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  1. I believe it's used in making violins, maybe some other musical instruments. Of course violin makers are harder to find than wood turners so may not be an easy sale...
  2. I wouldn't dig them up now - even if you water the soil thoroughly, the fine roots are damaged by the digging so they won't have capacity to drink it during the hottest months. You can mulch generously around the base of the hedge though, I'd do this with woodchip, bark, compost, whatever you can get easily.
  3. The nptc cs38 is "access a tree using rope and harness" so not really relevant. From the irata website "IRATA International’s rope access system is a safe method of working at height where ropes and associated equipment are used to gain access to and from the work position, and to be supported there" Is there a risk of falling from height and being injured? If not, it isn't work at height, you are just using ropes for stability. Holding nptc tickets would give you assurance the people are competent to wear a harness, maybe helpful. It seems a bit of a rabbit hole to me, scrambling about on top of a conifer hedge isnt covered by nptc either but we all do it.
  4. I just bought a gun from Chris Forestry, seems ok, no frills. I figured they would be unlikely to sell complete rubbish, you never know what you get if you pick one on eBay.
  5. Good spot, will be interesting to see if they return and comment.
  6. Good chance it's 1/8 BSP , other likely option seems to be M10 x 1. Diameter is similar but pitch different - 1mm for the metric but finer on the BSP.
  7. Blast, all those hedges taller than 20 metres I forgot to get permission for. Better keep my head down.
  8. I agree you'll need a decent risk assessment in place, but it's not clear to me that what you're doing is work at height - hence discussion of nptc or irata is a bit null.
  9. One problem is that you are not protected by consumer rights legislation, as you are a business - so if they have fulfilled the fine print in the contract then you have no leg to stand on. Maybe take some legal advice about whether there is a contractual case to answer, but even that is going to cost £250 an hour.
  10. The other thread was a wind up, now this one's going a little strange....
  11. I used to have a lot of trouble with 3kW compressors , but I think a lot of that was bad wiring in to the property so voltage low. To get round it I installed a couple of blue 16A sockets on individual 16A breakers, which is what I now also run the log splitter from. If I recall my splitter says not to use a normal 13A socket anyway.
  12. Couple of pictures would be good, sounds like a bit of a dinosaur.
  13. Check other posts, any other parts website is better than spectrum now as they've closed down.


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