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  1. Don't worry, the rest of the country isn't missing out, it's been a mild but wet autumn/start to winter here in London too.
  2. Mild everywhere. I had both stoves on an over did it 2 days ago.....24C downstairs, 20 in the bedrooms upstairs, still 19C in th morning, still 18C yesterday so nothing lit, still 17C this evening....lit one stove to ensure its not chilly in the morning really. This is south London. I reckon it'll be a harsh late winter though.... hope so...I bought a sledge and my 3yo will love it!
  3. Hmmm... it seems as of tonight I now need new glass. I always thought only muppets broke glass, either by trying to shut the door on a log that was too big to fit, or poorly putting a big heavy log in on a pile and having it roll heavily into the glass. Tonight i lit the stove as usual (lots of paper, a squirt of lighter gel, 7 or 8 little bits of kindling and then 3 very small logs) didn't take og for the flue thermometer to show 270C, and I shut the primary vent completely and nudged the air wash a tad. 15 minute later flames are gone, the small logs are down to coals and I grab 2 logs to reload and...wtf? door glass with a crack right across. weird. oh well. 5 minutes on google and I ordered replacement for £21 delivered.
  4. neiln

    Advanced chain sharpening.

    I bought them after reading on arbsite(the mainly us equivalent of here) that several guys found them so good they no longer used their grinders. It's easy to use and results initially seemed great, but the 3/8 picco has got weird as it's worn down. The standard 3/8 chain on my bigger saw gets much less use so it will be a long while before the same problem becomes apparent if it is a fault with all the sizes of 2in1. I'm undecided..... Probably keep using them for now but if they do weird things to another chain then I may eBay them.
  5. neiln

    Advanced chain sharpening.

    Yeah, I've pulled the round file from the 2in 1 and done that free hand. Would be nice if the 2in1 worked better though.
  6. If you aren't getting dirty glass then you aren't making smoke/creosote and your flue will be clean BUT if you haven't swept your flue at since last year you should.... And that will confirm it's clean.
  7. neiln

    Advanced chain sharpening.

    Yeah you are right, my standard 3/8" chain 2 in1 does indeed use 5.2mm round. That one seems to work well.... It's the file for the 3/8 picco micro chain on the ms180 that has resulted in a very very odd tooth as it's got more worn.
  8. neiln

    Chain oil alternatives???

    husqvarna manual says gear oil, ep80, if chain oil not available....so when clearing out dad's garage and I found 3 litres, in the saw it went. I forgot how gear oil stinks of sulphur until...eeuuk!. Ive also used up some left over 15 wt40 engine oil (mixed 50/50 with chain oil) with no ill effects. If the viscosity is about right, and its not a drying oil, it will work fine, but any non veg oil is a pollutant. veg oils are drying, but many, like rape and sunflower, take a long long long long time and are likely to go rancid first.
  9. neiln

    Stove fan

    Like rob my two stoves are fitted snuggly into fireplaces and the fans do a job of getting more air flowing around the stove and out into the room, rather than heating the brickwork around the stove quite so much maria's fan is pulling cold air over it, the motor will be fine. The instructions say don't put infront of the pipe as that would be trying to pull much armer air then. the result is the cooling fins don't get cooled so well, the temp difference across the teg is less, the teg generates little voltage, the fan spins slowly pulling little cooling air...and the result, as well as a slow and useless fan, is the teg getting too hot and frazzling. maria's is pulling cool air and blowing it at the pipe, that's fine.
  10. neiln

    oak for next winter

    Split small enough for a 5kW stove (12" long and 3-4" wide) by Christmas and It will most likely be under 20% for next winter. It may be better the following winter though. You could try the ghetto solar kiln by wrapping with pallet wrap. Get it right and it'll be down to just a few prevent moisture by the end of the summer.
  11. I agree that syc is very consistently easy splitting and dries well, but it doesn't compare to the denser woods when actually on the stove. I burn a lot of it though, its alright. not sure its the least labour intensive though, that prize goes to robinia pseudo acacia/black locust which in my experience splits easier and burns like oak, silver birch is also a consistent easy splitter for me. Oddly, despite all I've read, for me Ash has been a consistent PITA to split....I've no given up though, it does bun nicely.
  12. neiln

    Stove fan

    often it just needs some fresh thermal conducting goo on the peltier to fn base bond. cost for the goo is just a quid or 2.
  13. neiln

    Hardest Wood to Split

    E.gunni? I know Aussie hard wood are insanely dense growing there but the eucalyptus I've scrounged has always been fast growing, rings 1cm wide, easy splitting and like conifer to burn.
  14. Well I split 12-18" diameter rings with a hatchet, id call that really really really easy. Holy pine? Blessed?
  15. I knew Americans rate locust very highly and had looked it up and found its pseudo acacia/robinia. I'd started to notice it's not uncommon in parks... It helped seeing a labelled tree in crystal palace park. When I got offered the chance to gather some I jumped, and now I'll always jump. I found it burnt like Oak and it was really really really easy to split.


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