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  1. I am looking for some slightly larger inner spikes for my 550xp mk2 the standard ones are really poor I can’t get the spike in when cutting leaning trees or thicker bark are the dimensions exactly the same as the mark 1?
  2. Got this from @Robin Wood
  3. Yea it will I am hoping someone already has one for sale here
  4. Hi does anyone know where I can get one of these? I know there has already been a thread in 2018 and I have messaged shavey about this but no luck so I wonder if anyone else has ideas? there is one on eBay but from America so I’d like to try and get one from the uk before I get one from America thanks
  5. I’d love a husqvarna 372xp but in the uk they are discontinued Does anyone know a legit way to get one?
  6. Also air filter and tank lid please
  7. Thanks can you post detailed pictures ie of the bottom, inside the clutch cover, flywheel, serial number when you get a chance thanks
  8. Hi you say you bought it recently for a job? Where did you purchase it from please thanks
  9. Iv ordered a couple panther 1/4 chains to run and see how they go. I don’t have my own workshop so I sharpen all my saws on site which is abit annoying but hoping the panther chain is easier to do. I tried fitting a 4mm file into the 1/4 chain but thought it was too large but I’ll check that again 👍
  10. So the rollamatic e mini light fits the same as the standard mini bar with a plus one DL
  11. I’m currently running 1/4 43gauge on a panther bar I’m wondering how it would run on a 3/8 narrow Kerf. While I am perfectly able to sharpen the 1/4 I’d like to know how it cuts with 3/8 43g as that must be easier to sharpen
  12. I am wanting to try running 3/8 43 gauge chain on my echo 2511 Does a stihl rollamatic e mini light bar fit the echo with plus 1 drive link?
  13. Ran good today! Not a real test yet but definitely up on power thanks
  14. It started and runs fine havnt put it into wood yet 🤞
  15. Iv only gone and done it! Now to reset the m tronic


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