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  1. This is really interesting, I've been mulling the idea of averaging to smooth out noise but the spikes from BBQ are quite brief. Also, presumably the spike from your stove is just the smoke on starting? There's another small one about 15 mins later which might be you put ting some logs on? It would be good to do this across a week to compare weekend BBQ, and across the year to see wood stove Vs summer. Also correlation with wind speed. If I had less to do I'd be buying one of these meters....
  2. I've cut a pair of leylandii which were planted as a pair about 40 years ago and then never trimmed, stick in the mind because I think the only ones I've done with a single stem all the way to the Christmas tree at the top. Bigger one was about 28" at the gob (461 wouldn't reach across) smaller one was shaded by other and so only about 20", was also a lot shorter.
  3. I've been reading up about woodworm, conclusion was that all the chemical treatments are mostly snake oil as they don't penetrate deep enough anyway. Getting the wood moisture content down will kill them for sure and is the only way really.
  4. Dan Maynard


    Pubs opened, people aren't in the garden.
  5. It all depends what you're doing, so are you setting up as a contract climber or domestic arb firm yourself? I bought a 201 as my first topper, I probably wouldn't do that again as I only use it for bigger dismantles now. 150 or the battery toppers get a lot more use. After that 261, then 461.
  6. Ours arrived yesterday, usually have a load nesting in the house.
  7. Dan Maynard


    Or advert?
  8. Can you send me the python you're using, or if you tried then what was the problem? Writing to file is reasonably straightforward.
  9. If it's dull and pitted after one hour then the question is why has the edge gone. Once the sharpness is gone it's gone so won't drag in. Were the edges burred when they were ground? I usually give new blades a tickle with a flat diamond sharpening pad before fitting, just to get them properly sharp. I've found that if you let them get even slightly blunt they quickly get really bad.
  10. Like money down the back of the sofa. Eventually all this lost bitcoin will make available bitcoin scarce and more valuable.
  11. It is just possible I was stood still for too long looking at Arbtalk, the dog went and fetched his bed.
  12. Right enough, I still haven't seen the tree though.
  13. I'd just really like to know if it's like the mystical black walnut, I'm sure I heard a story about a big oak that was worth £2k a beam and 4 came out of it.
  14. Are you using the QuickBooks self employed? That is pretty limited, the more expensive small business one is more customisable. I've ended up with FreeAgent (written by a Scottish company) partly because it's free for NatWest customers but also it's much better than QBSE.
  15. Is that big enough to make 12" or 8" beams? I have heard they are very valuable as rare to get big enough stem to make them but interested if that's true.
  16. This is getting more exciting than Line of Duty now.
  17. I usually use app on Android but in office today so brought it up on Windows, tried Edge and Chrome but no luck. Looks like an apple thing then? @Steve Bullman
  18. I put my postcode in to the woodsure "find a supplier" and the same 3 come up as last year, Hertford, Grantham, Melton Mowbray being the nearest locations. So no new ones within 50miles of me.
  19. Yes, fair point. I think the main thing with a Landrover is remember it's from the days we used to check and maintain vehicles so keep on top of the checks and get things fixed early. Touch wood mines been reliable so far.
  20. They're like a Defender - noisy, smelly leaky, slow, uncomfortable, and I have heard the tippers wallow like a boat when full. But somehow likeable at the same time. I bought a 110 hardtop and tipper trailer, 3.5t towing and 1t in the back so I can legally move 3.5t of timber at a time. It has low depreciation and people don't see an old Landrover as shoddy in the same way an old pickup would be, but it's hard to find good ones which haven't had a hard life. Run one if you want to run a Landrover, if you just want something reliable to run every day then get a Jap pickup that's been converted to tipper.
  21. Dan Maynard


    I think it's a bit like the HAAS, you can find bits of elastic and straps and an ascender to make your own or just buy the HAAS and go climbing. It works straight away, they've done the development for you. Likewise you could cut out neoprene and find velcro straps and make your own but I would rather spend the time climbing and make the £20 back that way. So I'm a sawpod user too.


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