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  1. Irrespective of what you think, even in Arb you are supposed to do refresher training every 5 years ( one for ground units & one areial). Many ignore it, but it is a requirement
  2. agreed, especially with regards to kit supply & training also. For once though I have to stick up for the Arb association- they have at least negotiated some common sense into the risk assessment. Shame they did not get there shit together years ago to quash all this.
  3. It is still taught, but younger climbers don’t seem to use them as much. I have seen quite a few remove the canopy without & use them for the timber/stem. Can’t work it out myself
  4. I was driving to the shops thinking of this earlier. I all of a sudden got really scared as I realised I only had a single seat belt on, one steering wheel & worst of all only one brake pedal !!!!! It is truly sad when a unique and proud industry is derailed by albeit a well meaning bunch of desk jockeys.
  5. New ones are available HOME | anglia-vehicles-ltd WWW.ANGLIAVEHICLES.CO.UK
  6. Could you please share the link. In a new thread would be good. Thank you
  7. Pm me your address and I will post you a set next week- I don't have a treemotion now.
  8. We are a small company based mid way between Whitby & Guisborough. We are in need of a self employed individual to work with us on a regular basis, to help with an increased workload. Pay is dependant upon upon productivity and qualifications Either call me on 07798 743573 or email peter@everythingtrees.co.uk
  9. I think there is some scope for further guidance in that case as this is going to be a huge issue imo.
  10. Do you have any further details on this guidance? And is it relatable to dealing with hazard trees in general? i have already heard stories about rigging point failures where climbers have used rigging blocks & the resultant forces have ripped the tree apart. When I started in Arb, we were rigging out the last of the elm trees we used natural crotch rigging as there were few other options. This simple method helped massively reduce the forces generated at the rigging point. This has to be our end goal either through friction or load sharing redirects- either way we need to rapidly and radically reassess how we approach these rigging scenarios, as It is OK having all the toys, but a deficit in knowledge & or the skills to apply it will no doubt result in fatalities rigging out these hazard trees sooner or later.
  11. A bandit is the most suitable replacement imo. I was working for an LA a few years ago that moved up from a 250 to a 12” bandit. The increase in productivity was impressive & I believe that they have had very little down time over the years too.
  12. Are you really looking at the same footage ? I see an American saw builder testing his machine - do you really need to climb at tree to test a saw? Do you feel threatened by ported saws ? You seem to be overly negative about them with very little experience
  13. I have 2 jackets. One is for 80% of the time it rains a bit when an ok breathable jacket will do. The other is a non breathable plastic jacket that keeps me dry in the worst conditions. I have spent a lot of money in the past trying to get a single jacket to do both. The nearest I got was a mountaineers style jacket, however the mud and dirt denatured the fabric eventually.


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