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  1. That is shocking, absolutely shocking. Assuming that's your fence line on the right it looks unbalanced as if it has a history of being trimmed away from the neighbours. Replant on the other side of the garden I guess, if there's a bright side that probably isn't a hugely old tree as they grow quite fast.
  2. On the plus side, JackP is out there doing his best to earn some money, making mistakes and learning along the way, rather than just moaning - not all bad.
  3. Nepia gave the long answer, I thought I'd give the short one.
  4. I installed a machine into a factory in Bavaria that had a beer machine next to the soft drink machine in the hallway. When we pointed out that drinking and operating machinery seemed a bit odd to us the answer was indeed "Well it's only beer".
  5. Lockdown emergency, needs must, I think we should cut some slack here. Some of these hot days I've been dreaming of cold beer from lunchtime on.
  6. I guess it depends what you think you're going to do longer term, might not be much point buying more saws if you go and work for a firm. Otherwise I can see that 241, 400 would be a nice pair of saws for felling work. If you go into climbing then you may not use the 241 much though, probably you would go from a 201 straight up to the 400. Other idea would be buy a 16" Sugi ProLam bar for the 400, that would cut really fast, maybe 8 tooth sprocket. Lot less load on the credit card. Problem is the best saw depends on what you are doing, that's why there is no right answer for everyone.
  7. This got me thinking so I had to check, the way I read it dead only needs 5 days notice. Immediate risk off harm you can crack on but must notify as soon as possible. Is a section 211 notice required for work to dead or dangerous trees in conservation areas? Unless there is an immediate risk of serious harm, anyone proposing to carry out work on a tree in a conservation area on the grounds that it is dead must give the authority 5 days notice before carrying out the proposed work. Where such a tree requires urgent work to remove an immediate risk of serious harm, written notice is required as soon as practicable after the work becomes necessary.
  8. Has the brick ring been there longer than the tree?
  9. Just make sure you drive with the window open all the time, that lets the rain in. Also makes up for not having a display on the dash to tell you what the temperature is outside.
  10. I did the course with a 16" 261 so it is possible but then Stihl didn't use to do a 15" bar for them so I think there is some discretion. One of the chaps on mine turned up with a 181, the training centre lent him a saw. I have no idea who you are training with, but I would always say it's worth chatting to them beforehand as better to get questions sorted out before it's too late to do anything about it. I was also thinking if the centre can lend you something then it takes the pressure off fixing this one.
  11. Dan Maynard


    Which end of East Anglia? Quite a few on this forum spread from Norfolk across to the west (where I am), may be worth asking and get some days experience before spending out on the course.
  12. Just a thought, I'm not sure on anybody else's experience but I would think a MS181 is a bit small for doing CS30/31. Maybe the training centre will loan you a saw?
  13. Don't say my feet are going to get bigger, I'll never get any flippin' boots at all! I've been size 13 for the last 30 years or so, haven't noticed any increase so far.
  14. Sorry to hear that Gary, pretty quick in the end then as only the other day you posted she wasn't well.


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