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    A big Thank You to Shavey for the Delivery of another Dolmar PS-6100... I was so impressed with the first one that I thought it would be good to have another to add to my collection. As the PS-6100 is my go to chainsaw. I really rate the Dolmar's...
  2. If you are going to use an electric chain grinder then get a good quality solid metal one. If you don't then you chain sharpening will be rubbish and will leave you uneven teeth, this will give you a rubbish cut... I would suggest that you get an Oregon 620 or a 520 grinder...
  3. I don't get it, I though voting Boris in was about making Britain Great Again and creating jobs for the people of the UK and not out sourcing everything to China
  4. Anyone Insured with Trust Insurance and had to make a claim.. How did it go?
  5. With this years insurance cover doubling from the previous year and a massive increase from the year before. I have: - Third Party Cover - Employers Cover - Tools Cover I was wondering if you have had a reason to make a claim.. How did it go: Did they pay out? How did the claim process go? You you think that it was reasonably dealt with or not in your opinion? How long did it take to resolve? Any other comments you could make would be helpful? Who was you insured with? One of the main reasons for asking if an unfortunate event happened I was wondering if the insurance was proactive> - Third Party Cover - Were they good at sorting things out? - Employers Cover - Were they good at sorting things out in looking after the employee? - Tools Cover - Were they good at getting you back working in replacing equipment to minimise down time and loss of business due to not being able to work?
  6. Thanks Bill Doing some rough timings with the iPhone stopwatch.... the Echo TS2511CS 25cc Chainsaw was averaging between 7.2 to 7.8 second. with a clearer run at the log. The Makita was running at about 4.1 to 4.4 seconds and you was having to roll it a bit to cut it. So I would have a stab in the dark and say that the Makita 36v equates to a 30cc to a 35cc saw in engine size. So that is not a bad chainsaw to be fair for taking the limbs off a stem.... But the real test will be chugging down a stem with some weight pressing down on the chain and bar... One thing I have noticed is that Battery Chainsaws run on revs and not torque. Put them under load and they struggle. Any chance you could do a test chugging down a 8-10" stem with some weight pressing down on the chain and bar?
  7. Can anyone tell me what the comparable petrol engine cc the HUSQVARNA T536 36v is the equivalent to? 20cc, 25cc, 30cc 35cc?
  8. Hi Paul Thank you for the update reply.... Are we allowed to know how the meeting went and how the points we have raised were taken on board by the HSE and if they actually understood the realities of the job and accepted that we need to operate differently. Or is there still battles to be had?
  9. Thank you for the update.. Followed the link and it only goes to an update... Is there a link to the updated version of ICOP?
  10. I watched this youtube video of it against the Husky 36v and it was slightly quicker: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=6p7r9iAMn5g
  11. My Local builders merchant is getting the Makita: DUC256 - 3/8th chain on a 10" bar DUC306 - 3/8th chain on a 12" bar In at the end of the week.... Not sure I could live with a blue Chainsaw😖 I would much prefer a Dolmar AS4030Z in orange😎 A shout out to Andrew 'Shavey' Are you doing the new Dolmar AS4030z 36v Top Handle Chainsaw (The 36v is made up from 2x 18v) - (The AS4030z is body, 14” Bar & 3/8” Chain, without batteries and charger).
  12. Not sure myself.... It will cost you a fortune to be fully certified with AA. And there will always be people who won't be registered with AA. As for not being able to buying a chainsaw unless you are... Will never happen because sales will drop massively and the cost of a chainsaw will rise massively, possible 10 fold. They even sell top handle chainsaws at my local builders merchants.
  13. It is now on the Makita UK webpage so I guess it is now available in the UK as well. They are doing two models DUC256 - 3/8th chain on a 10" bar DUC306 - 3/8th chain on a 12" bar I don't know if there is any difference in power between the two. I am guessing it is just different bar lengths. It would be good to know what it is comparable to in a petrol top handle saw: 25cc, 30cc or 36cc and how it stacks up under load compared to a petrol saw for torque . The Dolmar version is called the AS4030 I would be very interested in how you get a long with it...
  14. Hi Paul I think it might benefit you to actually read some of the responses from this consultation to the H&S HSE.. A few considered postings like mine and others. And then say... to put it in perspective ...... And then read out Rich Rule's Post.... And ask then how that would work?


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