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  1. Personally I dont think they have an argument but I can imagine eco friendly groups pushing harder and harder for a stove tax in the future. I would be interested to hear any views.
  2. We have been looking at an array of different surrounds you can add to your stove, from stone hearths to oak mantles, mirrors to glass hearths, etc. Do you go for the traditional bare surround or something different?
  3. While nobody is saying that the UK is perfect in any way, I think we are a lot lot better than many countries out there. Grouping different combustion processes together under one umbrella gives a very unfair impression for things like wood burning/multifuel stoves. One irony in Scotland is the building of the super duper Queensferry Crossing which is a stunning bridge. It was built to reduce congestion and traffic numbers - since it was built both congestion and traffic numbers have gone up by 3.9% (I think this was the figure). I think governments sometimes need to get their own house in order before they start throwing accussations at others
  4. Recently I added an image of a Nordpeis ME Ceiling Hung Woodburning Stove which attracted a few comments lol What is the strangest looking stove you have ever seen - be good to see some images
  5. Hi @xdcx Dont hold your breath! Politicians and councils talk the talk but walking the walk, we shall see
  6. Here is another wider image. That must place a fair bit of pressure on the flue pipe?
  7. I think the 2 comments say everything lol The SIA need a higher profile
  8. Someone earlier asked about a PR body for the stove industry - there is one, The Stove Industry Alliance. The proof is in the pudding, have you heard of The Stove Industry Alliance before? Stove Industry Alliance | representing manufacturers, distributors, advisory and test house bodies and other interested parties who sell stoves WWW.STOVEINDUSTRYALLIANCE.COM The Stove Industry Alliance is an alliance of UK stove and roomheater manufacturers, distributors, advisory and test...
  9. Very interesting explanation of how a stove fan works for those thinking of buying one
  10. The term "smoke and mirrors" springs to mind. Rob_the_Sparky hit the nail on the head, lumping wood burning stoves with other less efficient forms of burning just doesnt make sense - unless, like politicians, you have an agenda
  11. Also, if you say it loud enough and long enough - anything can become "the truth".
  12. One death is one death too many but to throw all of the blame on wood burning stoves is a little far fetched:- Wood burning stoves face axe as Scots pollution death toll is revealed WWW.HERALDSCOTLAND.COM A BAN on domestic wood burning is on the cards after it emerged more than one in 29 deaths in Scotland's large... There is even a comment to suggest that PM2.5 particles are being "blown over" the channel to mainland Europe and increasing their PM2.5 numbers. I have seen cases of passing the buck but....come on.....
  13. With politicians it seems to be a case of "do what I say, not as I do". I live in Scotland and the First Minister up here is always talking up Scotland's green credentials while being chauffered everywhere and taking a helicopter for "longer" journeys. Oh how it must be good to have an expense account which the tax man never queries
  14. Its a shame that after years of hovering on the side lines you decide to post on a topic which many people have strong opinions about. There is a huge push to go "green" as we all know and importing wood might be seen to play into the hands of those who continue to criticise stoves as enivornmentally unfriendly. The truth is that no combustion process is ever fully green but putting stoves (often 80%+ efficient) in the same category as open fires (max 30% efficient) seems bizarre to say the least. I noticed during the election that ALL political parties promised to plant literally millions of trees in the UK going forwards. While the new stock will take some time to mature, there is still more than enough wood supply in the UK to go around. I think I read somewhere that the UK also exports wood which is strange when we also import to fulfil our own demand. Its a strange world that we live in!


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