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  1. Terrifying but true The industry needs to educate climbers to minimise loading on these compromised trees.
  2. Sorry, but I don’t get your answer to my post - a lot of ash trees are knackered here too - some from the drought last year - others from charalia - people were saying that some trees were “recovering” and I queried what from.
  3. How many of these trees that are recovering, are coming back from drought induced stress and not Chalara?
  4. I agree with you & the limitations of a 5 day course. It however does not aim to produce a skilled individual in that timeframe. ps I deleted my post as I thought i asked a poor question with limited answers
  5. The discussion itself is a step in the right direction. We appear to have a widening gap between what the trainers & training providers are delivering and what the industry wants. However, is almost the perfect conundrum. How often do we read here on the forum that training costs are extortionate and others bitterly complaining that the standard produced is not adequate. There is always a cost in training & we need to decide where & when to pay it. It can be given to the trainers who can then deliver far more comprehension tuition to a higher standard, potentially with evidence based progression and assessed levels of achievement, but at what cost & over what duration? Another option is to have brief, basic tuition as we have now & the onus is then upon the employer to train & further educate the individual in work time and at the cost of production. This latter method does not seem to be working as people are complaining about the level of proficiency & the cost too - I guess everyone wants there cake and eat it! A third way might be the introduction of a higher tier of training and assessment on top our current one - based on excellence as opposed to competence - but this in itself would create uproar, as people would have to spend more time & money on things that they think they do not need or want. I think as an industry we should think very carefully about what we want, or we could end up being overburdened with training, costs & legislation.
  6. I have had similar on wading boots & they were OK - not sure if the system will interfere with the lower straps on spikes though.
  7. I often have wondered if button flies were the way forward for chainsaw trousers - less zip issues
  8. Bamboo is not a good choice. The chemical processes involved in turning it into a fabric are not in anyway environmentally sound. Is Bamboo Fabric Really Eco-Friendly? - Swedbrand Group WWW.SWEDBRAND-GROUP.COM For years, bamboo has been touted as being one of the most environmentally-friendly fabrics on the market. Bamboo is... Environmental Impacts of Fabric: Bamboo WEARNOTHINGNEW.TYPEPAD.COM Bamboo is to yuppies as hemp is to hippies. Bamboo is the hot new "eco-friendly" fiber. The bamboo stalk is broken...
  9. For the GRCS to be anything more than an expensive bollard, you need the experience & knowledge on how to use it & the grounds man with a similar skill set. You need to assess your needs prior to making a choice
  10. So potentially causing the mistrial of a gang of predatory paedos is all good in your books Vespasian? I am not surprised by you sadly
  11. He can’t go to prison- that would be racist 😄
  12. My favourite Glastonbury was 1994 - remember some of it 😎
  13. Makes good sense Bob. I could charge strong money if I wanted and on some jobs get it. However the number of those jobs are few and far between locally & I probably would end up sitting at home a lot as I would have priced myself out of a lot of the other work. Set your rate on workload & not just the "I want" figure.


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