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  1. When using a frog walker system on 10mm rope for access what method is used if you need to come down before being able to tie in with your working rope system seen a few videos of going up but not how to get down on the same 10mm rope Thanks
  2. My Entec 30 1998 model chipper same as Timberwolf 150 has very slow infeed rollers am guessing the hydraulic motors are worn out but just checking a few things before spending money Inside the hydraulic tank there is a filter that is screwed to the outlet port that feeds into the pump, you cant see the filter as its submerged in oil. looking online its called a suction filter and can cause problems if it becomes blocked {if clogged may restrict flow hence my slow rollers} I was thinking to change it but looking at the spares for this and similar machines there is no mention of such a filter Any one know about this filter and if its a changable part
  3. Hi I have a Entec 30 DH 1997 Chipper with a Kubota 4 cylinder diesel its the same as a Timberwolf 150 Am trying to find out what RPM the engine should be running at while chipping and how I can check the RPM The rollers on the entec turn alot slower and they will jam much easier then my mates Timberwolf 150, his Timberwolf sounds to be working at a higher RPM I would like to check the RPMs on both chippers to compare Is there a reliable method of doing this Is there any recommendation of what is the ideal working RPM Thanks
  4. bolla

    Tipper Fuse Blown

    Tipper motor and ram are off the old vehicle, the wiring including the 175amp fuse and switch gear were allready on the new vehicle. I never had a problem with the old set up but then I dont know what size fuse was in it. I will try a slightly larger fuse Thanks
  5. I recently (christmas time)bought an ex demo mitsubishi canter tipper, I had the tipper body taken off and my old high sided body with old hydraulic ram and pump put on every thing has been working as it should untill today Today after tipping a heavy full load the body would not come down i traced this to a blown fuse on the lead that comes from the battery,the fuse is 175 Amp Little fuse MEGA This fuse the isolator switch and the up down switch are all oringal to the new vehicle ,is it possible the 175 amp fuse is good for say 1 ton tip if i try and tip 2 ton the fuse blows if so can i just put a bigger fuse if so how big ? or is it likely to be something else wrong
  6. Chippers 21 years old. had a few issues with the hydraulics that I hope i have now fixed/ got the new fluid so want to change it
  7. Hi I want to change the hydraulic fluid in my entec 30 DH chipper There is no drain plug on the tank, I was thinking to remove the outlet pipe but the way its positioned would make it difficult to catch the oil as it will spill out onto the chassis rail, the outlet is about 50mm from the bottom of the tank so would still have fluid in the tank. Was looking at suction pumps but not sure if they are any good, any suggestions Thanks
  8. I had some one look at the chipper and they replaced the hydraulic pump Has been working ok on small jobs After a lot of chipping yesterday I noticed hydraulic fluid had leaked out of the seal between the filter housing and the tank (same place it leaked before but not as bad) I was not feeding the machine myself as i was climbing but did hear the chipper anti stress kicking in and also a few bits jamming between the rollers sometimes getting stuck for a few minutes with machine running. If the rollers jam up as a knuckle has got stuck could the hydraulic fluid get pumped past the rollers back to the tank causing to much pressure in the tank and the seal to leak? Also is there a breather on the hydraulic tank Any ideas why i get either too much fluid or pressure back in the tank causing the seal to leak Thanks
  9. I have been asked to fell and grind a Plane tree in rear garden by an insurance company There is no access for a stump grinder so have been asked to fell to ground and treat to prevent regrowth, was going to use eco plugs. There are 2 mature Plane trees in the neighbors garden is there a chance the Plane tree stump I want to treat could be connected to these other 2 Plane tree roots system ? If stump is left untreated and any regrowth is removed ASAP will the stump die off and how long is it likely to take? Thanks
  10. Hi am looking for a wiring diagram for a Entec 30 dh chipper 1998 model,I have the original owners maintenance manual but no wiring diagram. I would also like to see an early timberwolf wiring diagram have seen a 2006 on line but would like an earlier one. Thanks
  11. Thanks for replys if it is a water temp switch where is it fitted on the engine Thanks
  12. Am trying to find out if the Timberwolf 150 has an overheat cut out fitted that stops the engine if it gets too hot. If so wheres it fitted and would it be possible to fit some thing similar to an En Tec 30 DH that has a 4 cylinder diesel Kubota engine Thanks
  13. Hi just curious did you ever sort out the bubbles in the coolant I have a en tec 30 dh just checked the coolant after starting the engine and discoverd bubbles, Thanks
  14. Hi I have an Entec 30dh similar to Timberwolf 150 chipper My Hydraulic pump is bolted to the engine not belt driven The rollers seemed to be turning slower then usual but would some times speed up after being used for 15 minutes or so. While using the chipper this morning rollers going slow then hydraulic oil started coming out of the filter housing in spurts, the oil level was showing high. I switched off and even an hour or so later the oil level was still showing high. I took the motors off that turn the rollers and everything seemed ok, started engine and splines would turn, put back together and chipped for a little bit after 5 minutes hydraulic oil spurting out from filter housing again and rollers a bit juddery. Switched off When i got I unbolted the pump to see if anything was obviously broken but not sure what i am looking at, did notice the hydraulic fluid level had dropped. any ideas whats wrong Thanks
  15. Hi would like to have a go at srt, is any one running training or have a go courses, am in London but can travel. Thanks


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