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  1. Stere

    Making the news today....

    UK plastics recycling industry under investigation for fraud and corruption https://www.theguardian.com/environment/2018/oct/18/uk-recycling-industry-under-investigation-for-and-corruption
  2. Stere

    Tree photos from yesteryear

    Looks like this guy in second photo: http://www.davey.com/about/the-davey-tree-legacy/
  3. Stere

    Durable fencing timbers? Do they exist anymore..

    Local farmer has started using scaffold poles as fence posts & telegraph posts for strainers, seem to work quit well. Wonder if chesnut would last longer if posts are seasoned first?
  4. Stere


    I thought something about having chain correct tension & oiling well would make a difference etc.
  5. Stere


    Is there anyway to minimize rate of sprocket wear? 0.5mm isn't much think all my sprockets are more than that. Stihl sell a special tool to measure: Asume pointy bits are 0.5mm?
  6. Stere

    Tree Id please

    Quercus something or other. https://www.internationaloaksociety.org/content/hybrid-highlight-quercus-×hispanica-lam-non-hispanic-hybrid
  7. Stere

    Adventure Playgrounds

    My old primary school had one, Steel frame on concrete yard. Some ones parent complained it wasn't safe so they came and took it away but they left jagged metal bits of the legs sticking out od the middle of yard didn't cut it down flush with ground so it was lethal for for yrs after it was removed. Odd thinking back now how they left 4 2inch jagged metal spikes in the middle a children playground for yrs & no one seemed bothered about it. I was the centre point of the "footy pitch" There was also a massive steel side on a steep bank on concrete legs with no sides on the slide apart from a lip a few inches high @ the edges & a about a 15ft drop off either side that also got removed several yrs later.
  8. Stere

    stump removal

    Looks like something from mad max 🙂
  9. Stere

    Backpack blowers

    Good comparisonn reviews here: https://opereviews.com/landscaping/leaf-blowers/best-backpack-blower-shootout/
  10. Stere


    Try another chain
  11. Stere

    Advanced chain sharpening.

    Anyone use skip chains for softwood?
  12. Stere

    Need a 2nd, bigger more powerful Saw, 20" +

    If the chain was brand new & took that long to cut sure it wasn't on backwards?
  13. Stere

    Might be doing cs32 soon

    Yeah its heavy wouldn't want to carry it far shame . Another of thoose fancy plastic mauls here looks good: https://www.ochsenkopf.com/en/products/wedges/
  14. Stere

    Might be doing cs32 soon

    I have a alu fencing maul would that not be alot kinder than a steel sledge on wegdes? Its alot better @ not destroying the tops of fence posts than a steel one. Or you can get expensive fancy plastic ones


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