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  1. Big J

    House heating that isn't wood fueled?

    A friend in Aviemore built his own house a few years ago, and has my old Bullerjan stove to heat it. Three logs every other day and it's toasty!
  2. Big J

    House heating that isn't wood fueled?

    I just like a warm house. I spend my whole working life outside in all weathers, and my preference is to shed my outer layers as soon as I step through the door and grab some shorts and a t-shirt for indoors. To get a house to passive standard from an economic point of view doesn't make sense (or at least, not quite). It's cheaper in the long run to build a very well insulated house with minimal heat imput than go that extra mile for passive standard. The issue with MVHR is that it's commonly installed, especially in Europe but there is very little market for the filters that need to be replaced at regular intervals. As such, people are living in enviroments where all the air is filtered through filthy filters, which is bad for indoor air quality. Very interesting post though, and thanks for taking the time.
  3. Big J

    Chain Saw for planking mill

    I second that recommendation.
  4. Big J

    Starting out in forestry

    Now then. You can be a professional outfit and still be a cowboy. Like on Monday when climbing a very steep slope with a tractor that's a little bit too small for the winch it's carrying and you need someone to saddle up and ride the bonnet for nose weight! Thankfully, the we get the (heavier) alpine back tomorrow so no more forestry bucking bronco! 😁
  5. Big J

    Hand cutter seeking work

    Hi Mike - sorry for not getting back to you sooner. It's been a busy week!
  6. Big J

    Training course for tractor winch

    Not yet. A week or two. Don't need it for three weeks so not in a huge hurry.
  7. Big J

    Training course for tractor winch

    True, but I don't have the larger tractor yet. The upgrade course is much cheaper, and we need the tickets for the little tractor for the next block we're working on. Useful thing to have.
  8. Big J

    Training course for tractor winch

    We have a winch course and assessment on Tuesday with Mike Crutchley. Sub 2.5t tractor, 3.2t winch, 4 of us, £250 a man. He travels around the country and there are other NPTC assessors around the UK. Dick Bradshaw would be closer to you I think.
  9. Well I got an email back from them. They want to hear my proposals for the block. I must say that I wasn't sure I'd hear back from them. I replied with a fairly long proposal, outlining a couple of different approaches and explaining that with my machinery and skillset, we were well suited to undertaking the job. The unknown for me is what kind of traffic management they'd insist on. The trees are 15-20 metres back from a motorway sliproad on one side and a touch closer on the other to a main road. I'd proposed 60-90 second stoppages of traffic in both directions only whilst the back cut was being done and the tree was being winched over. Gob cut and winch set up done with traffic flowing. Having not worked with Highways England, it's an unknown for me, but I'm keen to do the job. That said, I'm not pretty much booked up for 4-5 months, so I need to stop looking for work and get what's in my diary completed!
  10. I did a day tidying windblow after a recent thinning job. Each one of the 6 trees that came over was ivy clad, and ivy clad trees were only about half of the trees in there. They catch the wind in winter and blow over. The ivy eventually outcompetes the canapy too, killing the tree. I hate the stuff. It's bloody ugly too.
  11. I would advise caution. The door would have to have a very tight fit to be functional. With all the stoves I've had, once up to temperature, the amount of air they require is minute. A badly sealed door on an open fire would most likely cause overheating with intense, directed air flow. Best just to take the open fire out and replace with a stove.
  12. Big J

    Show us your Arb Diggers please.

    I am inclined to agree! Love mechanical tree harvesting if whatever form it takes. Just makes chainsaw work seem so obsolete!
  13. Big J

    Hows the log sales going now

    I can imagine it's a tricky one this year as the inevitable price rise will have pushed end user prices up. I was chatting about this with my old business regarding sawn timber. You just can't do a typical 2-4% inflationary rise when raw materials have gone up 30 odd percent.
  14. The glass blackening was down to it not having an airwash system. It certainly had an effective secondary burn as it always burned cleanly, with little to no smoke emitted from the chimney. Interesting point on the comparison of heat loss through the flue on oil versus wood burning. Hadn't thought of that before. I look at the stack of firewood at the back of the house and think for the value in it (even just collected, so not having to deliver it myself), I could buy about 6000 litres of kerosene.
  15. Hope you do get sorted with a new build sometime j. Few pals have build nice wooden well insulated houses, was round there new years day and it was still cosy as owt at 2 in the afternoon, no fire been lit since the night before and no other heating. I couldn't believe it. In out draft stone small houses it's the first thing to do every morning! We'd be far better off in the UK funding much improved building than RHI or FITS. The founder of the architecture practice my wife used to work with in Edinburgh said that many of the methods of producing sustainable power on a small scale were not actually sustainable as the payback period exceeded the effective working life of the device. That was nearly 10 years ago though. It has changed a bit since then. However, an airtight and well insulated house is 10 times better than a house of typical insulation and micro power generation (or Eco-bling, as my wife's boss used to call it).


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