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  1. Sounds like the name of a country & western singer.
  2. Stere

    Sappie or tongs?

    I got the bison sappie & felling lvr Produkte Archiv | Bison WWW.BISON-WERKZEUGE.DE Both handy. Fancy some tongs also. What is this axe for?
  3. Cottage? Looks like a mansion 🙂
  4. Depends on the tread pattern & weight I suppose I used to race an unofficial cyclocross league and had different tyres for different course conditions. Narrow tyres with wide spaced knobbles & deep tread were better in mud for traction than wider mtb tyres that got clogged up with mud and spread weight to much to dig in to the harder mud under the sloppy surface mud
  5. Turkry have being NATO members since 1952. Suppose NATO defensive pact only kicks in if Turkey was invaded proxy wars are ok.
  6. Assad with & Russia (also Iran?) backing just done a deal witht the Kurds to help fight Turkey. Syrian Army units and units of Russian forces begin deploying on Al-Sajour line linking Manbij to Jarablus city. Explore Syrian Civil War news on live map in English. Civil war and International intervention in Syria. War on terrorism in Syria SYRIA.LIVEUAMAP.COM Syrian Army units and units of Russian forces begin deploying on Al-Sajour line linking Manbij to Jarablus city. Explore... So Russia will be fighting troops of a NATO country that it also supplied weapons systems to jusr recently: Turkey Gets Shipment of Russian Missile System, Defying U.S. - The New York Times WWW.NYTIMES.COM The purchase of the sophisticated S-400 antiaircraft equipment was fiercely opposed by NATO and by... Really getting crazy
  7. mostly they come at night mostly
  8. Ha forgot the orange men wear them marching. 🙂
  9. Tonino Lamborghini Garden | IKRA garden tools WWW.IKRA.DE Lambo making mowers (etc) but no blowers 🙂
  10. Seems husky is developing them also: Lightweight products are the goal for new magnesium piston | Brunel University London WWW.BRUNEL.AC.UK Brunel University London has teamed up with industry partner Husqvarna Group to develop a lightweight magnesium...
  11. This thread needs pictures 🙂
  12. Whats so good about magnesuim piston? Both more durable & lighter?


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