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  1. You can get ones that are extendable to suit upto 25",i got one but cant remember where i got it
  2. A few years back a local lad broke into our fire station and took the bloody fire engine🚒.He got about 5 miles before being brought to a safe stop,he had a few mental issues and pretty much got away with it,he reckoned a few others had bet him to do it,trouble was the damage was to the doors mostly cos he drove her straight out through em
  3. gary112

    Aspen 40:1 mix

    Question is do you need performance gains
  4. gary112

    Aspen 40:1 mix

    Bloody stuff,i used to moan about it and he,d say if you want chain oil go and buy it😁
  5. gary112

    Aspen 40:1 mix

    Yep knackered bars and chains and oil pumps,but he thought it was alright
  6. gary112

    Aspen 40:1 mix

    Your right Stubby a hell of a lot has changed,don,t think i,d try and use the old GTX in my new Huskys nowadays,the other thing my old man did was use waste oil for the bar,what a mess that was
  7. Been so warm here lately,been hedging in a t shirt some days,so mild the geraniums are still flowering great
  8. gary112

    Aspen 40:1 mix

    I,m pretty sure my dad used GTX as his mixing oil,your right things have changed a hell of a lot,and as you say stuff seemed to last for years
  9. gary112

    Aspen 40:1 mix

    Used to smoke like hell til warm,used to think they was on fire🔥
  10. gary112

    Aspen 40:1 mix

    My dad back in the 70s had an old GTX tin,fill it with 4* and had a milk bottle he would about quarter fill it with oil and mix it up and away to go,never seemed to have any trouble with his old mcullochs,them was the days
  11. gary112

    ArbDogs? Pics!

    A couple of Betty,in the truck out the rain and meeting one of the lambs,don’t look bothered by each other
  12. Here’s an old oak at the back end of our wood,always good for a picture on a nice day,its also home to a pair of Tawny Owls and this year it was home to a pair of woodpeckers aswell,along with a whole load of other wildlife I’m sure
  13. Another one of my dad back in the early 70s with his old Mculloch,heavy old thing for hedgeing
  14. gary112

    ArbDogs? Pics!

    He,s a smashing looking lad,can,t believe its that long you,ve had him


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