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  1. neiln

    Advanced chain sharpening.

    I know! But as the photos show, the guide is marked as 3/8"P which is the chain (3/8" picco) the file size is marked on too, 4mm, and as you can see I checked with the digital caliper that is the file size fitted. I agree it looks wrong though. Looked ok for ages but got progressively more weird as the cutters got short. Still cuts though, well in fact. I have a second 2in1 for standard 3/8" chain, with 5.5mm files... Which seems to take more from the rakers and leaves a good cutter shape.... Although I've not done so much filing on those chains, they may get weird as they get short too perhaps.
  2. neiln

    Advanced chain sharpening.

    Don't think that's it, the guide rails are firmly on the top of the cutter being filled and cutter in front at all times, more downward pressure won't do diddly.
  3. neiln

    Need a 2nd, bigger more powerful Saw, 20" +

    Hope you get it. I waited 2 months and still had no delivery date, that was from world of power, then tried somewhere else but they never returned my calls. Much happier with a 365 xtorq from Bill, although I was about to head to Jones for a new one until Bill offered a used one. Dolmakita is a good saw, but if it ever needs attention and spares.....I feel I dodged a bullet.
  4. neiln

    Advanced chain sharpening.

    got the one for my ms180 picco chain (err with 4.0mm files) and the one for standard 3/8 rs chain (errr 5.2mm iirc) easy to use and seem to get the chain cutting great but now I've got a chain for the 180 well back its looking very very odd! the chain still cuts well but it seems to blunt easily, teeth have zero hook now....it is as if the file is too large...which actually it is now as stihl recommend swapping down a size as the cutters wear back. I also realised on that picco (or is it picco micro..which ever) the rakers were not being touched although they are on the bigger chain. I then thought, perhaps the flat file is in backwards (the round files can only fit the right way around,not so with the flat)...my thought was if backwards it wouldn't cut the rakers and after a while wold hold the round file up too high and cause the lack of hook...i checked, turned it around, filed the chain again...nope that's not it. it seems the 2in1 for the small chain is just weird as the chain gets well back...chain still cuts though
  5. neiln

    stihl 2 stroke oil

    i believe in theory it slowly absorbs water. I strongly suspect in practice it will be fine for decades at least.
  6. Got any 038/380 spares? I'd be particularly keen on a magnum p + c oh and a stihl 20" x0.063" bar? also, a husky/oregon 24 or 28" bar and chain?
  7. neiln

    cheep hookaroon/axe

    the mortar pick/mini mattock? its a standard tomahawk fitting, that handle i linked should fit perfectly. I'll get one soon no doubt.
  8. neiln

    Jotul - You should only burn hardwoods

    did they have a hard wood log business by chance
  9. neiln

    cheep hookaroon/axe

    Like you I use one of those little 15" mattocks...although mine is a mini pick axe, a mortar pick. works well for picking up splits from the floor and reduces the bending. thinking of getting a longer handle for it https://www.knivesandtools.co.uk/en/pt/-cold-steel-handle-for-frontiers-and-trail-hawk-h90at.htm?utm_source=criteo&utm_medium=display&utm_campaign=OTHEROUTDOOR-brand-coldsteel i use a bison pickaroon for larger stuff, fantastic.
  10. neiln

    Jotul - You should only burn hardwoods

    more softwood for me to scrounge, carrry on spouting bollcks please jotul.
  11. stove fan on each stove. a cheapo valiant rip off, and an actual valiant. the ripoff seems marginally better. both throw a decent draught and i think help to warm the room more quickly. Flue thermometer on each stove, cheapo ones, they are a guide...and occasionally useful although mostly you can tell from looking..mostly but not quite always. companion set and log store (see my photo in the stove photo thread...it is both) that wasn't cheap! welding gauntlets/gloves to load the stove Kneeling pads....I have hard floors, so need those!
  12. neiln

    Post an image of your stove

    Stovax Stockton 5.
  13. neiln

    Eucalyptus & Acacia wood to go!

    Sw14 is a bit too far for me to collect, even for false acacia. But if you don't get other takers, and if you are coming back home past SE19 (upper Norwood) I'd take some. Hell, for false acacia I'll take the euc too. I'm sure you'll find a local taker though.
  14. neiln

    Tree removal, heave worry

    having had subsidence caused by oaks, I asked about heave risk when the engineer decided on removal in one go (several mature oaks, about 18m tall). Apparently they now believe isn't an issue if it wasn't before. ie, if heave is a problem, tree removal will likely aggravate, if heve not an issue, tree removal won't cause it.


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