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  1. Figures for 2017 UK imports: The total value of wood product imports was £7.9 billion (+6%). UK exports: The total value of wood product exports was £1.9 billion (+26%). I thought we would be a lot more self sufficient when it came to wood supplies in the UK - scope to expand the industry? * https://www.forestresearch.gov.uk/tools-and-resources/statistics/statistics-by-topic/timber-statistics/uk-wood-production-and-trade-provisional-figures/
  2. BowlandStoves

    Brilliant idea

    Mmmm - what was the brilliant idea 🤔
  3. From what I have read the manufacturers do not seem too keen to commit themselves to advice/comments about overnight burning although many people do it without any issues.
  4. I am not "campaigning" and am not a fan of lots of bureaucracy but everything else seems to be going down that route - all under the guise of helping when really just bringing in more and more money for the authorities.
  5. Whatever happens with Brexit there will be issues in the short to medium term and supply lines may be blocked in the short term. It looks as though we import a lot of wood:- https://www.forestresearch.gov.uk/tools-and-resources/statistics/statistics-by-topic/timber-statistics/uk-wood-production-and-trade-provisional-figures/ Will Brexit increase the cost of your wood? Higher import costs for wood coming from overseas and possibly higher demand for UK wood pushing prices higer. What do you think?
  6. BowlandStoves

    Hybrid wood & electric cookers

    Interesting development - I presume this is targeted at the AGA type market, those who like to cook but also enjoy the deep seated heat from a wood burning stove. Not sure it will catch on in a big way but looks like it might fill a small niche market?
  7. Rightly or wrongly I can see us moving towards an annual check up system in the name of "health and safety". The fact it will raise extra money for the government and create a few more jobs might just be a coincidence cough cough
  8. Some interesting info here-:- https://www.researchgate.net/publication/228853884_Factors_affecting_mould_growth_on_kiln_dried_wood
  9. I am not sure you posting in the right section?
  10. BowlandStoves

    Where do you get wood for your stove?

    Hi @difflock There is method to your madness lol
  11. I was a little surprised to see HETAS pushing a particular insurance company but then again I think this is still a specialist area and maybe information is not so forthcoming as yet. Will we see a day when stoves are insured separately? I dont think so any time soon but it would make sense to make your insurance company aware of you legally installed and full functioning stove before they do start asking questions Maybe even evidence of regular maintenance would offer more support in the event that you have to claim?
  12. BowlandStoves

    Firebricks - clay or vermiculite?

    Hi @Steven P Just wondering what you use instead of vermiculite - or do you use vermiculite?
  13. Hi @Alycidon I am sure insurance companies are asking questions after the event to try and wriggle out of paying up. I am certain there will be some small print which says you have to advise them if your have a stove, etc.
  14. BowlandStoves

    Firebricks - clay or vermiculite?

    In our experience vermiculite has been the go to material to use. The benefits are well documented in this thread.
  15. Hi @difflock What type of glue is used on the wood you burn?


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