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  1. A guy Stephen Hayes has some excellent videos on youtube. I found them more useful than any number of books or articles, well worth a look.
  2. Woodwarm Fireview double. Looks the ticket, not sure if they're still made but there's still some for sale.
  3. Aye, but it's hard to beat someone saying, "i've had ******** for so many years and it's done whatever". Not for me, daughter and son-in-law are building atm and we think a good twin-sided would do a good job in a particular place.
  4. Anyone got any recommendations for a stove to go in an open plan area in a central location with glass on two sides. Preferably multi-fuel but wood only considered. Thanks.
  5. Fair point, I have amended my "like" to "thanks".
  6. That's dreadful. For all the rhetoric around illegal drugs, mostly justified, to me the two most societally damaging things in the UK are entirely legal, namely alcohol and prescription drugs.
  7. No disrespect to anyone on here, and I sincerely hope no one takes offence as it's most certainly not intended, but I reckon some people are hooked on them. They are addictive, but I'm also aware (very!) that they bring relief. I would just ask anyone that takes them day and daily as a matter of routine to look at their own circumstances and pollute the hell out of their GP to see if there is any alternative course of action open to them. Again, no offence meant to anyone, but like anti-depressants and so many other medicines, while they certainly serve a purpose at the time, long term they are bad shit.
  8. A lot in the medical professions call it 'brufen' for short apparently. Mrs CC, a nurse for 35+ years never calls it anything else, and when I was feeling especially brave and challenged her on it one day I got duly put in my place.
  9. Totally unrelated to this particular thread but we start in about four weeks. Getting houses ready at present for the girls to come in within the next fortnight or so, weather depending. I'm starting to get the buzz already!
  10. Much to my amazement I was told recently that internet forums are very much on the decline, that being the case, what's here is a proper gem. Use the search button for just about anything, you'll be staggered at how much info is here. 👍
  11. Five years I'm pretty sure is the Aspen claim. On a slightly different note, after initially trying the Husky fuel, I happened to be in a garden supplies shop today where there was Aspen and I brought a couple of cans of it home to try. Anyone who says they are the same, and I've seen a few, plainly hasn't even went to the trouble of smelling them both. They smell completely different so plainly not the same thing! Be interesting to see if there's any difference in running, particularly starting!
  12. Done my collarbone off a moto-xer just over two years ago. But unlike the usual break midway between neck and shoulder, mine got broken right in at my neck and displaced as well. It was healing OK but after about a month I started getting a lot of pain right out at my shoulder, where there was no damage. The bone doc said it was inevitable, as all the nerves down the left arm and hand pass by exactly where the break was so it was always likely that I'd get pain from nerves getting irritated on the displaced bone even though there isn't anything wrong as such. Try uddermint for a bit of pain relief in the meantime and it may also speed up any natural healing possible. I used it faithfully every day after the break and the bone doc was impressed at how quickly I healed for an oul boy.
  13. I'd recommend room sealing whenever possible if you have a reasonably modern airtight house, even for a smaller stove. We also have a solid fuel cooker to heat water and there used to be issues trying to have it and the fire which the Burley replaced burning at the same time. Even if you didn't have another stove there's always issues with extractor fans, even outside doors opening and closing causing back draughts and such like. A room seal kit sorts out all those problems in one go. That's another big plus for the Burley, namely that it's design accommodates room sealing so readily.
  14. I've the 8kw version, room sealed which is just as you say, you only draw in cold air for combustion and no room air goes in to the stove. Been in 8 or 9yrs now and has been equally faultless and impressive. Couldn't recommend them enough for anyone wanting a proper wood-burner.


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