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  1. What type of bio oil do u use? Heard it was complusory in some SSSI ?
  2. I have a makita plug in one I use for firewood its good. There is several models I have older version of the more expensive one they do a cheaper one also. Makita UC4051A 240 V Electric Chainsaw: Amazon.co.uk: DIY & Tools WWW.AMAZON.CO.UK Shop Makita UC4051A 240 V Electric Chainsaw. Free delivery on eligible orders of £20 or more.
  3. Just something i remember seeeing online Looks like it never caught on The Chainsaws Rule - Help Us Create Jobs & Start Our USA Business WWW.INDIEGOGO.COM Help us create local jobs and keep our business in the USA. The Chainsaws Rule is a new tool that makes cutting... You can get a mingo though https://www.amazon.com/The-MINGO-inside-splash-265-01/dp/B0013LGQ3A/ref=pd_lpo_sbs_86_t_0?_encoding=UTF8&psc=1&refRID=CCP2VY734YPVYXRQ5WJG
  4. Do all the miss shapen ugly logs from branch unions etc get rejected? Always surprises me how fussy some people are about thoose type of logs. I reckon "un tidy" variable logs are actually better in some ways as mess from splitting and some smaller bits are handy as increases surface area and range of sizes. Chunky branch union bits are good for keeping fire in longer, smaller bits to get it going etc Logs look really uniform, suppose its due to alot of tall skinny trees as opposed to more branchy hedge & edge trees from arb waste. Did you cover % of ash in woods & ash dieback yet and natural regen only & no re planting?
  5. If overstood for too long may it reduce chance of it regrowing? Also always wondered how old are the oak trees are when then first coppice them ....
  6. Why did the leave the stump so high may have metal in it.....
  7. Still don't understand 🙂 Do you mean the arborist who quoted said he won't reduce an ash tree because it might make it get ash dieback? Doesn't make sense as it may get it anyway or does trimming it make it more likely? Might be a resistant tree?
  8. Whats the rotation time for oak coppice? Is that stool ready to cut?
  9. Stere

    Solo 662

    Think this is the Schwertabdeckung you looking for. Found a parts list http://s30387.gridserver.com/partsDiagrams/Solo 622.pdf Results for the part no, 6100305+solo - Google Search WWW.GOOGLE.COM So a few places in germany selling it
  10. Think only henchman makes a platform one that is 3 leg adjust? The nikiwaki ones are fixed legs and hendon doesn't do a platform version plus legs adjust. The 8ft ones = 2.4m height. So this one Henchman AIO240 2.4m / 8ft Platform Tripod Ladder | Fully 3 Leg Adjustable WWW.BROWNSLADDERS.CO.UK Our range of henchman platform tripod ladders have fully adjustable legs and a platform to stand on making you feel... plus the free rubber feet is the only option( or in the various larger heights also)
  11. Saw may of gone though the stihl ones just the same. Proabably class 1 trousers going to class 2 may of helped abit.
  12. Looks abit like this? Plants of RHAMNUS LYCIOIDES - Mediterranean Buckthorn - T.O.G THEORIGINALGARDEN.COM RHAMNUS LYCIOIDES - Mediterranean Buckthorn
  13. Never understood the OTT anti sycamore hatred seems irrational and based on emotive ideas about being a non native. Esp now with ash dieback in some woodlands where if they remove all syc won't have much else left.


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