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  1. Frost crack - Wikipedia EN.WIKIPEDIA.ORG How about this?
  2. Under tarp they would probably go mouldy & rot especially with the weather atm here. If doing that would at least need to keep them off the ground maybe it could work if you used the hazel tops as a brash mat etc or they are up on bearers & not make the stack too big/dense.
  3. I have a spartan I bought from lidl a really healthy tree & a reliable heavy crop, the apples always look pefect & blemish free, but I don't like the taste of them much for eating & they store bad , I think they may be good choice for apple juice though. Almost like a gala supermarket apples as in sweet but very bland flavour RHS has a good guide: https://www.rhs.org.uk/fruit/apples/starting-an-espalier
  4. Stick them in a shed lent up against a wall etc should last about 3 or 4 months without drying out to much.
  5. Least the roof looks like tin rather than an asbestos one?
  6. Any tulip growing still going on?
  7. Dunno if its worth the hassle but im thinking u could try sucking them up with a cordless hoover 🙂
  8. How to with John Wilson BBC iPlayer - How To with John Wilson WWW.BBC.CO.UK Intrepid New York reporter John Wilson presents a superbly strange guide to modern life. Guy films hrs of footage then splices it to fit some rdm digressive narrative & goes about meeting oddballs kind a strange a genius to it.
  9. Hmm all thoose bomb craters will make good habitat at least & so will the mine fields as it keeps humans away some still left from WW1 according to the link. Chernobyl site a good example of nature benefiting from disaster i'd image the war could have some similar benefits as well as the negatives with regards to nature. How Chernobyl has become an unexpected haven for wildlife WWW.UNEP.ORG Many people think the area around the Chernobyl nuclear plant is a place of post-apocalyptic desolation. But more than 30...
  10. Ok so whats with the high stumps?
  11. That vine or what ever it is, is would make any tree go scraggly? Looks like the neighbour has eucs already. Yew maybe or bay as recommendations.


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