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  1. I made a saka type knee ascender. I like the saka type ascender, but i can't buy one ! I like making things, it was a rainy sunday afternoon, and the parts I needed had arrived in the post. I bought a stein knee ascender when I got all my srt kit recently. Every time I got to the top of a rope walk, I'd be flustered and uncomfortable. The elastic going over my shoulder to my side D was really digging in. For me this is a great help. I had thoughts on making something that straps to my leg, but that was before I'd even learned to use my kit. Since using the kit for a little while now, I've realised that actual rope walking is not happening so often during a climb. So it's no hardship to clip this on now and then. This cost me £60. The ct simple ascender was £42. Not a big budget build at all, and for me, it is well worth it. I already had the XSRE biners and paracord. I had to buy the ascender, amsteel, blue pipe, and heatshrink. I have enough amsteel, and heat shrink left for many other projects. I like how it's all in one unit, with no bits of cords hanging around. It's light, small as it can be, and flexible. As you will see from the picture, it's a straight pull on a doubled over 4mm bungee. That's perfect for me and my gear. If I swap the lower XSRE for something a little thicker, like the non ppe biner that came with my stein one, then it can be configured to pull longer. With the bungee going in by the ascender, down the tube, around the biner acting as a redirect/pulley, and back up out to the top XSRE. Not as efficient as a pro job with an actual pulley, but it does work rather well. I prefer it how it is now though.
  2. Do I need the receipts for all items that I want loler checked ? None of my gear has been loler checked, but I have prety much replaced everything this year. But it's come from multiple sources, and I don't have receipts for everything.
  3. I suppose my gripe was just aimed at a more competitive price angle. But of course I'll just shut up and pay !
  4. I suppose so, these are the comments I was expecting. This'll be my third one now. Before that I had a skylotec, before that I've used two petzl's, and before that I began on the obligatory willans. Back with the willans, I took off the central maillon and tied a rope across for a bridge. A bit revolutionary back then ! I must say that the skylotec was the most comfortable. But the treemotion is the best of them all, so I suppose I'll cough up !
  5. I'd like to compare the cost of a treemotion harness to a ford focus... madness ? Not in relativity. The focus is a popular car, a lot of people have it. Because it is so popular, and there are so many on the road, it is cheaper to buy and to run. Why is the treemotion harness still one of the most expensive saddles one can buy ? Every video/webinar that I watch, the climber is wearing the treemotion, it is clearly popular throughout the industry across the world. Why is it not cheaper now ? Are they just taking the piss ? It is not the complicated composite of materials that lower range harnesses can be. It is actually a fairly simple design, utilitarian. This is a question of consumerism. Don't give me that argument of "there's no price on saftey" , because all the price range available are safe. This is just a moan, and a moan will not often achieve anything. I'd just be interested in your thoughts. Mine is 5/6 years old, with many parts replaced since new. So it is time to get a new one. I'm just asking why ?!! A disgruntled climber.
  6. I'm going to replace the heavy mini steel carabiner I've been using on here for this, just for the irony... and a weight saving, of course !
  7. We are looking for a suitable candidate to join a small friendly team. We have occasional/floating groundies, but we'd like to have a permanent member who can take on a more professional role. It'd be great if you could drive, had some experience, and lived local. Experience is not essential, we can train you, if you show promise, we'll get your tickets. What IS essential, it the desire to take this on as a trade to learn, we're not looking for a labourer here. You will learn groundwork in it's many facets. When you are proficient, you will start to learn to climb. Pay will be based on ability. If you're just out of college, great, we'll test your mettle ! If you don't want to learn to climb, that's fine. A good groundie is worth their weight in gold, you just need to get good ! I look forward to hearing from you, Best wishes Rob
  8. The rhino would be no good for my swivel. I need to invert the biner to be able to get it on, the gate section will not go through the swivels hole. The rhino is for belay devices, or anything that you don't want moving out of place. It prevents cross loading. It's a great biner for the right job, but no good for the DMM swivel.
  9. I've got 2 perfectO's. I have them on my re direct webbing slings. I think they are too tiny for a whole system. They are so cute !
  10. Just ordered some more, my wife can't understand WHY I need more biners !
  11. Appreciate the input, cheers. Captain charisma did show a figure 8 that captured a ring, midline. I suppose that could be an option when using a ring. What's your favourite 4 way biner of choice ?
  12. I've taken the standard triple off my DdRT system, and it's oval carabiner. This works a lot better. Maybe the eccentric is all mouth no trousers ! I'll see how it does in my DdRT O rig... meanwhile I'll probably order some more of these ovals.
  13. All good advice, thanks. Is the pinto on a carabiner not a risk ? I'm just trying to find my feet here with this new system. I want to learn the safest way to work. I've binned the idea of the open system anchor, you're right about fail safe.
  14. Thanks for all the advice folks, I'm taking it on board. Maybe I am guilty of over complicating things, not so unlike me ! So a better option is to base tie, ascend, DdRT to final anchor, set a ring and ring cambium saver ? I see a lot of you seem to achieve an isolated limb anchor from the ground, skills ! Thank you all, Rob
  15. Hello, new to srt, patience required ! I've got my srt kit, and I'm trying to tune it in. I was using a single attachment pulley with a loop of paracord threaded through the holes to clip on the chest harness. Now I thought I'd upgrade that for a very swanky triple attachment pulley, dose anyone else find it a royal pita to get to any of the two remaining holes ? Also, I treated myself to a boa karabina and a swivel. Replaced my bridge while I was in the area ! Now, when the system is on, I did not foresee, the bloody things won't work together ! I had to put a ring back on the bridge. I suppose I'll need an oval karabina. I have a few of those in various sizes, but I find that they seem a bit cramped. Am I just being a ninny ? What do you guys use there ? Thanks, Rob.


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