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  1. What is their purpose? Helps to know what I'm cutting for when cutting
  2. I'll be producing a bit near Chard, and should be able to do that before Christmas
  3. I'm upgrading my small timber harvesting gear in spring, so I will have the Kranman P25B processor for sale then. It's a very capable machine, and ideal for first thinning.
  4. I watch loads of TV, but don't physically own a TV set, and nor have we for nearly 15 years. Just use the laptop. With Netflix, Amazon Prime and various other ways of downloading just about any show out there, I completely fail to see why anyone would bother with Sky except for sports. I watch a lot, but it's principally because I don't sleep very much and I enjoy the escapism.
  5. And another, this time a four star review from a person called "Tonys mum" I bought this a month ago and as a saw it's great but the pull on the starter motor is very stiff and difficult to start. Great product if you're very strong. I can't start it!
  6. The reviews are hilarious: A three star review (clearly not getting the idea that a chainsaw isn't a stump grinder): I bought this to take out some hedge stumps. First half hour was great then I started to struggle to cut through them. Overall I am happy with it though
  7. Backwards chain 😆
  8. Agreed. I like Ruth Davidson. She represents a sensible, moderate Conservatism that is almost extinct amongst the current flock of Tory front benchers. I reckon that the combination of being part of a party that she felt no longer represented her and the fact she has a young son meant that her heart was no longer in it. Once that drive and passion was gone, she was entirely justifable in her decision to stand down.
  9. Please refer to my most recent post in the "Jokes" thread, where I made a whimsical contribution about Conspiracy Theorists.
  10. But an election on what basis? The case for Independence would be made off the back of a clear manifesto proposed by the government in power, which would likely be the SNP. Are you suggesting the first thing that should happen is that an election take place to give the people the opportunity to vote out the main proponent of Independence in the event of Independence? To boot out the party that has been planning how to take forward an Independent Scotland for decades will possibly be given marching orders straight after acheiving it's single stated objective? I don't think that is likely.
  11. I agree in part, but the population is dichotomous. On the one hand, you've a lot of people who work bloody hard, who show pride in their country and want to see it succeed. On the other, you've a lot of people who are very happy to sponge off the first group. The welfare class is larger in Central Scotland than down here in Devon. Any economy whereby the majority are supported by the minority is going to struggle to self sustain without external help. That being said, I reckon that the rise and subsequent dominance of the SNP is a reaction to the archaic feudal land ownership system. Half of all of Scotland is owned by just 432 land owners, and it has the most unequal land ownership in Europe. The SNPs socialist ideals aren't in themselves ignoble, but their implementation proposals and motivations are questionable. Scotland suffered over the course of the 20th century with rapid deindustrialisation combined with ill-fated social engineering (slum clearances). Even to this day, that desire to muck about with the social fabric exists, with policy being to tack bloody council houses onto pretty much every single village. Shipping people with substance abuse issues out of urban centres to rural communities in the hope that these communities will bring these people up, whereas the reality is that they just bring the communities down. Rural substance abuse is a big issue now. I don't know what the solution is, but Scotland has some pretty fundamental problems to address before the notion of Independence can be again considered.
  12. Government Expenditure and Revenue in Scotland (GERS): 2018 to 2019 - gov.scot WWW.GOV.SCOT GERS estimates the contribution of revenue raised in Scotland toward goods and services. Every single table shows that proportionally, Scotland receives higher spending that it takes in tax. If by every available measure, Scotland is sustaining itself less adequately than the rest of the UK, who exactly is picking up the bill for that overspend? It would be much better for the Indy camp to just accept that Scotland has a dependency and lack of self sufficiency issue, and work to fix that before proposing Independence again. Much is made of the wealth of revenue that could potentially from come renewables, as well as the much lauded North Sea oil fields. But when it comes to the figures, Scotland has less than 10% of the UK's population and over 50% of the budgetary deficit.
  13. To an extent I agree. There are lots of projects in the rest of the UK that don't benefit Scotland, but equally, Scotland is a much more expensive country to run, with more extensive funding in a broad range of areas. As such, the rest of the UK subsidises Scotland. If I were you, I'd forget the historic argument (it's irrelevant as the major historic injustices are now at least 25 years old), I'd forget the economic argument (because at present, there isn't one, with Scotland's budgetary deficit being huge) and I'd focus on the democratic deficit. The fact that Scotland voted to remain, yet is being forced to leave, the fact that the more socialist political landscape is contrary to the position of the Tory government that has been in power almost 10 years. Having lived both sides of the border in the past 18 months, there are big differences, but then no more than say the difference between Devon and Essex, or Newcastle and London. Scottish independence would be a disaster, but as I said, I have more empathy for the reasons behind wanting to leave.
  14. Big J


    Three conspiracy theorists walk into a bar You can't tell me that's just a coincidence!
  15. Nutball, victim mentality opinions like these are probably the single largest hindrance to Scotland having any chance of being successfully independent. History is history and can't be changed. I could point out that Scotland bankrupted itself in the first instance due to foreign policy folly, and entered into the Union willingly and by self created necessity. But I won't point that out 😋 The only thing that matters is the present and the future. Presently, Scotland's economic outlook is pretty grim on account of a State dependency. The budgetary deficit is 7 times higher than that of the rest fo the UK * If Scotland wants to stand any chance of a bright Independent future, it needs to look inwards to address it's own, deep-seated socioeconomic issues, rather than simply casting the blame on those south of the border. I don't deny that historically, Scotland has had a raw deal, but that was 25-30 years ago now, and since then Scotland has had a better deal through the Barnett formula than the rest of the UK. I still think that Independence is totally unworkable, but with the Tory led clusterfuck that is English politics, I have more empathy for pro Scottish Independence voters than I used to. * Scotland's deficit seven times higher than UK as a whole last year | UK news | The Guardian WWW.THEGUARDIAN.COM SNP says record spending gap of 7% of GDP proves need for independence


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