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  1. Cheers Paul- defo room for improvement but learnt a fair bit on the course. 4 or 5 day course would be good. 👍I will keep studying/observing...
  2. Just got my pti results in post- very pleased to have passed-82%- ironically I got better marks on inspection-which I thought prob failed and on fungi ID I got one ID wrong ; whereas thought would have got 100% on them..Not a walk in the park overall.
  3. Yes maybe would sprout a bit. A willow log will sprout and take root if it's just sat on damp soil. Twigs/shoots don't generally have enough stored reserves to take root so readily unless pushed into soil or stuck in water where they can get growing rapidly.👍
  4. It defo won't grow from cuttings that are not pushed into soil.
  5. Willow cuttings - once dried out they are not very durable. They won't last that long- 2 or 3 years guesstimate. Will just decay. Have you thought of using Common Reed..?
  6. It looks like the tree itself is having a shite..
  7. Yes. I fairly confident i passed the theory. Just annoyed on the inspections- missed some stuff off and could have done better. Waiting for results...
  8. Does anyone know the national pass / success rate for the PTI? I read somewhere 38%. I did course last week and prob failed on tree assessments i reckon- not got results yet, but made a few schoolboy errors. I think prob passed the written and fungi. I think course would be better over 4 days and have less emphasis on pseudo science from well known authors- regards kinetic/potential energy etc. Time to update the theory part maybe.
  9. I have seen a small 'wild' Elm in my village with similar twigs.
  10. My district council has failed to show a group TPO on it's map despite it being designated prob over 15 years ago and me reporting it's ommission.
  11. Yes, looks like Ash the table. First bit maybe as well?
  12. What machines are you using? What vibe levels? With hedgecutters i've switched to cordless. Also for small stuff - cordless saws. Gloves don't help and prob tape not much. My grip affected.
  13. I'm not familiar with urban planning. I'm in rural area. Neighbour had an application refused. With planning applications you can appeal- but since this is not a normal application that follows the usual planning process then it appears there is no obvious means to appeal. Ombudsmen waste of time. I think in this instance you need a qualified town planning consultant or legal expert..👍
  14. I thought any new access needed to go through planning?? In which case 'lines of sight' may be more of an issue than affecting tree roots. Contact the council again for confirmation. If necessary put your application in. Wait months- find out all reasons for refusal/approval. Get expert in and appeal.. Might take a while...


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