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  1. Is it that noisy to need ear defenders out if interest?
  2. Well no, fr Jones dont ask for a licence, but my local dealer does, so I depends on the retailer I guess
  3. What does the diagonal wire do on the corner?
  4. But, there is ni way there are going in straight, in that video it goes all over the place. You need a guy with a level to set it with the first Knocks
  5. Bet you an buy without the licence unlike stihl
  6. I assume on your own these are not accurate in getting them dead upright?
  7. Jen is very bendy! And Victoria, well I couldn't agree more!
  8. For me, it would be jen pringle ( anyone who has small children who watch channel 5 milkshake will know what I mean!), Victoria coren Mitchell, Jodie whittiker!
  9. not the best image, but my tractor weighs just over 1 tonne. I have to put 100kg of weights on the front or the steering is too light. This model doesn't have a stabilizer leg, but two feet that it rests on the ground. I have since had the feet modified so they can be shortened so you can bang posts in right up against an existing fence. I paid 3k for it, but that was 2008! It still looks good and works as it should. I only run the tractor on tick over too
  10. I think 120. Yes it's got the telescopic mast will bang in 10ft posts. It weighs in at around 400kg alltogethdr
  11. What he said. I run a p30 on a kubota stv32, perfect machine for the tractor. Wont do a gate post unless you pre drill, at least not round here it wont!
  12. Yes, I ordered a vacuum grease gun from Amazon, and it comes with a locking head which is easy to disengage and engage without damaging the nipple. I had the same problem as you. Search for g coupler on amazon
  13. Not the best time to be selling new chippers!
  14. So, by ploughing my profits into the business the last two years and paying no tax as a result, I will get nothing then?? Cheers
  15. Official word is, grass cutting is classed as non essential, soothe parish council have told me not to do it. Cricket field will now be hay meadow!


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