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  1. Fully agree. We need to hit them hard where it hurts. It's obscene that we are propping up a regime that has such a shocking human rights record, is polluting the environmental on an unbelievable scale, AND is clearly lining it's self up to be the only world superpower (God help us!!). The West is walking into the trap....disguised as globalism
  2. Hi Paul, very lucky the place we are in has a number of old fruit trees and also many planted 20yrs ago, we are finding interesting stuff everywhere we look. Apple, pear, wild cherry, fig, crab apple, gooseberry. Yes the walnut has a distinct smell when the leaves are rubbed so I guess that’s what it is. The wild cherry are hanging with fruit this year! Happy days[emoji106] Craig
  3. Thanks for that, no idea what the walnut looks like unless it’s on a walnut whip[emoji106]
  4. Ladies/Gents, any idea what tree/fruit this is? Thx Craig
  5. They will deal with briars and have puncture proof tyres. They will flatter brambles and gorse.....140Kgs!
  6. Got one of these....
  7. And no more blue screen of death[emoji106]
  8. Yeah agree Stubby they do wear down (I think they may have improved the plastic in last few years), although I'm guessing the OP ain't gonna be sharpening on a daily basis. However they give a reasonable good sharpen for a newbie👍
  9. Try the husqvarna rollers, they will help u get the angle right....
  10. Thx Bob, that's some serious gates! Im hoping not to need to go to such extremes and just automate the existing gates👍
  11. Thx Dumper, I guess the gates would only need to average <10 cycles a day. I would prefer to use standard 5 bar wooden farm gates, either 2 x 7ft or a single 14'. Who/what is your recommended reliable manufacturer or system? The intercom and a PIN keyboard would be a bonus. The mag-lock is not a dealbreaker, I'm trying to stop couriers more than determined thieves, I got other options for the latter😃. Are these systems a DIY project?
  12. I'm looking to install remote operated electric gate/gates on my drive. Need either 1 x 10ft wooden gate or 2 x 5ft. I want to be able to unlock and ope/close remotely. Mains fed isn't really an option. Any experience of mechanisms, makes and approx price to buy/install appreciated Thx in advance Craig
  13. Thx Doob, Ive done a bit for myself before (not the gates), cut the holes with a mag drill (see attached pic). Im at the scoping the job phase, its a straight 100m run this time for myself again and trying to see if it's worth the effort or just buy in and weld on site. Its a soulless task drilling 500 holes and grinding 100 post tops☹️. What do u think it would cost in materials..ball park? Appreciate the feedback!


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