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  1. Loads here dunno about quality think 80mm is ambitious on that bugdet. Petrol Garden Shredders WWW.AGRIEURO.CO.UK
  2. Strange question Mature native species of any tree are often seen as having more ecological value as creates habitat niches that support a locally adapted range of species. Not sure indeterminate and determinate really is important factor as a natives could be either. Just thinking all UK natives usually grow determinate... or low apical dominance apart from holly maybe..... Usually just think of it for refering to tomatoes
  3. Google translate is pretty good hedgerow, coppice, coppicing, pollard, pollarding, native siepe, ceduo, ceduo, pollardina, pollina, autoctona & then you can check with a google image search e.g: ceduo - Google Search WWW.GOOGLE.COM So from that can work out bosco ceduo = coppiced woodland Theres an Italian forum bout motosegas could try aking stuff there.... LA MOTOSEGA LAMOTOSEGA.FORUMATTIVO.COM LA MOTOSEGA : il forum dedicato all'attrezzo agricolo più pericoloso, alla sua manutenzione e ai vari usi che le...
  4. Has boris being off visiting his KGB handler again? 🙂 The mystery of Boris Johnson’s “trip to Perugia” WWW.REPUBBLICA.IT Exclusive: according to an official statement of the Italian airport dated September 17th, the British prime minister...
  5. Maybe just ditch the fussy customers or charge more for the extra hassle/cost involved. People may well be fussy about kindling als and this not want screenings as kindling... Or have to spend on some kind or trommel screen
  6. Maybe its intentional as mowers that are built 2 last isn't good for buisness .
  7. Always thought for yrs why not use stainless steel for mower decks... Seems they do exist..... Petrol Lawn Mower - 180 models on sale at AgriEuro WWW.AGRIEURO.CO.UK
  8. Eustace doesn't worry much about health & safety 😬 Bloke with that plane in alaska is good 2.
  9. Was thinking for stuff thats abit chunky 3yrs growth etc The kind of range of branch thickness between the max a hedge trimmer can do, and the min thats not annoying with a pole saw. Never though about using a pole saw bar that long.
  10. Looks good Will linear habitats be in slightly more shade. wonder if that effects wildlife? But think rides are wide "enough" to get sun for the meadow grass bits....
  11. Says "high flow"....... but 461..... Stihl OEM Oil Pump Assembly (High Flow) for 046, MS 441, 460, 461 Chainsaws 1128 640 3250 WWW.BAILEYSONLINE.COM OEM oil pump assemblies are a high quality replacement option for your Stihl chainsaws. Oil pumps are one of those... Same part no. in UK doesn't mention of high flow though... Oil Pump 1.1 for Stihl MS441, MS441C, MS460 Chainsaws - 1128 640 3250 | L&S Engineers WWW.LSENGINEERS.CO.UK Oil pump 1.1 Genuine Stihl Part OEM Part No. 1128 640 3250 Suitable for the following Stihl Machines: MS 441, MS 441 C... Ms461 high output oiler question? | Arboristsite.com WWW.ARBORISTSITE.COM I recently ordered a high output oiler for my ms 461. I went to put it on today and it looks identical to the same one I took...
  12. Is the the extra power with the 131 useful suppose cutting is limited by blade tooth spacing... Theres 2.2kw kombi here..... Professional Multifunction | Active s.r.l. WWW.ACTIVE-SRL.COM
  13. Just had the clutch off a ea4300 coz though it wasn't oiling as much as it used to even on max setting was completely clogged solid around the oiler. Never thought about the oil tank intake maybe its being gradually clogging reducing flow.
  14. Stere


    ^agree with that just thought it was interesting. Also Cramer is a rubbish sounding brand name


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