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  1. . Just to do a final update... Have talked the customer into just raising 3 or the beech trees and removing a couple of larch to hopefully let in early sunlight. They are then going to monitor over summer and make a decision on whether they want more work done on the beech trees and have agreed to replant if they decide to remove any. Feels like a good outcome to me so thanks again everyone

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    I have a large amount of English larch milled for waney edge cladding. Varies in size from 3.6m to 4.6m, c.250mm x c.20mm. Just looking to sell it so please PM me if interested. I'm based in dorset but can deliver for small fee if the order is big enough. No VAT. Thank you


    Dorset - GB

  3. Edit: please ignore as I've found three timber sales section Hi, Obviously please remove the post if this isn't allowed or if I'm being blind and there is another place i should post this! I have a large amount of English larch milled for waney edge cladding. Varies in size from 3.6m to 4.6m, c.250mm x c.20mm. Just looking to sell it so please PM me if interested. I'm based in dorset but can deliver for small fee if the order is big enough. No VAT. Thank you
  4. Thanks everyone. I'm going to see if they'll replant if i agree to remove a few and suggest some minor thinning on the remaining ones. Really appreciate the advice again. Take care up there!
  5. Thanks for the quick reply. 25% just won't be enough for the customer and even that would mean cuts larger than should be done. In the photo you can see the row in the background, they are about the same size as the one in the garden. Have attached another from a different angle. You can just about see in the far left a stump from another beech in that row that cracked and came down few years back. Edit: added extra photo that shows 1 of the 3 trees in the field, it's the one in the background, just added so you can see the difference in how low the branches are compared to other ones that have been previously worked on.
  6. Afternoon peoples, I have a job to crown reduce 3 mature beech trees with the desired outcome being sunlight on the grounds. The job is now potentially expanding to include another 8 beech trees further down the road. 2 of the trees have dropped large branches in the past but none look particularly bad now (the main one in the photo is in the garden, others are roadside or in a field opposite). I have searched and read through numerous posts about working on beech trees and I'm aware that the general consensus seems to be crown lift and thin if possible and avoid any large cuts. Unfortunately this won't get the desired result for the customer and there are no TPO on the trees so if i dont do the work someone else will. Given this, im looking for advice the following options (please excuse my terminology if not correct!) 1. Top / pollard all of them 2. Top / pollard every other one 3. Completely remove other other one and raise and thin the rest. I know these arent great options but as i said, the work is going to be done by someone so im just trying to talk the customer into the best option that they'll be happy with. Id really appreciate some more experienced peoples input as it's a large number of beautiful, mature trees and i really want to make the best of a potentially bad situation. Please do suggest other options that ive undoubtedly missed. I have attached an example of some of them but in the photo those have already been lifted numerous times and the 3 main ones are a similar size but haven't been lifted much at all. Thank you
  7. No worries, I have priced them up so am aware what ones are cheaper
  8. Thanks guys. Just incase this helps anyone else...I managed to get a part number for a Parker motor but this may only fit later models, possibly 20/21. If so, I don't know what one it is for earlier models but I guess this is a start for anyone else looking. TE0260AW410AAAA Apparently it's 6b spline, 2 bolt mounting, 1/2 BSPP, 260 cm^3 Link to a website where you can configure the motor. http://webassistants.partcommunity.com/23d-libs/parkerhpm/assistant/index.html?info=parkerhpm/te_series/te_series_asmtab.prj&ProductID=1734822&ParentCatId=&LandingPageurl=http://ph.parker.com/in/en/ParkerExternalConfigCmds?Key=&currcode=USD&uom=lb Hope this helps!
  9. Thank you again, have a few big leylandii to take down next week and really need to get the chipper back up and running!
  10. Ah yes, thanks for the quick response, really appreciated. I'm not very good with engines unfortunately! More like this one? https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Hydraulic-Motor-50-CC-REV-25-mm-Parallel-Keyed-Shaft-C-W-High-Pressure-Seal-/254389641825?mkcid=16&mkevt=1&_trksid=p2349624.m46890.l49286&mkrid=710-127635-2958-0
  11. Hi, I'm trying to buy a replacement hydraulic motor for the rollers on a timber wolf 150 but currently supplier shortage till end Jan. I've been trying to find a 3rd party one but not sure what ones will work and awaiting a response from a couple of companies. The part number is 2982b Do you know if this one on eBay will work please? Or if you can provide a link to another one it would be really appreciated :) https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Flowfit-Hydraulic-Motor-400-CC-REV-25mm-Parallel-Keyed-Shaft-C-W-High-Pressure-S-/254389743557?mkcid=16&mkevt=1&_trksid=p2349624.m46890.l49286&mkrid=710-127635-2958-0
  12. Yeah, no worries. On bloody self isolation at the moment so will be a little while but I'll post some pics when I've started. There is so much it's crazy, the photo I posted is only a small part of 1 of the trees. There are 30 inch wide, 20ft long straight branches, another whole tree as well and I shifted stacks of small stuff to my land for firewood
  13. Pics of the slabs please. Hi, send me a PM with size details and amount you're after if you are interested in buying any please.
  14. Ok, thanks for the views all, will just process myself and sell as planned no worries.
  15. It's an estate and the customer is all good but thanks for your concern A previous branch that came down before I'd been doing any work had been sat for a year!


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