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  1. Jamie Jones


    The more I use the Dolmar PS6100, the more I appreciate just what an awesome Chainsaw it is...
  2. Which Top Handle Saw would be your Chainsaw of choice? a) Stihl MS 201 TC-M Top Handle Chainsaw 35.2cc, with a 14" Bar & 3/8 Chain (Most Expensive) b) Echo CS-360TES Top Handle Chainsaw 35.8cc, with a 14" Bar & 3/8 Chain (Mid Expensive) c) Dolmar PS311TB30 (Makita EA3100T30B) 31cc, with a 14" Bar & 3/8 Chain (Least Expensive but still a quality chainsaw) d) Husqvarna T540XP II Top Handle Chainsaw 37.7cc, with a 14" Bar & 3/8 Chain (2nd Most Expensive) I am a big fan of the Dolmar owing a 7910 80cc & 6100 60cc Chainsaws.... Plus I also own a couple of Stihl's (MS211 & MS251) and an Echo CS-2511TES 25cc, with a 10" Bar & 3/8 Chain. All though I haven't really got along with Husqvarna saws in the past.
  3. As the person originally posting this thread I thought it would be of interest for people to know what saw I choose in the end: I was going to go for a Stihl MS462 but that was very expensive... I am not saying that it isn't worth it but I was struggling to invest that volume of money in a single saw when starting out at that level of work. Especially if I had an issue and it went down on me. So I have opted to go for the following: A Dolmar 7910, 80cc Chainsaw and a Dolmar 6100, 60cc Chainsaw.... My thoughts on both of these thoughts are as follows: For the price of 1x Stihl MS462 I got both Dolmar Chainsaws for the same money. I did a lot of research and Dolmar owners seem very pleased with these products. The Dolmar Pro's & Con's..... Pro's: If I have a problem with a chainsaw I have a back up and can continue working without having to leave site and have loss of earnings to get it fixed. Con's: If I do have a problem with a saw it will take longer to get back on the road again as I will have to wait for parts. But at the cost of a Dolmar, if I was really pushed and working in forestry on a regular basis I could alway pick up a spare Dolmar 6100 quickly and be back on the road without braking the bank... I couldn’t do that with the cost of a Stihl MS462. Dolmar Chainsaw Review/Comments: Dolmar 7910, 80cc Chainsaw: Awesome beast of a saw... I'm very impressed with it and it chews through tree trunks like a hot knife through butter. It is a very well put together quality chainsaw and I would highly recommend it... The only downside is that as it is a big powerful chainsaw which is great for felling and dealing with large windblown trees. But if using it all day for felling and de-limbing you will notice the weight of it especially when chucking it about when continually de-limbing.. As an 80cc Chainsaw it is thirsty. The Dolmar 7910 came with an 18" bar and will take up to a 28" bar, although many owners say they have run a 32" bar on it. Dolmar 6100, 60cc Chainsaw: I purchased this saw after getting the 7910 and wondered if I would be disappointed at the step down in power from the bigger 7910. But I am please to say that I wasn't.... Again it is an awesome beast of a saw... It is a very well put together quality chainsaw and I'm very impressed with it. It still chews through tree trunks at an impressive rate. On paper it is lighter than the bigger 7910 but it didn't look as though it would make that much of a difference... How wrong I was.. It is way easier to flip about when de-limbing especially when doing a full days worth of work. It also runs far longer before refills. The Dolmar 6100 came with an 18" bar and will take up to a 25" bar. I would highly recommend the Dolmar 6100 as main chainsaw... Pictured is both the 7910 and the 6100 with 18" bars
  4. I would say that a 70cc Stihl MS462 on a 24"/25" bar would be fine. But to go bigger will be putting extra strain on the equipment and might struggle to sufficiently oil the bar & chain. A 75cc range saw should take a 28" Bar and an 80cc saw should take a 28" Bar and just about manage a 32" Bar
  5. Jamie Jones


    Been very impressed with the Dolmar 6100... Beast of a chainsaw... It is far more easier to use and move about than my Dolmar 7910, especially after a full days work. Awesome bit of kit....Thanks Andrew (Shavey)
  6. Thanks for that... As soon as I pass the course it could be that it is the point that my Grounds Maintenance session comes to a winter close and I will be going straight into needing it.. Out of interest did you use a hitchclimber or Zigzag?
  7. Good advice/points..... I used to rock climb and heights haven't been an issue... There is a very good training provider local to me... From my rock climbing days I don’t like using other people’s kit as I had a training centre harness fail on me. It had been badly stored when wet and the stitching failed. I had to use a sling to make a temporary harness to get off the rock face.
  8. I am after advice on what climbing kit I will need as I am going to do my Arb Climbing and Rope Rescue Training/Qualifications. This is so that I can add doing the Groundsman work for tree surgeons during the winter when the Ground Maintainance side of my work is quiet. Obviously having the Climbing and Rope Rescue Qualifications is a benefit along with all my other ground based chainsaw qualifications for working with tree surgeons. Once I have got the Climbing and Rope Rescue Qualifications I would also like to go further an add other climbing Qualifications. So my question is what kit would I need for Arb Climbing and Rope Rescue (to be self sufficient) especially if I am looking to go further. And for tree surgeons if I was going to subbing to you, what would you expect me to have? A good list of kit with recommendations would be most helpful. (I have climbed before... Rock Climbing so I don't expect heights to be an issue)
  9. Jamie Jones


    Has anyone got any pictures of the inside of the Dolmar Metal Chainsaw Case with a chainsaw inside it... Preferably a 6100...
  10. Do you have contact details for Vesp? PM if you prefer....
  11. Looking to get some good hard wearing chainsaw trousers and jackets for Arb / Forestry work for both the summer and winter.. Plus some water proof wear for the winter work that is also breathable and comfortable. I have been using the 'STIHL FUNCTION ERGO Chainsaw Trousers & Jacket which was good to get me going.... But I would like to get some get that is comfortable, hard wearing when working all day in different conditions while not breaking the bank.... Q1) What would people recommend for summer and winter work? Q2) And what would people recommend for the wet weather?
  12. You can do two different levels in Lantra Awards. Basic and Professional. The basic is a one day course that is to get you going that teaches you what you are looking out for and how to do a basic survey. I have done this and it gives to some credence to basically have a look about and do a basic survey. Anything you are unsure on or feel needs further inspection that what you put in your survey. It is then up to the customer to take it further. This level is designed to cover a basic survey and your customer / employer can then show that they have done the basics that is necessary under H&S requirements. Then there is the advanced / Professional.... I understand that you need to seriously swat up on your tree species, trees mechanics, What causes problems, Various infections and fungi.. etc... I understand that it is not an easy course unless you are very knowledgeable. Some council will want you to have the full professional level.
  13. Thought this would be the best forum for it and likely to be the best responses, as none of the others forum titles were as appropriate...
  14. Has anyone got one of the new 'Husqvarna Tool Belt Flexi – Wedge Kit?' Are they any good? It looks well thought out except for the way the straps connect to the belt.... as it looks like they could come undone quite easily https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z0CsXfYetGg
  15. I live in a rural area of Mid Wales and my Facebook page is promoted as though it is my webpage. I use it as a way of showing the range of services that I do.... It is time hungry and you do need to keep posting, Sharing, getting people to like and follow..... Adds do work but because I am so rural it often targets a wider area audience than I want. This in my main grounds maintenance business page: https://www.facebook.com/jamiesgardenservices/ I have just started a new sub business page that targets a specific customer base: https://www.facebook.com/MidWalesInvasivePlantSpeciesWeedControl/ But you can't beat word of mouth.


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