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  1. Commando

    Making the news today....

    Hang on....let’s not forget they were convicted terrorists..if not murderers themselves, certainly supporters of scum that murdered innocent people, in the name of republicanism! Imho Corbyn eta al are traitors, engaging with terrorists whilst British troops were dying for their country! “It’s all too easy for someone to kill for their country”...wtf would you know!
  2. Commando

    Root Grapple For Loader

    What I like about the setup in my post is that it seems to do a pretty good job of raking, riddling, brash and logs. Not sure about the need (or idea behind) for two independent grabs. Lots of options out there for excavators but nothing I can find for a loader. Looks like it will be a fabrication jobbie. Thx Craig
  3. Commando

    Root Grapple For Loader

    Does anyone know if this sort of grab/bucket is available in UK? Seem pretty popular in US.
  4. Commando

    Flail vs Rotary Topper - Recommendations

    Thx Gareth, I have my eye on a used Kidd 8ft topper 2016. Chap wants £1400 no vat. Wondering how the no top link system holds up? Cheers Craig
  5. I’m in the market for a new topper. Been looking at a Fleming 7’ fully offset. Tractor is 65hp and I’m on steep ground with a few rushes to deal with. Any recommends appreciated
  6. Commando


    I know it’s a subjective question but how much do you think you would need to live a comfortable (subjective again!) retirement if you were to retire today? Let’s say at 60yrs old and hopefully with no borrowings (mortgage etc).
  7. Commando


    Start as early as u can and take any risks early too. Get on the property ladder ASAP and knuckle down. A big house that you can downsize when u retire is a great pension addition in its self. It makes me laugh when I hear/read so many younger folk giving every excuse why they can’t buy a house, yet I see young lads/lassies in agriculture busting a gut, working all hours and managing to do it. Trust me it wasn’t easy when the interest rate was at 14% either!
  8. Commando


    Tarring all BTL landlords with same brush based on your own limited experiences is wrong and narrow minded. Letting agents take a risk based approach to the whole process, plenty of landlords have suffered at the hands of unscrupulous tenants. The whole BTL game is now tipped more towards the poor tenant than the wealthy nasty landlord. Get rid of BTL landlords and see where things go....
  9. Surely any system that will allow you to have multiple heat inputs will do? Have a look at this site: https://www.heatweb.co.uk/ I have a heat bank from them with WBS, oil boiler and immersion heater. Has further trappings for solar thermal which may work for ASHP?
  10. Commando

    Front loader log grab / brash grab

    Mick did the Kubota loader come with 3rd service? Wondering how easy they are to retro fit. I have a Kubota 1153 loader.
  11. Commando

    Making the news today....

    Johnny Mercer? New fresh approach!
  12. Commando

    Making the news today....

    Agreed wholeheartedly. Will be interesting to see who these clown actually are. I doubt they are extremists and more probably just extremely foolish. The MSM loves any story they can report/spin as right-wing extremism.
  13. Commando

    Making the news today....

    I wonder if they will get punished more than the £50 fine handed out to the vile extremists who burnt poppy wreaths on Remembrance Day!
  14. Commando

    Making the news today....

    Fully agree Eggs, proper pricks and in bad taste, however, is it now illegal to make a comment or do anything in bad taste?
  15. Commando

    Jansen BX-42S

    Hi Carpenter, have you used one of these PTO driven chippers? Been offered one...certainly not a cheap option!


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