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  1. I think I've got it sorted. I've managed to rent a 661 from someone (finalising and collect saw tonight).....hopefully it goes ahead. Thank you all for your kind help, responses and offers.
  2. Looking at Wednesday / Thursday next week. The customer is keeping almost all of the chip & timber - it's a big place. They want the rings to, and have a site vehicle to put them on, so cutting some rings that are liftable 2-man and can be put onto a little piaggio backed right up close will be enough.
  3. I've got a 261, and would prefer to use my own stuff if I can........ but can maybe borrow a 461 which might have better options ?
  4. Looking for a bit of help. Just to see if anyone out there is interested in either: - renting me a large saw (ideally >42") or - coming to site (your day rate including saw) to help me finish a job ? The location is near Potters Bar - Hertfordshire. I've just taken down multiple poles on 2 large Lawson Cyprusses. What's left is 2 short(ish) trunks/stumps...approx 2.5m tall, 41" diametre. Need to get the stumps over (roughly just above ground level) and ring them up. There is plenty of space in a large front drive (enough for my truck to pull them over with a rigging rope). If it's of interest drop me a line. Mike - Home Wood Tree Services Ltd mob. 0771 666 2932 homewoodtrees@yahoo.com
  5. hedge/hedgerow might be "siepe" the missus is from milano....being a newbie i very rarely get to add something (hopefully) useful to the chat......i'm always reading and trying to learn from the wealth of experience on this site!
  6. Thanks for all the replies. Think I've got my head around it now to do it with the 20" bar. Also think I'll look at doing the felling >380mm course as for sure it will be useful.
  7. after a little bit of guidance/advice from you chaps Usually it's just small jobs for me (have a 261 with an 18" bar). Looking like I might (finally) secure a nice bigger job ..... when I say big it's big for me !...... 2 x Lawsons 18m...with trunks DBH 41.5" (I measured the trunks......330cm circumference). The trunk is only this Dia up to about 2.4m height....past that its just poles that are manageable....so the bit I'm stuck on its getting it to ground level.. I have a 261 with 18" bar, ......and I can borrow a mate's 461 with 20" bar Questions are : what is the largest bar/chain to get on a 261/461 and be able to fell (cut the trunk to a stump) to ground level (obviously the tree is a sectional dismantle). I'm thinking best way might be buy a 25" bar and chain for the 461 (not sure the max on a 261) and just keep expanding the gob cut....maybe cut sides away.....maybe letterbox it ? I've used 880's and 660's before in the past and in an ideal world I've have a 47" bar......(working for a local authority).....but now I'm on my own......can't hire 660's with big bars (not that I can find) and I'm not in a position financially to buy a saw like that. any ideas gratefully received cheers MikeF
  8. Evening all, just wondering what the consensus is on locking out the lifting eye on the chipper ? I've got the usual wheel clamps, towing hitch locks, but wondering if it's worth locking out the eye......or is there no point as slings can be used anyway ? I initially looked at something like this Towing Eye Lock fits 40mm and 50mm Towing Eyes | L&S Engineers WWW.LSENGINEERS.CO.UK Heavy Duty Towing Eye Lock Self colour steel finish Suitable for 40mm & 50mm towing eyes. I suppose I should really get a concrete block set in the ground to prevent it being lifted, but in the meantime......any ideas ? cheers Mike
  9. Evening all, Just to see if anyone knows of a LOLER inspector in Hertfordshire ? I've looked through the archives on here and can't seem to come up with anything. Looking for a LOLER inspector in the Hertfordshire area ? (I'm in Potters Bar....So North London/ South Hertfordshire / West of Essex area) I'm out of agency work (where they provided LOLER'd kits) this week.......a possible short term job has come up but I'd need to get my own kit LOLER'd quite quickly. cheers Mike
  10. morning gents, just a note to say thanks for all the responses - at least it's diagnosed. I've got the machine booked in next week so hopefully can get it fixed, an bring in a few quid after this work drought cheers Mike
  11. ok. I've had the chute and roller box all off. It seems like its the bearing at the front of the flywheel - On page 46 of the TW manual its bearing 6205. When I rotate the flywheel using a socket it grinds/binds for about 180 deg, then it frees up I can't get that main shaft 24mm nut off (not even with a long steel bar) that holds the driveshaft together. Does anyone know if this nut is reverse thread ? Does anyone know if this bearing 6205 can be replaced without taking of the front plate of the rotor housing ? I feel like I'm so close to being able to fix it any advice gratefully received
  12. morning gents thanks for all the replies. I think I've diagnosed it from your suggestions....the flywheel is bound up....i think wire might be in it. i've got the 2 springs off and the head raised with wood supporting it...gonna try and look inside........if the wire is behind (ie no access to it) the flywheel then does that mean the hopper head has to come off ?...i.m not sure what needs to come of to get open access to the flywheel
  13. Hi Bob thanks for the reply. chipper was running fine most of the day. now it won't turn over, similar to a weak battery....lots of resistance on cranking (it's not the battery - new one 6 months ago) I'm no mechanic, but to me it's like there's a solenoid (starter ? fuel ?) not working preventing it from starting ? I'm not sure I know how to check/test that though..... i'll post up a video clip tomorrow.....it's totally f*cked me as I at last had a few small little jobs lined up and now will have to cancel (just not enough money in them for a hire chipper).
  14. Evening all, Just wondered if anyone knows of places that do chipper repairs on a TW150 DHB in the South Herts/W.Essex N.London area ? I'm only a very small outfit doing small domestic stuff. Been no work for 2 months. My 2nd job in this week and chipper has gone (think it might be solenoid) In the past I've been to Tom at Willows Workshop (brilliant service) but he is booked out for 6 weeks......i've only just managed to get a few jobs lined up and this has happened so I'm trying to get it fixed quick. any advice greatly appreciated cheers Mike
  15. Morning all, I've trawled the internet.... and the help section here - can'y find anything. Nothing on the Husky website either, Wondering if anyone has any advice/links on how to open up an electric Husky topper T536 LiXP, and take apart the main housing body of the saw ? Are there any lurking springs that pop out never to be found again when you take out that last bolt or Chinese puzzle plastic that renders reassembly impossible ? (which is what usually happens to me). I did an ash take down yesterday and I managed to smash the handle on the saw, so needs replacing. ps- love the saw - fantastic bit of kit cheers Mike


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