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  1. Good to see the log arch working hard and being put to the test ! I personally much prefer using arches to skid timber out of the forest. If you get it right you can extract a lot of timber with just an arch and a quad bike or small tractor and damage to the ground is really minimal. If you think about the size of equipment required to pick up those pieces of oak, you would definitely know it had been there We have built several hundred log arches ranging from very small hand pull ones up to really very big ones to transport ships masts. We build a lot of custom made stuff so you are welcome to come to us with your ideas and we will turn them into real life metal things. With the standard arches and trailers, we recognize that our customers might occasionally exceed the manufacturers recommendations (Probably every time !) so we purposely make everything a little stronger than required. Feel free to contact us any time with your requirements. I think its better to do this directly so as not to derail this brilliant thread.
  2. I think that it would be quite easy to make something like this which was manually operated. A CNC machine is a different story. I have built two from the ground up (a CNC plasma cutter and a CNC router) and there is an awful lot of different skills required such as fabrication, electronics, software, etc... If it was just a router sled, it doesnt need to be very precise on the X and Y axis, just very stable vertically. I have often looked at this kind of product and wondered if we should make one and sell it, but I have always thought that the market for them wouldnt be very big so didnt do anything with it. It would be very easy to design a set of bracketry and laser cut parts so the end user could buy their own 50x50 box section and build it to whatever size they wanted just by bolting stuff together
  3. I agree with all of the above. I would never wear these waterproofs if I was on the saw all day, I would cook in them, but sat on a machine, repairing a machine in the woods or processing firewood, they are perfect.
  4. I have a full set of Brenig waterproofs, I have a smock like the one in the link and some bib and brace trousers. They are really good gear, properly waterproof and up to working in the woods. They arent particularly light and they dont pack up small, but I dont care about that, would rather have something that keeps me dry all day. I have had them 2 years no and they are still great
  5. Mine looks just like that one in the video, only a lot more oily ! I am the same as you, I just dont trust a lot of people to do a job like this right. I am not bothered if it takes a while I have got other tractors and a Unimog. I think I will have a go, first job clean everything !
  6. Funnily enough I was expecting the handbrake to be in lots of small bits in the bottom but it looks like new. One of the main bearings in the gearbox is shot, so it is making nasty noises when you turn it. Will have to see what else is knackered, thats why it needs pulling apart. I think I am tempted to have a go and just take my time. Usually with these jobs, you dread it and then once you get on with it, you think what was all the fuss about. At least then I will learn how to do it.
  7. Hello, I have an International 956XL with a knackered gearbox. Wondering if anyone has ever done a complete strip and rebuild on a simple tractor gearbox. I have never been inside one and I am wondering how daunting it is. Rebuilt plenty of engines and diffs, but never a gearbox. I have the workshop manual, a clean workshop and lots of tools. Any advise either way would be appreciated Cheers
  8. We have quoted up to make one before, but it was grant dependant and it never came off. Would love to make one though, it looked like an interesting project.
  9. Hello, just wondered if anyone knows of Nigel Covey fencing ? Was thinking about buying a digger from him and wondered if anyone knows if he is OK or not. You can PM me if you prefer Thanks for your help
  10. It doesnt look that bad in the pictures, but make sure you dont have any burrs on your bar. I have had this before where the burr is uneven ie. more on the bottom, and it causes exactly this problem. Maybe take off the bar and give it a really good dressing and try again. I also regularly turn the bar over and I dress it every 4 or 5 chain sharpens/swaps
  11. I have run this type of Makita saw for over 10 years, so has my friend. The one I have now I use mostly for cutting steel, but apart from the pull start breaking has not missed a beat in over 5 years. I would definitely recommend them
  12. I skid a lot of timber out with a Holder A55 and it is absolutely fantastic. Its built like a tank, super simple, plenty of power and good on fuel. A friend of mine got stuck in the forest the other day with a Valmet and after we winched him out, I drove through the same place without spinning a wheel. My Holder is not the forestry version, just a normal agricultural type one. I have a simple frame on the 3 point linkage which I put the choke chains on, but I am going to make a grapple skidder over winter - will make the job much quicker and easier I think. I have only ever had a go on the smaller alpines, but from what I saw, the Holder will run rings round them.
  13. Thanks for the info, I think I will crack on and build my own. I will find out about the compliance, but I am not too worried about putting it through an IVA, we do these fairly regularly anyway for the smaller trailers.
  14. Hello, after some Unimog advice. I have a 406 and I want to build a trailer for it. How do the trailer brakes work on a mog ? Can you use an artic trailer axle and just plumb it in to the trailer brake coupling on the mog ? I have chance of a nice 9t axle on super singles and this would be ideal if it would work Any info would be greatly appreciated
  15. My friend makes furniture in a similar style from driftwood. He is very clever, there is a huge amount of work that you never see which holds it all together. His stuff is totally solid. I can ask him for more info if anyone is interested


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