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  1. magog

    logosol m7

    Any idea here I can get hold of edge supports? I only need the locking arm section. The mill isn't happy sited on the field, keeps drifting out of alignment. I'll be shifting it to more solid ground after these logs. Any other general tips?
  2. magog

    logosol m7

    I bought it - getting used to it now with some Douglas Fir
  3. magog

    logosol m7

    I bought it - getting used to it now with some Douglas Fir
  4. Bmp01 that's just what I'm hoping will work with my saw. The reduction in diameter takes it to exactly 10mm with 13mm internal on the drum 10mm axial length. I've ordered a couple, see what happens. The saw flies, it's a terrible waste!
  5. I've just discovered my 2013 261c m has worn 0.5mm from the clutch spindle and I'm gutted about this wear, especially as I've just fitted a new fuel solenoid and rim clutch kit! I'm going to try a non-stihl replacement needle bearing set that matches the new dimensions. The replacement Stihl bearing is sloppy on the worn shaft the new bearing from a uk bearing supplier exactly matches the length,new shaft diameter, and clutch diameter - fingers crossed!
  6. Hiya I've had a Buckingham log station for 12 years, brilliant kit. I'm trying to buy another but I lost the contact and it doesn't appear anywhere on the web. I seem to remember he sold through a totally different named business. Any chance you have details/clue how to reach them? Cheers, Richie
  7. Hi Simon Yes, I'll take it. Long trip for me so depends how much we can agree price. Please pm me Richie Sent from my HTC One_M8 using Arbtalk mobile app
  8. Good man! Can you let Olib see that mate.call or text me on 07918600630, cheers
  9. Hi Olib I haven't seen the job but the customer seems to estimate the diameter between 3 and 4 feet diameter. Over fifteen feet of milling. I agreed about 180 per day with a bit on for fuel. But I'm sure you could agree your own rate. If you are interested or not please let me know and I'll forward their details. Thanks for getting back to me, Cheers Richie McBride (magog)
  10. Kidderminster Alaskan mill job, any takers? Hi I have a potential customer who wants a large Ash milling in their garden. Please get in touch with me if you fancy the job. Bit too far for me-over sixty miles do I want to pass this one on. Cheers Richie McBride
  11. Awkward unions the splitter, most of the pile then get one of my Fiskars X series! The best, the best, log splitting mauls I've ever used. I use the X25 for big stuff, X17 for the middling and , and the X7 for kindling. My log burning tree mates have ALL conveyed to this range, light, sharp as hell, and brilliant splitting wedge.
  12. a good mate tried to tell me about this last year and I still don't quite get it. do you mean the root of the cutter stays the same width while the head of the cutter is reducing due to the top plate taper or have I just made things worse? as Telly Savalas said: a picture paints a thousand words, a couple of pictures would short thirds out?

    <p>Good morning Rob. I was hoping you may be able to do mange a deal on asugihara 36 bar a Greenberg chain and a 12V grinder as a package. if you can,I would order today, sorry for the cheek but I seem to remember you had a deal a while back and now I have a large cedar to plank I need the bigger bar</p>

    <p> regards</p>

    <p> Richie</p>


  14. I always place on palletts with a tin sheet or sheets over. On the continent, Germany, Austria I see these stacks in cords in woodland with one sheet over tied down through the stack - all timber lifted off the ground with two sacrificial narrow poles. I have the Grube catalogue (available via their website) and it shows tarps specially made with sprung tie downs terminating in knock-in pins and they look perfect for the job - I use a similar idea and my wood dries to 25% and below like this.
  15. I've just got a Fuelwoods Woodline WL10 Multipla which has a Honda engine and a splitting height of 57cm but the splitting table rotates through 4 positions from vertical to horizontal - it has been ideal for really wide rings - 3 feet diameter at latest experiment- and shorter rings which I lift onto the horizontal bed. They also make a WL10 Bull special vertical only with a 102cm height of log. Trouble is mine cost 1700 quis so I reckon the Bull 10 is about 2k. I got a 50% grant to help me buy mine and I think it's the best thing i could have bought to help my business along.


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