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  1. Ask these guys..... Classic Machinery | The Farming Forum THEFARMINGFORUM.CO.UK Classics and vintage machinery that you like collecting and still using on your farm
  2. Can you point me to where the law says using a 50mm ball on 3 point hitch frame is illegal please.
  3. Anyone local want some folding beer tokens? PM me.....stump is the east of the M5 J25 TA3 they are retired so can literally do it when passing, if you give them a call and check they are in that day.
  4. This is the only stump that needs doing (in the lawn) and sounds like an easy job with the right kit. FIL thought the stump was being removed as part of the job. Only hire I have found so far is hire station and £90 a day plus vat for machine there is a side gate for access so it’s easy enough just either need someone local who doesn’t have transport costs or diy with a hired machine.
  5. Hirestation hire a small husqvarna grinder looking at hiring one myself for a day or so https://www.hirestation.co.uk/tool-hire/Landscaping/Wood-Chipper-Hire/140265/
  6. The outlaws recently had an aborist in to do some work to some mature trees and remove some unwanted ones. Now they have done a great job especillay trimming the larger tree. Where one of the unwanted trees has been removed there is a beautifully level base of a stump left it’s virtualy flush to the lawn and about 9” diameter. Now what sort of work is it to grind the stump down below the lawn and turf seed over it? Is it an easy job with a hired grinder ? if it’s a day/had a day with a grinder then add top soil and seed I would do it myself. any recommendations on grinder hire costs around Bridgewater or Taunton?
  7. RHS says deciduous hedge mid winter so Beech needs to wait? evergreen mid spring which is now? no birds nest witnessed in the section of hedge concerned. Not being able to cut hedges between Feb and August must make life awkward for the pros 5 months of the worst weather to work outside...
  8. Got a couple of hedges that have become too thick... a beech hedge and a privet both were under managed for a time and while almost under control they are much wider than they were and need to be.... what the best/easiest way to reduce them? when is the best time of year? thinking a chainsaw with a long bar and just cut everything back 12”
  9. Well it’s done it is. Push fit and very tight.... found an American forum suggested heating it up, noticed some marks where it had previously been in a vice.... so I put it the the worlds smallest vice and warmed it up...... eventually it came off...neeeded a bit more heat to get it back on.... seems mad there isn’t something holding the other end but I guess as long as you don’t run it without and attached tool it’s fine ...... plastic end is replaced that was all that was wrong with it I ordered a valve gasket kit and feeler gauge but valves were spot on. Shame I cut the hedge I was going to use it on at the weekend and it was still in bits.....
  10. 16 is grease.... going to have a bash at it later just want to stop the drive shaft falling out.....
  11. Anyone got any insight? what holds the shaft into the motor to stop no 6 sitting on no5 and wearing it away?
  12. Or how do you get no 6 off so no 5 can fit over no 2?..
  13. Recently got a second powerhead for my kombi a 4mix km90 and the drive shaft drops out, now it’s not a new machine by any stretch but in good running order apart from the drive shaft so I ordered a new plastic bush for £3 and set about replacing it..... Stihl sell the whole driveshaft with the plastic bushing already fitted for £35 but the shaft looks fine just the plastic worn... How does no 5 fit onto no 2?
  14. Bale twin 😉 just keep it a different colour to the twine holding up your strides.
  15. If I put a lot of grease in I noticed it coming out the head and making a right mess, little and often seems to work and good spray on the outside of the blades (especially in damp foliage) there is probably a thread adapter you you can buy to from the M8? Bolt to a grease nipple.


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