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  1. Revving the bollox off it from cold on first start can,t be any good to any new engine,when i had new race bikes years ago we ran them in for 2 hrs minimum before going to full throttle
  2. Glad your feelin better
  3. Hey Stubby hows it going with the trapped nerve?are you all sorted and feelin better now?
  4. Still got a 254xp going strong,but you dont get much bother with the new ones, at least i find i don,t anyway,
  5. Keep at em. its the only way you,ll get anywhere,i would have thought a good dealer would lend you a suitable replacement saw if you deal with them anyway,mine has before now,until issue is resolved
  6. Wouldn,t think that will do any brand new engine any good,never seen it done to any new Husky i,ve ever bought at my local dealer
  7. gary112

    ArbDogs? Pics!

    Same here,while she,s still enjoying life we,ll keep doing it,just starting to lose her sight a bit aswell but can still manage just fine for now,one of the best dogs i,ve had
  8. gary112

    ArbDogs? Pics!

    Shes turned 11 now and been diabetic for 18mths now,inject her twice a day but she does really well, £100 in insulin a month but i dont mind that shes a brilliant dog,still comes to work with me


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