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  1. I have 300w of LED lighting on my forwarder. I can safely work in complete darkness with the machine. Only issue last night was the dense fog which shrouded the hill - it was like having full beams on when driving the van!
  2. Big J

    Are air dried logs to be made illegal?

    I'm sure I heard on Radio 4 the other day that they were starting to investigate the whole RHI system in the UK. I can't reference that though. Worth remembering that "cash for ash" brought down Stormont in Northern Ireland. The RHI scheme in the rest of the UK is no less corrupt. And I say that as someone who has repeatedly considered jumping on that bandwagon and don't hold it against anyone who has. I just think that in most cases, it's clearly bananas to burn good timber to produce heat and power.
  3. Time Left: 5 days and 4 hours

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    For sale is a largely unused Posch Spaltaxe 10 Spezial log splitter. All the specifications are available online, to save me listing them here! We took it as part payment from a customer some time ago and it's hardly been used since then. It's three years old, purchased from Jas P Wilson and it's been in our possession for almost two years, in which time it's split about 20-25 cube and nothing more. We had a firewood processor up in Scotland, so honestly had no need for a splitter too. Anyway, down in Devon now and have a tractor from which I'd like to run a splitter, so the Posch splitter is definitely not needed. As said, it's in great condition (apologies for the bad photo, but it's tucked away in storage), comes with a 4 way and roller splitter head. I can maybe help with delivery (within reason) though I'd rather not as I'm very busy. £2100, no VAT as private sale.


    , Devon - GB

  4. It's all about the banter when planting I feel. You have to work like a nutter to get the job done, but have a laugh whilst doing it.
  5. Big J

    Are air dried logs to be made illegal?

    Agreed. Most of it will be sawn, not burned. Would take decades of UK burning to do that one wildfire.
  6. I've probably only done a few thousand trees in my time and I've always enjoyed it. Just don't like doing it by it myself as I found it works better on a production line type approach. IE, first person lays out stakes, 2nd person tubes, 1st person saplings, 2nd person hammers in stake, 1st person plants sapling, 2nd person does the tube. Doing blocks of 100-200 trees like this is quite quick.
  7. Big J

    Are air dried logs to be made illegal?

    Let's say 40 tonnes per acre, for arguments sake and you've got nearly 67 million tonnes of wood. To contextualise that, the UK produces a total of around 11 million tonnes per year of roundwood according to the Commission.
  8. Week after next I will be doing some replanting on a site near Taunton. Depending on what the landowners go for, it'll be either 250 or 1000 trees planted in clearings amongst standing trees. I can handle 250 by myself, but might lose the will to live on a 1000 without someone to banter with. Is anyone in the area up for a few days in a nice woodland planting hardwoods? They'll be tubed and staked, done to a high standard. Cowboy planters needs not apply 😊
  9. I came across a couple of standing dead ash within the stand, which is something I've rarely seen before. 70ft trees, completely dead. The floor of the woodland is prolific with regeneration, amongst which would presumably be resistant ash. Interesting perspectives though. Having done a fair amount of elm clearance up north, my first instinct is to simply clear and start again, but I appreciate that it's not appropriate for all sites.
  10. Big J

    Stove fan

    They just don't move much air and the peltier module wears out over (a fairly short) time. I've had several stove fans and they at best serve as a visual indication of how hot the stove is. I have a thermometer for that though. As I said, what brought into sharp focus how little air they move is having a tiny fan of just 17w move many many times more air than the stove fan.
  11. Big J

    Stove fan

    Probably not. I've gone off stove fans to be honest. I always used to have them on my old stove back in Scotland. One of the issues is that over time they slow down. What has been most apparent with the new stove is that they move very little air. We have a double sided stove at the new house and the stove fan on top did nothing to push the hot air into the living room. A small electric fan mounted on the fire guard on the other side (running at 17w) moves many many times the air of a stove fan. If your set up allows, perhaps a high temperature duct fan mounted in the recess for the stove would be more effective.
  12. I'm putting in a proposal for a fairly large thinning operation on an amenity woodland in Devon. It's in a valley with a public right of way at the base of the woodland, next to the river. The woodland is a mixed species, mixed age stand, with the dominant species being ash and hornbeam. There are a number of oak, sycamore, beech and sweet chestnuts amongst them. In the understory, there is very strong natural regeneration with hazel, hornbeam and sycamore dominating. The mature trees are generally 40-60 years old and the regeneration much younger, ranging from 10-20ft mostly. Having taken another wander through the stand today (and also trying to figure out to get the timber out of the valley) I'm reflecting on the best approach as regards thinning the existing stock. With ash dieback getting a foothold across England, I feel that there is no point in retaining the ash in the long term. The issue is that within this stand 50% of the mature stock is ash in some areas. The hornbeam is the next most dominant species, but as previously mentioned, the regeneration in the lower story is very strong. My feeling is that in proposing the thinning, my focus should be almost exclusively on ash, retaining them only when removing them would leave nothing else in the area. Conversely, removing trees of other species would only be done if they are densely packed and crowding each other out. It's an attractive woodland with very good continuous cover. I want to make sure that we take the right approach, and my feeling is that focusing on removing the bulk of the ash would be correct. If I were to perform a more general thin and the ash died within the next decade, it would leave large holes in the cover. How are other people adapting their thinning policies in the wake of chalara?
  13. Bet you're going to look at that Holder! Nice looking tractor Can't help on the forestry shops I am afraid. The M1 is better than it was the fastest route most recently was M74 / M6 / A66 / M1. Used to live in Scotland and my mum is just outside Derby.
  14. Big J


    Not all felling is done for timber plus in the tree a full wrap can be nice when using a Humbolt gob and on the ground for humbolt Fair enough I suppose. I just like a low stump!
  15. Big J


    I've never seen the point of full wrap handles. Using the saw upside down (and thus making use of the extra handle) would mean an awfully high stump.


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