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  1. Good analysis, and on small stuff I'd say it may actually be faster, certainly seems that way. The acid test would be to put a larger chain on it, and see how it performs. That would be interesting. Don't think I have anything in the shed which would be a straight swap.
  2. You did understand correctly. I run mine with a 14" Stihl Light bar, and it's an animal with that on. Haven't put anything bigger on it, that's what the 400 is for. According to Stihl, the 261 will take an 18" bar, and I've seen people with 20" on it. How it runs with something like that on, I don't know, sorry.
  3. And yet, we always think that a big one and a little one will be enough. 😂
  4. After taking excellent advice on here regarding what to replace an 038 with, I bought a 400, and was over the moon with it. Still am. In fact, I was so pleased with it, that I bought it's cousin, the 261 to replace an accursed 251, which was just a huge disappointment after an 023, which died at over 25 years. I love the 261 even more than the 400, and you'd think I'd be over the moon with two lovely saws. Problem is, I bought them the wrong way round. If I'd bought the 261 first, the 400 would have been a 462, cos the 261 is just so lovely to handle, and so capable and eager. It's oh so close to a 400, perhaps due to the lighter chain, I don't know.
  5. Round our way, all trees under power lines get a very severe buzz cut. It's simultaneously amusing and shocking to see the tree line suddenly drop about twenty or thirty feet and then suddenly climb back up!
  6. Is this anyone on here? Quite impressive. The best talent with a professional skill cutting tree whi | The best... WWW.FACEBOOK.COM The best talent with a professional skill cutting tree whi
  7. Undoubtedly an option. At the very least, it's down for removal of the obviously dead wood. I'm sure customer thinks that with some judicious pruning, I can transform it into a vibrant thing of beauty. 😉
  8. A customer has a willow which looks almost dead from some angles, and definitely has some dead branches. It’s shaded/ crowded by an oak and a fir at the side which is struggling. Customer is loath to let me trim the other trees. It looks superb at the side where it’s heading for the light. Pruning looks tricky, as all the life appears to be near the ends of dead looking branches. All suggestions appreciated, thanks.
  9. My default footwear for most of the year is Rigger Boots, though I seem to go through them at an alarming rate. I've never tried cutting an old pair with a chainsaw, but I expect they'd give adequate protection against a glancing strike. Obviously no use at all for climbing, so I apologise for that.
  10. You must either have a very pretty wife, or a busy street corner. No way mine could earn enough. 😟
  11. My son hired a MEWP for a topping job for a customer. It threw a wobbler, ( if you exceed the rotation limits, it cuts out, and strands you! ) so I got called in to assist. He asked to borrow my 12" battery Makita. I think he liked it. A lot. 😉
  12. A tad expensive? A tad expensive? When I priced one up for repair on a Kombi, it was evident that a full brand new cutter was the best idea, not a huge amount more costly. Mind you, when I snapped a casting on the Kombi chainsaw attachment, a replacement casting actually cost more than buying another full attachment!
  13. There is an additional drainage issue, one which I swerved when a nice man put a digester with a pump in. No ditches that this property has access to, no. Close in many respects, the garden has the mower in, the field has the soakaway for the digester. I can see me yet putting a drain in to take the surplus moisture away from the house, and into an adjacent field. Whimsy, rather than Joke, I'd say.
  14. I have one customer whose garden “ retains water “ and in a dry time, her grass is the envy of all. Currently, it’s a tad soggy! Last night, I decided I had to give it a trim, before we saw lions and tigers roaming through it! I got all the best bits with the 4wd Husky, and this morning the apprentice took the push mower through whatever he could, and I strimmed everything less than ankle deep. Looks a lot better, but till a settled dry spell, this one’s going to be “ interesting “. 😂
  15. Spent many a Sunday afternoon laughing at that. Happy days. 🙂


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