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  1. Are they basing this measurement on core humidity or external humidity? If you have a wave form humidity tester that can test upto 40mm deep then that's true humidity but what if they get put outside for a bit and the outer few mil is wet... If you use a pin type tester then its variable. I don't see how they're going to enforce it...
  2. The only way to do it is with industrial dehumidifiers and climate control which probably more than offsets the carbon from the additional 2% moisture they would get fussy about
  3. I would be curious as to how close he got. Most 11kv kit usually has around 30cm of gap between primary and earth conductors. He must have been pretty darn close! ๐Ÿ˜ณ Obviously H/S distances are a lot more IIRC it's 5m (10m for a risk assessment to be filled out) Just looked it up on HSE: Low voltage- 1m 11kv-33kv- 3m 132kv- 6m 275-400kv- 7m
  4. I was about to say! Is the reset blowing the top off to prep it for a rebuild! ๐Ÿ˜‚ It sounds like some sort of time attack challenge to cut cookies for 5 minutes straight! Need a good amount of timber ready to go though?
  5. That sounds horrible for everyone involved ๐Ÿ˜ณ
  6. I assume he found a fix as the question was originally asked in 2009 and resurrected today!๐Ÿ˜‚ He said he didn't want to have all of his staff to do chainsaw licences. I wonder if you got a chain made up with no cutting teeth if you would need a licence as it becomes a petrol powered planer ๐Ÿ˜‚
  7. You're probably better off without a decomp valve. My 261 decomp started leaking and realistically, if you cant fire over a 50cc saw without a decomp valve you probably shouldn't be using it ๐Ÿ˜‚
  8. Having had a kiss from an angle grinder before, that thing looks terrifying. Good for parmesan though!
  9. Propagation: Root an Elm Tree Cutting | DoItYourself.com WWW.DOITYOURSELF.COM Rooting a cutting from an elm tree is a delicate process which has about a 50% success rate, because of the sensitive... That guide sums it up pretty well. Like I said, it's very easy! You will just have to spend a good amount of time potting it all up and putting them somewhere that's not bitterly cold. When I've done smaller cuttings before I've used a heated propagator but I'm not sure about height when using larger cuttings so a warm room would be best! IIRC the best time to cut them is around now anyway!
  10. When you cut a board on your mill how much do you give extra for the final product? Say you want a 40mm finished board, do you cut say 55mm?
  11. Never really knew that! Just accepted that I had constant new elm growth up to about 10 foot from the hedge, digging in that area I knew they were suckers that popped up but I didn't realise the seeds were sterile! Every day is a school day... ๐Ÿ‘
  12. If you have elm in the hedge it will fill the gaps naturally. One of my hedges is elm and it seeds everywhere, it grows out the grass and all sorts! Otherwise you can take elm cuttings and grow them. Take some cuttings, and put the cuttings straight in water so they don't dry out. Dip them in a bit of root powder and treat them like any other cutting, stick them in some potting soil and let them grow. You will probably only get around half of them propagate though as they're a little sensitive so cut double the amount you want. Don't over water them either as by adding a little less water the roots will grow harder to search for water
  13. I can't imagine them saying "No you can't remove it" but I suppose it's a way of them monitoring it being done and insuring that damage isn't done to the tree in the process. There's nothing stopping them prosecuting you if you did damage to the tree in the process though I wouldn't have thought but it would have to be on them to prove that it was done without due care as in, they would have to prove that you caused unnecessary damage to the tree in the process? If someone goes at it with a chainsaw cutting rings around the tree and peeling it off in sections you're pretty guaranteed to weaken/kill a tree.
  14. It all makes sense to me. The LA, I suppose, has ability to set their own rules for TPO trees as to additional local requirements on top of the basic laws the government set. I'm sure loads of trees have been butchered, cambium cut etc. I imagine people have run a chainsaw around to cut stuff off and effectively girdled a tree. The LA probably wants to ensure it's done properly and not by someone who's going to mess it up! Good for them...
  15. If you're providing your own kit you will need two ropes and both will have to be lolered or under 6 months with receipts. Nowt wrong with XTC though.


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