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  1. Trump Interviewed by Morgan

    He s turning people brown then, isn't that against his principles? What a plonker
  2. Makita

    Hi just thought i'd mention bought a new makita ea4300 a few months ago for £280 including P & P from germany came in a box. might be of interest if you want a decent saw for lower cost that the big two brands. https://www.svh24.de/makita-benzin-kettensaege-ea4300f38ckit-38-cm-7561?campaign=pdm/idealo Saw is the same model as the dolmar 420sc I already have but costs less atm. Being using it whilst the dolmar was in bits ordering parts to mend the oiler etc.
  3. Boiler stove?

    Bettter off getting a small normal stove with no back boiler for the fireplace & one of theese type things for the radiators https://www.froeling.com/en/products/log-wood/s1-turbo.html But they cost £5000 i think
  4. I think cord wood left out will rot before it dries unless in kept in shed, but then it would takes yrs to dry stuff with a large diameter. Some farm local to me bought an artic load of spruce cord wood, its being left out in field, now has fungus sprouting on it after several yrs outside seems abit of a waste, good bug habitat I suppose though. Some cord wood stacks like willow & birch rot really fast in less than 1 yr larch oak & beech etc last alot longer. But best to process wood whilst green as alot easier than seasoned wood to cut & split.
  5. What happened to comedy on the telly?

    I think brass eye is my favourite & also the other chris morris involved shows up to Nathan Barley, stuff hes done work for after that less good. Also monty python Father Ted & Alan Partridge Red Dwarf The office also good. Panel shows: Never mind the buzzocks used to be good, & have i got news for you was good but gone abit rubbish now. Can't think of more recent stuff I like much. Not sure why they keep showing dads Army on telly never thought it was that good compared to some others like blackadder Faulty towers etc.
  6. Ripped off by tree surgeons

    Any pics of this single tree that had the £4500 quote. Giant redwood on top of cliff above a glasshouse with no acess?
  7. Dolmar 420sc problem & various questions

    Part above came from germany & now its oiling fine. Idle is fast when saw gets hot though (had too re-adjusted down) hoping it will settle down after running a few tanks of fuel though the saw. Got that new 95TXL 064G oregon chain on its really grabby cuts like crazy gotta be careful with it i reckon. Its not the best for smaller diameter stuff abit too fierce, but really fast on large stuff.
  8. Can anyone one help? Re Classic Stihl saw

    I heard theres thousands of them older stihs still used to clear the rainforest as they kept making them in some countries until recently.
  9. Can anyone one help? Re Classic Stihl saw

    Have one without chainbrake Heavy & not that powerful compared to modern saw. Why did the make them without proper rear handle seems poor ergonomics? There like a giant old fat topper saw
  10. The science behind forced log drying

    On getting the wood down to 15% moisture in a kiln won't it just reabsorb water in the UK climate? Look up about equilibrium moisture content % : Splitting increases the surface to volume ratio of the wood & increases the surfaces not covered in bark so wood drys faster. Polytunnel is usful for drying wood kind of a solar kiln.
  11. Really annoys me when people don't come back too remove them after a few yrs & they litter the place looking untidy, & also sometimes the trees grows into them & they damage the trunk etc. Could they not make them out of biodegrable material? Had a google & couldn't find any biodegradable ones for sale. Some are marketed as eco ones say that the plastic had less UV stabalizer in them so they break into bits faster, which sounds worse than the normal ones, if you want to be tidy & remove them.
  12. The science behind forced log drying

    I don't see the point in kiln drying apart from as a marketing exercise for firewood sellers. Wood seasons fine in a shed just takes longer.
  13. Tracked barrows are better: Lecky one:


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