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  1. Based on our office, 2000w will be plenty - say what you can get from a single plug. For outside office I would suggest to get two heaters though, one about 500w that you leave on a low setting all the time and then another that you have at a comfort setting on the stat which can either turn on yourself when you're in there or have a built in timer if you keep regular hours. Having the low heat all the time stops it getting too cold over weekends and holidays, if that happens it can start to get damp and then all the paper curls up, your printer stops working, books don't sit flat etc etc.
  2. I suspect 5m3 would seem a lot of logs through that.
  3. I'm using Trello for tree enquiries, it's handy to have notes files and photos together but not great at scheduling.
  4. That's 3.5:1 shrink ratio so in theory it should shrink down to just below 6mm (that's 19 divided by 3.5). I've only actually used it down to 10 myself but reckon it will be fine, the adhesive will keep it on as well. If you want to see how small it goes you can cut a half inch piece, stand it on a block of wood and heat it up till it stops shrinking.
  5. Yes, not as tough though. I haven't tried this for labels, but probably will next time as reckon it would stop it sliding around. The only worry is the glue will be less easy to read through. DWTC-16/4-X-STK | TE Connectivity Clear Heat Shrink Tubing 16mm Sleeve Dia. x 1.2m Length, DWTC Series 4:1 Ratio | RS Components UK.RS-ONLINE.COM
  6. I don't think so from B&Q, I ordered mine from RS. Can't remember the exact part number but something like this 321-50190 TREDUX-HA47-19/6-PO-X-BK (10) | HellermannTyton Black Heat Shrink Tubing 19mm Sleeve Dia. x 1m Length, TREDUX-HA47 Series 3.5:1 Ratio | RS Components UK.RS-ONLINE.COM This is specifically thick walled, adhesive lined so very tough - and more expensive.
  7. Someone would have to write an email to a chap in Ghana asking for bank details so they can give him €50m.
  8. Definitely new. A slightly unreliable saw is annoying, an unreliable topper when you're up a tree which is half dismantled is really really ...ing annoying.
  9. The app misses a lot of ... clutter and adverts. Much better to me.
  10. I buy quite a bit from here for engineering, Dormer for the stuff we use a lot and sometimes Lyndon. The Ruko stuff seems ok as well. WWW.MSCDIRECT.CO.UK
  11. Some people in our village had this happen in a pub as they were eating, doors blew off the stove and they ended up in A&E so I'd try to avoid it if you can. Like Stubby said, open vents when adding wood.
  12. I never owned any of the straight Breathflex, just whenever I saw somebody wearing a pair they were ripped. Breathflex Pro I've had about 6 months, no rips. Trees 3 or 4 days per week.
  13. I thought about this, here are a couple of ideas: Knots - bowline, prussic loop onto rope, double fishermans, distel, figure 8 would be the ones on my first course. Difficult to spend enough time with everything else going on to really learn the knots. Exercise - climbing seems to use different muscles to anything else, any time in the harness is good as long as you are under enough supervision to be safe
  14. Breathflex do seem to tear from what I've seen. I have a pair of Breathflex Pro, different material, cost a bit more, holding up well so far. Also available in long leg, which is why I got them.
  15. I was trying to think if it would work to put it straight in a smaller chipper with the excavator which is shearing, that way you are not trying to handle and forward brash at any stage. I think it would need two people all the time though to move the chipper and trailers around.


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