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  1. The hedge I’m on at the minute has got some hawthorn leafing up already,getting earlier every year
  2. gary112

    Fly Tipping

    No Doug no other injuries,but in lamb by the look of it.
  3. gary112

    Fly Tipping

    Clever enough to cut the ear tags though.Quite a few being nicked round here lately aswell
  4. Yep i,d be happy with that too
  5. The bench is a bit smart for a workshop Andrew
  6. gary112

    Fly Tipping

    Somebody saw them being dragged out of a van,and driving off but couldn,t get there in time to get the number
  7. gary112

    Fly Tipping

    Fly tipping taken to another level this morning,no fu&&zing excuses for this 🤬
  8. My dad had a beet knife when we were kids which he sharpened up once for my mum to cut a joint up one Sunday after the handle broke on her carving knife,she said it was the best meat knife she,d had so it ended up staying in the kitchen,but he was a brilliant knife sharpener which helped
  9. Not judging my friend just saying it the way i see it.Nothing clever about chucking saws from trees,you,d be dangerous to work around doing tricks like that,just glad it didn,t harm anyone,or as you said in a previous comment there would have been another of those unnecassary hse investigations.Anyway i,m a fair bit older than you,so been using saws a while aswell.
  10. Well if you took it out of service once and he wouldn,t fix it then you shouldn,t have took it back up the tree should you,and no i have never worked for you and never would i,d be in fear of you throwing a saw from up above
  11. Do you not perhaps think you might be in the wrong profession,cos it don,t sound like your happy with any saws,and if your throwing em out of trees your not safe to be working around either,take a step back and have a think about it for a bit
  12. He,d find summat wrong with it by the sound of things
  13. Running out of options by the look of it,you must be hard to please
  14. Don,t know (sorry) but love the idea,seen one in a big log cabin once,it,s great
  15. So you had loads of trouble with Stihl,you reckon Husky are "dire",Echo are slow,maybe try a Hyundai,don,t knock it til you try it as they say


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