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  1. Depends on what is on the surface of the Furnature. Traditionally it would have been bees wax. Then it became varnishes, now it has become a Lacquer. You can get aerosol cans of lacquer in gloss or satin sheen. We have a large oak sinning room table that has been damaged twice by guests and to sort it out I have had to wire wool the surface and the spray lacquer it in very light coats. on once occasion I had to fill a small hole in the table with French polishing coloured bees wax before acquiring the table. I got the spray lacquer and Liberian bees wax from the Axminster company
  2. It might be worth talking to both: 1. Your accountant. It might be a bit of a shock to actually make it pay financially. My accountant view was, if I was looking to pay the employee £ 10.00 an hour. As a minimum I need to be charging him out at a minimum of £ 30.00 and hour, and it would be more advisable to charge him out at £ 40.00 and hour. You also need to make sure that he works for all the hours that you are paying him, because it can easily become a lost leader. This is because of the extra costs you have to cover, Insurances, Employers NI, Holidays, Sick Pay, Pensions, PPE, Other expenses, Accountancy Costs dealing with his pay and tax, etc. It is very easy to under estimate the real costs involved of having staff. 2. Your Regional Enterprise Board... I did a day seminar on becoming an employer with the Welsh Government Enterprise Agency. It was a real eye opener when they explained all the legalities, pro's & con's, liabilities, what can work and also what can go wrong. It is a very hard step to make from going from just yourself to having your first or a couple of members of staff. They also explained a number of schemes that were also available for taking on youngster that was an incentive if you could find a good trainee to take on.
  3. I pay my sub-contractors within 24hrs of receiving the invoice. But generally it is 7x days from receipt of an invoice.
  4. I have been very please with my Ranger 3.2 Wildtrak.. It has been a far better towing vehicle than the Izusu 2.5. and I really hate the Izusu 1.9. as a towing vehicle on welsh hills. The problem with a lot of the new small engine vehicles is that they are reliant on turbos to wring the neck out of the engines to get the torque out of the engine. I don't see them lasting like a bigger engine with natural torque will.
  5. The 592xp manual states that there is 18", 20", 24", 28", 30", 32", & 36" bars all running 3/8" chain, 1.5mm gauge, Type Husqvarna C85 Chain. Husquvarna_592_XP_Manual.pdf
  6. I gather that it is listed that there will be a 32” bar for it as well
  7. I was wondering if anyone managed to have a go on a Husqvarna 592 xp yet? I know they had them on demo at Honey Brothers and Hayes Machinery has a demo unit... If anyone has had a go, what's your thoughts on it?
  8. The 592xp was because it was new and I need one of that size. but the 562xp was what I was after advice on.
  9. Yep… sure have. It’s going to be like Christmas 🤣🤣 I have a Husquvana 592xp on order for the tree surgery side of the business. Plus I will be getting a Husquvana 562xp for forestry. Which will be backed up by my Dolmar 6100 a second saw.
  10. Whats the best option for bashing in wedges when felling (for Arb & Forestry). I know people use Axes with a hammer top edge and also lump or sledge hammers? Any recommendation or steer clear of options?
  11. You can get the spares, it is just not a quick process.
  12. Not some much a question of being up to the job. I have been very impressed with both the Dolmar 6100 & 7910… but if I get into forestry work for the winter period when the another work is quieter. Then I will need a saw or saw combo that has back up and easy access to parts. The Dolmars are a great reliable chainsaws and for the prices I have paid. They are awesome. But if I am going to be flat out on a contract, then I can’t afford for a saw to go down on me and not be back on the quickly, and access to parts would be a much slower process. Normally that wouldn’t be an issue. So I would plan on the Dolmars being my back up.
  13. The 560xp is on a smaller bar mount and runs .325 chain the 562xp is on a bigger bar mount and 3/8” chain other than that the saw is basically the same
  14. Thanks for all the advice so far: Are there any know issues of reliability on the following saws? You hear rumours and it sounds like no saw is immune from problems: Husky 560xp Husky 562xp Husky 572xp Stihl MS500i


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