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  1. dig-dug-dan

    Timberwolf 125 wanted

    I just clicked the link and it worked, but i guess you have to be a member for that to happen
  2. dig-dug-dan

    Timberwolf 125 wanted

    Search arb2trade on facebook. You may have to join the group.There are currently two on there, one at 4500, ome at 2000. Both look ok.
  3. dig-dug-dan

    Timberwolf 125 wanted

  4. dig-dug-dan

    Timberwolf 125 wanted

    Ther was one on facebook...... let me check
  5. dig-dug-dan

    Hydraulic pressure ?

    Here you can see the ceetop, center two pipes go to the ram, one comes in from pump, the other goes to the track valves. Not visible is the test port which is in the silver port block
  6. dig-dug-dan

    Hydraulic pressure ?

    once i get onto the tablet, i wil put a piccie up, but basically there is a ceetop valve that operates the ram. the valve porting block underneath has a testing port on it, which i know the manufacturer uses to set the pressures. the pump also operates the tracks and the conveyor
  7. dig-dug-dan

    Hydraulic pressure ?

    My mate has a pressure gauge i can plug in in the first instance!
  8. dig-dug-dan

    Hydraulic pressure ?

  9. dig-dug-dan

    Hydraulic pressure ?

    Thats what i need, its not easy to plumb that in, but there is a test port in the valve block under the ceetpop which might do the trick. Just need to see who might have such a device!
  10. dig-dug-dan

    Hydraulic pressure ?

    Hope some hydraulic experts might know. Have an unusual problem on one of the crushers, see video. The ram basically slows and loses power, and the pressure switch fails to tell the ram to change direction. It only happens once the machine has got hot. Have changed the filter, the ceetop valve, pressure relief valve, pressure switch and made sure its full of oil. My next thought was to change all the fluid, and then the pump. Pump has only done 300 hours, but this machine does little work as its kept off the hire fleet for my own jobs. I can send a sample of oil off for analysis if thats any help
  11. dig-dug-dan


    I got mine done by the chipper doctor. Its actually not that difficult, i presume a flywheel sensor has gone?
  12. dig-dug-dan

    Show us your Arb Diggers please.

    The point about agriculturual contractors is interesting, they are being paid by another landowner to carry out work, they are therefore not allowed to run on red diesel!
  13. dig-dug-dan

    Penetrating spray

    That sounds interesting!
  14. dig-dug-dan

    Penetrating spray

  15. dig-dug-dan

    Penetrating spray

    I forgot to add, bearings can go, i need to remove the shaft and jaw from the machine, jaw is going into another machine


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