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  1. Is that because you're a Stihl user or it's handier or what? Sorry to seem so picky but I'm looking for some reason to buy one over the other, although fully realising that there's probably precious little between them. I'm just a bit OCD that way.
  2. Have you any preference between them?
  3. I'm not a heavy user, strimmer is pretty busy through the summer, leafblower in the autumn, and at least one of the chainsaws through the winter. Everything else is picked up when needed, may run for 5mins, or an hour, and set down again until the next time. I'm pretty much sold on switching and am prepared for a wee bit of hassle with the older things initially if need be, just a matter of choosing what fuel to buy as I've such a mixed bag of equipment.
  4. Are you using this in Stihl equipment or across a range of things?
  5. Do you see any difference between them in practice? I've been reading a few older threads and they turned in to a bit of a bun-fight which is why I started a new topic. My only new piece of equipment is an Echo saw, everything else is older and a mixture of makes, but all owned from new and serving me very well. Therefore I've no potential brand affiliation with fuel.
  6. I think it's time to make at least a partial switch to Alkylate so a couple of questions. Nearest Aspen dealer is a fair wee bit away, Husqvarna a good bit closer, Stihl 5 minutes. Do people just buy what's handiest and use it in everything or does it need to be Stihl fuel for Stihl, Husqvarna for Husqvarna, Aspen for do everything else, etc? On top of that then do people generally buy a 2-stroke mix for 2-strokes, or just buy straight and mix with oil of their choice as required? All advice/experiences welcome.
  7. I was in a mans garage a few years ago and after many years of trying he'd eventually managed to buy a particular Manx Norton in "as last raced" condition, 1962 I think he said it had been, even still had the bugs splatted on the flyscreen. I asked him what way he was going to clean it up and he said he wasn't, it was staying exactly as he bought it.
  8. Back to doing what he does best, tugging at the heart-strings to get his way!,
  9. You do realise that 'academic' is a euphemism for 'gormless twat'? If you make that substitution from now on you'll probably find that things make much more sense.
  10. Considering the cesspool that most (anti)social media has developed in to I think Arbtalk is doing pretty well. Standing still is the new making progress.
  11. Classic form for the faux "liberals". Sneer, pontificate, finger point, and castigate everyone else, yet when a situation erupts elsewhere which demonstrates just how irrelevant and skew-whiff their "worldly view"really is, then it's just totally ignored. Other classic examples are the EU migrant situation, South Africa post apartheid, and most recently the UK shaming the EU on it's vaccination programme and economic growth post-Brexit, and the mayhem currently playing out at the US/Mexican border under the watch of the Biden/Harris regime. To be fair, when you talk as much bollocks as they do, what else can you do except look the other way and whistle a merry tune!
  12. I keep a large (120ft plus) extension lead permanently connected in one outbuilding, and put a couple of wall brackets beside it to make it easily trailed out and most importantly gathered up again. It's main job through the winter is keeping batteries topped up, I've two Kubota tractors and a Kubota digger, all 04/05 and still on their original batteries and working well. Failing that, shift something to where the power is and get it on the charger before the battery gets so low that it won't start it. You just have to discipline yourself to make the effort to hook something up for half a day when it hasn't been used for a while.
  13. I can only repeat that our experience of them over many years is very different to that. Maybe you need to look at your battery maintenance a bit more, any battery left for any period of time in a state of discharge will be life limited as a result.


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