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  1. The 140, but its seriously downrated compared to my previous one which was only 130! It's got an eco mode which is always on, you have to turn it off. Trying to work out how to disconnect it! Going to get it remapped as soon as possible
  2. That's a fair rate with that speed !
  3. Ben I have always had cabstar. I brought a new double cab three way tipper in January knowing it was the last one I could get. It's the only one where you can take the rear seats out to make a flat floor. Now I have to think ahead and consider its replacement in 5 years time. The canter is good, but you cannot remove the rear seats in the back, it has no bluetooth also! Isuzu do not do a double cab 3.5tonne. It's looking like it might be iveco as a compromise A word of warning on the double cab cabstar, and even the single cab. No Nissan dealer round my way will service or do any warranty work, claiming it's too big for their ramps. I would have to drive over 100 miles for this!
  4. What kind of tonnage is it producing?
  5. Thanks. I have been dealing with Mike if that's any help!
  6. I will give a vote to harbrook engineering. They actually have a water cutter for hardox. I think you may have recommended them to me. They have built crusher jaws for me, which are an absolute piece of engineering, and if I am honest, better than the ones the manufacturer were fitting. I had to get the cad drawings for them, and send them an old jaw for reference, but they looked at the old one, saw where it had failed and made some design changes after some discussion, to produce the new ones. My only gripe is they are shockers for not coming back to you or getting things done when they say. They gave me a price for 3 jaws as that was slightly cheaper, they made one and sent in as I was in a hurry, now 3 months on, still waiting!
  7. No, I just took a panel off in the footwell. By all means email or message me
  8. Sounds good if you have a cad program and know how to use it!
  9. Update. Rotor was bent by 6mm, and needed a balance. Fitted today, no vibration, cuts without any issues!
  10. My trick is to ask for the engine or machine serial number, so you can check it against the stolen register. They don't know if you have a register or not, so if its genuine, they will tell you!
  11. I will have to check with him!
  12. Yes, it does work in dusty conditions. I will have to ask him further, as I know my machines inside out, not up with these red rhinos.
  13. mmm. thats interesting! so is it a simple case of a bigger hose from tank to pump? how will that work with the fittings that screw into each?
  14. Could be, or someone else says revs too high for the pump?
  15. Can anyone recommend a hydraulics expert, kind of guy who can look at a system to find faults etc? Mate of mine has two or three red rhino 5020 crushers, they all suffer the same problem. Run for a few minutes, look in the hydraulic tank and it looks like a pint of beer! He is based down in eastsussex/ Kent area, but he is prepared to take the machine to someone if that helps. Red rhino have been no help whatsoever, other than to swap two pipes over which made no difference


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