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  1. Dan Maynard

    Beware the Blackthorn Winter

    Having seen this thread I'm now seeing blackthorn everywhere. Cambridgeshire.
  2. Dan Maynard

    Changing Belts on Jo Beau B24-100

    Usually you take screws out of tightening holes and put them back in the other holes, tighten, tap it, swear, and it jumps off. Google remove taper lock pulley, plenty of guides.
  3. Dan Maynard

    Changing Belts on Jo Beau B24-100

    I can't see properly in the picture but is it a taper lock pulley? That's what they use on the drum on my JoBeau chipper.
  4. Dan Maynard

    Competent saw user needed

    Lad working with us just before Christmas had done the exact same thing. Maybe it should be a part of CS30 as it's the most common chainsaw injury I've actually seen.
  5. Dan Maynard

    Husqvarna 50 special?

    There is a 44 at the beginning of the number on both piston and cylinder, think German logic would have that as a 44mm?
  6. Dan Maynard

    TW125 stolen in Kent

    Hope you do get it back Mark, it's just a bastard when stuff is nicked and costs you a load of money and inconvenience. Especially galling after having all that work done on it. Good point about insurance, I need to tell mine about your old stump grinder which is working very nicely thank you.
  7. Dan Maynard

    What genny to buy?

    Maybe get the small genny for chargers lights etc and then get petrol powered versions of the bigger items such as pressure washer? Quick look for petrol pressure washer starting around the £200 mark.
  8. Dan Maynard

    Wood chip collection

    Maybe grab lorry, loading would be the issue otherwise. Or like Steve says drop off a bin first.
  9. Dan Maynard

    Car battery courier

    Can you get the battery company to arrange collection? They must have an arrangement I guess.
  10. Dan Maynard

    Wire core ring to ring

    More seriously, interesting that they market this for spiking on poles and say it can be used as a cambium saver as an aside. Basically the same as a multisaver which is sold as a cambium saver but can also be used on poles as an aside.
  11. Dan Maynard

    Wire core ring to ring

    Still got the moustache too!
  12. Dan Maynard

    Need advice, want to upgrade my saw.

    I went in the shop for a 241 but was talked into the 261 years ago, never regretted it. If you don't have a special reason to get as light as possible then it's not a lot more cost or weight for the 261 but a good step up in power. If you are only going to have one saw then I would say 50cc but for those larger stems a second bigger saw will make sense. I have also a 365 on 18" bar for the reasons as above, it's a lot of saw for the money.
  13. Dan Maynard

    What saws you got ?

    Sachs Dolmar 112, Dolmar 6000i 150t, 201t, 261, 461 365 Enough. Or should I buy a 390 while I still can?
  14. Dan Maynard

    Need advice, want to upgrade my saw.

    That right there, that's the top of the slippery slope. Two saws sounds plenty, then you get one more, then just one more......
  15. Dan Maynard

    small branch disposal South London

    Good point, bonfire is actually the cheapest option but depending on where you live may not be permissible.


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