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  1. neiln

    Flexi Flue sweeping.

    Those rods/head look like the ones I have, except mine are the screw together version.
  2. I would assume the exact same for flue liners too. Promises of 10, 20 or 30 year warranty hahahaha. Buy a decent one but not because it's warranty lasts 30 years.
  3. neiln

    Free False Acacia

    Super easy splitting and as dense as Oak, great, if only it were closer to SE19
  4. fair enough. i broke a glass this winter gone....screws holding it were too tight (not my fault...i couldn't get them out), and my baffle has a little warp too. Although it was a cheapish replacement and the warp probaby speaks as much to the quality as my treatment. although like you i agree, run a stove hard and clean, but unlike you i stick to wood. I reckon its coal that causes most of the over fire damage. i think you'd have to really go for it to do damamge to a small stove with wood....do a hot reload and leave the air open and it will go very very hot but small stoves will burn though the fuel so fast i decent stove will survive fine...unless you do that repeatedly all day long!
  5. I think you are over firing that stove.
  6. neiln

    How to get free firewood

    Oh yes...stitched right up. delivered at night so i couldn't see it as he tipped but spotted instantly the next day. every round was a huge crotch from a ~30" diameter tree, and utterly unsplittable, he'd kept any straight ones back. but the worst of it was the brick and the barbed wire...utterly riddled, it wound around and around in many rounds, in and out so much i had no way to work out where it ran...boy oh boy did i trash chains...lots and lots. And I paid £50 for the load! Still I've got particularly lucky with my usual guy, he's brilliant and won't take cash even when pushed into his hand. It is a mix of loyalty to him and never ever wishing to get 2 tonnes of barbed wire and brick infested unsplittable ash again that stops me completing a listing! The photos are typical of what i had to deal with....the insanely folded grain that meant even the stihl pro 8lb maul bounced off may not have been his fault but the brick and barbed wire he'd hit loads and it stuck in and out....he knew about that.
  7. neiln

    How to get free firewood

    I've got halfway through completing a listing several times but then stopped. I have a close by tree guy I've befriended/have a good relationship with. He only puts out clean stuff (nothing with metal or whatever embedded), and although i normally drive (3.5 miles) and collect, he will text when he has oak, etc. and occasionally will deliver. I make sure to not make a mess where i collect from, I like a bit of softwood for starting fires and feel its only fair of me to take some. All in all it must be good for him as he texts, puts oak aside and generally looks out for me, so I do my very best to be good for him too. The one time I got wood from another guy after hearing him cutting nearby I ended up with a load of the biggest gnarliest ash crotches all riddled with brick and loads and loads of barbed wire! Its put me off approaching anyone else! Besides I'm not short of wood so I'm choosy these days. The tip site is a great idea though and if I ever move or lose my usual tree guy I'd get a listing on there.
  8. neiln

    Identification please??

    definitely sycamore. its generally easy splitting, dries easily but not super dense for a hardwood. overall its decent for firewood
  9. I'm very near Streatham ( or st reatham) in SE19 and can take the logs but not the chip/brash. I'll pm my address and photo of the house so you can see the access, which is fine. What's box elder like to split? I hand split with x27, Stihl pro 8lb cleave hammer.... Or noodle with 365 x-torque if I have to.
  10. neiln


    For those that burn it for ambience, as a luxury, there is probably some link to increased cost = burn less. Ironically it likely drives that type of consumer to either burn cheap, wet rubbish, or to cut back from their 2-3 m³ a winter to just a couple of dozen sack fulls from the garden centre. Or they switch to coal/smokeless.
  11. neiln


    Not looked into it, but I doubt there are many processors for hire in zone 3 London. I do it for the fun though.
  12. neiln


    From everything I read on here I can't see any body getting rich in firewood! For a hobbyist like silverhooker and Ratman you can make yourself smile as you work out what you save on heating, I'm in this boat. Like them I do it for fun and exercise, and doing 12-14 m³ a year is fun to cut and split but more would not! Even those 12-14 wouldn't be fun if I had to do it, but since I can choose if, can and when, it is fun. 2 stoves, self installed with liners in the flues, sweep my own flues, factor in consumables ( mainly petrol collecting the logs), the 2 chainsaws, axes, mauls, hatchet, ppe... I've got to burn about 45m³ to save enough gas to be in profit. With what I burn and supplying mum then I'm even in 5 years.... That's 2 more.... So I'm even by the time I've burnt what I have CSS in the garden. This only works as I've befriended a local tree guy and I get all my wood for free. He gets his arisings to disappear, I get 65% hardwood and the rest soft. Now if I could just sell a cube to neighbours in garden centre size sackfuls at their prices...I worked out that's about £250/m³
  13. neiln

    Small saw to compliment 550XP

    50cc = 1 saw plan 2 saw plan = 60+cc saw and 50 or less cc get a 365 x-torq for a value big saw,get a 462 fo a spendy and very powerful saw me, 365 x torq....and ms180. difference in weight makes me use the little saw if i can, difference in go makes it fun when i get to big logs and not a pita
  14. I've been thinking on this and i realised I haven't cleaned the glass on either stove hardly tis winter either. Previously it could have gone all winter without but since it got a 'tint' of creosote across it, and a bit across the bottom 3 or 4 cm where the log guard is, I would clean it to improve the look every week or 2. this winter it basically just got a dusting of fly ash, and a tiny bit of creosote on the bottom cm or so, So other than a wipe with a scrunched up ball of newspaper as I've been building the fire ready to light I think I've only cleaned it about once...maybe twice all winter. That must show that my wood has been drier this winter, bone dry basically, and correlates to the immaculate flues surely. Now the confusing bit, previously my wood was, according to my cheapo moisture meter, down at 18-20%. I didn't think air dried wood (top covered in winter) would get drier than that but it must have, and probably a good few percent. I don't no if it was because of last summer's long hot drought, or because the wood i burnt this ear had been CSS for 2 summers, or a bit of both. I guess i'll find out next spring after another burn season. But I know now, if the glass stays clean all winter then the flue does too and there is no point in sweeping it. If my glass 'tints' and i clean it once a fortnight then I'll have 3/4 of an ash pan full of creosote, I could leave it another year and be fine but a sweep every couple of years is worth the effort.
  15. Just swept my two flues again. I've burnt about 4.5m3 through one, about 3m3 through the other, nd swept as ususal with a power/rotary system nd got about 1/2 mug full of dry powdery chocolate brown soot and fly ash mix. I.e. bugger all. I guess my logs which had dried for 2 summers instead of the previous 12-14 months of drying made that bit more difference....or last summer's drought got the logs down another few percent. I don't think i'll sweep for 2 or 3 years now unless something changes. Oh and my rods - i found the name on the instructions, they came from chimneyrodsdirect


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