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  1. That's positive news. Its still in the country!
  2. Not really when you weigh up the tax advantage.
  3. The lease purchase thing is somewhat of a loophole. At the end of the lease, I pay the balloon payment, then I have to sell,it to a third party( I usually sell it to my leasing company that I use, they are not the finance company)! Then buy it back, but I have to pay 2% of the proceeds to the finance company. Then its legally mine. As for paying tax on the sale, technically no as its then used as a deposit towards the new vehicle.
  4. Have to disagree. I have leased vehicles for nearly 25 years now. Each payment is 100% tax deductable. An hp payment is not, you can claim 20 % of the vehicles value, then 20% of what's left the next year and so on. The interest you pay on hp is 100% tax deductable however. I always lease for three years, then buy it outright with a balloon payment, which I set at the beginning. They never inspect and knock any money off, but I think that's the type of lease I have. They tend to do that on a lease hire. I keep it a year longer, then sell it privately and start a new lease. I get the warranty, and peace of mind that the truck will,not let me down. I know people who insist on buying outright, no finance. They never really get their money back
  5. Sadly, police see plant theft as a low priority crime. They will not investigate as half the time, it involves raiding a travellers site, and more often than not, the plant is off abroad in a shipping container. I am surprised your mates 6 tonne digger got as far as the motorway on an ifor William's before the suspension snapped!
  6. It's really not that difficult to set up, or adhere to without that much cost. If a machine is on hire, then surely it's the owner of the machine that rings up for spares? I know I have to when when of my crushers goes wrong ! If we want to clamp down on this type of theft, then we really all need to work together.
  7. The solution when ordering parts, is that the serial number needs to be given, and it needs to match the owner on the database, and the delivery address of whom the machine is registered to. That way, giving a serial number from another machine wont work. Come on greenmech, time to up your game on that!
  8. How on earth can they even sell such a unique machine on? Strip it for parts I suppose! Out of interest, do you and your dealers ask for a serial Number when people ring up for spare parts? I always think, no serial number, no parts. That way, you can almost trace these things somewhere down the line
  9. I saw this on the Facebook page. any idea on exact location, as I know aylesbury quite well, its not far from me
  10. I was told you should be able to twist it so it's almost 90degrees and no more, then its correct
  11. Yes, in fact I have since come across someone else its happened to. I was also poo pooed when I mentioned way back at the start of this thread that deaths in care homes was not factually correct, but it's now been confirmed much further afield to be true.
  12. Spoke to someone the other day who booked a test. He couldnt turn up in the end, but they sent him a text to say he had tested positive.
  13. Well the changeover valve was a non starter. Its huge and no where to plumb it in on such small machine without it being in the way. I enquired about a kit from kubota to change it to two way, and it was over £700. So I think I will just drill one way and hope it doesn't get stuck!
  14. I brought an eliet super prof, was about 10k from memory. I wouldnt be without it now, and might consider upgrading to the latest spec machine which has a debris thrower rather than conveyor
  15. If you are using it for a roller, you have to specify that as it need to built for point loading. The propstands only touch the ground as required. If they touched before you loaded, you wouldnt be able to pull them back up again! I put 2.7tonnes on this without issue so far. I take it Brian James are aware of your issues?


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