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  1. I don't work on sites beyond audits and ERP drills, but it makes me sweat seeing the poor buggers grafting!
  2. Easy life! Try 50’C + on the rig floor in Saudi [emoji295]️ 🤯
  3. Not sure if the fuel stabiliser is available in larger quantities or cheaper than Amazon?
  4. Available on Amazon. Add it to your fuel can or Jerry can.
  5. Thanks Stere This is the model I was looking at.....
  6. I’m looking at moving to a cordless trimmer, I’m already tied into Makita so makes sense to go that way. I have found there are quite a few models available with significant differences in price. Any reviews or advice appreciated. Thx Craig
  7. Track and perimeter alarms are a great deterrent and detection system. They can be linked to bring on security lighting or a strobe. I have been using Parabeam UK system for last 5 years and it’s a good reliable system Wireless Driveway Alarms | Wireless Farm Security | Compound Security WWW.PARABEAM.CO.UK Wireless Driveway Alarm System / Perimeter Alarms | Farm Security Systems | Driveway Security - Buy Online. Wireless, solar recharging, infrared security beam, SMS Alert, expandable system. Detect visitors, customers and intruders before they reach your property.
  8. I think you missed my point Mike, what I’m saying is that even with all that protection (delay), the fookers still has time on site to get to the kit. Matty says himself “the only thing missing was an alarm”. The alarm “detection” would have alerted him to the situation and he could of made the choice....direct action (not recommended, some of these scumbags ain’t worried about dishing out some serious mindless violence) or call the cav......with or without 7.62mm! I fully agree with comments about sentencing not being a deterrent, I’m a great believer that prison should be about punishment first, rehabilitation should be earned!
  9. Gents these incidents appear to be well planned crimes not some druggie low-life thievery. The potential for things to escalate and someone get seriously hurt or worse is clear. I would advise you employ a properly qualified security consultant (not a CCTV consultant or local copper) to conduct a security survey of your sites. Any site can be accessed by an adversary, given enough time and inclination. You need to balance deterrence and the delay factor of your security measures with the time it takes to respond and the cavalry to arrive!
  10. I asked the very same question last week Steve. Absolutely stunning tree when in full bloom at this time of year! Would never of guessed it was an ancient native tree.
  11. Ladies......(fits quite a few on here🤣) pretty please......
  12. Gents any ideas on ID of this tree/bush? They have been planted under EWGS so I’m guessing native species? All in full bloom! Thx Craig
  13. If you're using the saw domestically/seasonably only why not run it on Aspen? No need to run it dry and its better for the environment/your health!


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