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  1. This is what infuriates me . It takes us longer now as we have less horsepower, so we burn more fuel than we would otherwise have done! Its like the eec telling us our kettles were too powerful, so down rate them, it takes,longer to boil! Interesting I brought a new kubota 40hp tractor this year, no dpf, and no sign of one ever being fitted according to the dealer, so why in chippers?
  2. If he is a subcontractor, then it's down to him to pay, unless you employ him under your insurance
  3. Except, what happens if you have an older machine and the engine blows up? Can you not get a replacement?
  4. It's easy. Get a length of wire, open up the flap where you plug in the lead, jam one in the small pin, the other in the top large one to go up, bottom one to go down . Also, instead of buying another, get yourself a wireless tipping kit. The box of tricks simply plugs into the trailer the you have a wireless remote.
  5. Who exactly will know if it's not running clean, are there pollution police? I.e. if i asked you to fit a 1505 engine from new, no questions asked, what's stopping you?
  6. Doesn't make sense. kubota tractors all go up to about 138hp, they have to comply surely?
  7. Oh dear, a doosan? Well that's forst of the list for future then. It cant be to do with emissions, kubota are the world leader of plant engines, look at the tractors the sell in the country alone, they would have to comply
  8. Since the government have postponed the latest emissions target for engines, will the 45hp be available for longer?
  9. Another way of knocking a pin out!
  10. Looks good, but cant help thinking with those uprights inside the chip box, when you tip its going to gather against them? And if you were to tip logs, they will smash against them, possibly bending them? How did you attach the chequer plate?
  11. I am sure timberwolf advise using copper ease when changing blades to make it easier next time you change blades?
  12. What happens at the end of four years?
  13. They are in hemel hempstead. They supply belts and bearings. I got all my belts and bearings for my entec refurb from them, and fitted them myself. Is suspect it will be a big job, lots to remove to get to them, and you may need a press to put the bearing in. So I take it that price he quoted was supplied and fitted, not just the cost of the bearing?
  14. I had to double check your post there, 1300? There is a place near me, take in an old bearing and they can match it up. I had some very unusual roller bearings on the crusher that were horrendous price from the manufacturer, around 200 a pop. This place supplied them 50 each.


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