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  1. dig-dug-dan

    Entec 150 no stress replacement

    When i refurbished an entec chipper , the no stress was not working, and i sent it to a guy in norfolk, chipper doctor i think he is called. It was just a broken sensor, quite common i believe!
  2. dig-dug-dan

    Fence removal

    Nice one. I actually should upgrade mine. Mine is an early one, not as powerful, but still a great bit of kit. Did you speak to steve himself?
  3. dig-dug-dan

    Jotul - You should only burn hardwoods

    Sort of. Tree surgeons use their site to dump logs, they process it and sel it on. Its mostly willow from what i can see!
  4. dig-dug-dan

    Jotul - You should only burn hardwoods

    Burning unseasoned wood of any description causes a tar build up. Nothing to do with the type of wood. Just had the flue swept after two years of burning old fence posts, conifer, pallet wood etc. The sweep guy commented that i must be burning the right type of wood as he got hardly any soot out! It would also be useful if firewood suppliers were educated in to what a softwood is, compared to hardwood! Some are pretty useless in tellimg the difference! But stove suppliers are also to blame. The crowd i brought mine from told me if i get caught burning conifer, the council will serve an injunction on me!
  5. dig-dug-dan

    Waste carriers licence

    A biomass boiler has various filters and afterburners to remove pollutants that a domestic fire has not got. They would require a seperate licence amd stringent inspections.
  6. dig-dug-dan

    Waste carriers licence

    Its illegal to burn treated timber, so they would have you on that one
  7. dig-dug-dan

    Waste carriers licence

    Unless you have thatnin writing from them, i wouldnt trust it. For the sake of 140 for three years, its better to get a licence. Even hedgecuttings are classed as waste from their point of view
  8. dig-dug-dan

    Timberwolf 150 in feed problem

    Silly suggestion, but are the revs high enough?
  9. dig-dug-dan

    Vanguard 37hp efi

    Nice bit of kit!
  10. dig-dug-dan

    Vanguard 37hp efi

    You're telling me they would pull you over, and dip the tank on the chipper to see what fuel you have in it? And then what? I can understand a road vehicle being tested, but a chipper?
  11. dig-dug-dan

    Vanguard 37hp efi

    Can you not buy off a farmer??
  12. dig-dug-dan

    Vanguard 37hp efi

    The fuel costs just dont stack up against diesel. 4.5 litres in an hour, about £2.40 in red diesel, So every hour on the clock is costing another fiver?
  13. dig-dug-dan

    Fence removal

    Not much of an expert on the engcon, but surely its desgined to grab and hold up to weight of the machines lifting capacities. If you do as you describe, surely it would put undue stress on it and bend something??
  14. dig-dug-dan

    Fence removal

    Yes, fantastic if you can get the digger in, but in the back garden through a side gate, not so easy, and no customer wants a digger churning up their lawn. What tonnage force will that lift? Post puller is 4 tonne
  15. dig-dug-dan

    Fence removal

    Buy a post puller. Best thing i ever brought for fencing. With the claw, it will pull the ball of concrete out even if the post has snapped! Www.postpullers.co.uk


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