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  1. Stere


    How come your selling all that cordless gear?
  2. Sometimes handy to stop small logs spinning on saw horse
  3. Some big large gnarly seasoned hardwood rounds with knots in is best. Had a few dozen big elm rounds left over from dutch elm disease dead felled trees was using for yrs made wonderful chopping blocks. Also have a few tonnes of hardcore and some drainage pipe under the ground below the "lawn" area i split so doesn't get muddy etc Don't bother with using grenades hammers wedges etc, if the maul won't spilt it just put in to one side then "noodle" it with chainsaw its alot quicker & less hassle imo. For kindling I made on of theese:
  4. Looks like this type. Not better than a regular fork tbh This design seems more sensible
  5. Have a antique "potato fork" with wider tines still stab them though
  6. Anyone seen any trees recover someone said some trees can/may still recover but iv'e not noticed any trees do that? Seems to be the ones with it only getting worse so far?
  7. Looks like fancy a himalayan one? Pricey specimen tree newly planted?
  8. Stere

    Sthil 028

    BRAKE BAND FOR STIHL MS028 ( 1118 160 5402 ) - Dolpima DOLPIMA.COM One here not sure about the shop ?
  9. Just got some new chipper spec ear muffs should of got them yrs ago even though I rarely use a chipper as the extra noise blocking is nice for any machine.
  10. I have a mountfield with the honda engine its ok SP53H bought new had for about 5yrs. They still sell the model Mountfield SP53H 51cm Self Propelled Petrol Lawnmower | Charlies WWW.CHARLIES.CO.UK Deck is starting to rust and various plastic bits have fallen off now but all spares are availabl (but as is 350 new spending to much on spares doesn't make sense e.g 110 quid on a new deck bettter just get another mower etc). I prefer honda V briggs enginers as they seem to keep running better and use less fuel.... Before this I had an husky with a brigs and before that an izy that lasted decades (alu deck outlast the steel ones) Second hand looking from on ebay etc 90% seem over priced and also abit of a gamble as any replacement parts if sill available are so expensive V costs new? Ideal for you might be a rough cut with side disharge but they are more expensive.... Scag side discharge mower 48 inch cut 15hp Kawasaki tidy good tyres WWW.EBAY.CO.UK First used it is believed 2017 It has a 15hp Kawasaki recoil start 2 cylinder petrol engine hydrostatic dual drive, Sold as... Modern honda izy it appears they have downgraded both the quality and engine size but not the prices?
  11. Dunno i couldn't see it only the audio. Might need to use a different web browser.
  12. Think i metioned this before on another thread. I saw some garden design prog on the telly for a large posh garden. They bought in some big tree stumps on a flat bed lorry to make a stumpery. Think they paid over 100 quid for each large stump and had near a dozen or so stumps... Might be an idea to use up all the stumps.....if you did get them dug up, make to your own stumpery somewhere......
  13. Is ground going to used for something else that means all stumps have to be got rid?


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