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  1. Jamie Jones


    As a climber and a person who is also qualified to undertake LOLER examinations of Climbing equipment I would offer the following advice: 1) As Dan says: ‘You would ideally know when stuff went into service, otherwise I guess you would be stuck with manufacturing date as marked which might mean you lose a lot of service life if it was stored before being put to use’. This is correct a person inspecting your kit for the purpose of LOLER will have to revert to the date of manufacture. So unless you are doing your home work, you might be buying something that looks brand new or has very little use. It may look perfect. And it can still fail the LOLER Examination because it has passed the manufactures life expectancy. Sounds mad, but it is correct. 2) How do you know that some or all of this kit has not been exposed to excessive loads? And is therefore not going to be fit for use? It is possible that even a LOLER examination won’t be able to tell this. The ‘effective working load’ is lower than the ‘Maximum breaking Strength’. Some people seem to think that the maximum breaking strength is where you run your kit to. This is incorrect, unless you are going to use it as a single use item. Because you have used an item to do a job that falls within the maximum breaking strength and is therefore technically safe to do so. But this may only be for a single use and not multiple uses. You have to take into account the ‘Usage to Breakage and effective working life’. 3) What value do you place on your life? Is it really worth falling out of a tree and being killed or injured? I would only climb on my own kit or kit that is provided from new and kept just to my use. I hope that is of help.
  2. Hi Meds I hope that I can answer some or all of the questions you rise. First thing you need to think about is what you are paying for the Makita / Dolmar Chainsaws compared to the cost of a Stihl Chainsaw. You get 2x Dolmar or Makita 6100 chainsaws for the cost of a single quality Stihl Chainsaw.. This is the same for the Dolmar or Makita 7910 compared to a Stihl 80cc saw. Then look at what you are comparing. The 7910 is now a fairly old saw compared to the Stihl equivalent. So you wouldn’t get captive nuts on the Stihl chainsaw that was out at that time. If you are concerned that you might loose your nuts😖, Keep a couple of spare nuts in your back up kit, as they are very cheap to purchase. (I always carry a back you tool box with spare chains, Air filters, spark-plugs, pull-chord and bars for a variety of different chainsaws that I own) In relation to the build quality of the Dolmar or Makita chainsaws…. I can say that I have 2x Dolmar PS6100 Chainsaws and 1x Dolmar PS7910 chainsaw. They have all been spot on, never missed a beat, nothing has ever broken or let me down and I use my chainsaws in my business. I have been very pleased with them, and if the truth be known. The Dolmars have been more reliable than my Stihl MS211 and MS251 chainsaws. The only down side I see with my business using Dolmar Chainsaws is that if you get an issue for what ever reason. Then it will take longer to get spares for it than it would for a Stihl chainsaw… But I knew that when I purchased them. Which is why I have two PS6100 chainsaws. With them being so cheap at the time, it was rude not to pick up a second unit.
  3. Jamie Jones


    Hi Can you send me the details for the UK Agent for the Tiny / Fast Tach tachometer please
  4. Well every thing is now out in the open... The New 92.7cc Saw is called the 592xp and also a slightly smaller saw as well, 86cc is called the 585.. 592xp Spec: Husqvarna 592 XP® Chainsaw | Husqvarna US WWW.HUSQVARNA.COM Experience the power of our new 90cc gas-powered chainsaws! The Husqvarna 592 XP® is designed for tree... Husqvarna 585 Chainsaw | Husqvarna US WWW.HUSQVARNA.COM Experience the power of our new 90cc gas-powered chainsaws! The Husqvarna 585 is developed for tree care...
  5. Jamie Jones


    Gary do you think it would pull a 28 inch bar when milling? Cheers. No it won't pull a 28" bar... The 6100 60cc basically runs up to a 20" bar.... For milling up to 28" you need a 9010 80cc bar... If you want to mill greater than that you need a Stihl 881.
  6. Fair and understandable comments. But I want to push on and not give up. There is also an age issue for me being 54, I need to bring younger in to do work and manage and grow the business. There will come a point when age will get the better of me....
  7. I currently as a small business undertake a mixture of Grounds Maintenance, Weed Control (including Invasive Species, Japanese Knotweed), and Tree Surgeons Services... As a sole trader, I now bring in some extra help and I also work with another sole trader. But I want to grow the business so that I get to the point where I am running, quoting, bringing in new business. So I need to grow the business which is hard when your doing the work, all the admin, and getting new business in... But I seem to be busy doing juggling everything while working all hours. Bringing in some extra hired labour has helped. I am in a rural area that doesn't have density of population so I have to run a wider range of services than others in more densely populated areas might need to offer. But I would be very interested in how others have grown the business successfully and and sustainably. As I seem to be a little stuck in the position where I struggle to take more work on due to lack of staff, while struggling to find employable people to bring on board, (Self-employed initially with a view of potentially employing them in the longer term when more work is secured). The are I operate in with sparse density of population doesn't help. But others have achieved it. So I would be interested in how you made this transition in growing the business...
  8. I have had a Facebook page for a number of years and didn't bother with a website as I thought that was old hat. But I have recently, this year created a website and a google listing. I am now getting better and more positive leads from my website. Facebook is good for getting your name know locally, but you need to keep feeding it with a mixture of content. But the website I built has a lot of content. From feed back what has swung customers has been the information and case studies with good pictures.
  9. Get them to meet you at a job that is a good drive away. When he turns up and your not there, Text him to say that your running late due to getting a technical issue sorted out and leave him waiting. Then when he rumbles it just say, well that's what you did to me... By the way, you're not needed any more.
  10. Thanks for the the response👍
  11. You might find that a customer has said that someone has quoted far less.. I get this all the time for both Grounds Maintenance and Tree work.. I just say, 'Not a problem, crack on and get them in and when you what it doing properly or you want it putting right, you know where I am'. I often find that when I pass by months later they never got anyone in and the work has still not been done. So don't always believe what a customer has said. I also know what some of my competitors charge and I have been told that they have quoted 50% below what I know they charge..... I have then had then ask me why I quoted far less than I have actually quoted. Customers are often full of bull ____...
  12. Can anyone advise what the 555rxt is like with the strimming head running 3or4mm chord for dealing with long grass? It has been suggested to me that for someone who is 6ft tall it might have too short a shaft? because it is for clearing and running a blade at a higher height.... Also, How do the chord heads fair? As it has been suggested that they might suffer due to the amount of power the machine has...
  13. Hi Mate Thanks for the reply and the feed back. Most helpful.. I have a couple of questions... 1) On the 545rxt, what is the maximum diameter of the strimmer line when it is fully out and trimmed on the guard blade (or the radius from the center of the head to the blade on the guard/shield)? 2) As for the handle bar mount that has broken and you keep spares of. Any chance to can post a picture of the item so I can ensure that I have one as a spare? Also what is involved in replacing it and how much does it cost?
  14. Looking at getting a Husqvarna 555rxt brushcutter as it is their biggest and most powerful brushcutter. I normally by Stihl kit and have Stihl FS460’s but need another brushcutter. As I don’t own any Husky kit I was wondering if people recommend the husqvarna 555rxt brushcutter? All comments good or bad welcome. The reason for looking at the husqvarna 555rxt brushcutter is because it is a bigger cc than my Stihl fs460 and the bigger offerings in the Stihl range, the fs560 only has the same cut diameter as the fs460. Where as the 555rxt has a bigger cut diameter.


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