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  1. As everyone else has said, ask permission. I know landowners who have old rotten trees on the ground but if you ask if you can take the tree for wood and clear up for them it's a definitive no. I feel sometimes it's the kid and the toy situation. Leave the toy alone and the kid doesn't want it and forgets it exists, take it away and it's their prized possession... In all honesty though people pay a lot of money for land. You can't blame them for not wanting people messing about on the land they have paid a tonne of money to have to themselves. I wouldn't go bimbling in someone's wood with an electric chainsaw (which isn't that much quieter than a petrol one) taking their property. It would be like me noticing a wood pile in your back garden that you haven't touched in a couple of years and just turning up and helping myself...
  2. Lebanon are usually wider with sweeping layers no? At this point I think we can say that these cones aren't from this tree?
  3. That's what I thought but the cones look too long and thin?
  4. Harnesses (and most fabric gear) usually have a 5 year lifespan from the day it's removed from the packaging or up to 8 years if it was stored. I.e if it was stored for 3 years it could be used for 5. It depends on the manufacturer though. A lot of manufacturers of metal kit like carabiners etc give it an unlimited service life and its life is based on damage/wear/function. AFAIK the lifespan of rigging kit is the same as climbing. Only difference is the loler cert lasts 12 months and not 6. Ropes vary a lot too. Tuefelberger drenaline for example has a lifespan of 10 years or 8 years in use. If you have it spLIFEd then it's 7 years, if its been slaiced then it's 5 years. Basically you're going to have to go through your kit, find the manuals online and find the expiry dates
  5. I'll be interested with this one. The cones look Spruce like but the leaf formations and tree appearance is Cedar to me... Just not sure what specific type
  6. I agree with the above. You didn't damage it but offer to replace the £12 mail box if they delete their comments. On the bush moving front, have you seen the video from August Hunnike where he blows a coke can off the bonnet of the truck just with the wind of a falling log?
  7. If they aren't dangerous i.e over footpaths then I would leave them. They are a home to a lot of bugs, a food source for birds like woodpeckers etc. It's a bit like ivy, people are always trying to kill it off. It doesn't strangle trees and is a home for bats. If they become dangerous and over footpaths then get rid of them otherwise let nature do its thing. Trees have been pruning and caring for themselves a long time before we came along. I know that's probably not the answer you were looking for but having worked for a canal myself, part of the beauty is the history and nature that runs along the sides.
  8. How tall are the trees/branches? Instead of using a silky you could look at using utility poles. You can keep adding them as needed although they eventually get a bit wet noodle like. Otherwise pay for an arborist. Are these branches dangerous?
  9. I would suggest you need a better photo. Reality is that any form of corrosion will show that it's prior damage. When aluminium is damaged it creates an oxide barrier layer that takes a considerable time to break down. Months if not years! Not overnight. That's the proof. If you say "we weren't near it" or "we didn't hit it" it's not proof. Aluminium corrosion is physical proof.
  10. How long ago did this happen? It looks like aluminium and there's corrosion?
  11. I've been using a bag created by someone on eBay. They're £27 and called the climber 70 bag. The person does other sizes too. They're made from ends of rolls, recycled seatbelts etc and come with gear loops. They are 90% recycled, made in the UK and are really good quality, I have 3. It has enough room for a 14mm 60m line of tuefelberger sirius, some straps, a bag of carabiners, some bits and bobs and even a flying capstan... Can't recommend them enough!
  12. Well, maybe knowing they have people after them trying to locate them, taking registration no., Reporting them etc might at least cut down their business activities. Plus having a thread with as many of their details online as possible means a Google search will out them as a bunch of pikies
  13. That's a shame. They would be a 30 mins drive from me. Could have set up a sting op. Get them to go to a random address for a quote, snap some pics and get as much info as I could and then see if they're the ones who did your neighbor over!
  14. I'm a little confused. Are they operating in Devon or are they operating somewhere else?
  15. It was a big bang, a big flash and the oil from the transformer went into the stream and polluted the main rivers hence the cost! The price of cheap labour. I was across the road trimming my hedge when it happened 😂


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