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  1. This was travelling with it
  2. Yeah brilliant Eggs,he,d been to the village pub with it and then back past our place,your right they are worth a bit of money
  3. Nice little traction engine came through the village today
  4. I got the same trouble with onions David,loads of lush top and showing no signs of the bulb swelling
  5. This is one of 3 small meadows,they are loaded with wild flowers and always make some nice hay but can,t be mowed until end of July as they are in a conservation scheme,looks fantastic at the moment
  6. Found lots of these orchids in this wild flower meadow today
  7. 7.30 this morning get a call to say theres a tree down just up the road and cars can,t get through,so go have a look and it,s a big limb off neighbours ash tree,so cut it up enough to let traffic through,called on the neighbour to let him know, he,s grateful and he will sort it later on.Just been out in garden watering and heard a saw going,went to have a look,now he,s a bit of a posh lad with a very good education,but obviously not that well educated as he,s using his chainsaw,which is blunt,in a pair of fu&&ing shorts and trainers.Thinks it,s ok cos only a small chainsaw
  8. All Oregon,full chisel on the bigger saws(60cc and above)semi chisel on everything smaller for hedging/coppicing
  9. gary112

    ArbDogs? Pics!

    Brilliant stuff,she looks pretty good there,hope she keeps doing well now
  10. Bit of meat on them two i reckon Andy
  11. They,ll be the ones twitching in a minute when the .22 pops out the landing window
  12. Funny looking birds under the table tonight 🐇
  13. gary112

    ArbDogs? Pics!

    Hi J, just wondering if you managed to get Katie home today and how she is doing?
  14. They are strong saws Harvey and the 6100 i just had is great aswell
  15. gary112

    ArbDogs? Pics!

    That,s good news J fingers crossed she keeps going in the right direction


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