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  1. Thanks for the detailed reply. Bit annoying there being so many bar mount standards. So with sugi it could modded with a round file extending the holes. I have an oregon "pro am" bar and a newer "advanced cut" both have same code part code 150MLBK041 So that explains the ps420sc tensioner as the ps5105 below one wouldn't align with the k041 holes.
  2. All to do with the wood reaching equilibrium moisture content (EMC) I reckon in germany etc were they stack wood in a Holz Hausen must be drier as here it just rots
  3. Has its design changed compared to the current version much?
  4. Is there really that much difference to the "kickback zone" area? Trend is towards narrower noses as marketed as a safety feature? Suppose dime nose carving bars are low kickback
  5. Yeah want to try that k095 husky sugi bar but unsure if will fit.
  6. Im still im knacking thoose pins up, im on my 5th pin. Want a new bar was gonna order this but then realized it wrong mount even though auto selector recommends it? (also the one on the oregon site does also.) [HUSKY3] BC2M-0H37P-A Sugihara 15"[38cm] Pro Lam [Quick Cut Small Nose Version] - .325 .050 64 drive links WWW.CHAINSAWBARS.CO.UK [HUSKY3] BC2M-0H37P-A Sugihara 15"[38cm] Pro Lam [Quick Cut Small Nose Version] - .325 .050 64 drive links 150MLBK041 oregon is what i have atm. The above is k095 So seems options with 15" bar is limited to 150MLBK041?
  7. Does it make much difference kickback boring etc? Noticed there a 10t and 12t version.....
  8. Have the makita version also just fitted new carbon brushes my second pair i think. Also fitted a new sprocket so its done alot. Oregon manual says cs 1500 is A041 mount 3/8 low pro 0.50" Seems is what echo saws use so bar an chain options: [ECHO1] BL1M-0L40-A Sugihara Pro Lam 16"[40cm] 3/8 Lo Pro .050 58 drive links WWW.CHAINSAWBARS.CO.UK [ECHO1] BL1M-0L40-A Sugihara Pro Lam 16"[40cm] 3/8 Lo Pro .050 58 drive links
  9. Bringing back lynx and wolves would control deer numbers ? Well it worked in yellowstone keystone species that controls the whole ecosytem etc.
  10. Them maori one look nice I reckon about 60% of tatoos around look abit rubbish, 30% ok-ish then there are the 10% few that look really good.
  11. Its mentioned here seems hard to find Stihl carb tools | Page 2 | Outdoor Power Equipment Forum OPEFORUM.COM Any chance that there's a 12 point tool that could have the O.D. turned down and fit into service on the 8 point head? ?
  12. Don't think so.... WHO/Europe | How pandemic influenza emerges WWW.EURO.WHO.INT


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