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  1. Time Left: 5 days and 2 hours

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    Nissan nt400, 2019 on a 68 plate. 43k. Sat nav with rear camera Three way tip Tow bar Wireless tipping Rear seats removed, never been used, these inc in the sale. Full service history. New tyres on the rear Balance of warranty remains until late 2023 £26,500 plus vat. Available in two weeks time


    - GB

  2. It may be worth noting, that any remap done through the obd port is a no-no. This is where you will get problems. Not familiar with the plug in boxes, but I guess these are easy to remove in the event of work needed to be done under warranty? I had my nt400,done, they removed the ECU and reprogrammed it. I then had a warranty claim. Pleased to say they honoured it and never mentioned it, even after they had plugged in the computer and read the boost figures!
  3. Switch checked, all ok! New relay arrived, fitted and so far so good!
  4. Ah. Hadnt considered that. Yes it is still there!
  5. Tested at the button end, all good. I then traced to a solenoid in the engine bay, that when running clicks itself off. I have ordered a new one in the hole its that, and not something causing it to click, off!
  6. Ah. I see. Makes sense. I will check them both out
  7. No. Had to hold the green button in constantly to get it to feed. Blue one reversed rollers ok
  8. Having trouble with the chipper, the feed rollers keep stopping. Press the green button and they start up again, but stop after a short period. Having to have my finger on the green button is getting annoying. Any ideas what it could be ? Loose wire somewhere?
  9. I run one on a 40hp kubota and have yet to have a problem with it
  10. Why not go for a hycrack that just uses PTO power and no hydraulics?
  11. Why are you not allowed to take pictures? It's worth mentioning, Ford will get out of any warranty claim by stating that you haven't washed underneath often enough!
  12. That at least has four wheels. The other one has to be dragged along surely?
  13. I brought a digga that I have set up to run on both my micro and avant. It's great on the avant, fast, and can reverse. Slow on the micro and no reverse, but i have yet to get it stuck!


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