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  1. I read on another forum of people jet washing out their exhausts to clear them out!
  2. Congrats, although I never understood why we have to have a*? It's either an a or it isnt!
  3. This thread seems to have taken a downward spiral. Can we all kiss and make up so harmony can resume? Back on track, the Briggs seem to suffer more than others for dirty fuel. It would be interesting to note the filter size on the equivalent honda?
  4. Well, where to start....... There is no Nissan dealer that can service or do warranty work to The nt400. They all refuse, they say it's because it wont fit on their ramps. It fits on the mot ramp, but they wont use that otherwise they cannot do mot's! So it ends up at place that normally fixes lorries, which is approved to do warranty work. This place has nt400's coming in from all over the country. They have to follow a process and replace parts according to Nissan, and get the parts from them. There is a massive supply problem. My mates went in with an engine light on, adblue heater pipe. He was to,d it could take three months to get the part. He went back and took the truck away, telling them we dont need an adblue heater this time of year. Hes already had a new injector and pump for the adblue system. I am now at the stage of junking a two year old truck and buying something else. I appreciate things go wrong, but the complete lack of customer service from Nissan, and the lack of supplying any loan vehicle just tips me over the edge. Yes I might look into the egr blanking idea. I had an engine code of a nox heater sensor, which happens to be the one in the exhaust just before the egr. Could this have caused the issue?? If it's in the exhaust system, how can it be blanked off?
  5. Yes and no. Nissan customer services have been as much help as they can, but have failed to get me replacement vehicle. It's now been a week, and I had to phone the garage myself only to be told its middle of next week now. I'm going to hire a van and charge it back to them. But, the fault is a blown egr pipe and gasket. They told me its a common fault!
  6. Well I have to agree. I had a cabless kubota tractor and got fed up with getting cold, wet or too hot. So after 12 years got a cabbed one. Old one never missed a beat and still had original battery
  7. Cant be that bomb proof if you are on your third!😛
  8. As you drove it when it happened, did it sound like the exhaust had blown with a bag of nails mixed in?
  9. It's a yd25 engine . Let hope it's not what you said it was!
  10. I'm guessing you've suffered similar down the line?
  11. The p0030 came on three weeks ago. I have a good obd scanner that told me it's the heater element of the ox sensor, bank one. Ironically I ordered a new sensor, and its was due to arrive tomorrow as it's cheaper to fit myself rather than lose the truck for an extended period of time with no help from nissan. It actually goes to an independent garage that is approved to work on nt400's At least now they can sort both problems. Will update as soon as I find out.
  12. Yes. Providing they dont spot the remap! 😄
  13. I wont, and given the ECU is behind the dashboard, they wont know it's been opened up and fiddled with!
  14. Correct. Does a remap count? 😥


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