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  1. dig-dug-dan

    Advice needed for mower to buy

    What he said. You could cut it for at least 10 years that way without the agro of fuel and maintenence
  2. dig-dug-dan

    Hydraulic motor for tipper. Advice please

    Spot on. Best to buy the correct one. It will work properly for the ram
  3. dig-dug-dan

    Non paying customer

    Have you tried ringing him from another phone?
  4. dig-dug-dan

    Non paying customer

    Had similar. They knocked 50quid off as they found a crisp packet in their garden. It was cheese and onion and i hate cheese and onion so nothing to do with me!
  5. dig-dug-dan

    Non paying customer

    Really? Will have to add that in! Although a dead of night removal is more amusing!
  6. dig-dug-dan

    Non paying customer

    Checkatrade is not all that, i wouldnt worry. Also, you cannot go onto property and start taking stuff, unless its done in the dead if night. I have had a similar experience. Long story short, did some horse fencing and two pairs of gates. She refused to pay £300 of the final amount, saying i put the fence in the wrong place amd not in accordance with her plan. I used the plan the daughter gave me.Went to court, they won by lying and blaming her 18year old daughter for giving me the wrong plan. They seemed to know the judge. Anyway, the pairs of gates mysteriously vanished one night, along with the gate fittings. Not that i took them or anything, I did hear they sold for more than the £300.
  7. dig-dug-dan

    the 'todays job' thread

    Did the skidsteer cope with the large bits in the bottom picture?
  8. dig-dug-dan

    Show us your Arb Diggers please.

    Those hoses need tidying up a bit. Far too vulnurable like that!
  9. dig-dug-dan

    Brother arborists - Stolen Ford Transit

    Molegrips on the side lock opens all doors. Also, a transit courier is easy to get into by using a hacksaw blade to slice into the wiring loom just behind the front wheel arch. Remind me the benefits of owning a ford??
  10. dig-dug-dan

    Brother arborists - Stolen Ford Transit

    Why are we not allowed to say on here who is responsible? By giving them this protection, we are just encouraging them even more
  11. dig-dug-dan

    Isuzu v Mitsubishi

    Both much of a muchness. Hoping by the time my cabstar needs replacing, isuzu have a double cab out, so i can choose between the two. I looked at the mitsy, but bluetooth wasnt even available! Way behind the times
  12. dig-dug-dan


    Whats that green length of metal on the digger arm?
  13. dig-dug-dan

    digital vat

    There is no way you have to show them every reciept and invoice. You just have to send them the spreadsheet workings electronically, which my accountant will be doing for me
  14. dig-dug-dan

    Wood chip arson. CCTV

    Whats up with people? You can get a trail camera, and if you go for a good one, the batteries last quite a while.
  15. dig-dug-dan

    Show us your Arb Diggers please.

    Thats certainly an eye opener there! How many people will stick to the limits remains to be seen!


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