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  1. That should be correct, though I cannot be certain as I've only made large purchases in the EU as a VAT registered business.
  2. You will need to pay VAT on it unless you are VAT registered here. You simply supply your VAT number at the point of purchase and they will not charge you VAT at the point of sale. If Brexit happens, god only knows. You'll probably need to trade your first born and a night with your wife.
  3. It's been very, very wet for the last 3 weeks here in Devon. Rain every day. Cutting up on Exmoor at the moment, and must have had 12-15 inches of rain in that time. Looking forward to the end of it.
  4. I has been extensively thinned in the past. Perhaps slightly overthinned the last time, hence the 60 odd trees windblown. Lovely timber indeed. Fast grown but great form throughout. The odd tree we've had to do the first length as a 3.7m as I'd struggle to move a 4.9m. Not yet certain we'll mulch it, but do have a chap from Kingwell Holdings coming out on Thursday to quote to mulch it with a monster purpose built machine
  5. Not sure if the video will work, but Tom took a nice video of me coming out of the stand. The ground is in poor shape, but that's to be expected after 3 weeks of continuous rain. You have to listen to it with the sound on as the engine makes a lovely noise!
  6. I love the design, always have. The convection tubes are actually really effective, and the layout of the stove, taking long logs, is really practical.
  7. The other new planting on that site has not been mounded, so I'm disinclined to do so. I'm considering using a mulcher on site actually. There isn't much brash (could have done with more to be honest) and what there is is half driven into the ground. A 13t excavator with mulching head will very quickly bash it down to virtually nothing. The mulch will help fertilise the new planting too, as well as improve the soil structure. Might be a touch more expensive for me, but it'll look better, and hopefully produce a better 2nd rotation. The trees were pretty large at base, and even with a larger harvester (this one will take 60cm), we would have still had to debuttress them. When factoring in lower stumps (and the money saved there) and the fact they are taking 1-3 lengths off per tree, it's only costing me a few quid a tonne to drop the tree by hand, and that's only counting the tonnes they produce, not what is going through the head on the harvester. And also, I've got good, hardworking cutters who do lots of shittier work for me. It's good to be able to give them some nice trees to fell for a change. But as I said, they are a fair size. This is a 372XP on a 24" bar:
  8. They are beautiful stoves, truly. Out of interest, why is the flue illegal?
  9. Two separate compartments I think. The topography lends itself to have the sitka growing on the exposed upper slope and the douglas on the northern edge down the hill a bit.
  10. Yes. A 90% replant, with 15m strips around the outside for the already prolific natural regen to grow. The replanting is 50% douglas fir, 50% sitka
  11. Not especially wet, which is remarkable considering the amount of rain we've had in the past three weeks. Soft, but not wet. It's all processed with a Harvadig. That was all that was available to me at the time. They average 48cm at chest height, but considerably larger at base. Hand felling them means very low stumps. I reckon we're gaining 20cm of log length off the stump, which at an average 60cm diameter is just over 50kg. With 1200 trees, that's 60 tonnes extra and over £4k when loaded onto the wagon. It also leaves a tidier site and makes extraction easier. I don't have a harvester yet. Just hiring in. The forwarder is doing fine. No issues at all
  12. It's a rare stand. Good quality timber on good ground. I expect I'll put over 1000t onto the lorries next Tuesday-Friday
  13. Wish I had more jobs like this. We'll have cleared nearly 3000t in 4 weeks. All hand felled (I like low stumps), a log or two taken off and processed by harvester. I think the sweet spot is about 10 lorries a day as it gives me enough time to nip down the hill to grab a load, which goes straight onto the lorry from the forwarder. Two forwarder loads is one lorry load


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