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  1. So the Australian government are a bunch of muppets. Djokovic's deportation has nothing to do with 'strong borders' or 'public safety'. They scapegoated him to distract the populace from the fact that they have the second highest infection rate in the world at the moment and that their isolationist policy through covid has been a total failure.
  2. I don't dispute that the tram system works well, only that process of its construction was farcical, horribly delayed and could only have been more expensive if they had gold-plated the tracks.
  3. Perfect. Because the Scottish government has such a great track record with large transport infrastructure projects..... the Edinburgh trams? £71,400 a metre to replace a very good bus service. Or the A9 dialling, which is over budget and somehow taking decades! You can't punish people out of cars. You can only offer more coat effective or convenient alternatives. Personal transport is personal liberty and I suspect public transport is largely useless for almost everyone on this forum.
  4. Your only option in that price class is the Logbullet from Finland. It's a good machine and well designed. The best option is to speak to Pekka in Finland (the owner of the company). He's a lovely guy and will look after you. The only issue is that every machine manufacturer is working on a long delay due to parts issues. Logbullet is no exception.
  5. Big J


    To by fair to him, it was probably only about 40 thrusts! 😆
  6. Big J


    It was the slow, methodical nature of it that made is comical. That and the obligatory grunt at the end of each thrust! Gotta give the chap credit though. We went out the carpark so that I can pop out for half an hour to check on a site, and when my daughter and sister in law got back inside 10 or more minutes later, he was still going for it.
  7. Big J


    Go for a nice family day out they said. Go to the local zoo they suggested. It's nice for the children they assured me. Reality: XXX rated tortoise shows for all to see! 😆 Fortunately my 7 year old was none the wiser and didn't ask any questions that I wasn't mentally prepared to answer! Tortoise at Tropiquaria.mp4
  8. Define compact - commercially in the UK, that could mean anything from an Alstor up to a Komatsu 840tx.
  9. No where to swim around here unfortunately. The rivers all run red with the clay run off and are also laced with sewage overflow. Not a pretty picture.
  10. Very much agreed. I liked the company, but the product wasn't up to scratch unfortunately. I'm a heavy user (so to speak) and within a year it wouldn't last a working day without a top up charge. By contrast the Ulefone is usually 3 days at work on one charge. 4-5 days if I'm not at work, and 2 days if I'm using it continuously when travelling, including sat nav.
  11. Really crap here today. 27mm of rain in the last 24 hours, so a very indoor Christmas. 11c too.
  12. I had one. It was OK, but the battery life was terrible (6-7hrs when on headset listening to the radio through it) and the rubber outer case just peeled away. The Ulefone Armor X3 is a big step up from the T500. With the exception that the Tuff phone sounds like it should be a Terminator model. The Ulefone can't match it for cool 😎
  13. I had the worksite pack on mine, which included grip control (clever traction control modes for offroad), 30mm raised ride height, bigger (mud and snow) tyres and underbody guarding. That made a big difference.


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