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  1. How,s she doing this morning Andrerw?
  2. Hope all goes well Stubby
  3. gary112


    It,s a Farmi SV600 and i,m open to sensible offers
  4. gary112


    Anyone interested in my winch,going to sell it ,message me if interested (worcestershire)
  5. Had our girl 2yrs today,she’s had a tough time in those 2 years but looks ok for it now
  6. First pick of french beans,not bad
  7. That’s a great crop of onions 👍
  8. Here’s our Betty making the most of the fan.Think that’s where she’s going to be for the next couple days
  9. Veg garden not doing too bad this year
  10. gary112


    That 562 looks the dogs danglies,like it
  11. Pretty looking dogs Spuddog
  12. Fu&&in hell i would say the cat is the clear winner here
  13. Agree with Mick,tawny owls i would say
  14. Trimming up is what i use them for,no issues at all
  15. Not long,but there the best cordless ones i,ve used,they last about an hour on constant use
  16. Private concrete drive,the gate is there for crossing stock from one side to the other,the old fence i took down was the same style and customer chose to have it put back the same,only sheep on the farm and the customer will only have oak when it comes to post and rail.I,ve done 300 mtrs of it so far all round there garden.
  17. No be fine,there’ll be 3 strands of barbed wire on the backside aswell
  18. Bit of oak post and rail the last couple days
  19. 4 or 5 yrs old and shop bought,it,s the second time it,s had fruit
  20. Wet morning here today so did a bit in the greenhouse,lettuce,broccoli,cabbage all potted on
  21. It is a good innings as you say,but very sad aswell,i feel for you it,s never easy when they go


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