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  1. Yes my mates mum coming home from work one winters night about 30 yr ago,wet and windy,rounded a corner through a wooded area and straight into fallen oak tree and killed instantly
  2. Good work Graham,you,ve started early,dont think i,ll get to it til end of next month
  3. Good to watch,i like old Tom the old trapper boy
  4. gary112


    One night last week my daughter and her boyfriend caught a drone on there cctv flying over there dog pens and garden about 10 at night on the estate where they live,the f&&ker will be fetched down next time but i guess they are eying up the spaniels
  5. Steve not got babies or facebook,but got nieces that have so will tell them about this and good luck with the venture,hope it works out👍
  6. I,ve got one and they seem smokey things anyway,ive had to clean the exhaust out on mine before as it seemed like it was choked when running,did that and away it revved,sounds like you might have the same problem
  7. Brilliant,be a great way to work,best of luck,hope you make a go of it
  8. gary112

    Fuel cans

    I went there in full saw kit and they still turned the pump off when i tried to fill 3rd jerry can,not been back again
  9. gary112

    Fuel cans

    One of our local garages will only let you fill 2 jerry cans(must be metal) or 5 small cans(5litre) at once,i asked why and the person in the shop didn,t know why,so i see what you mean
  10. gary112

    Fuel cans

    F&&kin hell Stubby you,d be farting flames then


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