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  1. Reckon he probably did swim it genuine nutter 😄 Reminded me of this story 'Frostbit Boy' Ruairí McSorley rescued among dolphins after 12 hours at sea WWW.IRISHNEWS.COM 'Frostbit Boy' Ruairí McSorley has been rescued after getting into difficulty while swimming off the coast of Co Kerry. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PLMrHRuhxO4
  2. Doesn't seem worth it as price looks near the same as ms261?
  3. He would be the richest PM in the last 250yrs & owns 180 quid coffee mug His political idealogies seems more right wing than boris who doesn't seem to have much interest in having any consistent over_arching_idealogy. Sunak is more let market forces rule small goverment etc.... Let them eat cake Paranoid to think he will have policies aimed at benefiting the likes of Goldman Sach etc rather than the man on the clampham ominbus?. Leveling up etc though pulbic sector spending is an oddly socialist slogan for the tory party. Its hard to believe as a genuinely held one imo. More likely they think the midlands/ north as the "the undeserving poor" ....and beyond goverment help...
  4. The domed kiln roof construction method is interesting Using logs on props to make a a solid log former and then they burn the former out...by the looks of it..... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ftLM3iQHq6g
  5. That first video was beautiful like a studio ghibili film..... The second link, links to to a series of 6 videos on youtube that films the whole process from felling the trees, to boxing the final product and, some questions are asked plus answered in the comments. 9 days burn mentioned here......seems very long burn time? Could you do the same process in your retort?
  6. Ideal is having the roof overhanging stops more wind plus rain wetting logs
  7. what look like shingles are a traditional there? molodovia house Church in romania being re done ARTTA - Home WWW.ARTTA.ORG.UK ARTTA charity website
  8. Pack Of 10 Dora The explorer Stickers Nickelodeon Wall Stickers Joblot U4 WWW.EBAY.CO.UK Dora the explorer wall stickers. 100's of em for less than 2 quid will jazz up anyones hemlets.....
  9. Stere


    Interesting thanks Would be nice with a AC adapter option for for cutting firewood whan there is mains available. HIKOKI ET36AJ0Z MULTIVOLT MAINS ADAPT 240V WWW.TOUCANTOOLS.CO.UK An alternative power source accessory for HiKOKI 36V Multi Volt platform that can provide unlimited runtime when AC...
  10. Stere


    Stihl debuts new battery system, mobile charger - Landscape Management WWW.LANDSCAPEMANAGEMENT.NET Stihl’s AP 500 S can accept double the amount of charging cycles compared to Li-ion batteries and the AL 301-4... Seems a decent power increase for not that much extra weight over the AP 300 S
  11. Monorail? 😏 300kg TYPE | NIKKARI WWW.NIKKARI.CO.JP Nikkari is monorail manufacturer of domestic market share first place. In the creator of the bush cutter (mower)...
  12. A Treasured Creation: Resonance for Charcoal - 15 Minutes | NHK WORLD-JAPAN On Demand WWW3.NHK.OR.JP Hara Masaaki makes white charcoal called Kishu Binchotan in the deep forests of Wakayama Prefecture. He thinks of... 15 min video^ Impressive how well the brush axe cuts thoose oak branches. Quercus phillyraeoides Binchotan Charcoal: How it's made and why it's Awesome KNIFEWEAR.COM Mike covered most of the basics about the binchotan charcoal in this blog here. This blog goes much deeper into detail, its... Crazy attention to detail
  13. Stere


    https://www.woodsman.fi/stihl-msa-300-c-0-akkusaha-ilman-akkua--laturia/p/MA022000031/ New saw out.... Same power as a 550xp but cordless looks heavier....


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