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  1. dig-dug-dan

    Non smart phone

    Does tne cat phone have predictive text? So far, all the tough phones i have looked at none have predictive text!
  2. dig-dug-dan

    Show us your fencing!!

    Both! . Sometimes its scattered along the border. Any concrete i break off i yake away and recycle. Worst case scenario, i bag up the stuff i cannot lose and it rinds it way into the next skip
  3. dig-dug-dan

    Show us your fencing!!

    Mmm. I have a jcb beaver. Never lets me down. Put in 7 spurs yesterday. The trick is to dig down the front of the exisitng concete ball, then i crack the concete off from the front of the post. It usually breaks off in one lump. The beaver is perhals overkill, Yes its a lump to carry around, but no worse than a gennie and an elec breaker, plus mine works in the rain.
  4. dig-dug-dan

    High Voltage near miss

    Saw similar near me. Grab lorry tipped, left is grab in the air, and as he drove forward and touched the cables, all the tyres exploded with such a shockwave, i felt it it my chest. Lorry electrics fried, wrote it off. He had the unfortunate task of ringing his boss to give him the bad news, which happened to be his dad!
  5. dig-dug-dan

    Timberwolf 160PH stolen in near Bath

    Whats the serial number, so if anyone spots it for sale or working, we can check it out.
  6. I guess they were checking if trailer was more than 3.5 tonnes. They dont know the rules themselves half the time, as i proved to them when they tried to nick me for having no tacho!
  7. Hate to disagree, but last time they made me remove the trailer and weighed it seperate. You are supposed to load a trailer so the load is balanced and not excessive nose weight
  8. Try that tack when you get pulled by vosa, see if they agree!
  9. dig-dug-dan

    Massive school boy screw up

    Problem with diverting all calls is dealing with all the sales calls and scams on the mobile when you could be working!
  10. What a shame. I have that jockey wheel on my small brian james digger plant, and not had any issues with it as yet, but noticed on the bigger one, its a standard one, so they must of changed the design. Fingers crossed mine will be ok! I have moved away from ifor due to poor welds, brake pads that keep coming unbonded from the shoes and jamming the brakes on, rattling sides, poor ride handling, and lack of enthusiasm or help from ifor in general. For example, i have the 16ft tilt bed. I wanted to convert the manual pump to electric, as i was keen to make things easier especially as i was unloading and loading 8 times in a day in the summer. They insisted it couldnt be done, and would not help in anyway to source spares. I eventually proved them wrong, and did it for around 300quid, even making the system wireless. Why they wouldnt help is beyond me considering they would have got the profits from the spares.
  11. Did brian james not sort out the problem?
  12. I have just invested in the brian james digger trailer, its got a 3 tonne payload, multiple tie down points, adjustable inbuilt ramps, led lighting, super smoth ride system. Tried it with the avant on, tows great. Worth considering. Build quality is far better imho
  13. dig-dug-dan

    Non smart phone

    I cant seem to use the damn things, plus they are expensive if all i need to do is text and make calls. Plus, easy to damage, crack screen etc. I use a tablet for emails etc
  14. dig-dug-dan

    Non smart phone

    Got samsung now. Good phones. Been reliable. Hate nokia
  15. dig-dug-dan

    Non smart phone

    Does it have bluetooth?


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