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  1. But though they were suppose to break to prevent overloading winch as a safety feature not sure replacing with stronger is sensible.?
  2. Do you mean using bolts as shear pins?
  3. Some pics here seems its used for guitars: Limba | The Wood Database - Lumber Identification (Hardwood) WWW.WOOD-DATABASE.COM
  4. 12.9 is the grade of bolt strongest but maybe be more brittle so maybe not the best choice? Has the info being removed from top of second bolt i wonder? https://www.boltscience.com/pages/the-stronger-the-better-is-not-necessarily-the-case-for-fasteners.pdf
  5. A big one with pink blossom. Was the apple a cooker or eater? Might be a crab apple?
  6. Reminds me of this Hydrogen fuel enhancement - Wikipedia EN.WIKIPEDIA.ORG Think its definetly snake oil wonder is theese things become common every time petrol price goes up?
  7. How about theese remote control bank mowers with a skid cone? Forestry one: Mini felling tractor: Pfanzelt felling and forwarding tractor WWW.PFANZELT.COM The Pfanzelt Moritz Fr50 mini felling tractor takes care of felling and forwarding in challenging terrain. ✓ All functions...
  8. Acer saccharinum - Wikipedia EN.WIKIPEDIA.ORG
  9. Halloween carving varieties don't taste very nice for cooking
  10. Too dry? Pumpkins ans courgettes are very thirsty / hungry plants & need loads of manure & water to really thrive
  11. Think they are a good idea could be some privacy issues though? Doe it give out any info of info on your daily routine that might be sold on to third parties etc? Is your smart meter spying on you? | Energy bills | The Guardian WWW.THEGUARDIAN.COM The French are getting heated up about their meters collecting data on their daily lives. Perhaps the British should be... Or is that tin foil hat stuff iv'e not really loooked at it in depth.....
  12. Stiga with honda engine: Stiga Combi 53 SVQ H Petrol 51cm Self-Propelled Lawn Mower | Lawn Mowers | Garden Machinery | Charlies WWW.CHARLIES.CO.UK Has a high lift blade as standard supposedly will bag better. Think there was/is a stiga dealer on here GardenKit he might have an opinion about this model etc.
  13. Engine that small size may struggle with any longer or damp grass i think, but that maybe less of and issue if grass is all regular cut. Its a 2.1KW non /own brand engine on rm253? the honda izy if a gx160 has 3.6 kW...
  14. In the tcv walling handbook it advises bridge over tree roots with a space left to alow trees to grow. 0r if the trees are more direct inline with wall infill round trees with rubble that can shift abit without pushing the wall down, or do butt ends & wooden rails .


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