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  1. AHH, thought it must do that or use the tension hole in the other edge of the bar although I didn't see the slot in the bottom of the groove to let the oil out (it must be there... I'll check again), cheers.
  2. How does this Makita oil the bar? I opened the box up last night to check the saw, and my my it looks very good, but the bar is odd. It has no little hole for the oil! Have I got a duff bar, or does this saw oil the chain differently?
  3. Good to hear. How much did you open it after gutting? Did you bother with timing advance too? They should give a little more. Oh and does the carb have limiters as stock?
  4. I notice its got a pussycat. I assume I should remove that, add about an 8mm-10mm hole to the muffler, pop the flywheel and shave 0.25mm off the key, refit, pop the limitters and then twiddle the high screw out a bit?
  5. donttellthewifedonttellthewifedonttellthewifedonttel....... oh poo...she's not colour blind. Listed as amazon as the seller not somewhere abroad yet it did one of those price variations i put down to exchange rate changes....and dropped to £269.51 😲😲😲 I hit buy. I mean, that is an astoundingly cheap price. 5 left lads....go on....make me see I'm no weaker than most men! I now have a nicely looked after ms180 going spare, with some spare chains.
  6. Thanks. Well the barbas is in as of a couple of weeks ago. I've only seen photos but my it looks good. The fitters earned their money, the old jet master had warped and stuck in. They spent a day getting it out and still broke and replaced a slip. The unilux has also apparently been recertified to just over 5kW so they had to add an air brick. They got the liner in without trouble though and liner, stove and air brick were done, they were cleaned up and gone by lunch-ish. I just need to get another couple of cube of logs across London to add to the cube or so there and she's set for the cold weather.
  7. Idontneedoneidontneedoneidontne. Ohhhh! Amazon have the kita43 for £283. Very tempting!!!;. Only problem is it comes with a 'Var' but no bar 😂 That price is hard to ignore!
  8. When I got my 365 I bought some as it says 50:1 on xp, 30:1 anything else. I already had stihl green though and that's why I dug around. Stihl quote some tougher/better tests/specs for the green, husky don't for the blue. So I suspect green is as good or marginally better. Being the cautious type I mix half and half (turquoise? Sea green?) at 40:1! Any how, good news re synergy fuels, seems I have plenty of Esso around too now I look them up. I do hope shell follow suit though, they used to guarantee ethenol free vpower, until a couple of years ago
  9. That's good to know, and a recent change I think. I've definitely as searched before and even emailed some suppliers and o don't recall Esso making that claim a year or two ago. I'll have to check shell again, and BP.... Can't think where my nearest Esso is Out of interest, husky xp, that's the blue stuff right? Why that? I know it's there better oil but why not stihl green for example? I have both and can find the specs for green, blue though I could only find it met the basic tests and then husky were vague about it being better!
  10. neiln

    Electric chainsaws

    So take the rakers down and lean on it? I just watched s YouTube review and it got ok but chain speed and cut speed seemed slow,. Chain was sharp and throwing good chips.
  11. neiln

    Electric chainsaws

    Really? Wow. I haven't really looked at the stihl corded. When I got the 180, about 7 years ago, the one corded saw they did was much more expensive, nearly twice the price iirc. It's good then? I had no idea it has been around so long! Good to no it's durable. I'd hope the motor is brushless these days.... But have you even replaced brushes in the time you've had yours?
  12. What's the views on electric saws these days? With sachsdolmakita stepping away from petrol saws are electric getting comparible? I struggle to see a battery saw competing with a 70+ cc saw for performance or for cost when a days worth of batteries are factored in. Although for smaller saws I guess they may be comparible and with lower noise and no faff with fuel there are advantages. I'm just idly thinking really but for some of my use I guess a corded electric would be great if it's performance and build quality were up to it. I get ARB waste and process my own firewood, and mum's, and do maybe 12-15 m³ a year. Mostly that's done with a little ms180, but also have a husqvarna 365 which gets a few tanks use each year to buck the bigger stuff. I actually already have an outside power socket on the outside of the garage at the spot I use to cut mostly, and with the 365 being there if I need to do any cutting away from home (the occasional help a neighbour) I wonder about selling the ms180 and getting a corded electric. The Makita UC 4051 looks like it could outperform the 180 and is slightly cheaper new. Is it time to trade in and go electric for the little saw? Something with the convenience, and a little more go, maybe a 12 or 14" bar, would be tempting if I got maybe half the cost from selling the 180, which maybe seems achievable/fair when I take a quick look on eBay. So, what are the corded Makitas like? Or the corded Stihl? Or any others?
  13. It's warm enough down south, so although the stoves were used much more consistently and 7-10 days longer then usual I've not had them lit since mid may. It's damp here though, hope we get a decent spell of dry weather once the schools finish, really feels like the country needs all the sun and fun it can muster after the winter we had!
  14. Yes, absorbs water and eventually separates out as a jelly at the bottom of the tank!
  15. Seizing? I've not heard ethenol causing that. Eating fuel line, and carb diaphragm, or gumming it all up are the problems Ive heard of.


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