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  1. Highways used to be very particular in North Yorks. Recently i think some of their decisions are outright irresponsible regards road safety.
  2. In villages the Parish Council rep. can speak- not sure proceedure in towns..whether that's role of town councillor?
  3. I think hopefully it could go your way... I think it's only one objector allowed to speak. Also i think the councillor can voice his concerns. Keep us posted and fingers crossed🌲
  4. At committee get your best spokesperson to talk for the allocated 5minute(?) with sound objections of why it contravenes NPPF - google nppf. What is the point in a group TPO if some a hole can apply to clear it and build on it...Phrase it slightly more politely...
  5. It will prob be decided at planning committee by sounds of it. If you can get a councillor to speak against at the meeting should help alot. The council 'experts' such as highways officers, i have found in my area are as thick as pig shit when it comes to basic observations. Hopefully commonsense of planning committee, etc. will go in your favour. and ignore the tree officer's opinion.Throw as much info, support, etc at the committee. When the final planning report is released in the days prior to committee then lobby the committee members. 👍✌
  6. Have you contacted your elected district councillors- they are voted in democratically and it's their civil duty to get involved when asked. The tree officer sounds like he prefers development to trees...
  7. Maybe the tree officer is mates with the applicant? If the area is TPO'd then i agree with what you say. Obviously i'm not the expert here which is why i suggested contacting district councillors to ask for assistance. Planning officers can just manipulate policies to suit their agenda. However maybe they will put it down for refusal before planning committee.
  8. Contact the head planning officers, district councillors. Ask for clarification. Threaten use of ombudsman if they ignore you and your comments. Get 10 letters of objection and committee will decide the application.
  9. Yes prob Grey Willow/Sallow. Salix cinerea. There are 2 subspecies - cinerea/oleifolia . Also hybrids may look same as the species. Too much info prob👀
  10. Any of it in leaf? Bit difficult to tell without.
  11. richyrich

    Chain oil

    Much better smelling- like chips frying🍟
  12. Ok, cheers fellas, i will go for the pro one👍
  13. Does anyone have experience of doing the one day Lantra tree inspection course? I am thinking it might be a bit too basic and might not learn much new, having done tree work on and off for 25+ years. The professional 3 day course states it is for experienced tree inspectors- so why would you do this course if you are an experienced surveyor/inspector..?


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