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  1. My recommendation is Technical Arc welders. All of our Tig and Mig welders and plasma cutters are from Tec Arc. They are made in the UK with excellent service and spares backup, if you have a problem, you can speak to the bloke who actually made your welder. Get a simple transformer based model and it will last years. Just give Tec Arc a phone or email and they will advise you which model to go for
  2. I would back this up, I think a lot of things are going to go up this year. The main driver at the moment is freight from the far east and Covid rather than Brexit. A lot of our materials are going up right now, and there is also going to be a lot of things run short fairly imminently. If you are after any big ticket purchases, I would get on with it if you are able
  3. Sorry I meant to say also, I am not aware of any unanswered emails, and I just checked my Spam folder and nothing missed there either. Send it over again and I will keep an eye out Thanks Tim
  4. Hello, we are indeed alive and well and very busy at the moment. We are still based in North Wales, but I am personally based in Sweden (Have been for 7 years now), so email is the best way of contacting me [email protected] If you drop me your number I can call you back at a time to suit you. Hope this helps Thanks Tim TCF Engineering
  5. I totally agree with what Kevin said also, but I wouldnt rely on it coming from the top down. I think we often underestimate the impact we can have from our actions. Imagine if everyone made a concerted effort to source 20-25% of everything locally and at the same time pressured their suppliers to do the same. The impacts would be gigantic, and we can do it immediately. On the vaccine front, I think that some people on this thread (and in the world generally) need to try to understand the other side of the argument better. If people have concerns on either side of the argument, you wont change their mind by being confrontational, their concerns will be at least in part genuine and to reach a workable solution we must understand them and probably make a compromise. It seems like the world has lost the ability to meet in the middle and work out solutions. I can see both sides, I think that if the vaccine is safe and effective, then of course it has a place, but I have concerns which would need addressing before signing off on it, and I certainly dont think that anyone should be cornered into taking it by regulations if they dont agree with it. One of the largest problems is the breakdown in trust in the government and media - No question there is a lot of dodgy information floating around right now on all sorts of subjects. This leads people naturally to the fringes and the conspiracy end of the spectrum. Its not an easy one to fix either as trust has to be earned and that doesnt happen overnight. So give it a try, if you are against the vaccine, what would you need in the way of evidence or timescales to put your mind at rest and if you are for it and think it is the only solution to the problem, what would it take for you to reconsider and take another course of action. By seeing the other side of the argument, maybe we would find some common ground, it might be that there is no common ground, but I doubt it.
  6. Get a Coast headtorch. They are expensive, but the best. I have had loads of different makes. HL27 is an excellent all rounder, I have had mine for many years. Have just bought an HL8R for this winter and it is a beast. Extremely bright and the rechargeable battery seems to last 8-9 hours on full beam. I read that LED Lenser are the same quality so I bought one of those last winter, but it was rubbish compared to the Coast.
  7. Da Kine snowboarding rucksacks are tough as nails, comfy to carry and a good size. I have had mine for 25 years and it is still going strong. I use it for everything and it just never gives up.
  8. Good to see the log arch working hard and being put to the test ! I personally much prefer using arches to skid timber out of the forest. If you get it right you can extract a lot of timber with just an arch and a quad bike or small tractor and damage to the ground is really minimal. If you think about the size of equipment required to pick up those pieces of oak, you would definitely know it had been there We have built several hundred log arches ranging from very small hand pull ones up to really very big ones to transport ships masts. We build a lot of custom made stuff so you are welcome to come to us with your ideas and we will turn them into real life metal things. With the standard arches and trailers, we recognize that our customers might occasionally exceed the manufacturers recommendations (Probably every time !) so we purposely make everything a little stronger than required. Feel free to contact us any time with your requirements. I think its better to do this directly so as not to derail this brilliant thread.
  9. I think that it would be quite easy to make something like this which was manually operated. A CNC machine is a different story. I have built two from the ground up (a CNC plasma cutter and a CNC router) and there is an awful lot of different skills required such as fabrication, electronics, software, etc... If it was just a router sled, it doesnt need to be very precise on the X and Y axis, just very stable vertically. I have often looked at this kind of product and wondered if we should make one and sell it, but I have always thought that the market for them wouldnt be very big so didnt do anything with it. It would be very easy to design a set of bracketry and laser cut parts so the end user could buy their own 50x50 box section and build it to whatever size they wanted just by bolting stuff together
  10. I agree with all of the above. I would never wear these waterproofs if I was on the saw all day, I would cook in them, but sat on a machine, repairing a machine in the woods or processing firewood, they are perfect.
  11. I have a full set of Brenig waterproofs, I have a smock like the one in the link and some bib and brace trousers. They are really good gear, properly waterproof and up to working in the woods. They arent particularly light and they dont pack up small, but I dont care about that, would rather have something that keeps me dry all day. I have had them 2 years no and they are still great
  12. Mine looks just like that one in the video, only a lot more oily ! I am the same as you, I just dont trust a lot of people to do a job like this right. I am not bothered if it takes a while I have got other tractors and a Unimog. I think I will have a go, first job clean everything !
  13. Funnily enough I was expecting the handbrake to be in lots of small bits in the bottom but it looks like new. One of the main bearings in the gearbox is shot, so it is making nasty noises when you turn it. Will have to see what else is knackered, thats why it needs pulling apart. I think I am tempted to have a go and just take my time. Usually with these jobs, you dread it and then once you get on with it, you think what was all the fuss about. At least then I will learn how to do it.
  14. Hello, I have an International 956XL with a knackered gearbox. Wondering if anyone has ever done a complete strip and rebuild on a simple tractor gearbox. I have never been inside one and I am wondering how daunting it is. Rebuilt plenty of engines and diffs, but never a gearbox. I have the workshop manual, a clean workshop and lots of tools. Any advise either way would be appreciated Cheers
  15. We have quoted up to make one before, but it was grant dependant and it never came off. Would love to make one though, it looked like an interesting project.


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