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  1. Might be worth trying to find out if you can get funding to train up one of your own guys... In Wales there is funding for training.. Your nearest training centre will know if there is any funding.. City & Guilds will be able to tell your where your training centres are: 0247 685 7300. It might also be an idea to contact all the training centres in Scotland and they will have the contact details of people who have qualified and will have an email contact list. They might email out a job opportunity for you. If you are still struggling because there is no funding in Scotland and there are not people entering the industry as a result. Then you could email the Welsh training centres as I know there are a number of people who have been funded to enter Arborist industry. I am sure that they want to keep these people in Wales... But if there is a good person looking for work I am sure they would want to build up some experience. Especially if there is some help with accommodation. The people who help fund training in Wales are a company called. 1) Focus on Forestry First: Focus on Forestry First WWW.FOCUSONFORESTRYFIRST.CO.UK Two of the Training Centres Are: 2) MWMAC Ltd: mwmac Ltd | Training & Assessment Centre for the Land-Based Industries in Wales, the UK and Europe. WWW.MWMAC.CO.UK mwmac Ltd is a leading Welsh Training & Assessment Centre for the Land-Based Industries in Wales, the UK and Europe. Talk to: Katie Coles I hope that helps..
  2. I think that when there is bigger money off shore and people can also earn that sort of money behind a desk, then you struggle to get people who will do that type of work when there is more risk. I think this is because we as a society is now so risk adverse that. There is also an issue when you look at the cost to get qualified. I have done all my ground qualifications and my climbing & rope rescue. I will now be adding all my other 'up in a tree' qualifications. The total cost for all that inc VAT will be about £ 9,000.00 and you don't even get a degree. It will also take the same amount of time to get qualified in all aspects as it would to get the degree. There is also the cost of kit to add into that. So in many peoples eyes you are not a professional person with out a degree. So I would guess that many parents would steer there kids in a different direction.
  3. I am about to do my qualification in the 'Use of a Chainaaw from a Rope & Harness (Aerial Cutting of Trees with a Chainsaw using Freefall Techniques) and as a newbie I wondered what top handle chainsaw people use or would recommend. Looking for quality of build, reliability, ease of use and general performance in the tree. All Advice Welcome...
  4. How long have you had the Breathflex Pro compared to the straight Breathflex?
  5. Advice Needed: What is the Best Type C Trousers for Climbing Just done my Tree Climbing and Aerial Rescue Training and I will be moving on to doing the Aerial Chainsaw (Top Handle) Use and I need to get a good pair of Type C Chainsaw Trouser. I am currently looking at the following that have been recommended to me by a dealer: a) Stihl Advance X-Flex Chainsaw Trousers Type C (Good Price and Felt Comfortable) b) SIP Innovation Canopy W-Air Chainsaw Trousers Black/Orange c) Husqvarna Technical C Waist Trousers (Very competitively priced) d) Arbortec Breatheflex Lime Chainsaw Trousers - Type C - Class 1 But I really want advice from people who are wearing Type C trousers all the time while climbing all year around and have owned different brands. One of the problems I see is that none of the dealers anywhere near me stock all the brands to be able to compare them against each other. What I am after is the advice on what is: The trousers are most comfortable... What the most flexible and least restrictive when climbing... What is hard wearing and long lasting... etc....
  6. They seem to say that autos are now the preferred choice for towing for most pickups these days. I still like to choose my own gears
  7. Very nice and very clean.... Obviously this picture was taken when it was brand new or it is the family motor.... I can't keep a work vehicle looking that good...
  8. Thanks for all the responses to this topic... It has been most helpful.... I have chosen to go for a Ford Ranger 3.2 Wildtrack (manual).
  9. But the price might be rather prohibiting
  10. And that my friend is a beast of a chainsaw... Very happy with mine..
  11. 🤣🤣 Sorry just not an option. Only one dealer within a 2x hour drive (4x Hour round trip) The Mid Wales Dealer David Taylor Garages Ltd is shockingly bad and the relationship broke down really badly so get warranty work done is an issue. I end up paying independent mechanics to do what should be warranty work. I won't deal with the Mid Wales Isuzu Dealer due to the lies, bad workmanship, shockingly bad customer service. 1) Did a deal for a new £ 30k D-Max Utah and went to pick it up to find that they had sold it to someone else. 2) Cost me on insurance for change of vehicle and then cost me again to switch it back to my original vehicle. 3) Dealer Principle and Salesman promised to get another vehicle in and gave me a collection date. - Checked to see if it was ready for collection the night before and it hadn't even been pdi'ed. 4) Dealer Principle promised promised it would be ready for a third collection date. Turned up and they was PDI'ing it and putting it together. Waited to late in the evening for it to be ready. (Can't fault the mechanic on this point as they did stay on and the problem was the dealer principle promising what they couldn't deliver). 5) Get the vehicle home to find out that as they had rushed it out they hadn't done a good job. 6) Boot line wasn't put in correctly and all cracked. 7) Where they fitted the tow bar and had to take the rear bumper off they failed to torque it up. It then miss aligned. 😎 The boot tail gate dampener failed. 9) Had to go back in for new boot liner and tail gate dampener. 10) Again the rear bumper came loose when towing and the Truckman canopy misaligned. I had to pay an independent mechanic to put it right. 11) Boot tail gate damper failed again and I replaced that my self and at my own cost. 12) Step trim cracked within days (never sorted out) 13) After 3x months I realised that the dealership had failed to settle the finance on my trade-in. Lied by saying that they had and hadn't. 14) Promised to settle the finance and still hadn't after the 4th months payments went out. Had to threaten legal action to get the finance settled. 15) When they should have fitted a 13x pin electrical connector and tow bar kit that failed to do that and fitted a 7x pin connector and cut out the extra wires from the wiring loom that connected to the reversing lights. 16) I had a breakdown due to electrical issues. Issue break down would only tow me to the local dealer who I no longer trusted and wouldn't take my vehicle to any other dealer. So I paid and used a local mechanics to recover me and sort out what should have been a warranty issue. 17) Raised issues with Isuzu UK and they didn't even raise it with the dealership. 18) When someone posted on an Isuzu Facebook group as to if the dealership was good to deal with I gave them an honest appraisal. The Dealer Principle phoned me threatening legal action for slander saying it was all rubbish🤣🤣. So we went through everything to prove it was all true and his response was... O' I didn't think that was all one customer 🤣🤣... It was good to know I didn't get any special treatment 🤣🤣. 19) The Dealer Principle wanted to make an amends and put forward the following solution in two parts: a) To drop in when passing to get the ECU / Regen update. b) A free 36,000 mile service as a gesture of good will (Now I have never been after any freebies and I have never tried to take up this aspect of the dealer principles offer). c) If I was to have any problems I should speak directly with the dealer principle. 20) Tried on two occasions to get the ECU / Regen Update and even gave them notice and they wouldn't do it. a) Excuse 1: We only do it when your vehicle is being serviced and as I wasn't booking my vehicle in for service I couldn't get it done. b) Excuse 2: Too busy and would only do it when booked in in advance and when being serviced. 21) So that was the Dealer Principle's promise broken. So much for trying to make an amends. 22) I tried to contact the Dealer Principle on the matter and I have left two messages for a return call... No return call has ever been received. 23) Even raised the issue of customer service again with Isuzu UK and they copied all my concerns in to the Dealer Principle at David Taylor Garages Ltd. The Dealer Principle still has not responded or returned my calls. 24) So the reality is that the Dealership and the Dealer Principle has made more broken promises than plates at a Greek Wedding. 25) As for the D-Max Truck... It struggles to get off my drive in the morning with a twin axle trailer and light load with a combined weight of about 1.3t. It is also regen'ing every 80 miles and both of these issues have been there since brand new. But as there isn't a dealership within a 4x hour round trip that I trust so I can't get anything warrantied. So in short I can't wait to get out of Isuzu ownership and owning another Isuzu is completely out of the question. #David Taylor Garages Ltd #Izusu D-Max
  12. I have Dolmar Chainsaws and I have been very happy with them (PS6100 60cc & PS7910 80cc) I don't see any reason why their hedge cutters or streamers shouldn't be up to the job as Dolmar is a respected brand that is now lost in the UK since Makita too them over and everything that comes into the UK is in blue and badged as Makita. For some reason.. Which is probably down to the colour blue and the makita badge, no one looks at them as an option. Because they want brightly coloured kit for H&S
  13. This issue is now sorted on service and on all new vehicles.
  14. Which NEW Pick-Up for Towing.... If you going to get a NEW Pick-Up for Towing a twin axle trailer (with a 2-3t Trailer and Load) which one would you get. I current Have an Isuzu D-Max Utah 2.5 and can't wait to get out of it. As it has been a very unpleasant ownership experience, lacks power when pulling off with a load. I have had electrical issues. The Mid Wales Dealer is shockingly bad and it is a long way to another main dealer to get warranty work done, so I end up paying independent mechanics to do what should be warranty work. I won't deal with the Mid Wales Isuzu Dealer due to the lies, bad workmanship, shockingly bad customer service. But every other option I look at, I seem to get advice from owners saying not to buy one. I do appreciate that with all the new EU restrictions they are imposing is making this type of vehicle legislated of the road. (The current builders vans now struggle to tow anything substantial). New Ford Ranger 3.2l - Various issues: Drive Train / Shaft, DPF, Very fuel thirsty New Nissan Navara 2.4l - Coil springs on the rear not being as good a leaf springs (Chassis issues now sorted) New Mitsubishi L200 2.4l - The brand new one not yet been test buy owners yet, so no known faults at this stage. But reports of EGR or DPF dumping fuel in to the engine oil and raising the oil level damaging the engine New Toyota Hilux 2.4l - Injectors and very sluggesh when towing New Isuzu D-Max 2l - Under powered, Power drain issues, EGR dumping fuel in to the engine oil and raising the oil level damaging the engine.
  15. Have a look at the Brian James Trailers as they are much better quality for the same money


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