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  1. Big J


    We've all done overloaded trips, but posting about it online isn't a great ideal, especially when that overloaded.
  2. Big J


    Very silly. Could have been done in two trips without risking your driving licence. You're not only risking your licence, but also the safety of other road users with that kind of overloading.
  3. Yes, global population increase is an issue. Should that have any bearing on European immigration policy? No. They are separate issues and should not be conflated.
  4. If I go into the saw shop in the same outfit, twice in a row, I get laughed right out of there. I won't apologise for my impeccable fashion sense, from the top of my scruffy head to the tip of my Birkenstock clad toe! 😄
  5. With a kit house, the drawings are ready to be submitted so there is no delay. The chap at the Danwood stand at the housing expo said that a typical build time from the point of order is 6 months. That's 12 weeks for it to be built in the factory and 14 weeks on site until it's ready to move into. Most normal self builds are 3 times as long on average.
  6. Big J

    New Defender

    400 plus miles apparently. Have faith! The end of internal combustion cars/trucks is nigh, and I can't wait to be electric only 😁
  7. If we were able to navigate planning in a fairly expedient manner, we'd just go with timber frame and straw bale construction. It wouldn't attain passive standard, but it would be very environmentally friendly, require fairly minimal heating and the vast bulk of the house would have been grown in a small radius of the construction site. I'm lucky to have access to huge amounts of very good quality timber, that I can cut to my own specification. A kit house is however a pretty good compromise, as whilst there are some slightly dubious materials in the walls, they overall environmental impact is minute compared to an older house, and the construction time is only 14 weeks, start to finish. I do wish that UK planning law would make special exceptions for very green buildings. There has to be something to incentivise green building.
  8. Big J

    New Defender

    I'd be waiting for the electric pickup from Rivian: Looks so cleverly laid out, and 750bhp and 1124nm of torque would might light work of towing, say a medium sized artic trailer.
  9. Too rustic for my liking. You forget that I'm half German and require straight lines and order. Form follows function and function is king! 😄
  10. I do supply a few timber framers, and I have had discussions....
  11. £50 a month including VAT. Unlimited calls, unlimited texts and 100gb data. I listen to a lot of podcasts and such like at work, as well as spending 1-2 hrs a day on the phone, so I'll make good use of the allowances. I think my old EE plan was £24/month, but that was Sim only. Factoring in the cost of the phone, the Tuff phone plan costs £33.33 a month with an extra 60gb of data compared to EE (you can get it with lower data tariffs, I should add) so it's not a big price hike.
  12. Big J

    New Defender

    It looks to me like more of a replacement for the Disco 4.
  13. Yeah, they are difficult to work with. Ideally you don't want any windows in the roof itself, rather a good overhang on the eaves and gable ends, and windows contained within the wall.


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