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  1. Must be some discountinued models probably still sold as dolmars but no longer as makita....
  2. But they reckon mircoplastic may be harmful: The hills are alive with the signs of plastic: even Swiss mountains are polluted | Environment | The Guardian WWW.THEGUARDIAN.COM Major study finds microplastics in soil across Switzerland and scientists warn urgent research is needed into impacts on...
  3. Aren't they the same as they makita ones? If you look at the dolmar website the older model ones have bad vib ratings & the new are the same models with different colour bodies as makita. DOLMAR - Benzin - Heckenscheren WWW.DOLMAR.DE Die Benzin-Heckenscheren von DOLMAR ermöglichen unabhängiges Arbeiten im weitläufigen Gelände...
  4. Stere

    Footwear sizes

    Every brands of shoes seem a slightly different size so hard to compare. If you look at the size charts the UK to EU conversion is often different for different brands...
  5. I went for new the makita battery one: Makita DUH601Z 18v Brushless Hedge Trimmer (Body Only) | Fastfix WWW.FASTFIX.CO.UK The Makita DUH601Z 18v hedge trimmer features a powerful brushless motor and the double sided 65cm blade is... So far its good
  6. Okatsune stuff is quality. For small stuff theese are proper old skool quality: Jakoti Handshears - Arthur & Strange WWW.ARTHURANDSTRANGE.CO.UK Jakot Hand Shears from Greece perfect for so many garden tasks from Topiary to Perennial pruning these are a must... & you can do sheep also: 😀 An English Homestead: Jakoti Hand Shears Review WWW.ENGLISHHOMESTEAD.COM There are certain bits of farming I love and certain bits I hate. Dagging sheep is firmly in the "hate" camp but it's also a...
  7. Digging up 10ys old oaks doesn't sound the best way to get new trees established as may damage roots and oaks are sensitive to tranplanting ? Are you using 2 spiral guards above one another? Any pictures?
  8. The makita cordless one is pretty heavy was think the small stihl ones as lighter. Echo CS-281WES maybe? Echo CS-281WES Petrol Chainsaw | 30cm Bar | Buy at Lawnmowers Direct WWW.LAWNMOWERSDIRECT.CO.UK The Echo CS-281WES Petrol Chainsaw with 30cm chain bar is a great value option, lightweight machine designed to...
  9. Seems dislike for elder is fairly widespread..... https://www.peakdistrict.gov.uk/__data/assets/pdf_file/0003/78861/derelict-hedgerows.pdf https://ptes.org/wp-content/uploads/2014/06/Hedgerow-guide-web-version.pdf Also supposedly poisonous but sheep like eating it maybe why farmers remove it??
  10. Elder has a very distinct smell some reckon bit like cats piss also wood is hollow with pith inside. Anyway look like it needs lopping but your suppose to ask the Elder Mother first: 😀 Elder Mother - Wikipedia EN.WIKIPEDIA.ORG Various farmers have told me over the yrs that they hate them growing in there hegdes as there basically seen as "evil" etc didn't really understand why as no explanation was given,. maybe its some vague folklore memory past down.... Thought it was pretty odd... One guy went round his land round chopping them all down... 🤔
  11. Looks abit like a elder to me but surely thats too obvious & it would have berries? Leaves look slighty different than an elder maybe but the dead bit of wood @ rear & growth habit overall looks very elder-ish
  12. I have the same mountfield mower its lasting really well , THe hegde trimmer I got is one: (Price has gone up £30 since I got it🤔) got the the 60cm they do a 50cm & 70cm also DUH601Z - 18V Hedge Trimmer 60cm BL LXT WWW.MAKITAUK.COM Product Think its a newer improved model compared to the 36v double battery one and the cheaper 18v one.
  13. If you have got makita drills and thus already some batteries & the charger already they do a range of battery mowesr also No first hand experience how good they are though the reviews seem positive (but all in german) Think this is there top cordless model. Says lawns up to 800m3 makita+dlm460z+review - Google Search WWW.GOOGLE.COM Makita DLM460Z Twin 18V/36V LXT Cordless 460mm Brushless Lawn Mower Body Only | eBay WWW.EBAY.CO.UK Find great deals for Makita DLM460Z Twin 18V/36V LXT Cordless 460mm Brushless Lawn Mower Body Only. Shop... I do have a makitas cordless hegde trimmer though and its very good so far.


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