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  1. dig-dug-dan

    Stupid mistakes you've made doing tree work

    Took on a massive connie reduction at a school. A weeks worth, two groundies, chips left on site, and genie mewp. Mewp was late getting to site, then it got stuck but it was supposedly 4wd. Already behind, i rushed to start cutting the tops out, fearing the deadline looming, i forgot to put on safety trousers. As i was cutting, i looked down to see some of my trousers going round the chainsaw chain, i then looked further to see i had cut a chunk out of my shin bone. Came down, called an ambulance, lads panicked, i remained calm. A week in hospital and 2 operations later, i was back home the night before i was moving house! Had the cut been a few mm above,it would have been my tendons gone! Lesson learnt. Always wear trousers, and dont rush
  2. dig-dug-dan

    Stupid mistakes you've made doing tree work

    That my friend is one scary miss! Not only certain death, but a costly bill!
  3. dig-dug-dan

    Mower rip off

    Sounds like the same crowd that were called chipperfield garden machinery, who actually were in chipperfield, amd have gone. Not heard good stuff about them, i never went there to buy anything even though it was local to me.
  4. dig-dug-dan

    Scattolini tipper

    Spoke to the guys at vfs, who have said its either the power pack(unlikely as it goes up fine) , the ram or the lowering valve. I favour the valve, and they have said they will send one, but are not keen on me fitting it as the body will come crashing down. I was thinking about propping the body up and holding it with the avant first! Not actually sure where the lowering valve is located however!
  5. dig-dug-dan

    VOSA Junc 27 M5

    Agreed. They should clamp down on these fastracs towing non farm related equipmemt with dodgy trailers, driven by teenagers on red diesel! Fed up with it round here, farmers using governmemt grants and subsidies to,undercut those of us who have to do things by the book
  6. Not really. We cannot direct him to suppliers in the uk that wont supply him
  7. Judging by your name and language, you are not in the uk and will be better asking on a website more local to you
  8. dig-dug-dan

    Scattolini tipper

    Both are tricky. One thing that may or may not be related, i couldnt tip the other day and heard a funny noise from underneath, drove round the yard over a few bumps, tipper worked, and discovered one of the wires that bolts onto the cut off switch was dodgy, so i cleaned it up witha wire brush, connected it back up and it was after that that i got this new problem!
  9. dig-dug-dan

    Scattolini tipper

    I discovered that if i tip to maximum height, it comes back down as far as the bottom section, then stops. Pressing the up a bit then down makes no difference, it still stops. Once its fully lowered after jumping up and down on the back, if i raise the tipper up past the bottom sdction, the lower it, it goes all the way down. Have yet to remove the pipe as no sure i can get underneath to connect it back up again as the body will be down!
  10. dig-dug-dan

    Scattolini tipper

    Hemel hempstead
  11. dig-dug-dan

    Scattolini tipper

    Will try that. Slacken off The pipe that joins the ram at the bottom?
  12. dig-dug-dan

    Scattolini tipper

    I read that, but wasnt the same sort of problem.
  13. dig-dug-dan

    Scattolini tipper

    Got an annoying problem just developed. My scattolini tipper goes up, no problem, comes down ok, until it gets to the last section of the ram, and then it stops. The only way i can get it to go back down, is to jump up and down on the body while pressing the lowering button. Its fine if there is weight in the back. Vfs are saying i need a new ram. Truck is sold once my new one appears so i dont want the guy who is buying mine to have a problem. Also, its only 4 years old, so whilst out of warranty, should be covered by some sort of consumer rights or another?
  14. Digbits. They will have a rake on the shelf that will fit. A riddle bucket is good for sorting rubble, not good for roots especially if its wet
  15. dig-dug-dan

    Show us your Arb Diggers please.

    not knocking their dumpers, but drove one of their diggers and it was no where near the feel of a kubota, but i can see the temptation at those prices! You have to consider resale value too


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