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  1. Or work out the exact specifications and limitations of the new guidelines & don’t behave like a sheep and follow everything blindly “for an easy life”.
  2. I have been on ultra for a couple of years at least & have had no issues with newer or older saws. I wonder if your fuel has a larger percentage of ethanol in it, which appears to be an increasing issue especially when saws are sat for a period of time.
  3. Take more than 10 minutes to sort those out with a bar press 😆
  4. BUMP ! I'm in need of urgently replacing my old Stihl one (battery died). Suggestions please
  5. Dogs had to be modified & some mad max welding done due to some worn bolt holes. She is long in the tooth and a horse or two might have escaped. Exhaust has a good note though!
  6. I but big dogs and a full wrap handle on mine to help manage the longer bar in a tree. Really helps IMHO
  7. Sounds like a bit of a bully - must have something to hide
  8. @Ty Korrigan. Any feedback on this?
  9. I am looking for a portable second hand capstan winch for a couple of small projects. If anyone has one gathering dust in the back of the workshop that they would like to sell it would be appreciated. Contact me at peter@everythingtrees.co.uk or tel 07798 743573 I am based in the North East.
  10. That's time to use chain or wire strips. Rope although possibly strong enough will be damaged at the knots & suffer abrasion as it is skidded up the bankside.
  11. Well if the AA have not acted with the best interest of the industry in mind, then they are not fit for purpose surely. If the only purpose of them completing the guide is financial (it is not in the best interest of the industry and I can think of no other reason), then they no longer represent us in any way.


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