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  1. As they say fail to plan, plan to fail
  2. Interested to see the popular brands out there Personally I always liked the look of the Morso S1040 when it first came out.
  3. We had issue with Morso in the past - they didnt seem to be able to control some parties offering them at huge discounts which impacted all other retailers. Unfortunate though as there are some very good stoves in the Morso range. However, if as a business you are not allowed to compete on a level playing field, this leaves you only one option.
  4. Hi @trigger_andy I hope you get it all sorted out before the winter ends Joking aside, it looks like a very impressive machine.
  5. I am surprised the council have no way of measuring output from your stove rather than just taking someones word for it - someone who it seems has a grudge to bear. From what you say you have done nothing wrong and unless they can physically prove that you are breaking the law surely they cannot take this any further? Funny how councils will take the "evidence" off some busybody when it suits them but getting help out of a council department is like getting blood out of a stone. Lets not forget, it is us tax payers who indirectly employ these people to "help" us.
  6. Hi @Rob_the_Sparky There are some difference in overall dimensions, for example:- Hamlet Solution 5 Widescreen Multifuel Stove Size: 600mm high x 541mm wide x 365mm deep Hamlet Solution 5 Size: 522mm high x 397mm wide x 388mm deep
  7. I am not saying I agree with that argument just that I thought it was an interesting alternative to the narrative all western world media outlets seem to take
  8. Hi @trigger_andy Here is an interesting argument I saw on another forum. While we, as in the UK and the developed world, are preaching to the likes of India and China about carbon emissions, etc. What right do we have to do this? Are they not just at a stage we were at 100 years ago in the industrial revolution and then the cycle moved on for us? Interesting points I thought
  9. Also, the atmosphere and the type of heat a stove creates is very different
  10. And boom! Climate change does not seem to be awfully high on Boris Johnson's government agenda. Oh these politicians are so so predictable.
  11. There seems to be a strong trend in the stove market towards widescreen stoves (sounds like I am talking abouts TVs lol). Hit or a miss?
  12. Assuming you pay for you wood, what is your annual spend on fuel for your wood burning stove?
  13. Reviews on Stovax stoves tend to be fairly positive on the whole - we have been selling them for years and very few if any real complaints I can think of. I see the Stockton was mentioned above, that has been a really good seller over the years.
  14. You can now buy unbranded stove glass - which abides by all safety regs - for a fraction of the price of branded glass. Anyone tried an unbranded glass replacement?


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