnot are shredders, I just spotted that Bugnot have some PTO versions which might be a bit less pricey. Otherwise Greenmech seem to have a chipper/shredder the EcoCombi with two infeeds, which is probably a bit more useful in reality.
  2. I was driving along the other day thinking about this - new things are often trouble in automotive but gradually bugs get ironed out and they become normal and reliable. I remember my dad had a Triumph 2.5PI, as was common practice he took off the fuel injection and put SU carbs on as fuel injection was unreliable.
  3. Congratulations to you both. Can't beat a newborn to make you stop and think what life is all about.
  4. Think that is art, and easier to frame than gurt ash planks.
  5. Seems too obvious but take off and count the old one? Chainsawbars as above has some diagrams of how the links, pitch, gauge etc are defined.
  6. I am also tall, found Arbortec and Pfanner have long leg option. Breatheflex Pro are just above your budget, I reckon they are worth the bit extra as they're more durable than basic Breatheflex. Ideally you need to try them on, depends where you are of course.
  7. I think the problem is the ideal setup depends what you are doing. Tipper and 750kg chipper is compact and manoeuvrable, you can push it back into driveways etc - but payload is limited. Bob's suggested setup would be ideal for large removals. 4x4 and trailer gives you increased payload without the O license, but it is sometimes a menace to move around. I went for 4x4 and trailer as I have a little bit of work on farms and woods, some off road tip sites, and do some subbie work where I wouldn't want to turn up in a tipper. It's self reinforcing as well, you bid for and win stuff you are good at once you have the kit, so in a way you need to choose what kind of work you want to do first.
  8. I read that the eyes are smaller in the fimble than multi, but haven't actually seen one in the flesh to compare. Would be interested if someone who has put them side by side could say. I wanted to be able to get my 13mm rope splice through, it's snug but fits on the multi.
  9. I've seen timber stacked like this in Germany too and wondered why they do it. I reckon the stacks are really stable compared to log length, you see a lot of them in fields and this was Black Forest so a lot of big spruce. Billet cross cutting machines make that part of the operation much quicker than a processor. I've still not tried it myself, as my wood all tends to be arb waste so the chance of getting it all into nice straight split billets is just about nil.
  10. I also climb with a hitchclimber, and my suggestion would be a multisaver, which is the three ring version, rather than pulley. Having a little bit of friction at the top is not all bad, as it takes some load off the friction hitch when descending and so helps reduce tendency to bind up. I think a pulley is ok on mechanical device eg zigzag but I've never been won over when trying them out.
  11. I'm going to say M500 - pulls itself up the ramps. Otherwise it's the electric winch.
  12. I'll get some pictures when I am home in daylight, just about to tackle the M25 for tonight's entertainment.
  13. I think there is a problem in what you are asking for really. Shredders which can take the leaves, roots, etc have to have blunt hammers so they don't get immediately blunt as they work, this makes the chipping performance terrible, the small chippers depend on razor sharp blades to drag in and keep the hp requirements down. Seek out videos of Eliet or Bugnot chipping branches, but get a cup of cocoa ready first as you will soon be asleep. Personally I would suggest he gets a wood chipper for the hedging and pruning, that Hyundai looks a bit small as 60mm capacity means it will struggle. Ideally get most hp he can afford which looks like 13hp, there is a raft of chinesium machines which are all basically the same at about 1200 to 1500. Jansen Rock Hyundai etc Put all the leaves in the compost with the chip, no real need to shred them anyway.
  14. I'd have to say a few years air drying, just been stood in the yard outside to be honest but we are low rainfall East Anglian. The grain is really twisted in one as it was the bottom of a tree which bent over 90 degrees, I haven't even tried to split it I thought may make a good chopping block or anvil stand. The other one is straighter but slightly smaller. What is it? Doesn't look like a skittle, would need too big a ball to knock it over.
  15. I have a couple of lumps of elm which are about that size, any good? Have a feeling they used to make wheel hubs from elm but don't know where I got that from.


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