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  1. I asked the very same question last week Steve. Absolutely stunning tree when in full bloom at this time of year! Would never of guessed it was an ancient native tree.
  2. Ladies......(fits quite a few on here🤣) pretty please......
  3. Gents any ideas on ID of this tree/bush? They have been planted under EWGS so I’m guessing native species? All in full bloom! Thx Craig
  4. If you're using the saw domestically/seasonably only why not run it on Aspen? No need to run it dry and its better for the environment/your health!
  5. Hi Spandit, how long did the Alder take to get to 8"?
  6. Gents any ideas on approx weights of IBC full of seasoned hard wood - oak ash and beech. Wondering how many I can legally get on trailer behind Hilux?Thx Craig
  7. I wish Paul, the trees are subject to the scheme and need to be managed until it ends 2036/37, and the grant finishes 2021/22. I do wonder how much follow-up they do on these small schemes though? Thanks Craig
  8. I’m in the process of purchasing a small woodland, about 4 acres planted in late 90’s early 2000 and another 3 acres planted about 10yrs ago. The latter is under EWGS. No plan in place and it need thinning and generally managing . Is there a book/ website that can advise on what’s got to be done? How strict are the FC on following up on such? Thx Craig
  9. What size is the wood? Coming on well!
  10. Commando

    New Defender

    You never know Matt, once we’re out of Europe they may see sense and start to import them!? Fully agree with you!
  11. Light ours at about 4pm every day from Oct to end of Mar.
  12. IMHO the Clearview Pioneer 400 takes some beating. It’s a cracking small stove. Very controllable and the glass stays clean. Anyone had a Woodwarm Fireview 5kw (slender)?
  13. My plum tree leaves went yellow and have now all dropped. Any idea what could have caused this? Thx Craig
  14. Yep fully agree, my recommend was the CS-390 which would more than fit the bill, but it’s the wrong side of £450[emoji106]
  15. Thx for the advice, will pass on[emoji106]


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