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  1. I reckon she'll come out or already has. I get feckin' loads of the black and yellow feckers every year. 4 so far this year. I've had several disappear on top of kitchen cabinets for a few days then dozily emerge. I've also had several crawl into the lounge Light rose before coming out again. They don't seem any more awake even a few days later.
  2. I had Peacock* in my lounge earlier!Had to catch it in a pint glass and put it out. supposed to snow tomorrow so I hope it finds a spot to rehibernate quickly! I normally just get queen wasps (bloomin' loads of them!) shield bugs and a few small moths. It brought a bit of colour to a grey and cold midwinter day. Anybody else get any nice insects emerge from their firewood a it warms up? *I'm not good at Papillion ID, but I think it was a Peacock.
  3. I've had much more success by talking to guys I've seen working close by, but I wouldn't be surprised if once you get used, assuming it's easy, you'll get used regularly by the same guy. Oh and Leyland, great to have a bit in the pile. It's one of the densist soft woods. Less ash from soft woods too.
  4. Yes, and break them up for more surface area. I'm in my fifth season having burnt over 35 cube and I'm still learning. Maybe I'm slow!
  5. I'm assuming everyone had seen the articles in the guardian, maybe elsewhere as well, about stoves leading to indoor particulate pollution through smoke spillage on opening the door to reload. I've heard it may be worse with modern stoves, due to the baffles required to meet the efficiency targets. I just thought, would this be easy to overcome with a bipass valve like a key damper? Open the baffle bipass before opening the stove to load it, close again once loaded?
  6. Yeah it's just one of the changes to houses that make modern houses more sealed. Solid floors or fitted carpets, rubber seals on doors and window openers, overflows, I'm sure there's more I can't think of right now, a modern house is a lot more air tight then older houses were. So the 'air vent of certain size for every kW over 5' in building regs ought to be treated as just a guide perhaps, I've a feeling the wording does say something about more may be needed if the house is well sealed.
  7. Sorry my fault. I was going to quote something then thought it didn't help and on the smart phone I've deleted the content of the quote not the whole quote! Oops. Not trying to put words in your mouth!
  8. Where you are in the country will make a difference to how fast stuff dries. London/SE fairly warm and drier than many places, so oak to 18% in 2 summers isn't a problem (if...IF my £5 moisture meter is accurate... It's possible it isn't). Youngsbury, that's impressive! Must have been tempting to tell him to put it all back.... Then sit and watch as he pushed the barrow! I can imagine theft from a in presumably rural estate setting though. Where is silver hook I wonder.
  9. I've got 4-5+ m³ in my front garden, most stacked against the South facing house wall to season. I've done this for 3 years now and not seen any stolen. I've had a few people knock and ask to buy some but none had been taken. This is a South London suburban street though, and several neighbours would see a thief I suspect. Tbh, I feel more worried it will walk when it's still in rounds or halves, it takes ga lot longer to pick up and load splits. If I were you, I'd split and stack it all now.
  10. If you don't mind old but tried and tested (as in it works well, is very well made, but is a few percent down on the efficiency compared to modern stoves.... Sort of great quality but affordable as old tech), you could do much worse then the franco belge Belfort. £749, 5kW nominal, 3-7.5kW. mum's had one for about 20 years, still like new.
  11. Split it to stove size now. Oak is a joy to split when green! It only gets tougher as it seasons, so I'd recommend you split it to stove size.
  12. I've thought perhaps that is it. It's dry.... Or dry enough, burns with no popping and no creosote on the glass, but I could believe it's still a few% higher MC than the split stuff. The result is I split more of it, and tbh I've learnt bigger rings are quicker to process and pick up less small limb wood anyway. I've been burning some today and yesterday by chance, iirc it was cut and stacked about 20-21 months ago, about march or April 2019. It's burning fine, flue thermometer shows about 170-180C. I just know a couple of splits of the same size would burn hotter. It could also be that the circular shape has less surface area and slows the burn, compared to a triangular or square split.
  13. turkey oak, a bit mleh. english oak, trunk wood, fab, but I can find small diameter limbwood aa bit mleh. I cut to 12 ish inches and split to 3 to 4 inches and it can burn well when dried a year, but I try to dry it 2 summers as i think it does better and most people sem to say oak retains its moisture longer than most woods. if you must dry it in one summer, split to 2-3 inches and stack in a good spot and it will dry. or solar kiln it. it doesn't burn super super hot, it burns well and it burns long. Mix it with a bit of holly or yew for perfection.
  14. Presumably kiln drying forces some of the more volatile turps/resins out of the wood, and hence a lot of energy.


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