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  1. As Mac says, if in any doubt get it inspected. I’d not even light it until I’d had a qualified and registered trade look at it. CO kills! And poorly installed flues can lead to house fires. It’s not worth the risk of messing about with. Final point, if it’s not been inspected and it caused a house fire your insurance may not pay out.
  2. I wholly agree lamping with a rifle IS the most effective/efficient way to kill foxes…. But a rifle doesn’t discriminate between a healthy or sick lame weary animal. I reiterate my comment….the ban has done very little for the welfare of foxes!
  3. One point I’m pretty sure of is that the hunting ban has had a detrimental effect on the fox population. I have a number of mates who shoot foxes on a regular basis, they all report seeing significant numbers of sick, poor conditioned, and starving foxes. Also lots of released urban foxes who have no fear of humans. No more natural selection, they literally shoot everything they see… Sad state of affairs.
  4. Yep i like to see terriers on rats, IMHO a better way than poison. However I don't get people who say they are happy to see terriers killing rats but think hounds on foxes is unacceptable/animal cruelty.🤔
  5. Hey come on Matty, there is nothing there, said or implied, to merit that response. These subjects are always emotive but let’s keep the posts civil. If ur not hp about something either pm or speak to a mod.[emoji106][emoji106] Im guessing few [emoji482][emoji16]
  6. “Reinforcing class distinctions whilst subjugating as many people as possible”…..in Devon?? Are you have a laugh J, they are all farmers hunts that attract the full spectrum of rural society/community! You don’t half spout some drivel at times. Anyway are you still here Mr Westcountry Hater?[emoji23]
  7. Are you a toff Andy? You have plenty of money as you keep telling everyone. Lets agree to disagree, as was stated earlier its an emotive subject (and you clearly have no idea what hunting is all about).
  8. Yes mate I’ve noticed ur easily amused by anyone who doesn’t agree with you. 🥱 I don’t see the contradiction, the law currently bans hunting with dogs unless used to push foxes to guns. I think the law is an ass, but if hunts go ahead and break it they should be prosecuted. Don’t punish all for the crimes of some. Your comment re hunting and toffs underscores my point, you and many others are misled. Finally if you enjoy any sort of shooting or fishing I’d be careful who you choose as bedfellows.. LACS and the hunt sab nasty brigade won’t stop until all are banned.
  9. Andy hunting with hounds been banned since Feb 2005 in England and 1 Aug 2002 in Scotland. I think the majority of people don’t understand how hounds kill a fox, it’s a quick act, same as terriers on a rat. It’s certainly not sociopathic torture, your anthropomorphic final sentence says it all mate. Going out with a rifle and night vision and killing every fox seen does little to benefit the fox population. As said earlier the hunts used to mop up the sick lame and weary foxes and consequently keep the population healthy. IMHO the whole issue is as much a perceived (quite wrongly) class matter as one of animal welfare. You only have to read the comments on hunt sab/ LACS FB pages…“bloodthirsty upper class toffs” [emoji849] Bringing the whole thing back on track, my issue with the NT ban is that most of these estates will have been bequeathed by hunting/shooting families who will be turning in their graves. I’ve heard some even put covenants in place to ensure hunting continued. Surely the way this should have been managed was to ban those hunts that broke the law, not punish those legally trail hunting. I shan’t be renewing my NT membership.
  10. I’d seriously recommend you get a registered stove installer/chimney sweep to look at both the stove and flue before you make any decisions or light a fire!
  11. You been on the Pussers Rum again Jack?🤣
  12. Khriss, South Sudan is ok. All heads looking north to see what unfolds there. Abject poverty and the usual African issues, worst flooding in living memory. 2/3 of pop reliant on foreign aid….But apart from that all fine and dandy![emoji53]
  13. Yes overlapped cladding, we ran out so it’s a bit tight on the newer section.
  14. My machinery shed constructed with green DF. Not much shrinkage at all. It was pretty sappy when it went up, struggled to burn the off-cuts!


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