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  1. ArbDogs? Pics!

    Tight squeeze !
  2. What do you use to tie off your rigging blocks?

    Tenex dead eye. Tied with cow hitch or timber hitch.
  3. Ballsy stunt fells

    I've always assumed that wedges were permitted for those nasty backleaners - but then again I might be wrong!
  4. Stihl 046

    Your mill will not abuse chain like normal use. .325 will stretch & possibly break chain regularly. I did try a 440 on .325 years ago in the woods. Predictable result of destruction. Glad to hear it does work well on the mill - much stretch?
  5. Stihl 046

    I think the 046 would kill a .325 chain. Way too much power. awesome saw, never been bettered imho
  6. purpose of tipper roof?

    I prefer a fitted tarpaulin roof - gives that flexibility for easy loading
  7. Growth anomaly on ash trees

    Is it an infection? All the trees bar one displayed the growth habit
  8. Growth anomaly on ash trees

    I was re-reducing 5 massively over pruned Ash trees on Friday, when I began to notice some unusual growth like you can see in the images below. The other unusual growth habit was the massive annual growth- epicormic shoots of over 2m in length in 2 growing seasons. i have seen this before , years ago & always wondered what the root cause was. Any ideas?
  9. Sub-contractor required Middlesbrough area

    I may be able to help you.
  10. New Forum feedback

    When viewing the unread posts, I have discovered the "condensed list" button - magic, especially when viewing on a phone. Gets rid of all the crappy bulk
  11. What kind of flip line do you use?

    I use a 13mm & 16mm wirecore flip line for dismantling & a rope strop for pruning.The Swedish is too clumsy & numb for me. i use grabs as Prussics are too easy fouled with dirt & sap.
  12. Kranman Bison micro forwarder

    Looks an impressive compact machine - perfect for such jobs. What is it like on steep terrain?
  13. Ticks and Lymes disease

    Not everyone exhibits the bullseye- they think it is absent in 20% of cases of lymes disease. I live in an area that has a lot of ticks & check myself every day & I also wear chainsaw trousers with gaiters built in.
  14. anyone using the new SIP saw trousers

    I have some new progress type a & After the 1st month I am really impressed- we will see how the next year goes with them
  15. anyone using the new SIP saw trousers

    Which ones?


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