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  1. Happy birthday Stubby have a good un
  2. gary112

    Stihl helmets

    Husqvarna technical forest helmet
  3. gary112

    First saw purchase??

    I had a 545 and it was a great saw only a bit underpowered to 550
  4. gary112

    Mid range saw

    Why not Stihl or Husky?
  5. gary112

    Sister in Law stitched up by the coppers !

    Greyhounds are pretty much gentle giants,the way i see it he was defending himself and the other f$$ker lost out
  6. gary112

    Uk holly is this a shrub or tree

    Yep same here, tree
  7. gary112

    ArbDogs? Pics!

    No sun today Ratman it was taken a few weeks back
  8. gary112

    ArbDogs? Pics!

    Soaking up the sun
  9. gary112

    Jamie's Garden Services Introduction

    Fair play to ya Jamie good luck keep it going
  10. gary112

    Jamie's Garden Services Introduction

    Wow you cover a lot of services,how many employees do you have?
  11. gary112

    Anyone using a Dolmar 6100 for Forestry Felling?

    I disagree what you say about the husky 560xp, they are a great saw and well capable of more than 3yrs! one of mine is a 2014 model and gets used most days without any problems
  12. gary112

    All terrian tyres for Ford ranger

    Same here not too expensive,wear well good all round tyre
  13. gary112

    How much kindling for a cubic bag of wood

    One handful for us cos i can burn a cube of wood without the fire going out by keeping it in all night
  14. gary112

    Which Chainsaw for Forestry

    I bought one of the first 550s when they came out, ran it on husky oil all its life and it is still going so cant have been much of a design flaw,put a piston and ring in about 2 yrs ago and no scoring on the barrel,happy days
  15. gary112


    Get a jack russell that,ll sort it


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