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  1. Youd think. But I replaced all 24 of my eliet super prof blades with genuine ones from a dealer. One shattered and wrote the entire set off. Eliet blamed " pirated" blades, and refused to help. Despite my invoice from the dealer. The dealer went bust so that was the end of it. They will wriggle out of it if they can
  2. The other method I have seen is to shove a piece of copper pipe down the hole, then use a welder to build up the end of the bolt till you can then get pliers on the end. The heat from the welder helps release it
  3. Peteb has had no end of problems with the ranger, as have a few people I know. I think its the lack of Ford after sales that seems to be a gripe.
  4. I did the same last year, but was in a tractor with a cab. Kept the mower over the nest running for a while, drove off and had swarms attacking the tractor. I was unscathed !
  5. According to my beekeeper friend, who is very worried about those things hitting our shores, (a nest was found two years ago in dorset) , by this time of year, that nest would have produced some 200 queens who would have dispersed by now. The workers would have died , as a worker wasp would have done.
  6. Are they deffo Asian Hornets?
  7. I reckon it's worth £50. But happy you give you 100 in cash for it😁
  8. That doesnt make sense as to why it changed when you tipped with a load on, If that limit switch it buggered! Oh well. At least its sorted!
  9. That's pointing towards the same issue I had. You need to lift the body right up and seriously wd40 those bottom bearings that the ram pins pivot on, then try it again
  10. Being a transit, I am guessing your controls are on the dash rather than a wander lead? If so, then I suspect a problem there.
  11. Ok. Try that first. This is how I eliminated some things and pinned it down to the bearing failure. I am starting to think it's a loose connection somewhere though
  12. No you haven't tried, or no it doesnt come Down still?
  13. Have you tried lowering when there is weight on it? Does it come down ok then?
  14. It will be nice to find out the cause and who was right!


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