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  1. The block face was developed when chainsaws could not cut on an angle. Two parallel cuts were made and the gob was simply broken out with hand tools. It can be a useful cut, especially for backleaners as the hinge holds for a long time - in affect a full width sizwheel
  2. I think it will perform similar to the square ground. If you do test them side by side, try including diagonal cuts as not all cutting is cross grain 👍
  3. @Steve Bullman might be worth an ask
  4. I got some this week. Not tried it yet, but If I have time I will vid some cuts against conventional chain and Oregon square ground - will be interesting for sure (well I’m geeky enough to be interested 😂)
  5. The textile is a very important part - if it was to fail it would cause the prussic/grab to slip uncontrolled to the end potentially causing a slip or short fall.
  6. It works by allowing the hinge fibres to flex significantly more before they break or pull, so increasing the strength/duration before failing. The cut shown on the vid set up a 2nd hinge behind the first and the relief cut allowing them to both flex. As for creating a barbers chair - there is still the potential but because the hinge is more flexible you can leave it thicker
  7. Never cut as many as that, but I will put one or 2 plunge cuts in to help a corner hold. I heard about it on the treehouse a few years ago I think. One of those trick cuts that help but not to be relied upon completely. You still need strong basic felling skills as a foundation before you try anything like this, which sadly 90% of arbs neglect to invest the time and effort into.
  8. I bet we replace the lying, dishonest, over privileged narcissistic clown with a lying, dishonest, over privileged narcissist who may or may not be a clown
  9. Or get through an immense amount of chipping in a short time.
  10. I don’t agree with turning the oiler down. Too much oil is the least of the problems in many regards. Especially if you are cutting ash or any deadwood and it really helps reduce bar wear long term.
  11. Well as of early June I can officially post on this thread - been grumpy enough for a while though 😂
  12. There are quite a few of these working in the UK and I personally know a couple of people who do very well with them. A lot is down to contract size and specs, for example if you are doing a large number of roadside ash tree, then this would be perfect
  13. 540 performs well providing it is kept warm, which is a huge issue. Sold mine and went back to the 200t
  14. After turning 50 a few weeks ago I am looking at a scanner stairlift - let the children climb 😂
  15. Look at mountaineering porta ledges- they would work well I think


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