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  1. Dan Maynard

    Husqvarna 365 or 562

    I have been tempted by this on my 365xt. I guess the carb needs adjusting after? Never really messed with carbs so not confident, have also thought maybe send it to spud.
  2. Dan Maynard

    squirrel attack

    The other part, last year's removal of dead material doesn't sound like it would make any difference at all, it's when you remove live material and hence reduce leaf area of the tree it matters, which is what the squirrels have done. A vigorous sycamore would just sprout back from 15% reduction anyway.
  3. Dan Maynard

    Sachs Dolmar 133 Bar Help

    Believe Martin near us fitted a Stihl bar to his big Dolmar but he has a mill to do the slots.
  4. Dan Maynard

    Trailer advice

    I have a small wheel version 12x6 from Bryan James, can't remember exactly the bed height but much lower than a tipper.
  5. Dan Maynard

    Something different

    That is amazing, must be unique. Can see that on show somewhere.
  6. Dan Maynard

    Smaller saw to compliment 372XPG

    But you already have a 372, don't you? In your shoes I would get a 550 15" and run it with .325 semi chisel, it's not really harder to sharpen just needs a different file.
  7. Dan Maynard

    Sourcing a elm log...

    RoughHewn keeps posting pictures of elm in the milling section.
  8. Dan Maynard

    Do i need ELP

    The only case to not need EL is if you are engaged separately by the customer, but if you are working together using the same gear then I can't see you would be deemed separate. EL costs me about £300 on a small operation so I don't think as bad as £650. Tax is a different issue...
  9. Dan Maynard

    Shredder/chipper for home use

    Some willow spits so watch out on open fire, but I have burned loads in my wood burner - its not dense but if dry burns just fine. Sorry can't help with Eliet, know more about chippers than shredders.
  10. Dan Maynard

    Beech logs in Hucknal Nottingham

    Interesting website, though it says all their fuel is from locally sourced FSC accredited managed woodlands so can't have been going there? Also says they need 240,000 tonnes per year, that's 650t per day. I reckon you might have fed it for an hour or so. ... and that there are 20 more plants being contracted or already operational! These trees really are going to start becoming "extremely valuable".
  11. Dan Maynard


    I looked at a big hawthorn last week, found two pigeon nests in it right near each other. "Ah yes we do put a bit of food out for the blackbirds" Hmmm. Blackbirds. Still, not in any rush to climb and reduce a hawthorn so don't mind too much.
  12. Dan Maynard


    I guess leave the heating on at 25C would work. I don't know if it works but copper slug tape under the lip of all the worktops might deter them?
  13. Dan Maynard

    Whats an oak beam worth?

    I made a mantlepiece from reclaimed oak, there are loads on eBay which seem to come in £50-100 depending on size etc but some aren't that good looking. Maybe have a look and see what yours will be most like?
  14. Dan Maynard

    Adjacent trees and birds

    I believe the licences are about controlling birds as pests, no effect on the law which prevents you disturbing the active nest in any other circumstances. I've read that pigeons tend to lay the next pair of eggs before the chicks have fledged so you have to keep an eye on it and maybe wait till October.
  15. Dan Maynard


    .... coppices well, or sprouts up all over the lawn when you cut one down, depending on how you look at it.


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