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  1. Speaking to FIL last night he would prefer a roller and varispeed, the battery only option is complicated by the roller requirement. There was an ATCO/Mountfield but its not available (both seem very low on stock).... The cobra would probably be the B+S motor as Hondas with a electric start seems very pricey. A set engine speed would not be an issue if drive speed is variable
  2. The only concern with the stihl is it single speed and am concerned with operators ability to keep up the cobras above and husky are variable speed, which i think may be key to success in this specific application (and not normally a consideration)
  3. So looks like self propelled battery is expensive.....especially variable speed any advice on these 2 Cobra units? Cobra RM433SPBI 17" Petrol Powered Rear Roller Lawnmower WWW.COBRAGARDEN.CO.UK Cobra MX484SPCE 19" Petrol Powered Lawnmower WWW.COBRAGARDEN.CO.UK £180 difference between them 😯 but still a little cheaper that closest battery only option (Husqvarna which is over £500 and equivalent to the £300 Cobra) £200 buys quite a lot of petrol and oil and even probably a couple of annual services? At the moment no requirement for sharing battery to other tools, any experience for light domestic use of the cobras linked too and the especially the cobra engine?
  4. I hadn’t and partly the reason for question as the traditional big names are possibly not the best option for this newer tech. Just be jase you make a great 2/4 stroke machines doesn’t mean you make great DC machines. Warranty is a concern but almost impossible at the moment to get hand on and even look at a machine let alone try walking with it etc as FIL won’t be able to out in public for many months.
  5. Hmm so Stihl 3.5km/h fixed..... Cobra petrol 4 speed 2.5km/h - 3.9 km/h in 4 steps inc 3.5km/h Husqvarna LC141V Li variable 3.0km/h - 4.5km/h on the basis slower is better the husqvarna or Cobra would be the better options. The cobra is 40kg the husqvarna 22kg (inc battery?) so looks like the husky is winning.......typically most expensive 🤐 Do Stihl do a variable speed? And any experience of cobra? and why don’t makita make is easy to find the models that are powered ☹️ edit: so the makita DLM462 is powered with variable speed from 2.0km/h to 5.0km/h it nearly 40kg? And more expensive at £400 bare and needing 2 5.0Ah batteries
  6. I did suggest that......costs are higher again? this ticks the boxes and come in quite a lot cheaper than either electric options Cobra MX534SPCE Variable 4-Speed Electric Start Self-Propelled Petrol Lawn Mower WWW.JUSTLAWNMOWERS.CO.UK The Cobra MX534SPCE lawn mower is powered by a Cobra 4-speed electric start engine and is for sale at Just Lawnmowers with free next day delivery.
  7. 1.8kg should be ok the AP 200 is 1.2kg and having to stop and recharge battery may not be an issue as it takes 3 sessions to mow the lawn currently with the flymo. if we looked at petrol then to get electric start it’s more like £800+ and will be a bigger much heavier machine, my slight concern is the lack of speed control and him needing to keep up with the machine
  8. Trying to sort a new mower for FIL as petrol push Mountfield is too much for him currently. Recovering from cancer and shielding so difficult gets hand son with options. Looking at the Stihl RMA 448 TC as an alternate to a powered electric start (his wish list) petrol mower. How heavy is the battery and how long does it last? In reality there lawn isn’t huge 20m x 15m maybe with several flowerbeds and awkward edges, tree roots, general domestic garden. Mulching option may work well but then don’t want loads of grass cuttings dragged into house by shoes or paws... husqvarna is another option... with the LC 141iV guess tjere are many more. Bosch don’t do a powered battery mower only push?
  9. Ask these guys..... Classic Machinery | The Farming Forum THEFARMINGFORUM.CO.UK Classics and vintage machinery that you like collecting and still using on your farm
  10. Can you point me to where the law says using a 50mm ball on 3 point hitch frame is illegal please.
  11. Anyone local want some folding beer tokens? PM me.....stump is the east of the M5 J25 TA3 they are retired so can literally do it when passing, if you give them a call and check they are in that day.
  12. This is the only stump that needs doing (in the lawn) and sounds like an easy job with the right kit. FIL thought the stump was being removed as part of the job. Only hire I have found so far is hire station and £90 a day plus vat for machine there is a side gate for access so it’s easy enough just either need someone local who doesn’t have transport costs or diy with a hired machine.
  13. Hirestation hire a small husqvarna grinder looking at hiring one myself for a day or so https://www.hirestation.co.uk/tool-hire/Landscaping/Wood-Chipper-Hire/140265/
  14. The outlaws recently had an aborist in to do some work to some mature trees and remove some unwanted ones. Now they have done a great job especillay trimming the larger tree. Where one of the unwanted trees has been removed there is a beautifully level base of a stump left it’s virtualy flush to the lawn and about 9” diameter. Now what sort of work is it to grind the stump down below the lawn and turf seed over it? Is it an easy job with a hired grinder ? if it’s a day/had a day with a grinder then add top soil and seed I would do it myself. any recommendations on grinder hire costs around Bridgewater or Taunton?
  15. RHS says deciduous hedge mid winter so Beech needs to wait? evergreen mid spring which is now? no birds nest witnessed in the section of hedge concerned. Not being able to cut hedges between Feb and August must make life awkward for the pros 5 months of the worst weather to work outside...


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