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  1. Cut the ends off & use a chainsaw 👍
  2. I'm trying not to get too stir crazy & stressed about things I have no control over. So far, so good. Made these too - blue tit box with the small hole - other is for robins
  3. Big tree & quick feet! 😎 I hope your going to mill that as it will produce some nice timber no doubt
  4. Non CE cougar blue or orange for me. The CE stuff has a different core and is a lot stretchier
  5. You don't need two identical powerheads - I used to run a 660 & 440 in tandem successfully
  6. Point I tried to make badly 👍
  7. Does a lack of certification make it more dangerous than with one? world is a crazy place!!
  8. Because it is part of a system & without it, it would fail to function correctly- descent for example would be difficult
  9. You are using the date first used in your inspections yes ? (Not date of manufacture) Metal items are not subject to the same limited lifespan as textiles, so it should be a worry.
  10. Who wrote that Daniel - I missed it
  11. Get some 6 stone scrote to do it with a hacksaw for tenner - you get paid properly & they get a bag of smack 😆 (sorry no sense of appropriate humour possessed)
  12. it is not a cheap option to retain a work force on standby, so If a standby rate is paid then the rate paid when called out is usually considerably less. This is true for the employer, employees & the client I guess
  13. To be honest there does need to be a shift in training, however introducing a new technique to replace another which replaced another is just a continuation of the old bullshit. The shift needs to be towards teaching the whys as well as the how - that means educating people to make good decisions, which is easier said than done. It is simple enough to teach generic or even niche teqniques like yours Dan within a simple training framework, but to teach the choice of technique, reasoning behind them and subtleties of the work is the holy grail and is not addressed by any traditional training I have ever encountered and probably never will.
  14. I can Matty. you bring some good points & ideas to the table Daniel- this is not one of them. Education starts with a strong foundation & subsequently expands from that. You are suggesting that niche techniques are taught as standard (especially when you consider the limited mewp usage here in the UK). I do not see this as progressive or beneficial.
  15. I have yet to meet anyone who is for this & apart from those involved in the construction I doubt I ever will.


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