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  1. Good man. 140 poplars would have me investing in kit too.
  2. Just looked up the conversion, 11nzd is only £5.51. Still absolutely eye watering for a screw.
  3. Or another near miss that was a bit too near?
  4. We were talking yesterday with my eldest away to university that I'm going to have to start mowing the lawn myself again, but this year it's only been cut a couple of times as just hasn't grown.
  5. I've read that grey's take the nuts before properly mature hence they don't grow, but not sure how accurate that is.
  6. Turn the file 60 degrees and file the bottom out, then turn it back and proceed as intended. To be fair, 10 quid a file is going to put me off though.
  7. I thought you could tell the nuts are nearly ready because the squirrels have had them?
  8. You can make a climbing system from just a rope and biner by tying what is known as "3 knot system". Second system can be made from the tail end of the same line, so minimum would be a harness, rope and two biners. It's not productive though so nobody in the last 20 years would be that daft.
  9. "What will you do if it rains?" "Put my coat on, madam" But an 80ft greasy pole euc reduction, I'm out too.
  10. I looked at one recently too, I said they don't live terribly long anyway but can't see anything wrong to point at a cause. Drought?
  11. But now the lower RON fuel has 10% ethanol which has half the calorific value of petrol per kg, so maybe the calorific values are evened up?
  12. I haven't tried that, but what E5 are you going to be using? Several of the supers (Esso, BP, Shell I think) will be labelled E5 as required by law but actually be 0% because the label is for "up to 5%" but doesn't mandate a minimum. This is not in all regions though, to be fair. Just thinking if you have no ethanol then of course the additive will be fine. I'm thinking the super (ethanol free) is the way to go, I've saws back to 90s and don't actually know how old my chipper is.
  13. I'd say you don't want sturdy trunks, that will stop a vehicle in one hit. Better lots of small trunks so it gradually slows, less impact force on the occupants.
  14. This is exactly the type of article that there are lots of, short on detail and not exactly right in everything that's there. You can tell that because they contradict each other in details. As far as I know the higher RON doesn't require higher compression but it can stand higher compression without pre-ignition (also called pinking or knock), this means you can either build the engine with a higher compression ratio or use more turbo boost, and get more power. In a lower compression engine the high RON petrol will burn when the spark starts it just like the lower RON petrol does, it's just a waste of money.


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