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  1. Been looking at the rust earring compounds, just paint the brick acid on the wash off after a few hours? Wasn’t going to hammerite it but stone chip paint makes sense just bought some orange to tidy it up a bit.....
  2. If your not a member pop over to Rib-net if you need any help Inflatable boats - SIBs and folding RIBs - RIBnet Forums WWW.RIB.NET Inflatable boats - SIBs and folding RIBs - Not RIBs, but SIBs or Soft Inflatable Boats. Small RIBs too, anything that can be... I’m sure someone there will tell you it’s dangerous and you need to skip the lot 🙈
  3. It’s not a business it’s not a sound economic prospect either, I can see us being in lock down again soon and if this saves a few evenings of boredom and my financial investment is modest under £100 it’s cheaper than a few trips to the pub and dinners out. After this I think I’ll have a bash at an outboard motor ready for next spring. For me it’s a learning exercise the first one was more necessity and time frame was limited if i had failed over a bank holiday weekend it was off to buy a new one on the Tuesday.... as it was by Tuesday evening the grass was being mowed. I will need a couple of Parts for this one and it will take a while for them to appear at the right moneys Or I sell the parts and probably get more than I would for a working mower 🤔
  4. I have the drive off the mower and while I’ll clean all the old grass off and possibly whip the cover off for a look i wasn’t planning on doing more with the drive at this stage the belt was off the motor end when it arrived and with a broken wheel I wasn’t able to test it just to add anyone know why sort of material the grass bags are made of as there are a couple of holes that need patching, may be possible to stitch them up but I’m less of a seamstress than I am mechanic 🙈🙈🙈
  5. Managed to grab an hour today and get the front axle/drive off made a start on cleaning up the body some bits better than I thought some worse, par for the course I guess 🤷‍♂️ Only the side flap is left but the nuts have lost their hex and it’s a gamble the threads are sound 🤔 would make life easier if it was off....
  6. Think you might be right especially as the only spare you can’t buy is the Deck that rusts out and the “professional workshops” send straight to the skip...... 🤔🤔🤔
  7. Doesn’t need to be stainless, galv would be good enough.....or plastic.......or fibreglass.......
  8. As I said if you have an R53SV I’ll have it collecting isn’t a problem from Devon but why £20? Skips cost money 🤔......
  9. Good job I’m not a “professional workshop” then 😉 Absolutely more profitable to strip it seeing what people are trying to sell parts for......🙈🙈🙈 I may keep the deck and sell the rest 🤷‍♂️ What’s a Honda gc160 motor worth? Carb is probably worth what I paid?
  10. So had a bit of time today and it was sunny so stripped it down and jet washed the deck and left it to air dry anyone know how to get the front axle apart? Circlips on inside and similar clips on outside (by drive gears) do both need to come off? Hoping the drive box doesn’t need to come apart...
  11. Yes I know it’s rusted that’s why I’m going to repair the rusted bits.......I’m sure you do chuck them in the skip as we live in a disposable society 🙈🙈🙈 And you will make far more money selling a new mower to the customer than fixing the old one... that’s not the point of what i am doing....... but if you are skipping any R53SV I am after some parts so please let me know It’s that yes, not sure how to get the axle off that my next challenge as I need to fix/repalce a height adjuster on a front wheel
  12. So wasn’t sure where to put this..... Anyway after doing some repair work to my dads mower see here for info: I quite enjoyed doing it & think they are a decent mower and I was bored on marketplace 🙈🙈🙈 I happenEd to find one for sale locally..... a similar machine, I think a slightly newer one? Has a different handle and motor is badged Honda not husqvarna (May have been changed?) Anyway as I have more time and don need to get it back to mowing after a couple of days I decided can do a bit more with this one and will either sell it or keep it as a spare, might swap it with the old man and finish his properly who knows, anyway thought I would document it here if anyone was interested...
  13. Well in a moment for madness I bought another one unseen 🙈🙈🙈 photos were somewhat misleading as to the state of the machine so a little winter evening project I can spend a little more time on this one as I don’t have to get it back mowing within a couple of days 🤞
  14. keep an eye on eBay or check local dealer for prices


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