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  1. 4yr old Hilux Invincible-X with sensible miles are making £25k+ [emoji15]
  2. No it wasn’t! By the British I guess you mean that all the innocent victims of paramilitary (both sides) violence have no right to complain? IMHO PIRA/UVF et-al nothing more than a bunch of terrorist/criminal cowardly scum! Suggest you go do some research chum…
  3. So she’s not a criminal Wolfie….I mean Mark!🤣 Just because you smash the parasitic marxist NUM, and take a hard line on the terrorist scum in NI doesn’t make you a criminal….. “South American countries” shining a light for freedom and democracy!! WTF 🤡
  4. So nothing criminal then[emoji849]
  5. So what did Maggie do that was criminal then?
  6. Yeah that’s why I was wondering about other options[emoji106] Since I changed to a mulching mower I reckon my fuel usage has doubled. Thinking of running through summer without it and flushing either with Aspen Blue or Fuel Fit at end of season. Also wondering if small engines benefit from being run on Premium UL. Thx Craig
  7. Is it worth running small engines, mowers etc on super UL?
  8. Thx Moose, didn’t see that one. It’s pricey but significantly cheaper than the small bottles per dose
  9. Any recommendations for fuel stabiliser. I’ve been buying B&S Fuel Fit stuff off Amazon but it’s pretty pricy, looking for larger quantities than the 250ml bottles they sell. TIA Craig
  10. Ariat Groundbreaker boots are comfy and supportive. Kept my feet dry so far too.. ARIAT Work Boots - Mens Groundbreaker Chelsea H2O Steel Toe Cap WWW.AFARLEYCOUNTRYATTIRE.CO.UK The Ariat Groundbreaker delivers generous comfort and support with multi-surface traction. Always ready to break new ground, it's ideal for construction, factory or warehouse work; farm and yard work.
  11. Echo CS-390esx too small for you? It’s a cracking little saw[emoji106]
  12. At least the chap did the right thing and handed them into…..The BBC! WTF How about you take em to the police you fool!
  13. That’s interesting David, have tried both on Makita MM4 and Husky 343r and have found the tri-blade seems to keep speed up and less jolts when I hit something large. I would have thought the geometry of the tri-blade much more forgiving in that respect. I was advised same by dealer. Thx Craig
  14. Yep cracking bit of kit and much easier on the machine than the double blade version[emoji106]
  15. Had our 56 plate 3.2 SWB tweaked last week, EGR blanked off and then remapped. Engine pulls so much better and no more blue smoke on acceleration. Cracking little truck[emoji106]


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