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  1. Yeah... Dad thought it was pretty cool to just stay under the bridge as the ship kept goin'... Gary
  2. Me too... my Dad was with me on tiger cruise in 1996... I told him that not many civilians get the chance to ride a Nuclear Powered Aircraft Carrier UNDER the Golden gate Bridge. he thought that was pretty cool. Gary
  3. Hi Steve! Looks like the forum is off the ground and flyin'! Gary
  4. Not to sound nit-picky... but the "T" in the green logo looks like a cross... are ya lookin' for a religious overtone? Just my take... I actually like the first one with the roots... but different lettering. Maybe more blocky, instead of scribbly? If these come stateside I would buy one! Gary
  5. How 'bout this one mate? Buick V-8...:cool::eek: Gary
  6. No brainer mate... Stihl! Then again... bein' in the states in the Pacific Northwest, Stihl is the king 'round here. Gary
  7. Andy... does the crown let you guys license and ride quads on the street there? Gary
  8. HA! ...would love to be a fly on the wall. Gary
  9. One thing that really makes a forum run well is the quality of people that post and not quantity. Gary
  10. Hey I gots my avatar... but I didn't put it up. Thanks Steve! Gary
  11. That's okay Gigi... there's like what... 4 of ya in there? LOL:D Gary


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