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  1. Dan Maynard

    Anchor system

    I use a 2m multisaver as I was too tight to buy the pulleysaver. I use it a lot, for the two uses you have described but also when it's over a union you can set it long which moves your rope away from the stem as you move around and thus saves rubbing below the rings. https://www.teufelberger.com/en/products-services/tree-care/application-specific-menu-treecare/tutorial-videos/multisaver-multianchor-und-ringloop-in-anwendung.html
  2. Dan Maynard

    Stump grinder dealer

    Depending on if I come under usual fuckwits, I would be interested in buying it. Have been thinking of buying one of those blue ones from China but rather a proper one really, so I have cash waiting. I'd collect it.
  3. Dan Maynard

    Anyone own a Jo Beau M500?

    If you can, buy Colettis 500, they don't come up secondhand all that often and you won't lose money if you put new blades on when it's time to sell in a few years.
  4. Dan Maynard

    Anyone own a Jo Beau M500?

    Yes, I did a job with some helpers and I think some stones went through, or maybe it was just time. Anyway, blades smashed up and main bearings broken but new blades, bearings and belts (while at it) for a few hundred quid. Job easy to do myself and apart from the bulletproof Honda engine there is almost nothing else to it. One of the things that put me off the £3k roadtow chippers is the amount that could go wrong in all the hydraulics, engine etc. At that price point I just feel they've had a long hard life and could easily need a lot spending.
  5. Dan Maynard

    Variable speed controller box thing

    Let me know if you need more help/advice.
  6. Dan Maynard

    In Line Check Valves

    Are you going to spray or something like that using lots of air? If you draw down slowly I think you'll find that one of the machines must have a slightly lower trip on the pressure switch so effectively it will do all the work. If you draw enough air then the common pressure goes below the switch point for both so they both cut in. I don't think a non return valve is really needed either, but you might want to put some isolating valves so that you can take out one compressor without draining both tanks, depending on what's on the outputs. That valve says hot/cold water so I wouldn't use it personally. Look for something by SMC, Festo, Norgren eg https://uk.rs-online.com/mobile/p/pneumatic-positive-pressure-vacuum-non-return-valve-function-fittings/8497231/
  7. Dan Maynard

    Smaller Zubat

    I carefully avoided the phrases extra length, bigger blade, longer strokes, easier wrist action etc. Waste of time. It is the old story though, there is a different ideal tool for each situation but also good to travel light - have to find a compromise.
  8. Dan Maynard

    Anyone own a Jo Beau M500?

    Pretty powerful, I drive my M500 up ramps into the trailer, admittedly that's lower than a pickup so I would say you'll need long ramps. Needs a bit of encouragement if raining or tyres slip on the metal but I guess that's more a problem with the ramps than the M500.
  9. Dan Maynard

    Smaller Zubat

    I have a 330 zubat which I modified to 270 by pinching the tip in a conifer hedge, being tight I have just ground the end to a round profile and carried on. I don't miss the extra on smaller branches, it's the 3 inch or over where I notice, especially like you said topping cut on spindly pole on a windy day. I'll be going back longer on the replacement blade even though I've recently bought an MS150 so silky not out as much.
  10. Dan Maynard

    The Wee Chipper Club

    I don't know if the Chinese ones have hour counters?
  11. Dan Maynard

    Variable speed controller box thing

    Spot on as above, motor inverter. You can get them powered by single phase supply or 3 phase, but 16A motor is quite big and in the larger sizes the 3phase ones are cheaper so if you can then go that way. I've built factory automation, these things tend to have a list price and then deep discount for machine builders, unfortunately RS tend to be the upper end of range as you pay for convenience. I have a pillar drill and lathe running off inverters which came from eBay, there are quite a few resellers who dismantle old machines and flog the bits so I would definitely look there. I would also suggest a big red isolator switch in a box, you can buy these lots of places even Screwfix.
  12. Dan Maynard

    ArbDogs? Pics!

    He's not pretending to be the sensitive type with a good sense of humour then.
  13. Dan Maynard

    Best use for soft wood

    I believe a load of low grade softwood from our local wood went to be chipped for horse bedding, must be slightly better price than biomass. Grantham somewhere I think, depends where you are as you obviously need to account for haulage cost.
  14. Dan Maynard

    Chain Saw for planking mill

    I haven't done as much milling as these guys but 70cc and lo-pro bar has done ok on up to 24" softwood for me so easily do the 14" stems you are talking about. I have bought a Husqvarna 365 and have to say it is a lot of saw for the money, although just over your £500 by the time you've bought the bar. I believe it's old style reliable Husky and fairly low stressed as it's basically a detuned 372xp.
  15. Dan Maynard

    working over asbestos roofs

    I think the trouble with boarding and working on the roof is that if it cracks and there's a big cleanup bill your insurance company might say that's not accidental damage, you've been walking around on it all day and that was entirely avoidable. To me it's mewp or crane, whichever is easier.


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