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  1. You've figured it now AHPP but here is a video as promised 👍 20240409_112557.mp4
  2. JBH

    Two Short Ropes

    I think that's what originally got me thinking Dan I've even just had a small drop bag full of cord with me for canopy tie retrieval if pruning on the shorter line After years drt on a 35m, I've got used to having effectively around sub 20m useable of work line I might have to give it a go for a few months and report back Would be interested to see wooden hands take on UK w@h regs in reference to some of his ideas, I feel they align a lot, beyond using the unicender
  3. I am sorry for being a "plonker" People can only write from their own experience and this was a version of mine; working self employed and paying for my own tickets when I'd saved the cash. The sad part is that this is adjusted for inflation. Unless I've got the wrong end of the stick and the derision is for rates being too high, in which case I am thankful to have been a lucky one. Slippery slope reference: Kit is only as good as the operators. A lack of investment in workforce and fundamentals has degraded most companies' stock of climbers
  4. I am not an employer, thank god Can see why a lot are investing in kit over man power, although that might prove a slippery slope
  5. DAYRATES £70 Brash dragging £80 Brash Dragging in PPE £90 CS30 or Chipper £100 CS31 & F+ £110 CS38 £120 CS39 £130 CS39 and capable £140+ CS41, MEWP and capable Remove 20% if PAYE
  6. JBH

    Forces leaver

    Qualified but no experience? Go and work at a company It usually takes 5 years for a climber to possibly be worth hiring as a subcontract climber and capable of doing most things in tree work (possibly) You might disagree now, you'll agree in five years though I thought you needed a years experience minimum between cs39 and cs41? NPTC/LANTRA/ABA really needs an hours based sign off system like IRATA You'll be an asset to a company immediately because you fufil the arial rescue requirement Welcome and Good luck
  7. I've mainly been using a 20m rope SRT for the past few months and not much else Majority of my work in dismantles My longer ropes only get an outing when I have to base tie for access and I can't be arsed hauling them out of the van, let alone the tail around a tree Does anyone else just carry two short ropes in their kit bag? I feel like having two 20m ish ropes would cover me for base anchoring and I'd be more inclined to climb to the wah regs Or does my kit bag just feel heavy after the bank holiday...
  8. Give the all things arb podcast a listen, I remember the bloke from Thor had a successful leafleting campaign.
  9. I'll pop you a quick video on next time I am ropewalking. Just a more streamlined storage system for the knee ascender bungee
  10. Yeah, it is nice because you can get the ascender on and off without it pulling up the line like usual
  11. Intellectual property rights aside... This was put together from bits around my house in 10 minutes. It works and isn't half as annoying to climb with on my harness as I expected it to be (although it has not topped a conifer hedge yet. Might save someone £50 20240318_085124.mp4
  12. No, I've used it on crane work with rope slings and was rigging 20inch + diameter timber with it today with no isssues. Guys on the ground always comment how much they like it because the knot is ontop of the piece and undoes easily. I don't have the info on the reduction in strength due to bend factors though. It's just become my default now
  13. I am on your side with that one Mick, it might just have to be a 6 monthly rotation as suggested by waterbuoy. That's a cowhitch with a halfhitch on the bite for quick release by the groundie. Thank you for the indepth response Waterbuoy, I'll take it all onboard. The rope is cheap, 1/3 the price of my cheapest double braid. Just saves carrying a load of extra kit when just tasked with protecting surrounding trees or avoiding rivers.
  14. They stated that I should not go down the road of using dated tech, the rope is prone to excessive fraying, low abrasion resistance (contrary to Marlows own claims), and lower MBS than double braid. I respect the inspector and that they can only sign off what they're comfortable with. I am not negative rigging large sections of timber on this, just using it to strip out trees when appropriate. Seems like it is a knee jerk reaction usually from an industry weened onto the shiney things. I am not a luddite, I rig with fancier stuff when needed. Just didn't know if there was a UK equivalent of true blue or the like that people have found cheap and cheerful in natural crotch rigging.
  15. I love my Marlow Nelson but the Loler inspector refuses to inspect it. Is there a cheap rope suited to the task, that doesn't provoke the same horror as 3 strand? New rope or new inspector?


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