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  1. Or doesn't help when articles or discussions mix greenhouse gas emissions with particulate emissions, these are two different issues.
  2. Agree Norwegian wood is a great book. To heat with wood through choice you have to enjoy it, the fire I mean. To cut, split and stack the wood yourself you must also enjoy that bit. Currently I love it, when I get bored ... I'll do a lot less and happily run the gas Ch.
  3. I agree wood if bought would be more costly than mains gas but my estimate, based on my reduced gas bill and adding a bit more as the house is warmer with wood, each cube of mixed wood saves me ~£60. So £60 gas = about £100 of logs. Ish.
  4. similarly, my mum has one stove which she runs evenings and a little bit more, supplementing the gas CH, she burns through about 3 m3. I have 2 stoves, run them as much as needed to heat the house and only run the gas CH a teenie bit, maybe once a month. Last winter I burnt 8 m3, this winter I'm on for burning about 10m3. I probably used the CH twice as much last year, I've been home a little more this year.
  5. I'm not expert but I think the EU regs have been following the American EPA regs, including the new ones coming along. Woodworks, a lot of the burn time comes simply by having a large firebox with a lot of fuel, but the cat stoves do allow the burn rate to be slowed much much more than the purely air controlled stoves. It seems, when running low the firebox is only warm and the wood smolders, the cat is separate from the firebox and burns the smoke emitting most of the heat from the stove in "low' and just enough of the heat keeps the firebox temp at smolder. I understand they are cleaner than non cat stoves as the regs ensure they allow for some cat degradation over time. All regulated by a thermostat so the user does very little other than reload every 12/24 hours ish. It must be a very different experience, more akin to a boiler or furnace...functional but probably not very homely/ambient. I put this in the wrong spot didn't I, sorry, should have been in the stove sub forum.
  6. ooo, do you have any experience with them alycidon? i wonder what the burn time is at various outputs.
  7. The big US stoves like the Blaze King Princess or King will do way more than that, ok they are large lumps of stove too and would be out of place in a small..or average UK stove, but then they are heating bigger houses and giving 12 hour burns in cold climates (0F and below), milder climates result in 24 hour or even longer burns
  8. More single wall will also cool the gases too much and cresote up the flue, I'd spend the extra on twin wall.
  9. I'd not be surprised if your stove runs more like 220 ish days a year (chilly nights in early September through to early may, a month at either end being sporadic). And a nominal 5KW stove usually has a min/max of around 3/7kW so your 4 kW estimate may be low too. However the cutting and splitting has to be fun or it's A BIG chore.
  10. Me too, I heat the while house with stoves in lounge and dining room, coldest bedroom still gets to 19C +/- 1. Wife will run the Ch if I'm not in for the evening.... About once or twice a month basically.
  11. Whole house Vs room heater definitely a part I think, so perhaps house layouts and design drive that?
  12. I read a fair bit on the US based sites and it strikes me that the stoves they have are much more capable than anything in our market. Many stoves with fans/blowers to shift heat off the stove, and also many catalytic stoves with a cat matrix above the firebox to burn the smoke. This then allows them to be loaded full of wood but run low, the wood in the firebox smolders but the cat burn the smoke so emissions are clean, and with most of the heat coming off the cat the firebox itself can smolder really slow so a load of wood can last many many many hours. Stoves such as the Blaze King Princess add thermostatic control to this, not sure but probably just a bimetallic strip type thing like a thermostatic shower valve, the user sets a temp on the knob and the stove varies the burn rate to auto adjust as the load burns down to coals. Why do we not have stove like this in the UK? I can see that the market would be somewhat small by comparison, but I'm a bit surprised it's not big enough for someone to start importing these US stoves. I'd be interested to hear from both stove owners and users if they wold like these kind of stoves, and from our resident stove retailers on if they think they would or wouldn't sell.
  13. A snazzy stainless steel U type thing that about 12 hours worth of logs stack in and it has the companion tools hang from it. It passed the appearance test well. It doesn't contain the debris. It's not so much the bark.... Rather the little black dots of, I guess, insect shit, that drop everywhere!
  14. same here in South London. my lawn is sodden and forming puddles. It feels like its rained continuously since mid september!
  15. Blimey, I just looked that charnwood up out of interest, at £2k it's fairly pricey!


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