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  1. BowlandStoves

    What was the best ever stove you have/had?

    What are the dimensions - difficult to get an angle of size from photo.
  2. BowlandStoves

    List your stove FAQs

    Hi Sebgates, Looking at the link, and what the text says, you do not appear to be using the fire-retardent version? If this is the case it should be removed immediately and replaced with the fire-retardent version or another fire-retardent product. I hope this helps.
  3. Typical government - they panic everyone and the slip through "diluted" regulations which seem ok compared to the rumours BUT they are still unfair in many ways. However, we are all supposed to feel relieved the regulations werent worse.
  4. BowlandStoves

    What was the best ever stove you have/had?

    "lounge around in your pants" lol
  5. BowlandStoves

    'Worlds least polluting woodburner'

    I work from home on the internet side and my boss runs the office and sales side.
  6. BowlandStoves

    What was the best ever stove you have/had?

    Yes, the ability to effectively store heat within the soapstone and slowly push it out to the room over a prolonged period of time. I remember the first time I wrote about one I used to think it was purely for visual effect but its not
  7. BowlandStoves

    What was the best ever stove you have/had?

    Does anyone have strong opinions either way on soapstone covered stoves?
  8. BowlandStoves

    'Worlds least polluting woodburner'

    Have you seen one of these stoves in action @Alycidon?
  9. I would be very interested to see what you think, from experience, was the best ever stove that you have/had?
  10. BowlandStoves

    Flexi Flue sweeping.

    How did you get on @bikewoo?
  11. BowlandStoves

    Flexi Flue sweeping.

    While you can do this yourself, if you are unsure it is probably best to get a qualified person to do it. A sweep by a qualified person might help to identify any issues/wear and tear at an early stage.
  12. BowlandStoves

    'Worlds least polluting woodburner'

    Did Hunter ever release dates for the launch of this ground breaking stove?
  13. I smile to myself at some of the headlines around stoves. "They could be responsible for....xyz". They never say, yes they are 100% responsible for xyz but just put that little bit of doubt in a buyers mind.
  14. BowlandStoves

    Henley Druid

    Good call @alycidon https://www.whatstove.co.uk/about-whatstove Owned by stovesonline. Not sure they can give impartial advice when they are a major operator in the industry?
  15. BowlandStoves

    'Worlds least polluting woodburner'

    I have read a bit more about this and I guess the only real concern is how they could fit effectively 2 combustion chambers into one stove and keep it "normal" size?


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