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  1. Is this powdery mildew or something else?? Large parts of a Laurel hedge affected.
  2. I'm struggling to find anything in law that says who should pay for the clear up of the fallen tree? It's the neighbours insurance to pay for any property damage, got that, but nothing concrete on tree clear up. Has anyone got any legal case or info that makes it clear? Tia
  3. Are they very heavy to use compared to the normal long reach battery ones? They look to be almost 2kg heavier.
  4. Great thanks for the help. I'm getting a set!
  5. Try adding codacide oil to roundup. Mix it 1:1 with the herbicide. Makes it much more effective and also need less product. It's organic so eco too [emoji2]
  6. anyone with the above trimmers help please? Need to know how long these are with the head open ready to cut? All the online measurements give the wrong size, stating 3.5m which is the extendable version not the fixed shaft! [emoji51] I'm looking to go electric and currently use petrol Stihl Combi trimmers which are 234cm from top to bottom. Don't want to lose much reach with new ones. The telescopic ones are much heavier so trying to avoid those. Tia
  7. After some research possibly Maytenus boaria??
  8. Pretty sure it's not phillyrea latifolia. Evergreen small tree
  9. Nope, was def bottom ones. Velcro not buckle. Also added Edelrid foot ascender under the gaff bolts!
  10. Just replaced mine a couple of weeks back. Got proper Distel ones from FR Jones. Need a big torx driver for the bolts.
  11. Looking for a second climber or trainee for an Arb approved company in Sevenoaks. Ideally with climbing tickets. Must have driving licence. Contact me for more info.
  12. Yes I'm passing it all the time, watch this space 🤣 Is the pinhole borer any risk? there's a lot of it?
  13. Great, interesting article. Many thanks
  14. Any thoughts on this fungus ID? On oak, SE England, and there's lots of possibly pin hole borer Frass all around the base. One side of the fence is a school, other side a busy park so could important!
  15. There is also honey fungus in the vicinity which is causing some dieback of the oak crown


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