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  1. So you don’t have to use a pushing chain whilst making your felling cuts - which can be an issue on steep ground with big saws as it is often difficult to stand at both sides of the tree.
  2. Have you just passed your LOLER ticket or your climbing tickets? If the original id has worn off, then I insist on the kit being remarked, with either the original one if practicable or a new one which can be cross referenced in records. The whole process is about traceability back to the manufacturer
  3. & a rare pic of all three of them together 🤘
  4. Typical action shot of Cooper 😆
  5. Over the last few years, I have read countless articles about the usage of biomass as a fuel. A few from government and the power providers shouting it's praises and describing it as both carbon neutral and sustainable and some from others pointing out the negatives e.g. Unsustainable harvesting rates of timber and increased CO2 production when burned when compared to coal or gas. I have even heard rumours of ships full of raw timber being imported and chipped at the dockside. I have always thought of it as a viable option for smaller users e.g. Individual buildings or homes, but I cannot see the long term (or medium) sustainability of the current level of consumption and production of CO2. I, like many others here send a significant percentage of my arisings into biomass and I see no harm in this, as we are often limited to other avenues to get rid of bulk chip. This is a link to an article from the Guardian I read today and It seems to agree with what others detractors have written and puts some salient points on the table, albeit with no solutions. 'Carbon-neutrality is a fairy tale': how the race for renewables is burning Europe's forests | World news | The Guardian WWW.THEGUARDIAN.COM Wood pellets are sold as a clean alternative to coal. But is the subsidised bioenergy boom accelerating the climate crisis?
  6. I really dislike.325 chain in the woods - traps easily as the kerf is narrow and stretches/bends too easily
  7. I use an adapter to run Stihl bars on my big husky (from chainsawbars.co.uk) - same chain and better bars as a bonus
  8. Yup - providing you have enough saws with the same chain - gets silly otherwise
  9. The government will want high inflation - they have borrowed (and probably squandered) billions and now need to devalue the pound, so to cut the debt prior to paying any of it back.
  10. It was like the forum had Trump as a member 😆 - interesting to begin with, but.....
  11. The narcissistic manner of self promotion is quite Vespasian like.
  12. And how does topping a tree affect it's structural integrity- google that ! A little bit of knowledge is truly a dangerous thing.


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