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  1. The daily dressings i had were like a greasy gauze and after the 3 weeks went to a dry dressing for a week and that was it healed up great,only trouble i have is that i didnt have the tendon repaired and finger dont bend at the end joint so a bit awkward
  2. Tend to agree,there,s enough ways to get killed on the roads as it is
  3. Sounds like you,ve had a bit of a rough few weeks,they balls it up for you a bit i reckon,i had a wet dressing on mine everyday for 3 weeks and healed up a treat.Hope it keeps getting better for you from now on👍
  4. Similar story here Jamie,two plantations i been in lately and the Rowan are either dead or dying.Also been in Aspen plantation couple weeks back and 50% of those are looking sick.
  5. gary112

    ArbDogs? Pics!

    Glad she,s doing well J and still able to go to work and enjoy herself
  6. Nice bikes they were Andy👍
  7. I bought a very lightly used 560xp a couple mths ago Khriss for £250,so i cant see more than £250 for a 550,just under £500 new with vat back anyway
  8. I would say £220 to £250
  9. I,ve recently seen 4 dead on the roads,all within a mile of home which is annoying,but must be a few about here
  10. It was a real treat for us to be honest,it,s the first one we,ve seen here in 12 years!
  11. Always make more money in original condition
  12. Lots of Sycamore with tar spot in the wood where i been today
  13. Gave up growing carrots 10 years ago because of carrot fly.Thought I’d have another go this year and the results are quite pleasing
  14. I wouldn,t part with em i quite like the look of em on the shelf in the workshop


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