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  1. It's the clowns selling green wood saying its seasoned that's the problem, and even with a licence in place to sell wood, there will still be those who sell without. Same as the waste carriers licence, spraying licence and the running of red diesel in tractors not for agric use. No enforecement ever done, so why will people do it?
  2. For what it's worth, my brother used to manage a van hire centre, and he found his volkswagens ad blue tanks ran very well on just water, no problems with any sensors or management systems! Not sure it would pass an mot though
  3. Exactly. It's all made to the same formula. The only time it isnt is if the customer makes their own!
  4. Correct. All adblue is the same, unless someone has watered it down
  5. Hats off to you Steve! I have always wanted to do that, but never seen it for myself, and if they get a big naughty, not sure what I would do as an approach
  6. Eliet will do all you want, but not cheap
  7. Are they all not drum chippers? Cant see them being a Disc chippers
  8. Ah yes, I heard that also, so you have to buy the manufacturers ones and they are expensive!
  9. Litter is a big bug bear of mine. Why we dont have the rule here they have in the states, £1000 fine fro dropping litter. Prisoners come out in a chain gang to clear up major roads etc. I regularly pick up litter round here sometimes on my own, sometimes in organised groups. Take the kids to the park, I take a litter picker and a bag. My daughter, aged 8, helping on an organised litter pick
  10. As I understand from my supplier, the round stoves are not as efficient as they do not have as much surface area of metal, plus using square fire bricks inside a round chamber reduces the log length you can use
  11. The overnight burning issue was more to do with me doing it wrong. I simply chucked the biggest log I could find on a bed of embers, and shut all the vents off. That produced the unburnt fumes and tarred up the chimney. I gave up also as the house was empty during the day, so I simply used to relight when I got home. Mine is in the conservatory, so not essential for heating the house.
  12. I chose it when I went to my local supplier. I get 450mm logs in easily. I tried to overnight burn, but I did it too,often and blocked the chimney. It can be done as its dual fuel, but I never burn coal. Some comments about the size of the output of the stove, whilst it is true it may get too hot in the room, I think if you out a back boiler on, it will need the bigger capacity
  13. I have an arada Aarow ecoburn 11. I know for a fact you can add in a boiler. I paid 1100
  14. This whole project is designed to keep the civils going. That's it, they have done the m25 widening work, crossrail nearly done, as is a14, so they need to move onto something else. Mates daughter was on London news, she is reserved manager for a wildlife trust. The reserve has a sssi, its protected, you cant destroy it, or build on it. Except if you want to plough through it with a rail line, then in that case it's fine!
  15. Your insurance company need to move with the times. It doesn't have to be a registered company! Registered with who anyway? As long as you have some sortt of written agreement to hire it, that's good enough!


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