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  1. Jamie Jones


    Probably stolen good like a lot of stuff in cash converters ....
  2. Jamie Jones

    Seems That Makita UK/Dolmar Salesman are lying to us!

    I think that it is a mistake as their customer service won't entertain a 3-year warranty and State that it is only 1-year
  3. Jamie Jones

    Insurance Recommendations Help Needed

    Thank You for the replies here and via messages to my original post.... And in all fairness having researched the market and trying out various recommendations for others. I have renewed my policy with Trust Insurance who seemed to be the only company that could cover all the activities that I undertake. So at the end of the day.. Thank You to Trust Insurance for the renewal of cover even if the cost has gone up a bit....
  4. I have been up and running in my Start-Up business for three years now.... I am hoping that this year is the year that it all comes together and I start to earn a living and manage to get over the hill or mountain you climb to be viable... So far I have just been investing everything I have been earning back into the businesses development and ensuring that I am able to tackle a wide scope of work. I thought it would be interesting to here from other businesses what the key things, moments, phases or changes that you made that turned this corner .
  5. It is rapidly approaching Insurance Renewal time of Year for me. I am with Trust Insurance and I already know that they are going to hike the premium up from discussions I had a while ago. I mainly do Grounds Maintenance/Garden Maintenance and because I brought a small mini chipper (Greenmech CS100) to help deal with braking down waste for transportation when cutting hedges. When I added this to the policy I knew that I would have a small increase in premium on the Equipment list side. What I was not expecting was....All of a sudden they wanted to change me from a grounds maintenance policy to a full on Arborists/Tree Surgeons Policy. With a big increase in price, plus the policy wording has changed from 'being competent' to being 'Qualified' This has forced me to have to do £ 3,500 worth of courses to meet the policy changes I face at renewal. I had purchased a bigger chipper, then I would expect this. They were going to change me over on policies at the time of getting the chipper, but changed this to the point of renewal. So I didn't walk away from them at that point. The nature of work that I do has not changed apart from how I have to process waste cuttings to fit in with the Local Waste Disposal Site. Q1: Has anyone else experienced this? (I feel it is just the insurer being opportunistic to unjustly raise up the premiums) Q2: Who are you insured with and are they any good?
  6. Jamie Jones

    huskvarna 562 xp - work experience

    Dolmar make Makita chainsaws (Makita Brought them out) so if you can get a Makita then you are getting a Dolmar but in blue.... The 7300 is a good chainsaw but it is the weight as the 7900/7910 as to is all on the same chassis. So you might as well get the extra power as there is normally very little difference in price.. I have the Dolmar 7910 and it is an awesome chainsaw that chews through tree trunks with ease. I will be adding a Dolmar 6100 to the kit fairly soon as well..
  7. Jamie Jones

    First Aid

    Got all my medical stuff from these people.. looked on their website then spoke to them on the phone to get advice on the pro’s & con’s of the different stuff they had.. http://www.spservices.co.uk/
  8. Jamie Jones


    Hi Andrew Finally got around to fitting the full wrap handle you supplied me to my Dolmar 7910 chainsaw... The chainsaw feels a bit better in the hand for throwing about when snedding and I am sure that it will be even better with a bigger bar on it... Say a 24" or 28" compared to the 18" that it came with..😎🤗 So thanks to Andrew at AJS Forest & Garden Limited for the Spikes and Full Wrap Handle especially when Makita / Dolmar UK couldn't supply the parts..👍 Just got to find some money to buy a 6100 now 😘
  9. Jamie Jones

    Jamie's Garden Services Introduction

    Thanks Gary it has been tough going so far and the amount of investment has been frightening. Hopefully next year (this coming year) I might get to turn the corner where it is all starts to be viable...
  10. Jamie Jones

    Jamie's Garden Services Introduction

    Hi Gary At the moment there is just me... I have spent the last three years building the business up to what it is from nothing... For this coming year I really could do with an extra pair of hands as I was struggling last year under the volume of work. But the volume of red tape that involves is concerning...
  11. Jamie Jones

    New Dolmar 7910 Chainsaw

    Just loving the new Dolmar 80cc 7910 chainsaw.... Having just done my CS32 qualifications the chainsaw was awesome... It chewed through the tree trunks like it was going out of fashion... It was a bit heavy when throwing it about for snedding and a 60cc Dolmar 6100 might be better for doing that... But I guess that I will have to just get used to it and toughen up..😂 Can't wait to get on the next courses... Windblown & Uprooted.... And Emergancy Tree Works
  12. Jamie Jones

    Jamie's Garden Services Introduction

    This is a quick intro on Jamie's Garden Services Jamie’s Garden Services operates in the Powys, Mid Wales area and is local to the towns of Llandrindod Wells, Builth Wells, Newbridge on Wye & Rhayader. (Although work is undertaken further away from these local towns to a Radius of 30x miles). I undertake a mixture of basic garden maintenance tasks or installation projects, Regular Maintenance Contract Work for Private Customers, Commercial Businesses and Local Authorities. Services offered range from: Commercial Lawn Cutting of large grassed areas Domestic Lawn Cutting Tall Grass Clearances Hedge Cutting & Height Reduction Wood Chipping (Upto 3-4”) Weed and Feed Treatments Legally Licenced to Spray for Weed and Moss Control Turfing Patio Cleaning and Pressure Washing Patio Repointing Fence Installations Fence Protector Spraying Decking Installations Shed Installations Concrete bases for sheds Repairs & Re-Felting Sheds Garden Clean Up and Clearances Tree Felling (Within CS30-CS31-CS32) (Will soon be adding Windblown & Uprooted and Emergancy Tree Works) Tree Pruning (Within a certain height) Stump Grinding Laying Stone Dressings Odd Jobs & General Property Maintenance Painting Licensed to Remove, Transport and Dispose of Waste Fully Insured PA1 & PA2 Qualified to Spay Herbicides etc (Soon to be adding spraying by Water Course and Injection Applications) If you are a Business owner with a requirement for regular grass and periodic hedge cutting along with other general maintenance tasks to maintain your businesses image, I can offer a reliable service tailored to meet your needs. I am currently looking to take on fresh contracts for the following commercial customers: Hotels, Bed & Breakfasts, Commercial Business Premises, Industrial Estates, Holiday Lets, Caravan & Mobile Home Parks, Landlords, Estate Agents, Property Management Companies. Please Contact Jamie’s Garden Services for a free, no obligation estimate on 07976 400043 https://www.facebook.com/jamiesgardenservices/
  13. Jamie Jones

    Anyone using a Dolmar 6100 for Forestry Felling?

    Hi Really impressed with the 7910 and it chews through wood awesomely.. I find it a little heavy for the snedding because I am not used to Forestry work and I am sure that I will get used to it. While doing the CS32 course it was commented on that a 80cc saw was way more than I needed.. Most people were using 60cc saws and they did seem easier to manoeuvre when snedding.. But I guess you always need a back up... I had thought about getting a second 7910 so I just had different bar lengths on each... But I think having a 60cc & a 80cc would be better than having two 80cc saws.. If you are looking for forestry work I am sure that you will find some in Wales as there are grants for training.... I was going to get the Stihl MS462 but the Dolmar was way cheaper and with 20cc extra... It seemed daft not to get one.... as you almost get both a 7910 & a 6100 for the same price..
  14. Jamie Jones

    Anyone using a Dolmar 6100 for Forestry Felling?

    So would I be correct that I have to get a K095 Mounted Bar that will take a 3/8th Pitch and 0.058 gauge chain and swap the drive sprocket to one that will drive that type of chain? So it will run the same chain as a 7910 but using a different mounted bar?
  15. Jamie Jones

    Anyone using a Dolmar 6100 for Forestry Felling?

    I have a Dolmar 7910 79cc chainsaw that run the D009 type of Bar with a Chain that has a Pitch 3/8" and a Chain Gauge of 0.058 ... I have been thinking about also getting a Dolmar 6100 60cc Chainsaw that runs a ??? bar and Chain Pitch 0.325 " and a Chain Gauge of 0.058 " I understand that it is possible to run the same type of chain as my 7910 chainsaw 3/8" - 0.058 on the 6100 chainsaw. Which will mean that I won't have to carry a second sharpening kit about.... So what will I need to do to be able to run bigger chain on the 6100? What type of bar style is on the 6100 and will the 6100 take a D009 style bar? If so will I have to do anything to get the 6100 to take the D009 bar? Will I need to change the drive sprocket? Will I need a different bar and if so what?


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