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  1. Big J


    That doesn't quite read correctly... What's the difference between a Hippo and a Zippo? One is very heavy and the other is a little lighter.
  2. Not quite a job, but feeling very pleased with myself. Straight from car to artic and with no minor faults 😎
  3. Tiverton and Honiton by-election: Lib Dems take seat WWW.BBC.CO.UK The Liberal Democrats win the by-election, overturning a Conservative majority of more than 24,000. Well thank f**k for that. Hopefully, it's one step closer to the Tories dumping de Pfeffel. It'd be nice to see the SW go Lib Dem again.
  4. The Skoda Octavia Scout is still available, if anyone wants it. It would be available for collection after the 22nd of July. Cracking car. Just has the wheel on the wrong side for our future needs.
  5. I'll be selling my 2013 Octavia Scout 2.0TDI Auto at the back end of July. It'll be about 192k miles on it by that point, ex police car so immaculately maintained. New timing belt, serviced in February, 12 months MOT, new rear diff driveshaft flange, haldex and dsg oil changed this year. All season tyres, towbar. The autos are incredibly rare. I've had up to 647.5 miles out of the 53l tank, so extremely good on fuel. It'll be about £3500 in July. I've had new vans, small and large, 2wd and 4wd. They all have their advantages and disadvantages, but I'm quite converted to cheaper car motoring now. The Octavia is comfortable and quiet and uses very little diesel. Transport the family or chuck a bike in the back, there is flexibility for everything.
  6. First picture: dignity Second picture: dickhead
  7. Not to mention the hardcore and other builders waste that's normally buried two inches below the surface of any new build garden that I've ever worked in. Exactly that. I put up an arch for my brother a few years back in his back garden. A newly built Persimmon box. We were unable to get metal fence post spikes into the ground (to the point where they bent) due to rubble. Ended up having to use threaded rod to secure the arch. The most common thing he finds is nail gun strips. It's staggering that they get away with dumping so much shite under the ground.
  8. As others have said, if you don't do it, someone else will. If it's more of a damning indictment on modern house construction that the gardens provided are so small and badly drained, the only way to make them useable is to make them completely artificial. I personally couldn't imagine anything worse, but then you couldn't pay me to live in a new housing development.
  9. Big J


    Continuing the duck theme....
  10. So sorry to hear this. My thoughts are with you.
  11. The chances of contracting anything whilst walking along the street are slim to none. More likely to get run over, I'd say. I empathise with your MIL's situation, but I could not live the rest of my life from behind a mask.


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