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  1. Stere

    How do you know when a tree is dead?

    What plum tree has purple leaves? 😥
  2. Stere

    New laws on woodburners

    Reason: https://www.theguardian.com/environment/2018/feb/01/pollutionwatch-wood-burning-worsening-uk-air-quality If on mains gas for the majority of people why do you need to burn wood apart from the stove look pretty or be trendy. Peoples health shouldn't be damages so someone can have a fire as a fashion Lifestyle Accessory
  3. Stere

    Government plans to tackle pollution

    Have your seen theese: wood stove catalytic converter http://www.woodstovecombustors.com/How_They_Work.html Seem to be a thing in the USA but not UK
  4. Stere

    New laws on woodburners

    I think they should be banned/restricted in cities if the house is on a mains gas supply.
  5. Stere

    New laws on woodburners

    Maybe same for UK next?
  6. Stere

    Recommendations for larger strimmer

    Worst thing iv'e used for vibes is karcher pressure washers. That Kawasaki Petrol looks good 2.0kw @ 6kg http://store.cobragarden.co.uk/brushcutters/cobra-bc530k-petrol-powered-53cc-bike-handle-brushcutter.html alot ligther than stihl of same power? 6kg seems really light I dontt like the FS 460 much as so heavy to use doinh a full day strimming
  7. Stere

    Disclaimer for conifer cut back?

    See leylandi like the everywhere seems standard practice to hack em back like that.
  8. https://www.theguardian.com/business/2018/apr/29/millions-of-trees-at-risk-in-secretive-network-rail-felling-programme No more leaves on the tracks?
  9. Stere

    Recommendations for larger strimmer

    Found this: https://www.worldofpower.co.uk/makita-rbc414u-40-2cc-petrol-brushcutter-bull-handle.html
  10. Stere

    Recommendations for larger strimmer

    Anyone tried the new MM4 makitas? 4 strokes seem heavier for less power.... I have a old 2 stroke makita rbc3101 & its the best strimmer iv'e used prefer it compared to similar sized hondas & stihl iv'e also used. Will go though smaller diameter brambles with the bump head line but not old growth or blackthorn or gorse.
  11. Iv'e being watching the 100 & wondering how come everyone in the future is so good looking.
  12. Stere

    Royal Wedding

    Versialles has plenty of tourists without royals.
  13. Stere

    telescopic pruner

    I have this one. Cutting 40mm branch like the info says though is abitr optimistic I reckon more like 25mm in reality
  14. Wage stagnation.
  15. Stere

    lawn feed and weed

    I hate thoose franchise companies that do this they charge the homeownwe £50 a month etc for less than 10 minutes work spraying the lawn. I like moss & daisys in lawns rather than monoculture unnatural looking grass.


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