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  1. Ah well, things could be worse. You'll be laughing about it by Christmas, ........................maybe! Seriously though, y'all dodged a bullet in that collision, goodness knows how. Unlucky in one respect, incredibly lucky in another, take your pick I suppose. Safe home!
  2. I reckon Larry planned the whole thing all along, sneaky bugger. Never trust a cat!
  3. If I'm building an engine and supplying the parts then nowadays I use Mitaka parts from Grampian Motors wherever possible. It's not that everything else is shite necessarily, but there's dodgy stuff out there and Grampians stuff has never let me down. I'd now pick it over Wiseco, ProX, Hot Rods, or any of them. It's amazing how many blaggers can even be found in the BSB paddock, plenty of talk and a confident attitude can get you nearly anywhere it seems.
  4. Main problem with strokers is that people never change the big end bearing as you have to split the engine/gearbox and crankshaft to do it, so if they're changing a piston they feel the con rod for play at the bottom end and if there's none it'll get left alone. They don't realise that a big end bearing won't have any play right up to the point it disintegrates sending debris around the rest of the engine and trashing itself so you need to either change the big end bearing while it's still good (or rather, appears to be!), or accept that some day it will let go and grenade the engine. Leaving that aside, any other failures in a stroker are generally down to a fault somewhere else, or in some cases poor quality parts used at a previous re-build.
  5. Not really, things don't go pop for no reason and any 2-stroke crosser should run a long time between rebuilds if everything is as it should be. Have you any idea what triggered the destruction sequence.
  6. Bandits are good but getting increasingly difficult to find a nice one as because they were a cheap bike people abused them secondhand. 03 600 Fazer better, but fewer to choose from. Don't rule out a CB500 either, so much better than you'd ever imagine a small parallel twin has any right to be.
  7. To put it in perspective, before the Shogun I had a Volvo V90 estate, last of the 'proper' Volvos. It was a 3 litre straight six petrol, 24 valve, auto box, rear wheel drive. Yes it was thirsty but it was comfortable, cavernous, towed like a tractor, went like the clappers, and held the road like a limpet. I bought it as a stop gap for a few months and it was so good I ended up keeping it for eight years. The Shogun had none of those virtues yet somehow managed to be even less economical, and by some margin.
  8. You just know that dog would be taking it easy and trying not to hurts it's mate, and the cat would be trying to get a judas gouge in there to take it's eye out.
  9. I longed for one for years and eventually got offered one through an acquaintance in the motor trade, 3.2 Warrior (the high spec one) auto, very clean, never on a farm. Kept it about 5mths, woke up one morning and realised I'd been in denial pretty much since I bought it and actually hated it. Had it sold by lunchtime the next day. Never imagined something could use so much fuel in ordinary driving, plus it was hopeless on dry roads and even worse on wet ones. Also gave me hassle with niggly things, bulbs fusing, low oil warning light flashing periodically, rear half shafts unseating themselves when towing and allow the diff to leak oil, which apparently wasn't cured properly until about 06. Also known to give injector and turbo trouble, which I didn't keep it long enough to experience.
  10. Braver (or richer!) man than I.
  11. So you're still well ahead. Surely there's a temptation to get out? *edit* - sorry misread that as you having had them for five years already, so maybe you're not!
  12. At what point would one consider buying?
  13. But the old cynic won out in the end!
  14. How about "the virus which absolutely not under any circumstances has anything whatsoever to do with gay men bumming each other"?


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