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  1. It doesn't work when you dangle it.

    There is a tiny reservoir of fuel in the carb so if it really is instantaneous then I'd be looking in the carb for the problem. I think a pinched fuel line or pick up issue would take a few seconds to show as an issue. It could be the metering lever is not operating quite correctly and in need of a tweek - its the only thing i can think of that gravity might affect in an otherwise sound carb. .... but that said the spring should pay the major role in controlling lever position. bmp01
  2. New Chainsaw Brake Dragging

    I'm not sure there is much to conclude from the damaged band - with that much change to its geometry its going to adopt a different shape to a new one, plus it's bound to have got blinkin hot so it might be distorted too. I'd be a bit worried about the wear to the inside of the cover (3rd picture) - it says to me things are not aligned the way they should be, could be the cover or the machined face on the engine case. It's got to go back for repair / investigation. I'd be asking for a replacement cover as well as the brake band, hoping that fixes any alignment issue. If that doesnt fix it, then it's replacement saw time. BMP01
  3. Husqvarna CD480

    There was a 480 advertised on gumtree earlier in the week, think it was advertised in Corby, 29 quid, missing chain. Probably just a coincidence. bmp01
  4. Chainsaws.

    Thoroughly agree. The clever bit is establishing what value to assign to 's'.... not got there yet though
  5. Free husky 16" bar

    I asked the question badly. ... think i should have said 10 "drive links" not "rivets" 0.325 pitch per drive link ------> 3.25" for 10 drive links (thats over 11 rivets if you count the first one ) 3/8 = 0.375 pitch --------> 3.75" for 10 drive links (or 3.375" over 9 links, 10 rivets - most likely). My guess is it's a 3/8 pitch chain with a bit of stretch. ... can you confirm, incase someone wants it? bmp01
  6. Free husky 16" bar

    Hello, I'm interested in this, postage necessary though. ... Could you measure the distance over 10 rivits and tell us the number please? (in mm or inches....) thanks, bmp01
  7. Stihl 200t running issues

    Have a look at this thread, might not be exactly the same but nevertheless worth understanding some of the worn carb issues . http://arbtalk.co.uk/forum/chainsaws/107694-200t.html?highlight=ms200 Also, +1 on checking the fuel tank vent. One way to diagnose if it's this - run the saw until it gives trouble, undo fuel cap to allow air in (ie get rid of vacuum), refit cap and see if saw runs fine for a bit - until vacuum builds again. How old is saw? What's the service history like? bmp01
  8. Tuning carbs with no L and H screws

    So, obviously you've checked the throttle linkage isn't tight sitting level... Back to the idea that it's fuel related, seems i had it arse about face in my previous post, so does it immediately idle slower when hung up or does it progressively get slower and finally stall? If it were rich at idle (I'm assuming it might well be from that plug) and then made richer it would get slower (and possibly slower and slower until it stalls). What's the orientation of the carb? I'm wondering if the metering lever and valve are working (but only just) when the saw is level, and not operating when the saw is hung (i know the spring on the metering lever ought to cope with this but if the valves not sealing, who knows). Solution in this case would be: check the valve, set the metering lever correctly, make sure the metering diaphragm is up the right way and also that the gasket is between the carb and the diaphragm etc. If that's good you could try squashing the metering lever down a 1/4 mm in the name of experimentation ... Also is the metering chamber vented to atmosphere or is there a compensation for filter blocking? bmp01
  9. MS250 Doesn't Like to Rev if Cold

    Top result, well done ! You'll be out scouting for more "fixer-uppers" next :lol: bmp01
  10. Ms201t sugihara bar, fitting issue.

    Nice set of options for WoodED to choose from Just looking at the thickness of the bridge (on the bar) and the amount of slack in the chain, if the heel of bar is ground out and the bar moved forward to tension the chain - its got to be touch and go whether the bar will be located by the "screw" that WoodED refers to. Add in a little wear and further adjustment .... Also what's the situation with adjuster travel? WoodED take the screw out temporarily, so you can see where the bar needs to sit - that'll answer the question. You could also work out where the bar would sit with a 1 link shorter chain, ie moving the bar inboard by 3/8". Rob - what's the "known" set up that others have used successfully on this saw? That's probably the best guidance. bmp01
  11. 201TCM running bad after "fixing"

    Knock off 2 more on the opposite side then, that'll fix it. ..
  12. Ms201t sugihara bar, fitting issue.

    You can not remove that screw, it's the only thing that keeps the bar aligned and stops it rotating around the single clamping stud. Have a look at the wear pattern on the screw where it contacts the bar that tells you it's doing a job. If it were a cheap old bar you might consider cutting the slot right out the end (like the Stihl).... bmp01.
  13. Farmertec saw parts experiences

    Thanks for the thought. It's a long reach HL135 hedge trimmer with the usual rod bearing failure due to a lack of maintenance. I should probably just bin it really. ... bmp01
  14. OMFG watch this

    Wow, how is she not dead ? ? ? So here's the thing, how do stupid people get away with stuff like this? Anyone with half a brain would be so tentative it would have gone wrong .... Is there some sort of higher power looking out for stupid people or something?
  15. Farmertec saw parts experiences

    I was looking at Farmertec gears for Stihl hedge cutter gearbox. Number one requirement has to be material quality and correct heat treatment. So thats another good plan down the drain then. ... bmp01


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