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  1. Off to Northampton this morning to sort this issue and was swapped for another saw. No issues. Sorted,fuel up and give it some beans
  2. Some nice colours down at the pool now
  3. Every McDonalds is a shithole i reckon,wouldn,t eat that crap!
  4. No never used one Doug,bought it thinking it would be a good idea,and never unpacked it
  5. Got this Stihl harness,never been used,for use with hedge trimmer and pole saw,if anyone interested make me an offer
  6. Lots of Spindle berry this year
  7. First fire today since May,getting a bit chilly
  8. Me too,nice chucked in a big pot of stew aswell
  9. Picked the Butternut squash today to finish off ripening
  10. Found these primroses out today,bit early!
  11. gary112

    90cc chainsaw

    You could always go for a Dolmar/ Makita 7900,strong saw and just under £650 new
  12. gary112

    90cc chainsaw

    Husqvarna 395xp is a great saw if you can a good secondhand one,and parts would be readily available,or a 288xp
  13. Same here packs a fair punch for a 60cc saw
  14. Wankers,i planted 60 mtrs of hedging a few years ago on a roadside and some arsehole pulled that up the first night aswell
  15. You bad bugger you Mr Stubby🤣
  16. We got one round here that thinks his trimmer does road signs aswell cos every year he shaves em down a bit
  17. Yep that,s what the knobs do with flail trimmers
  18. Treat yourself to one of these.You won’t be disappointed 👍
  19. If you don.t have a rabbit problem now you will when you,ve planted,it attracts them in,but also if you have hares they tend to bite the plants off at the top of the guards.If your getting a grant on it they dont usually pay towards rabbit netting,only for cane and guards and they will want them used


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