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  1. So, I have a rescue working terrier who, as well as being a pet performs an invaluable task keeping rat numbers down & grabbing the occasional rabbit from the veg garden. She is however a nightmare with dogs she does not know and will attack on sight - should I kill her? I also have a 50 plus kg GSD x malamute dog, complete and 11 years old. He was attacked by 2 farm collies as a young dog and he had to fight and nearly killed both of them.As a result is not to be trusted around other unknown dogs, as he is fearful of attack so can be aggressive if approached. He can not be let off a lead as a result- should I take him to the vets and have him euthanised? Your very myopic in your attitude I think - Perhaps the companionship of that dog is all that keeps that woman from suicide? Perhaps it was a collie that attacked it as a puppy and it never forgot? I have met more bad people than bad dogs I can assure you.
  2. We nearly spayed our youngest dog due to prostate issues and as a result did loads of research. We discovered that there is growing evidence that the early spaying of pets impedes both there physical and mental development. The hormones are required for physical maturation- growth plate formation in joints is impeded as can bone growth. I seem to remember hip displasia becomes more common too. Mentally they can develop many issues, especially fear/confidence related. I would have a good google if I were you. I am not against spaying, however I think that the vets are out of step with current evidence - remember sick pets are there business. I would get some solid advice when to spay him - people seem to think past 18 months is a good time when physical maturity is reached.
  3. Pete Mctree

    Chain oil

    On smaller bars no difference & I go up to 30” with it. There is a little more wear to the bars for sure, but when you are going through sometimes 3l a day, the price soon offsets it.
  4. Pete Mctree

    Chain oil

    @trigger_andy what’s funny about not wanting to be covered in mineral oil & inhaling it in aerosol form every day. You have a special lubed up fetish with oil cos you work in the industry or your just plain dumb?
  5. Pete Mctree

    Chain oil

    I use rapeseed oil mainly (use Clarke’s bio-oil for the 880 when milling). I will never again use mineral oil, as who wants to be covered with the stuff and inhale the particles ? Besides, what a waste of a finite resource and money too
  6. The high output oiler makes a big difference on a 36” . Chain does not stretch or overheat half as much
  7. Hard question - what is your local dealer selling? How strong are you? What are you cutting? Etc etc For me - My local husky dealers are crap so I run Stihl I am strong enough to run a bigger saw if needed, so my choice increases I am cutting medium sized ash trees predominantly at the moment and running 70cc class saws with either an 18” or 20” bar I you can use the training centre’s saws it might give you an insight into makes, models and how then feel in your hand. Helps to make an informed decision. Remember people’s favourite saws might not be the best choice in the woods and an arborist is usually not the best person to ask. Good luck!
  8. If the land registry draws a blank, quietly claim the land - it’s valuable cos they don’t make it anymore 😉
  9. I can tell you don’t climb! An 088 in a tree is brutal & to be avoided whenever possible.
  10. It will sadly be the norm, especially roadside. I am ready to start my 2nd summer in a row of ash tree removal on footpaths etc The decline within a growing season, especially of the younger trees is very dramatic.
  11. If I can take a top early, I will - especially in conifers. The damping effect of leaving a few branches on below your topping cut is not to be underestimated. They really help dampen the motion of the tree, which can sometimes be more extreme than we would like. A simple demonstration is If you stand with your hands in your pockets and someone pushes you, chances are that you will move and or stumble. However if you have your arms out horizontal and someone pushes you, then the dampening effect of your arms will allow you to retain better posture and position.
  12. Sadly, I know many climbers who I would never trust with plastic cutlery near my ropes, never mind something sharp. I would never entertain a backup device that would leave me unable to self rescue and so far I have not seen anything that ticks all the boxes for me.


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