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  1. Stove company make a big play about their warranties - I would be interested to hear how customers have faired when trying to exercise these warranties.
  2. BowlandStoves

    Which stove - Heart or Head

    I agree with your comments about the Hamlet Widescreen - we have sold many different types of Hamlet stoves over the years. While they are seen by some as an "introductory" stove, this is a little unfair as it suggests they are sub-standard quality when this is certainly not the case.
  3. If you consider the cost of installation over lets say the 20 year life of a stove (a conservative figure) then at £1000 its only £50 a year. However it can be a shock to some people who have perhaps not done their research into the cost of stoves and installation.
  4. It is fair to say that all budgets are covered by the UK stove industry, from a few hundred pounds up to thousands of pounds. I thought it might be interesting to see the theoretical budget of those interested in wood burning/multi fuel stoves. How much would you pay - leaving installation, etc aside and just looking at the stove price.
  5. BowlandStoves

    Morso stoves - hit or a miss?

    I dont think the brand will disappear, whether it ends up under different ownership that is a whole different matter.
  6. Without going into politics too much, would a change in UK government help or hinder the UK stove industry?
  7. Fascinating insight - I would strongly recommend watching the above video.
  8. From personal experience I find that stove use seems to be higher in the countryside than towns and cities. Is this a fair comment?
  9. I have sussed the politicians out lol Promises like "in 20 years we will be carbon neutral" are promises by people who wont be around to keep them lol By the time the deadlines come they will be long gone and it will be the problem of the next batch of career politicians
  10. The latest trend in politics is saving the environment and reducing emission targets. Should the government be promoting wood burning stoves (modern stoves which are more efficient) or is the rather bizarre current stance justified - lumping stoves in with open fires and ignoring modern stove efficiency ratings. Interested to hear what people think......
  11. Over the years we have sold many Morso stoves but currently we dont stock them after an issue with the company (long story lol). What is the current feeling about Morso stoves and their customer services in the UK?
  12. Reading the thread it shows the subtle hints that there may be problems with flue blockages and the damage wet wood can do. As easy as it sounds, it is worth checking the flue when you feel performance has dipped, the door is tarring up much quicker, etc. The bloackage in one of the flue pipes was alarming as the chance of a fire must have increased dramatically!
  13. BowlandStoves


    Its the same old adage - "you get what you pay for". Not sure why people are still pulled in by cheap (for a reason) wood when there is more than enough info on this forum alone to know what damage they can do to your stove. Not to mention the lack of heat off them.
  14. BowlandStoves

    What was the best ever stove you have/had?

    What are the dimensions - difficult to get an angle of size from photo.
  15. BowlandStoves

    List your stove FAQs

    Hi Sebgates, Looking at the link, and what the text says, you do not appear to be using the fire-retardent version? If this is the case it should be removed immediately and replaced with the fire-retardent version or another fire-retardent product. I hope this helps.


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