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  1. I would guess that Honey Brothers could well answer the question and might know all the answers you need. You will need to talk to one of their key technical people. If it is correct that the ZigZag is not approved for tree work. They will know what actually is. But the reality is the Whole H&S subject of regulations in the tree industry has been a minefield because we climb on a structure that is not regulated or accountable. That is why we are one of the last industry's to come under the spotlight.
  2. Why don't you email Petzl for clarification. As they will be able to answer your question far better than most people. You could also ask a major UK company like Honey Brothers to see if they can offer clarification as well from a UK/EU perspective. Fully explain the case that your company representative has put forward as to why they say you can't use it to help get a response that knocks down the argument. I used a Petzl ZigZag for all my climbing courses and assessments. You have to use suitable equipment (Which I take to mean industry approved and recognised) as part if the criteria. So if a ZigZag is not approved technically you can't pass the exam.
  3. Thanks for your honest opinion... If you have done the course, I would be grateful for any advice you think will be of assistance.
  4. I also had a number of year rock climbing as well. so there is probably 4x years of climbing in total. I am also a fairly practical person as well, who has taken engines apart and rebuilt them. So I am not green to looking after equipment. Surely if you have the right and good instruction then that is what matters. The reason for asking is because if there are areas I need to sit-down and read up on stuff, then I would like to do as much as possible prior to the course and assessment...
  5. I see your point, but no rope was harmed in the making of that picture🤣
  6. I have done my climbing, rescue, Chainsaw from Rope & Harness, Rigging and MEWP Courses and I have a years experience.... I have kept and filed all documents that came with my kit... The main reason for doing it is because it is a struggle to get my kit inspected, then there is the down time traveling for it to be inspected and then collected, loss of income with the added costs of the inspection as well.
  7. Why... It is just a set up picture for illustration purpose... Do n't read too much into it..
  8. Has anyone here done the Lantra LOLER course and assessment, that qualifies you for doing LOLER inspections of Arborist's climbing equipment? I would be grateful if you could tell me what is involved and is it a hard course to get through, with lots of theory? Any advice is most welcome.
  9. I have eventually let go of my very old archaic iPhone and got a new one.. So what iPhone compatible Apps are people finding are good for work purposes? - Arborist (Shrub/Tree Identifications, Ground, Aerial, Kit, etc). - Ground Maintenance Apps.
  10. Thank you Paul.... I hope that I have provided a good idea for a very valid publication that may help keep some new and experienced climbers safer
  11. As mad as it sounds you can be a sole trader but still have to be put on PAYE if you don’t undertake certain measures. at first I was in total disbelief as to what I was being told. to prove you are independent you had to basically do some or all of the following. Use your own equipment, supply your own PPE, You have to say / have control of when you work and what hours you work, Every job has to be invoiced, you have to work for multiple customers, being VAT register is a big help. what goes against you is if you use the main contractors equipment, if they supply you any PPE, they have control of any aspect of your hours or when you have to work. If you work for them on block or long contracts, I they pay you expenses that you don’t have to declare. If all you self employed work is for one customer.. If 75% or more of your work is for one customer (although I understand that aspect that they might have or will be reducing that threshold). there are some other aspects that could also be applied by HMRC to dean you as employed. but they are the main ones. yep it’s a crazy world now. As I say when I did that Intro to being and Employer day I was shocked as to how it was working to dean a self employed person that then becomes an employed person in HMRC eyes. many of the others small businesses were also shocked as well as there was technicalities that meant HMRC could claim tax avoidance/ unpaid taxes off of them. plus now you could also be fined for failing to pay the pension aspect as well as having to back pay it. If you don’t believe me then go and do a local government enterprise becoming an employer day. They go through lots that you have to know on the new laws. many companies I am sure will be falling foul of the system and HMRC will be going after the small and medium sized businesses. The big businesses will get away with loads I am sure like they always have done.
  12. A lot has changed over the last couple of years and it is continually changing. You have to remember the government thinks that everyone is ripping them off on tax so they are trying to make it impossible to do that. that is the whole reason why tax all has to be file digitally. Any discrepancy or it doesn’t tally with your bank accounts then you get investigated. And if you think that HMRC are not looking at your bank accounts and trading patterns. Your misguided. lots changed under anti money laundering laws. HMRC can look at any bank account you might have without you even knowing
  13. Re Insurance: It is not just the insurance company. I understand what you are saying. But it is not as simple as you make it out to be. For the work and services you supply as a sub contractor you have to be insured. The main contractor has to be insured for the whole project. if something goes wrong the main contractors insurance company will look to mitigate their losses. If you think one insurance company will take the whole hit, you will be mistaken. From a different perspective I did a Welsh Government, Business Wales Introduction to being an employer training day where they covered a whole host of aspects from being an employer, hiring subcontractors, does an non-employed person become an employed person in the eyes of HMRC. Plus various aspects of engaging sub contractors. Even to the point where some sub contractors have to be taxed at source. This happen big time in the construction industry. It has caused a major hick up in how I move and grow my business. on the Intro to being an employer day there were about 15 other small businesses who were all having to rethink how they were operating with hired in labour / sub contractors. You now really do have to demonstrate that you really are a separate sub contract business. I think that this is to push more people into being LTD and VAT registered. Being what is described as Freelance / Casual is very much a thing of the past. Mad a sole trader you really do have to be able to demonstrate you truly are independent. This whole issue has caused big problems with companies that uses employment agencies for contracted labour. If I understand it correctly the agency pays you on PAYE zero hours now and you can’t work for them as a sole trader anymore. I am in the position where I need a second person for 8-10 months of the year. Previously I could use people very easily as freelance/self employed. Now I can’t. I have had to register as a PAYE employer. This whole situation is to get the state out of paying as much in pensions, getting more employees NI contributions, pushing more small businesses into being VAT registered. Etc. My accountant is convinced that the VAT threshold will be lowered greatly. There was talk last year that anyone who was self employed earning £20k or more would have to go VAT registered. As always they target the small businesses while turning a blind eye to big business.
  14. I have not read your post... But if working sub contract.. ie a contractor brought is. My insurance company says that I still need it.


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