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  1. Both at the same price point, bigshot seems to have a 6" advantage with regards to pole length. What's the best one ? Cheers, Rob.
  2. If you've only been at it for a few months, then stay on the ground. You need to learn the job first. Given a year of working hard, drinking lots of water, and eating more sensible, youll be a leaner version of your former self ! Learn knots, learn saw saftey, learn good pruning, you'll be doing VERY well if you're worth your salt after just a year ! But if you are somehow miraculously offered a course, never say no ! Although, it's best not to go in to these things totaly green. If you can learn as much as you can from observing and asking questions, it'll help you. Long story short, you're rushing it. Best of luck, Rob.
  3. I'd never be without one, it'd be like leaving the house with no trousers ! I have a basic little one for conifers and such like. But the pride of the fleet is my 8m poison ivy double ended, hitchclimber on each side, dmm shadow and ultra O biners, with a thimble loop on the long end, f&&&&&g sexy bit of kit ! If I'm climbing srwp and mrs, then my other rope wrench is with me in case I need to really hang on it for a position. To be fair, that never happens with the twin rope, but I like to be ready !
  4. Crack on ! I just wanted my answer before the thread descended in to the 'ol twin rope argument' !
  5. I get that, I really do understand. Because I've taken to using a new system (srt), I've taken it upon myself to learn the rules and acquire training. Much like when I did my tickets all that time ago, once furnished with the right technique, we learn more with experience. I just wanted to know what 'the man' had to say on the matter. I have a very nice lanyard, and I'm not afraid to use it !!!
  6. Thank you Paddy1000111, that clears thing up nicely 👍. I must say, that where multiple cuts are to be made, two systems are superior to a lanyard. I enjoyed todays climb, never thought I could have so much fun up a bunch of ivy clad sycamores !!!
  7. PLEASE DO NOT DERAIL THE THREAD !!! (I'm aware of this sort of topic going a bit divided...) I'm asking anyone who knows, weather the new rules (That I know a lot of people hate) require a climber to lanyard in to make a cut when on twin ropes ? I'd of thought that two ropes was enough ! I was up a thin today, there were so many cuts to make, that I abandoned the use of my side strop in favour of two systems. It was a bit like the old days, just climbing around cutting stuff. I never did strop in or have a second line back then, but I generally would have my back to my anchor and blakes. So does anyone profess to know the law on such things. I'd just like to know weather I'm being naughty or not ! Two systems AND a side strop seems a bit much to me 🤷‍♂️ Tia, Rob.
  8. Lol, first line... after reading through the whole thread, I'll bet you regret asking for replies ! Tough crowd ! With regards to the gyro, it's too skinny for me ! Like was mentioned in the thread, it'd be better on a pulley too, with a Becket for saftey. I like the rook/hydra, but I don't like how it orientates the system on a left to right. The gyro looks to solve this problem, but I don't really want all this rotation. Just my own personal preference. I did an introduction to srt course/day last week. Unfortunately it seems to be aimed at the total novice, but it was nice to climb in front of an instructor and make sure that I've not developed any bad habits/techniques in my path to including srt to my climbing work life. The instructor had a gyro. He had us all climbing on two lines, I wasn't a fan, but I can see the possible benefits. I suppose that like anything in life, we may struggle to learn something new. But as we get used to it, we wonder what all the fuss was about ! I don't claim any idea of the rules re twin rope, but I was under the impression that they both had to be able to get you down. Before chatting to Ben at land skills training, I thought a side strop while cutting was enough 🤷‍♂️. If you're still in touch with camp, tell them that Rob wants it on a pulley, it needs to be visibly stronger, and lots of colours ! Rob.
  9. The camp gyro is too skinny. Where's the DMM option ?!? Come on DMM, pull your bloody socks up ! I don't need three independently spinning key rings, I need three static rings, mounted on a swivel. The hydra/rook will not work for me, because the tail ends of line face to the side. That's a pain for one handed operation. I don't want to tend one at a time. I'm really hoping that DMM or ISC come up with an option. Super high quality, with an industry appearance.
  10. I made a saka type knee ascender. I like the saka type ascender, but i can't buy one ! I like making things, it was a rainy sunday afternoon, and the parts I needed had arrived in the post. I bought a stein knee ascender when I got all my srt kit recently. Every time I got to the top of a rope walk, I'd be flustered and uncomfortable. The elastic going over my shoulder to my side D was really digging in. For me this is a great help. I had thoughts on making something that straps to my leg, but that was before I'd even learned to use my kit. Since using the kit for a little while now, I've realised that actual rope walking is not happening so often during a climb. So it's no hardship to clip this on now and then. This cost me £60. The ct simple ascender was £42. Not a big budget build at all, and for me, it is well worth it. I already had the XSRE biners and paracord. I had to buy the ascender, amsteel, blue pipe, and heatshrink. I have enough amsteel, and heat shrink left for many other projects. I like how it's all in one unit, with no bits of cords hanging around. It's light, small as it can be, and flexible. As you will see from the picture, it's a straight pull on a doubled over 4mm bungee. That's perfect for me and my gear. If I swap the lower XSRE for something a little thicker, like the non ppe biner that came with my stein one, then it can be configured to pull longer. With the bungee going in by the ascender, down the tube, around the biner acting as a redirect/pulley, and back up out to the top XSRE. Not as efficient as a pro job with an actual pulley, but it does work rather well. I prefer it how it is now though.
  11. Do I need the receipts for all items that I want loler checked ? None of my gear has been loler checked, but I have prety much replaced everything this year. But it's come from multiple sources, and I don't have receipts for everything.
  12. I suppose my gripe was just aimed at a more competitive price angle. But of course I'll just shut up and pay !
  13. I suppose so, these are the comments I was expecting. This'll be my third one now. Before that I had a skylotec, before that I've used two petzl's, and before that I began on the obligatory willans. Back with the willans, I took off the central maillon and tied a rope across for a bridge. A bit revolutionary back then ! I must say that the skylotec was the most comfortable. But the treemotion is the best of them all, so I suppose I'll cough up !
  14. I'd like to compare the cost of a treemotion harness to a ford focus... madness ? Not in relativity. The focus is a popular car, a lot of people have it. Because it is so popular, and there are so many on the road, it is cheaper to buy and to run. Why is the treemotion harness still one of the most expensive saddles one can buy ? Every video/webinar that I watch, the climber is wearing the treemotion, it is clearly popular throughout the industry across the world. Why is it not cheaper now ? Are they just taking the piss ? It is not the complicated composite of materials that lower range harnesses can be. It is actually a fairly simple design, utilitarian. This is a question of consumerism. Don't give me that argument of "there's no price on saftey" , because all the price range available are safe. This is just a moan, and a moan will not often achieve anything. I'd just be interested in your thoughts. Mine is 5/6 years old, with many parts replaced since new. So it is time to get a new one. I'm just asking why ?!! A disgruntled climber.


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