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  1. Omg yes! Yew. Without a doubt, it's depleted uranium! Don't over do it or you'll melt your stove! Leylandii is pretty decent too, but not in the same league.
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    Yep sap is messy but it dries well and is dense for softwood, definitely good to get stove going and get it hot.
  3. And cutting it up to firewood needs either a big-ish saw, or a small saw and a lot of patience. BTW, where are you?
  4. I feel sorry for you gents making a living from tree work when you have to contend with the likes I saw this morning. I heard a tool start up so walked to the window to see across the road... White van unmarked, guy in crocs shorts, t- shirt, walked from van into garden, initially while revving the saw then with it in his right hand and bar by his leg (bar backwards at least, but). He then goes up a step ladder and proceeds to take the top out a Leylandii hedge. Most would have been quicker with loppers, a bow saw would have got the trunk in 20 seconds but no. A few minutes later I saw him start a pole tool ...... With hedge trimmer attachment on the end which was useless. Wong tools for the job and the disregard for ppe and chainsaw safety was stunning. Still... He won't be competing with you for long i guess!
  5. That's s bit pessimistic. I get wood from 3 local tree guys (for firewood) and plenty of quality hardwood like oak. Cherry, plum and Apple too. They're plenty of tree guys that are kind enough to set a few bits aside do for you, I know one of mine does for wood turners.
  6. Thank you khriss. That's the finished chain in that photo, does seems better. One thing I thought yesterday was maybe I've not had the file flat enough and have been filing up a bit. Although if it were a technique thing I'd expect the big chain on the 365 to look equally odd and it doesn't. However yesterday I was consiously trying too file down a little and it seemed to possibly give a better result.... Perhaps what I thought was flat was actually up, it and what feels like down is actually flat. Anyway.. it cuts....I keep trying to get better....tips welcome! I do need to take a flat file to the rakers though, and next time I'll freehand the gullets out too I think.
  7. Indeed, as I said the 2 in 1 doesn't seem to touch the rakers on this small size chain enough.
  8. Really? well my 365 doesn't get much use so I've not had the time to screw it badly, but I've used the easy file on its oregon chain a few times and not noticed trouble yet....I'll b more vigilant. husky do the easy files too, same things, licenced from pferd i believe.
  9. for the bigger sizes it works fine, honestly, it does do the rakers, and it gets a nice hook on the cutters. I only get the weirdness on the 3/8P chain on the little saw. it still cuts so I don't fret too much, but it does puzzle me. I've tried free handing with the round files to 'get the gullet' and get the hook, but noticed i was then also getting the tie strap/other side of the link. its as if 4.00mm is too large a file and doesn't quite fit low enough. I even went to the effort of checking the files were 4.0mm with a vernier! my view, the 2 in1s (real) work great on proper sized chains, and well enough on picco micro stuff. bear in mind with a ms180 I'm not entering cant races, it still cuts, still gives chips not dust, and if anything the odd shape will give a more durable 'working corner' so....although puzzled I think the result acceptable and for easy of use think the 2in1 still worth while.
  10. oh and chain is semi chisel obvs. I've no idea what the stihl 2in 1 wold do to a full chisel PM3, if such as thing exists. i suspect semi chisel is more forgiving on the filing as the 'working corner' is....well...not a corner as such. so in conclusion....mleh, the fake is cheap, it does a fair job I think, but if it breaks when it comes to getting that stuck file out then it works out expensive compared to the real thing. Oh and please be gentle now as you critique my filing! hahahaha! the bigger stuff on the 365 looks better, honest! one more photo, just because.
  11. better though. this is a newish chain but has been sharpened before as you can see. the cutter this side, you can see from the dirt, I've yet to tickle with the fake file and you can see the backward shape the stihl file creates. it only gets worse as the teeth get shorter. compare the shape to the 2 cutters either side/the other side, which you can see i have tickled..actually it was a god 10 strokes i think. these have a better hook. now remeber, i don't get this trouble with the bigger chain/2in1, and the chain still seems to cut anyway, but to me the fake seems to have left the chain 'sharper'
  12. So the fake might not have along life...we will find out in time whether the file comes out before the thing breaks or not. the other test is of course, does it work? well ..yes! better than the stihl one! I'll start be caveating, I only have this trouble with the 3/8P 2 in 1, the standard 3/8 and 5.2mm version works great on my bigger chains but wit hthe pm3 stuff i have 2 problems. firstly the flt file never does anyhting more than kiss the raker, even on a chain that is right down and losing cutters. I have put this down to a possibly over hardened arbtec/northernarbsupplies/pirhanna chain but wasn't convinced as even at the end of use on the chain both sets of guide rails would properly ride along the teeth either side of that one being sharpened. The other problem, although the chain still seemed to cut ok, the round files seem as if set too high and I never got any hook to the cutter. the cutter would go straight up to the working corner, or even backwards by the time the file was really worn. The chinese fake has the flat file/raker problem BUT does seem to get a better shape on the cutters. not perfect...this tooth still seems a bit straight up.
  13. Khris...I use tp like some of his videos, nice camera work...but as you learn more you soon realise the guy is a d i c k.


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