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  1. You can now buy unbranded stove glass - which abides by all safety regs - for a fraction of the price of branded glass. Anyone tried an unbranded glass replacement?
  2. There is now a huge range of stoves and prices - what is the maximum you would pay for a stove?
  3. This might help:- https://www.bowlandstoves.co.uk/blog/stove-advice-and-maintenance/choosing-best-types-of-wood-stove/
  4. Funny how political parties are now on the global warming bandwagon when they werent interested a decade ago. Was it because there were few votes in it a few years ago or am I being unfair
  5. Hi @david lawrence Do you have a picture of the damage you can send me and I will have a chat with my colleague?
  6. Thats stove is a prime example of how they pass the test of time - looks ancient but also looks like it is still going strong. An interesting side point, do contemporary stoves have the same longevity?
  7. Totally agree, there are numerous opportunities pre-season to showcase new stoves. Why take the risk that potential buyers will be put off, as there are no reviews, even if it is the best stove in the world?
  8. Just wondering if any new stoves have caught your eye? Some manufacturers seem to be leaving the launch of new stoves later and later into the season.
  9. While initially I mentioned a stove fully clad in soapstone, just the other day I was writing about some new stoves which have the option of a soapstone top like in this picture. Personally I would like to see more soapstone stoves but appreciate they are not to everyones taste.
  10. I suppose the next question is, who installed the stove? Was it a self-install?
  11. I had to wade through a few different interpretations lol
  12. I had to Google your comment lol Translated, "Fair Enough"


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