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  1. I would have thought the same as you. But I can sharpen all my other chains 3/8”, 3/8”P, and 1/4” without any issue.. But I am just struggling like hell with the .325 mini semi chisel and the .325 semi chisel.
  2. This year I purchased the Husqvarna T540 MkII TopHandle Chainsaw.. I really like the performance of the chainsaw. But I do have an issue with the chain setup that it comes with. The Chain is Husqvarna's X-Cut SP21G .325 59dl for a 14”/35cm bar, .043” Gauge 1.1mmSemi-Chisel...... The issue I have is when the chain is brand new it cuts great. But I struggle to get a good cut when I have sharpened it. I have tried a number of times and used different sharpeners, and I still can't get a good sharp chain. - I have used the Husky kit, and that was the worst sharpen I have had. - I have also tried a stihl 2in1 Sharpener and only got an ok sharpen, but it was nothing like when it was a fresh chain. - I have also tried an oregon sharpening kit, and that was no different. I seem to be able to sharpen all my other chainsaw chains without a problem. But I can't get a decent sharpen on the .325 micro simichisel chain, even when I am measuring every tooth with vernier calipers to ensure that they are all perfectly sized. I was therefore wondering how other T540 MkII users are getting on with sharpening their chains and what you are using. Or is there any options for changing the chain and sprockets to a different chain size?
  3. The Echo 2511 is very impressive little chainsaw that is so light. I have been very impress with it and that's running 3/8P chain on it... In fact I am so impressed with it I find the echo 360 underwhelming in comparison. So I have updated the 360 with a Husky 540 mk2 top handle chainsaw...
  4. Well.... On checking my accounts the invoice for the Husqvarna 592xp was dated the 29/7/2022. On the understanding that Husqvarna UK had announced it would be delivered to dealers in September 2021. The invoice was paid last August (2021). So we are now coming up to the one year from invoice stage and almost a 1x year of paying for it. The dealer has checked on the ordering system and it is still not being shown as becoming available and they can't even get an answer out of Husqvarna UK as to when it will be delivered. I do feel sorry for my local dealer, as I know that they struggle to get any sort of sensible responses out of Husqvarna UK all aspects of their dealings. The Husqvarna Sales Rep for our area has also left the company because of the lack of ability from Husqvarna UK to deal with it's dealers and he could not it take any more. It would seem that Husqvarna UK is struggling to function on many levels. For us as end users it does make me wonder if Husqvarna UK will survive as a business in the professional market place at this rate. (Just to be fair, I know that Stihl UK have had supply issue over the last year or so. But in fairness to Stihl, they have been getting supplies through to dealers on regular shipments. I do know this to be true because I have been forced to by some stihl items because I could not wait any longer for Husky to supply equipment).
  5. Ok. How do you get the retaining ‘C’ clip off the recessed washer that holds the chains drive sprocket on the clutch on a Stihl MS500i ? The retaining ‘C’ clip won’t pop off when levered with a Stihl screwdriver because it sits in side the recessed washer. Two Stihl screwdrivers have wrecked their blades tring to get the retaining clip off. Any advice.
  6. I have been well impressed with the Husquvana 540t mk2 top handle
  7. Well.... It's 10x months since I paid for the Husqvarna 592xp Chainsaw that Husqvarna announce in the UK last August (2021) on the understanding it would be delivered in September 2021. After 10x Months of waiting for it to be delivered, I have still not received it and there is no delivery date on the horizon. Will it get to a full year of waiting or more?
  8. If you are getting a pick-up Tipper I would say go for the Toyota Hilux for a Ford Ranger 3.2.. IMHO I would steer clear of the smaller engined Pick-Ups like the 1.9 Izusu and Mitsubishi or the Nissan 2.3. As I don't see the smaller engined vehicles lasting the course over the years you might want to run them. My 2.5 Izusu had to be off loaded after 3x years...
  9. Jacob has worked for me in Mid Wales, and I can vouch that he has been a good worker. He has undertaken a good mix of work with me and another tree surgeon: Grounds Maintenance (Commercial Mowing on a Scag V-Ride, Strimming) Hedge Cutting Groundsman for Tree Work Using a Greenmech Evo165D chipper. He has the following tickets: Emergency First Aid + F module (Critical Bleed) Chainsaw CS30 - Maintenance & Crosscutting Chainsaw CS31 - Felling upto 380mm Climbing and Aerial Rescue So if you need someone for your team, he would be a good person to bring in and help him build his career.
  10. I am after some advice on which Stump Grinder would be best for my Small Business (Grounds Maintenance and Tree Surgery). The problem: When I have to collect a Stump Grinder from a hire company it takes 1/2 a day to go and collect it, and another 1/2 a day to return it. So you end up with 2-3 days hire for 1x days income. So this is a service I don't push because it interferes with undertaking other work. So I was wondering if this should be a new piece of kit to expand the business's range of services. I have been looking at the following and these are my thoughts: Brands: I have been looking mainly at the Preditor, although I have used a couple of Torro machines. Question 1: So advice from people on what they find good and bad about brands would be helpful. Size of Machine: 1) Predator 360 Stump Grinder or Toro SGR-13 Stump Grinder / I thought that maybe it's ok for small job, but would it be painful on a bigger job and would I out grow it before really get started? 2) Predator 460 Stump Grinder / I thought that maybe it's a better starting point for the smaller job that could do the occasional bigger job. Still good for narrow access. But would you out grow this machine too quickly? 3) Predator 38X Tracked Manual Stump Grinder or Toro STX-26 Stump Grinder or Toro STX-38 Stump Grinder / But then I thought do you just go for a bigger tracked Stump Grinder like this as a starting point? This will obviously be in a much higher price bracket, knowing that you might just cover your costs initially without much return, until you can build the business up in the longer term. Question 2: So I would be most grateful for advice from people who have been in this quandary as to where to start with machine size. Question 3: The machine size might change the pricing that you charge, along with the volume of work that you can undertake that might change the view on what you would choose to buy. So advice on job pricing with the different sized machines would be helpful? All advice is most welcome...
  11. Well the UK is still waiting on the 592xp😡 It has only been nine months (Almost 10 months) since paying for the 592xp After Husky stated dealers could order them and they should be delivered within a month.🥵 Shockingly bad customer relations from Husqvarna UK
  12. I have Pinto Pulley and the Teufelberger Ocean Polyester Eye 2 Eye Prussic / hitch cord does.
  13. I think you will find that that is just a standard time for getting something in from a main supplier to you. But if they have not got stock, they won’t be able to meet that target. I was surprised that my local dealer had a deliver of a 585 as he is a smaller dealer compared to many of the others. But I guess he just got his order in quicker.
  14. 592xp has not been released yet in the UK (other than Husky ambassadors). Although my local Husqvarna dealer Tom’s Mower in Llandrindod Wells has taken delivery of the 585😳 But I am still waiting for the 592xp that was ordered and paid for last August 🙈 But to answer your question the 592xp will be the best Husquvana you can buy for milling. Your only other option would be a Stihl 661 or 881. They are already out in dealers, but availability is a little hit and miss It should not be long for the 592xp
  15. This kit. 👍 that’s what I have
  16. 😳😡If they hit the dealers in August that will be one year from being able to order them.😖 I would say that if Husqvarna announce anything, just stock up on Stihl. At least you can sell it when Husky wet people appetites and can't deliver. I have heard that a lot of people gave up waiting for the Husqvarna 592xp, Especially when Stihl was supplying 661's and 881's. Husqvarna have struggled to deliver a lot of items.
  17. Well there is no sign that Husqvarna will be able to deliver the 592xp in April only 8x months since I paid for it and the dealer ordered it 🙄
  18. I started climbing at tree at 53/54... I am now 56😂 So you have plenty of time to grow old disgracefully😂
  19. The own of the damaged house claims on his insurance. And his insurance bounces the tree owners insurance, and if uninsured, bounces the tree owner.
  20. The tree is your property, and has fallen into a neighbours garden (If It has or has not caused any damage) it is your legal responsibility to resolve the matter. Yes the neighbour can contact his, insurance company their loss adjusters will come out and and bring a claim on your house hold insurance policy to recover their losses. If your not covered for that, because you have failed to mention / declare that you have trees on your property. Your insurance company might not cover you under the policy you have. You will then be left fighting an insurance company with their own legal team pursuing you for the recovery of their losses and legal fees. this will mount up very quickly. If you can't settle, they will debt collect it or levy it against your property. As for the time scale to deal with this in the courts. It will depend on the value of your claim and your solicitors. County Courts, possibly six months. For a big claim High Courts six months to a two years. The longer it goes on for the bigger the claim and liability you will face. I am on a committee that manages some land and we have to have insurance cover, as there are trees on it there are stipulations in the fine print that states that the trees need to be managed and maintained for cover to remain active. This means basic documented tree inspections and relevant work / maintenance being undertaken under the due care and attention clauses. If there is a tree failure in say a storm, we are liable for any damage it causes. That is why you have insurance.
  21. Yeh Right... The fine could be £ 10,000 to £ 20,000... It really is not hard to do this properly... 1) Email the Local Planning Department with a map, Aerial Google View identifying the trees that work is plan on, A brief out line of the proposed work. 2) Ask if there is any TPO's, Conservation Orders or any Planning Stipulation that would pose an issue. The Planning office will respond with a straight answer. If there isn't any ordered you can crack on. If there is an issue you will need to submit a Tree Works Planning Application. But don't don't touch the job if there is... You will end up in Court, Big Fines, Your name and professional reputation will be mud, and everyone will know it.
  22. I recon it will be about July 2022 before dealers see it in the UK... My dealer says that the Husky rep hasn't got the slightest idea when the dealer will see them.
  23. H&S Risk assess that for the Groundie below..... It seems to be a common issue with the Husky 540 battery saw.


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