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  1. Now Andy, that WAS a closeout price. Still, the regular prices were half or less what you have to pay...amazing.
  2. I guess it depend on your use of words . It does auto oil, with the additional manual/aux. oiler there too.
  3. Here ya are, Andy. 60 inches on an 084. Note the manual oiler button on the left of the handle.
  4. Or more! That is a different kettle of fish...
  5. Might y'all not be money ahead to do some proper road work to your drive, then be able to use a less costly vehicle? Just a thought .
  6. Burnham


    That's for certain. Any set of spurs can be either comfortable or ungodly painful, depending on the pads. I've been very happy with my aluminum Bashlins with caddy pads...might be a USA thing, those pads.
  7. Two names that I know of...bearpaw knot or becket hitch. Old school, but bombproof...only for use with large D's and stiff cable-core.
  8. Burnham

    snow anyone?

    You've always been so generous in letting me use it, Lee
  9. Burnham

    snow anyone?

    There are some awfully pretty places, here in the western US. Some of the folks here, like Big A, High Scale, and Steve have seen some of the pictures I've posted over at the TH.
  10. Burnham

    snow anyone?

    USA, western Oregon. I work for the US Forest Service on the Mt. Hood National Forest. http://www.fs.fed.us/r6/mthood/
  11. Burnham

    snow anyone?

    Time to get out and close some gates for the winter recreation crowd.
  12. Comes in a hi-vis version now. I rather like it, lighter than full 1/2 inch rope but not so skinny to grab as the 7/16. It milks some, but not too badly, and splices well. I continue to have some trouble with my hitch twisting it on quick descents. Not too badly, though.
  13. Let's see...if that was 1987, I was 33 years old then...yup, you are most likely right, Steve. Any of those fellas still in the game?
  14. Aww...and here I thought this thread was going to be about climbers of my age


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