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    Forst ST6P Petrol Wood Chipper. 2017 unit with 385 hours. Professionally refurbished/rebuilt by redwood (Forst UK) in April 2021 which included a full service, new blades, a new rear light bar, new stop bar and new feed tray along with other work. Only done 23 hours since rebuild. Also fitted with new trailer drums and pads so it tows like a brand new unit. Comes with: Top up oils for engine and hydraulics Tool Kit Full set of keys including hitch lock Can also be supplied with: Wheel clamp Bulldog hitch lock box Can also be supplied with a fully fitted GPS Tracker for £16.80 a month subscription with Automatrics.


    Exeter, Devon - GB

  2. I think the term "too much water" is a little misleading in regards to overhydration as it's more of a case of too little salt/electrolytes. I don't know about you but in extreme heat I don't find myself getting that hungry and I can see how easy it is to fall into the trap of getting headaches and feeling crap so you smash down more and more water thinking you're dehydrated and you just make the whole thing worse, maybe not dying from water overdose worse but definitely a hangover feeling...
  3. Maybe if you took 20L of ice water and dunked yourself in it. Nowt wrong with drinking cold drinks, cold showers etc are also recommended so 🤷🏼‍♂️
  4. +1 for this. If you only drank isotonic drinks then yes, they would dehydrate you but they're designed to be drank with water. They give you all the salts/sugars/minerals etc and then you drink water. They wouldn't use them in pro sports otherwise.
  5. Get some non-comedogenic sun screen, Riemann stuff is good but expensive. Drink some isotonic sports drinks as your body is probably using all the salt up sweating and unable to absorb more water. Adding Dioralyte to the first aid kit is also a must. Heat exhaustion can become heat stroke in this weather pretty darn quick.
  6. My best quote was from Exec Insurance. Adrian Elliott is the one to speak to.
  7. That might be because I'm aware that it's "random crap" off eBay and don't use it for life support. There are absolutely no rules as to what you can and can't use up a tree when it's not safety critical. Maybe your confusion is caused by the fact you sound like you use it unrated non-ppe as life support, but you do you. When I use mine it's for getting to a odd location where I want an additional hand hold or if I'm moving between stems and can't reach or swing easily, I just have more control. I've never been in a situation where failure could cause severe injury.
  8. I wouldn't panic too much about learning much before hand. If you can crack the three knot climbing system then that covers you for the distel, stopper knot and bowline. A double bowline is just called a double bowline. If you're struggling with finding a knot or aren't sure then dont bother. Remember the courses are there to teach you, if you aren't sure you could make life more difficult for yourself by creating bad habits or being used to tying something incorrectly
  9. If you're offered the ability to rent a kit do it. I had all the kit when I did my courses but still rented as the instructors can teach you better when you have their kit plus it will be designed to be as simple as possible. When I did my course I was given a bag of kit and I was expected to take everything with me into the tree. Only advice is to relax and trust the gear. Sounds stupid but I spent tonnes of time having a death grip on everything when it's not necessary. Learn your knots too. Double bowline, scaffold knot and stopper knot are the main ones to learn. You can also learn to tie a VT too for a hitch climber. Another thing to learn is a 3 knot climbing system. It's a way to make a complete system out of 1 piece of rope, it's part of the assessment (and useful for the branch walk rescue as you have to make sure you can't pendulum swing) If you learn those then it's going to be a lot less stressful.
  10. Love my st6p. Fast, reliable (so far) nice to tow. The feed is awesome and they don't seem to burn much fuel!
  11. Interesting seeing different people's opinions on this. Not sure I agree with the whole "get pissed and phone a mate" thing might work for some people but for a lot it's just a band-aid for a problem. That sort of mindset is how a lot of people end up with drug addictions.
  12. 100%. There's also a stigma about it which isn't often faced. It's also not helped by some people who play the mental health card at every opportunity and never work 🙄
  13. Not often that I disagree with you mate but I have to on this occasion. When I was working in aircraft one of the apprentices was going through a tough time then broke up with his Mrs and topped himself. Whilst I know what you mean, having a "get on with it" opinion stops people who actually need help coming forward. You feel like a burden and then you start on that spiral 👎
  14. Mine did that when I got it and would be shit to tip with (although it was a scissor). Buy some decent penetrating oil and spray it every time you use it for a bit and it will be fine after 10 or so tips. They sit around in the forecourt and a lot of companies don't use the tipper like we do. I worked for the council at one point and I had an iveco tipper. I used it maybe once in 6 months. Make sure you spray the crap out of the ram too
  15. Any particular Pfanners you recommend to get/steer clear of?


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