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  1. Big J


    It's the inconsistent way that it affects people that's the issue. Very contagious and rather serious for anyone elderly or with comorbidities. I'm staggered that people are still acting like total arses towards NHS staff. Donuts.
  2. Big J


    Just passed a million cases worldwide and just over 51k dead. Grim figures. I feel that the USA is going to have the hardest time in the developed world, but I don't even want to think about the consequences of widespread infection in somewhere like India.
  3. Your best production with a sawmill is with 40-80cm diameter logs. I'd steer clear of the biggest stuff and I'd just buy by the lorry load rather than single logs. It works out more economically in the end.
  4. My brother usually works away three nights a week, so being at home all the time, he said that he and my sister in law are working on creating one of these: I would have thought that seeing my loony daughters (2 and 5) all the time would have been enough of a contraceptive, but I was wrong!
  5. Pretty good, but you need consistent power and heat to the container so can't just be when there is power generated by the panels. I could pop by tomorrow to run you through what to do if you want? I've got not much else to do at the moment!
  6. I think we must have run about 20 kiln loads through it over the years, so about £120k worth of wood (at least) for a £1200 set up cost and about £10k in running costs.
  7. I did a DIY kiln build thread on Arbtalk many years ago:
  8. Kiln drying hardwoods is a doddle. Can be done inexpensively and is very cheap to set up. Happy to talk you through it if you drop me a line
  9. For many people in forestry and agriculture, the brutally wet winter has cost them a fortune, and the first chance at getting out and trying to make amends, the country shuts down with covid 19. It's hard to pinpoint exactly, but I'm sure that the ground conditions cost us about £20k off our bottom line compared to a normal winter.
  10. Big J


    30/03 - 180 31/03 - 381 01/04 - 563 It's climbing more quickly here than in just about any other country. May I ask, why did you have a bee in your bonnet with me and my numbers yesterday? It seemed a little odd.
  11. I don't think he's bragging. He's just illustrating the differences between different countries. I do agree that the situation here is terrible though. We'll keep going for as long as we can, which will likely be when we stop being able to get parts for machines when they break.
  12. I'm just casting the bait out there and waiting for a bite! 🤣
  13. Man I love Germany 😎 Those cats know how to fight a pandemic!
  14. Big J


    No I didn't: The terms "I reckon" and "speculation" are anything but unequivocal. It's just a guess, based on the upward trajectory of the numbers.


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