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  1. Here https://arbtalk.co.uk/forums/topic/129921-gloves/#comment-1958278
  2. We had a glove thread recently. I stick with Showa 310, they look like other builders glove but they're not - much harder wearing. There were a few others that people recommended, but I can't remember them just at the moment. Try searching Showa on here.
  3. Think this could be a milk/tea discussion. I always put the fuel in first as I don't want the oil to stick to the bottom of the can, rather it swirled around as it drops in. Then I put it in the back of my Landrover and drive home, always reckon that gives it a shake too.
  4. I reckon the technology was bought up and quietly binned by a big secret tree surgeons cartel, really bad for business if conifers all stopped growing.
  5. At least if they TPO then when that tree goes there will be an expectation of replacement.
  6. Isn't that the support flange though Stubby? Seems like the parts in the part diagram are as being fitted, per this one on L&S. My question is whether we know nut to be original?
  7. That's what I said, second idea. Other thing is to cut it and glyphosate sprouts, repeatedly, until you win. I've never done this, usually use the third idea myself.
  8. Few ideas: Stump grind everything, take the money, change phone number, move house. Hire digger and dumper, remove top two feet of soil from entire garden, replace. Say bamboo isn't a tree, you need a gardener for that.
  9. Ah that's a shame - think it's eBay then. Seem to be parts around.
  10. The title says 360, the picture says 460. I'm confused, seems odd.
  11. Is the filter totally missing or is it just broken? I have a Dolmar PS6000i which you can't get new filters for, I blocked the tears in the old one with a dab of hot melt glue each side and it's been fine for years of occasional use.
  12. I started to suggest as a positive idea the AA could develop a scheme for freelancers. Something like NPTC tickets registered, basic organisation, invoicing system, LOLER records, maybe first aid. Then I realised that Steve just set this up, peer review will soon sort out who can do what they say, AA too slow and bureaucratic again.
  13. I'm with Joe, I think it's a pretty poor thing for the AA to publish as it does endorse the views. He comes across badly to me, possibly wrote the article after 7 pints and sent it in for a laugh. Seems he tried being a freelance climber for a couple of months, couldn't hack it, and had a downer on small operators ever since. The idea that there could be a freelancer with LOLER certificate who does a good job and pays tax is beyond him. I've done the HMRC CEST that he talks about and I'm not PAYE when subbing. Boof ! I don't exist !
  14. Ah yes. I was thinking first cut higher and then gave up trying to make the second cut but that makes more sense. Then worried how much wood is left so made a completely half arsed job putting in props. Luckily it's pop so will rot away before anyone comes close.
  15. That does look like you could measure the coil gap with a tape measure!
  16. Do they? Once we're a day past the date shown on the planning portal I just crack on.
  17. What did they say? Have they TPO the conifers then or said something else off script?
  18. This is pretty much spot on. LA can either say nothing, say they don't object, or TPO the trees. If they say nothing after 6 weeks you are free to proceed.
  19. With the standard gauge semi chisel as well? That should be straightforward 4.8mm file.
  20. Can you post some close up pics of the chain after sharpening? It's got to be something, after all it's just a file which has angle, height, diameter. Not a million parameters to play with. Otherwise how are you doing the rakers, if the tooth is sharp but not biting because the raker is too tall then it might seem blunt.
  21. Looks like tomorrow it's going to be hot and wet.
  22. There were two sycamores on the village green opposite me, couple of years ago one of them suddenly decided to die. I couldn't see any particular reason to point to, it's on the edge of the brook so presumably not drought and the other one is still doing fine. I guess if you do the test and it's positive then at least you would know. Surely the glyphosate would have broken down by now though? Maybe just plant half a dozen eucalyptus instead.
  23. Don't have a 540 myself, but surely a chain is a chain. I would say the length of tooth isn't the critical thing so verniers aren't the answer. The two critical things are height of file relative to the top plate which creates the top plate (hook) angle, an the height of the depth gauge for each tooth. I tend to sharpen most chains freehand and then clean up for accuracy with a guide, but my 3/8lopro narrow I just freehand. I would just get a 4mm file, no guide and file till the hook looks right when you look across the chain, down the line of the file. You should get a half decent sharpen with just a file.
  24. It happened in the north east, so it can happen that you lose power for days or weeks.


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