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  1. Im sure I read somewhwere better to not fully discharge batteries as makes them last longer. Also temp is important Five tips for extending lithium-ion battery life WWW.TECHREPUBLIC.COM There's lots of press about how to conserve battery power, but not much about how to take care of your batteries. Here are... What the ego does matches with what they recommned here. Clever Battery chargers should have an inbuild way of measuring capacity imo, don't think it would be that difficult...
  2. I have some giant loppers but the trees might too big diameter fot them Forestry, horticulture and garden pruning loppers WWW.LAKEWOODPRODUCTS.CO.NZ Pro-Pruner loppers, tools designed for forestry pruning large branched trees up to 65 mm. Loppers are complimented by a... But they do cut pretty big stuff compared to other loppers but probably only about 45mm comfortably. Agree about using a 1/4 chain for a finer finnish.
  3. Could have both working at same time on a bigger job?
  4. No sanctions for mohammed bone saw, mbs Biden will not sanction MBS over Khashoggi's killing despite US report implicating the Saudi leader WWW.BUSINESSINSIDER.COM Other than being downgraded in the eyes of the US under Biden, it's unclear what other consequences, if any, MBS will... The Biden administration will not sanction Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman over Jamal Khashoggi's murder in 2018 even though a declassified US intelligence assessment explicitly implicated him.
  5. Fuel stations to switch to greener E10 petrol from September | This is Money WWW.THISISMONEY.CO.UK The greener petrol is designed to cut vehicle emissions but will likely increase fuel bills slightly for owners of newer cars -... Says E5 5% will still be around but doesn't 5% do damage just like the 10% E10 stuff? Maybe only half as bad?
  6. USA have had catalyst stoves for yrs but they never seem to have caught on in the UK until recently noticed a few around. Ashcott Wide Catalyst | Mendip Stoves - Wood Burning Stoves WWW.MENDIPSTOVES.CO.UK Distributor of wood burning, multi fuel, inset and free standing stoves with retailers across the UK. Featuring brands such as... Maybe will become more common due to eviro regs /concerns in future?
  7. Isn't the plan of eco types to replant the Caledonian Forest so conifers but different ones. But i suppose also oak and broadleafs etc in more lowlands areas... Think Scotlands big enough for planting more of both plantations and the native stuff.
  8. If you take decent pics in focus and close up of twigs better chance of ID's Wild guess Populus tremula
  9. Can reccommend the wahl magic clip does the same job Wahl Magic Clip | Barbers & Hairdressers Clippers WWW.WAHL.CO.UK Discover The Magic Clip, Part Of Our Exclusive Wahl Range, Designed With An Unrivalled Quality That You Can Trust...
  10. Looks a beech hedge with a hawthorn and some cherry trees. Leaders left to grow into trees, not a good idea as unless you either want to them develop into either a higher hedge or a line of trees instead of a hedge as they will shade bottom and make the hedge thin if left as trees You can trim the beech and hawthorn now . Leave pruning any lower branches on the cherry trees till summer due to silver leaf risk. Maximizing light will thicken the base of the hedge up, having to many trees above overhanging etc isn't good due to excess shade, also keeping the hegde trimmed in future will be easier if the lower cherry tree branches are kept clear of hedge top. Remove old fence unless its needed stopping stock etc and keep grass cut on both sides along base (without barking trunks) as that will thicken base gaps up as long grass in summer probably shaded the base....
  11. The husky petrol hand held one is good and more blow than even the top of the range battery one. HUSQVARNA 525BX
  12. Yeah look at the twig bud on right doesn't look like ash...
  13. One other difference is cheap ones don't seem to have any anti vibe From the titan specs: Garden Tool 1 Vibration Level L/H ah (idling) 2.874 L/H ah (idling) 4.472 R/H ah (idling) 2.626 R/H ah (racing) 3.717 m/s² Garden Tool 2 Product Type Line Trimmer Garden Tool 2 Specification Grass Trimmer Garden Tool 2 Vibration Level L/H ah (idling) 3.192 L/H ah (racing) 4.472 R/H ah (idling) 2.626 R/H ah (racing) 9.839 m/s² Garden Tool 3 Product Type Hedge Trimmer Garden Tool 3 Specification Hedge Trimmer Garden Tool 3 Vibration Level F/H ah (idling) 6.477 R/H ah (idling) 17.373 F/H ah (idling) 4.960 R/H ah (idling) 16.695 m/s² Garden Tool 4 Product Type Pole Saw Garden Tool 4 Specification Pole Chain Saw Garden Tool 4 Vibration Level F/H (idling) 6.303 R/H ah (racing) 13.254 F/H ah (idling) 6.954 R/H ah (racing) 9.901 m/s²
  14. Looks like it may have being pruned atleast two times at different heights, once above the main Y shape trunk then again all the tips.


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