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  1. My wire core flipline failed it's check on damaged sheath. Is the textile sheath important for the strength/integrity of the wire underneath? I thought the flipline was ok to use before the fail.
  2. I was just thinking that myself 💥
  3. First shot about 85 psi higher line right on target. This shot on video was second attempt at lower target- about 80psi. Fell short with about 60ish psi. VID_20220728_103701.mp4
  4. I've only had one proper test go with it- not sure if it was about 80 psi or less and no line attached. I didn't overdo it as I didn't want to lose the bag- was impressed with it . Hopefully using on Thursday 👍
  5. Yes, the PTFE was a waste of time. The thread on air chamber to reduction joint was tight so I shouldn't have put as much loctite 55 on it as could not screw on many turns. It's all air tight though now and had a test launch.👍
  6. Loctite 55 did the job.
  7. Still available from World of Power- agreed very good machine.
  8. I will try that or something similar thanks. I will put photo on when fixed.
  9. Anybody else made one of these? Just assembled mine,plenty of PTFE tape and it still leaks. Not sure if it's crappy threads or needs more tape.
  10. I got it to download then opened that...
  11. Just ordered this gear and price only gone up £1.99👍🍰
  12. They look like aphids/larvae of some kind...


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