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  1. BowlandStoves

    'Worlds least polluting woodburner'

    I have read a bit more about this and I guess the only real concern is how they could fit effectively 2 combustion chambers into one stove and keep it "normal" size?
  2. BowlandStoves

    Henley Druid

    Not one I have any real experience of either but I see one of the stoves in particular has some decent reviews:- https://www.whatstove.co.uk/henley-druid-5-reviews
  3. BowlandStoves

    'Worlds least polluting woodburner'

    It can be dangerous to put the hype out there unless they are certain they have it in the bag
  4. Dont talk to me about the SNP - I live in Scotland. They had to give into the Green Party to get their budget through the Scottish Parliament. Part of that is giving councils the power to charge employers for each parking space they have on their own private property. Of course its all in the name of the environment - not!
  5. BowlandStoves

    Best 5kw multi fuel stove recommendations please

    Have you looked at the new:- https://www.bowlandstoves.co.uk/acatalog/Helios-5-Cleanburn-Multifuel-Stove.html#.XFwNzaAuDIU Seems like a nice entry level stove.
  6. I am always sceptical of new government initiatives as somewhere under the surface there is always a money grabbing scheme. If they were serious they would look at a recycling program for older stoves as they did for older cars a while back. Today's wood burning/multifuel stoves are very different and much more efficient when compared to their older counterparts. So the scare stories are misleading - but when did that ever stop a politician from pursuing their own agenda
  7. I read somewhere that while there is "plenty" of wood in the UK, the majority of trees are not grown for stove fuel. So, I am not sure that we could quickly pick up the pace of planting and harvest in the short term? However, there is certainly a long term business opportunity there.
  8. BowlandStoves

    Fuel saving gadgets??

    I saw that as well and while it looked interesting, the proof is in the pudding. He has been left with stock from years ago and not managed to shift it. He was looking for Dragon funding despite the fact he is a multi-millionaire. Alarm bells ringing yet?
  9. BowlandStoves

    Best 5kw multi fuel stove recommendations please

    I forgot to mention the new Widescreen Hamlet Solution 5 (sounds like a TV screen lol) https://www.bowlandstoves.co.uk/blog/latest-stoves/new-hamlet-solution-5-widescreen-stove/
  10. It sounds corny but climates have and continue to change which means the seasons in the UK are also changing. Traditionally the stove season tended to start early September and finish around the end of March. However, that has been changing for a few years now. Some argue there are no seasons now and it is just continual
  11. I would be interested to learn what others think about the government's attack on wood burning and multifuel stoves during the recent clean air strategy launch. Some points I would like to make:- Talking about coal fires and wood burning stoves in the same breath is misleading. Coal fires are around 30% efficient while modern day stoves can be up to 80% efficient Modern day stoves are more efficient than their counter parts from just 10 years ago According to the industry, stove emissions are around 80% down on 10 years ago I would be interested to hear supporting and opposing views.
  12. BowlandStoves

    Best 5kw multi fuel stove recommendations please

    Have you looked at a Hamlet Hardy 5:- https://www.bowlandstoves.co.uk/acatalog/Hamlet-Hardy-5.html#.XC3vLWkuDIU
  13. Pre-winter seems to be a little warmer these days then we get the cold snaps later and later into the start of the new year. I dont think there is a season as such any more - global warming? Now there is a prickly politican subject 🤣
  14. BowlandStoves

    Christmas in front of a wood burner :)

    It sounds like one of those plate spinning tricks - keeping them all going at the same time 😀 Lovely dog - seems to enjoy the stove fire 🤣
  15. BowlandStoves

    Firewood, woodworm worry.

    I got this as a present from my step children lol You spin it around and have to eat the sweet it lands on. Some are lovely others taste like creepy crawlies lol


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