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  1. Hi all there’s Little point in buying a cheap stove because what will happen you will end up hurting more wood as there is very little control on a cheap stove and they’re not very efficient thanks I have euro heat 16kw and also resolute acclaim are absolutely brilliant it’s all down to what you’re prepared to pay to how good a stove actually is thanks John
  2. Hi all Please let me no if you have any timber you like me to pick up off site 15miles of Radstock thanks pm me
  3. Hi all does anyone run a Toyota 80 series tipper thanks they’re built very well thanks Jon
  4. Hi mate just let him carry on stand back and just let him carry on that’s rod hall the used to do emu fell off a roof adjusting his TV aerial absolutely no sense in it owell thanks
  5. Hi all is there a hardwood out there that I can pick up offsite of tree surgeons thanks John
  6. Hi ALL I’m looking for large hardwood butts please in Somerset Area please could please pm me or arb hardwood off site thanks Jon pm me thanks
  7. HI ALL I’m still looking for large hard wood BUTTS thanks pm Jon
  8. Hi BOB how long ago did you buy them bob thanks as I can not see the tools there thanks Jon
  9. Hi mate absolutely terrible weather here not good at all
  10. Hi stubby We still have the firelit here is absolutely terrible the weather
  11. Hi stamp what a great truck they are the old Toyota pickups 70s Series thanks Jon
  12. Hi mate what HP are you running please and TQ I’ve a mate running Mercedes Engine running over 650hp it faster a new range rover sport thanks Jon
  13. Hi mate or go to the Massey Ferguson club ask them mate thanks they go off Engine numbers and gear box thanks Jon
  14. Hi stubby yes mate it’s blooming cold here at the time of year we got the stove it mad


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