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  1. Seems to fit DOGWOODS – Cornus Florida Vs. Cornus Kousa - Farmington Gardens FARMINGTONGARDENS.COM How Can I Tell if I Have a Cornus Florida or a Cornus Kousa Tree? | Home Guides | SF Gate HOMEGUIDES.SFGATE.COM How Can I Tell if I Have a Cornus Florida or a Cornus Kousa Tree?. Flowering dogwood (Cornus florida) and Kousa...
  2. Suppose to be ideal for fence posts etc better than oak or larch Robinia Poles | Robina Specifications WWW.ROBINIAPOLES.CO.UK The Robinia species is listed in the European standard EN 350-2. It is the only temperate hardwood introduced in... Didn't think much planted in the UK thought native to US?
  3. Yeah but there are cultivars that could vary in colour perhaps?... Cornus florida - Wikipedia EN.WIKIPEDIA.ORG
  4. Nice job. Im abit obessed with wild bullaces. Think they taste better in jams than many plums and damsons. Abit like the difference between a rasberry and a tayberry jam. Green gages are really nice but never had a decent crop of them, compared to abudant bullaces. Wild Plant Foods of Britain: Feral Bullaces and Damsons (Prunus domestica subsp. insititia) FORAGERPLANTS.BLOGSPOT.COM FERAL BULLACES AND DAMSONS ( Prunus domestica subsp. insititia ) Family: Rosaceae Prunus domestica subsp... Some random greengage trivia:
  5. Always thought that a scheme for random fruit tree varities, apples, pears quince, plums, damsons, bullace, crab apple culitivars would be great trees in hedges. Some new hedge mixes are very limited. One estate here has a whole load of old pear trees in the hegderows bit like this one, Cubbington Pear Tree is 8th in European Tree Contest - Our Warwickshire WWW.OURWARWICKSHIRE.ORG.UK As Cubbington’s ancient Wild Pear tree comes into bloom this chilly wet springtime, possibly its last as it stands on the...
  6. Would be nice to have some more diversity but thoose species don't occur here and would need to be planted into gaps in the existing hedgerows or into the mix in new ones, but sycamore is already there in many of the flailed hedges, being the only large tree species left thats common after the loss of ash and elm. Never thought of alder as a hedge tree. One farm here had planted several 100's as new hedges and let them all grow up as trees them the whole lot died a few yrs ago probably only 20yrs old, maybe due to drought. https://devonhedges.org/wp-content/uploads/2015/11/12_Management-4-Hedgerow-trees.pdf
  7. H10 Tall or overgrown – line of trees Hedgerow has developed into a line of trees Very little, if any, woody undergrowth Locally the "wild" blackthorn hedges seem to have a decent mix of trees & species. Bullace is very common, also some ash sycamore, elder, hazel, honeysuckle rose etc. Beech oak & holly rare. The hawthorn hedges are often 100% hawthorn for long lengths so few bigger trees species around to seed into in thoose neglected hedges Ash the remaining predominant hedge tree are now all being felled - with ADB, and next to nothing has being allowed to grow up & replace any of them. Would be nice to select a few sycamore to let some grow up as that is the only large tree species left thats common here.
  8. Huge 2ft 'machete' discovered at Sutton Coldfield town centre property - Birmingham Live WWW.BIRMINGHAMMAIL.CO.UK The large blade was found at the back of a business parade in Birmingham Road
  9. Have a new husky blower 525bx being good so far. Used bg85 before and like the husky better.
  10. £100 for the proper carb? Carburetor C1M-S261E for Stihl BG86 Blowers - Genuine Part - 4241 120 0623 | L&S Engineers WWW.LSENGINEERS.CO.UK Carburetor C1M-S261E Genuine Stihl Part OEM No. 4241 120 0623 (Replaces 4241 120 0616) Suitable for the Following... https://www.arboristsite.com/community/threads/have-any-issues-w-stihl-bg86-blower-adjustment-problems.247829/
  11. Some more info here https://uk-air.defra.gov.uk/assets/documents/reports/cat11/1212141150_AQEG_Fine_Particulate_Matter_in_the_UK.pdf More docs: Air Quality Expert Group - Defra, UK UK-AIR.DEFRA.GOV.UK
  12. Its the Uk climate to warm to grow quality softwood as its wood has a non ring porous structure, where as UK is good for ring porous hardwoods eg ash as fast grown is better for thoose species. Something like that anyways. Management of wood Properties in Planted Forests - A paradigm for global forest production WWW.FAO.ORG An observation that needs no elaboration is that trees of different species produce wood with different properties...


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