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  1. Congratulations to you both Steve....Cracker[emoji106]
  2. Not sure how they intend to police this? It’s not gonna stop the burning of waste wood, nappies etc
  3. Wood burners: Most polluting fuels to be banned in the home - BBC News WWW.BBC.CO.UK Owners of wood burners and open fires will be discouraged from burning coal or wet wood from next year.
  4. Complete waste of a life....the pressures of falling from grace I guess. Very sad
  5. My power pruner has developed a fault. It will run normally for about a minute then die. I noticed a couple of pin holes in the primer bulb so replaced that but no fix. It will start again once I prime the bulb again. Have changed fuel (Aspen) and checked fuel pipe and filter looks clean. Any advice appreciated. Thx Craig
  6. I’m sure there are much bigger factors that grouse moor management J.... The government continue to allow building within flood plains ffs, and as already said huge developments with associated run-off. But hey, let’s stop grouse shooting, re-introduce beavers and not dredge watercourses.....that will fix the issue![emoji849]
  7. .17HMR? Will give u a bit more range and not too pricey
  8. Thx Kev Can u PM me daily rate pse. Thx C
  9. One won’t give you any hassle, no blue screen and is intuitive, the other........🧐
  10. Not sure want you mean there Mate? Thx C
  11. That’s what they recommended [emoji106]
  12. Thx Sawchip, machine ordered from Radmore & Tucker’s. PDI today and pick up on Mon. I have always used the Oregon 2 tooth Mulching blade, chap at R&T said they don’t recommend as they trash the gear drive!
  13. Hi Sawchip, any experience of the 43cc Makita MM4 brushcutter? Wondering if it’s up to brambles and rushes? Thx Craig
  14. Yeah that’s one of my concerns, 1.2m cut from a 300cc B&S powerpack... not sure that’s gonna cope with brambles and rushes too well.....


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