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  1. Yanks have been running E10 for years, they even run E85…… it has issues in long term storage but they are still moving and plenty additives on the shelf…..
  2. Well turns out it was “tweaked” for the minimum charge and bow runs like a champ so all sorted for under £30 just annoying…
  3. Carbs was fettled seems better not been used in anger yet
  4. Always viewed those with plenty of suspicion/cynicism do they really work?
  5. Thanks I left it with the old man to sort of they can’t sort it I’ll get it off him and strip it myself I did the valve check when I bought it it (it’s a well used older model) and it’s been running great for over a year a bit circumstances have meant I’ve not been back to see my folks so often the last 18 months or so 🙈🙈🙈
  6. Thing is he has been using it more than the 56 both fuelled from same can of mixture stihl green super oil and unleaded the 56 running like a champ 90 dead as a, well dead thing, hence me thinking ignition or electrical but the man in the stihl dealer he say no 🤷‍♂️
  7. So too update the old man took it in to be looked at this morning it ran briefly then died after tweaking the carb but would die each time, suggested carb at fault. Has left it with them 😒
  8. Nope checked that and it’s fine
  9. So a couple of years ago I bought a km90 power head (already had a km56) and it’s been great until last week and now won’t start it coughed once after numerous attempts to start? Valve adjustment ? Seemed more electrical ? I didn’t have time to look at it as needed to crack on cutting so did it with km56. It had been in fairly regular use over last few months had fuel plug looked ok seemed to have compression turned over smooth
  10. HDAV

    Grass seed

    Well it’s done scarified, over seeded, top dressed and watered 🤞
  11. HDAV

    Grass seed

    Got some sand and topsoil dressing locally 🤞 going to spread some then seed then a little on top to protect seed from birds 🤞(suggestion of the supplier)
  12. HDAV

    Grass seed

    Judging by the salt I see I would say sea... will try and find some not sea sand
  13. HDAV

    Grass seed

    Thanks sand then over seed or seed then sand? Lawn isn’t large by any stretch any sharp sand (builders sand?) here a lot is dredged sand is that alright for a lawn?
  14. HDAV

    Grass seed

    Lawn looking pretty awful so think it’s time to add some grass actually it needs a lot more work like ripping out and starting again.... my thinking is to get a big bag of top soil rake it over to help level it out and over seed. Sprogs & Dogs - Hardwearing Grass Seed - Lawn UK LAWNUK.COM One of the toughest grass seed mixtures on the market! Fast to establish, and easy to maintain, Sprogs & Dogs seed is available in 1kg intervals. looks good but then it would wouldn’t it..... any one used it or something similar garden is quite shaded and can be wet......dog (bitch) has done plenty of damage with pee, high traffic, and scratching 🙈🙈🙈


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