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  1. BowlandStoves

    Post an image of your stove

    I like the rounded area for your stove, looks great. The stove looks fairly new?
  2. We have all spoken about stoves - maybe it is worth sharing your current stove with the rest of the world Who wants to post a picture of their stove?
  3. I see Stovax are just about to launch a new View 5 stove with widescreen - looks like this is a growing trend and one which is probably here to stay.
  4. There are a number of accessories and added extras available for woodburning and multifuel stoves such as:- Stove Fire Screens Stove Benches Stove Fans Stove Hot Plate Have you tried any of these or anything else - if so how did you find them? I wonder if we will see innovation in this area in the future?
  5. It is fair to say that some manufacturers have a better spares service than others
  6. The subject of home insurance is one which is rarely mentioned by customers but it is worth having the conversation. Here is a comment from the HETAS wbesite:- "If you’ve recently installed or are thinking of installing a wood or multi fuel burning appliance, you will need to check whether you have appropriate cover under your existing home insurance. This can be especially true if you have a home of non-standard construction, such as timber framed or thatched roof." Has anyone looked into their own situation? If so what was the advice?
  7. Hi @Bob_z_l I think you are being very fair on your delivery expectations. We tend to get UK held stock delivered quicker than the timeframe you mentioned but stock coming from overseas can vary depending on the manufacturer. Some manufacturers seem to hold minimum stock in the UK which puts people off buying their stove, creating a vicious circle.
  8. BowlandStoves

    Smell of smoke in house

    Might be worth getting a HETAS qualified engineer out to have a look - something has gone wrong and not good for smoke to be escaping from somewhere. As someone mentioned above, I presume your Carbon Monoxide/CO detector is working ok?
  9. We have had a number of discussions of late as to what delivery lead times customers expect for stove and stove spare parts. Without giving my opinion which might sway some comments either way , what do you think is fair and acceptable?
  10. BowlandStoves

    Ever heard of smoke-monitored areas?

    As ever it seems to be a case of central government palming off local stuff to local government who often have no idea. There needs to be one size fits all regulations for the country and a "heat map" (excuse the pun lol) showing SCA in the UK would be a great idea.
  11. Just looked back at my post, yes Hamlet is an Arada brand While we have seen the likes of the Firefox hit the lower end of the market, Hamlet still remains the go to cheaper stove from our experience.
  12. Hi @neiln There are so many stove spares available today that you can literally replace every part (except the body lol) and for £200 you have a good deal there.
  13. Is this the machine you are talking about?
  14. BowlandStoves

    Ever heard of smoke-monitored areas?

    Its a new one on me


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