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  1. Mate had a similar adblue problem on his cabstar. Engine light came on. Local garage cancelled the light. It came back on just as he went to his mot test station, they passed it but told him to sort it. So, with no Nissan dealer willing to even look at at, it went to an independent garage, who are Nissan approved( and can do warranty work) first they thought it was a blocked adblue pipe. , vehicle collected, half a mile from home, the light came on again. Back it went. This time they replaced the adblue injectorno joy. Then they e Replaced the adblue pump. Sorted. All under warranty, and had it not been, they quoted £8000. These adblue systems are not all,they are cracked up to be!
  2. Yep. And also, I was looking for one for a job coming up soon, found four within the area I will be working, all free except one trying to charge over load. They get ignored!
  3. Out of interest, check the pipe coming out of the tank doesn't have some sort of restriction. I had a virtually identical problem on a kubot digger once, and there was gunk built up at the tank outlet. Filter didn't show this problem. Once I had cleaned this out, it was ok
  4. Too young. Tragic.
  5. What sad news. A good contributor on here. How old was he?
  6. Does that cone splitter ever jam on a stump?
  7. Anyone know the most current place to buy some? Link above seemed to have run out of stock! Happy with used if any of you guys want to get rid, but want the mosquito net ones
  8. Which one the cs100 PTO,, or the 6inch?
  9. How the hell do you move it around? Cant see a handle on it anywhere
  10. Avants just feel nice to use over the multione. The multi is noisier, not had experience of bits falling of the avant, but I am owner user so I dont hire it out unless I am using it. Multi one attachments fit both I gather.
  11. There is a company called janbor that supply roll on roll off for timber. My mate has one on his nursery, all his wood waste goes in, except MDF and chipboard, as the glue is not good, but treated timber not an issue. It's quite a reasonable price in gather, and you could shred into it to get the most value out of it. I am quite fortunate, I keep all my old fence posts for my own fire at home, and green waste i have a free tip for, but not everyone so fortunate
  12. Ian flatters from target trees has a vermeer. He used to post a fair bit on here. He seems thrilled with his, and uses it daily. Cormidi does look good, but not sure it's as powerful. Avant is better all round though
  13. Never understood why the treebusta couldnt have continued, albeit in orange guise. Superb bit of kit. Its replacement really is one of the worst of its size out there
  14. You mean it has a 3tonne payload
  15. Oak can get to 20% in a season, but only on the outside. If you split it open and read the internals, you may be surprised!


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