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  1. bmp01

    Sprocket Removal

    Looks like the clutch for dcs6000/6800 is obsolete but the drum is still available. .... didn't look too hard, part shop direct.co.uk Had me worried there.
  2. bmp01

    Stihl MS200t/201t - Spark test

    That was worth a watch 😂 That guy should be dead by now.... staged or not.
  3. Idles surprisingly well doesn't it.... Considering the high speed running I'm a bit surprised it doesn't just throw the towel in and give up. Probably just a fueling issue but I'd check the piston condition before running it anymore, (exhaust off, visual check through exhaust port). An outside punt, does chain run freely, chain brake is not clagged up ? Could explain why it idles ok but can't achieve a decent running speed. Edit: scratch that, looks like chain is running on at the end.
  4. bmp01

    What's on your bench today?

    Did you spot that piece of plastic stuck in the reed valve , it isn't particularly obvious. Its the leg of the primer bulb. Saw would run on choke, not at all off choke and try as I might I couldn't see a problem with the carb. Checked for pulse signal for the carb pump - nothing, then we got there, the reed valve was blocked open. ....
  5. bmp01

    What's on your bench today?

    Bought a Tanaka ECS 3351 yesterday, spare or repair . Plentyof compression but I had the exhaust off just in case - nice and clean piston. Rest of the saw was a little grubby but otherwise good condition, little used. Had the feel of being unused, 'parked' under the bench. ... Anyway reason for the post, slightly different 2 stroke design with intake charge controlled by a reed valve, don't see that to often in a modern saw and a then one of those 'Really !?! ' moments.....
  6. bmp01

    260 chain running on.......

    To be honest I didnt have a scobby-do either .... I'm still bemused any one could chomp through or snatch up some fence wire and not know about it until investigating a running on chain. ... maybe someone else was to blame.
  7. bmp01

    Running issues with Husqvarna 346xp

    My money is on that. Either run on old pump grade fuel mix or the carb is gunked up. Lots to check, make sure you find something 'coz finding nothing is definitely the wrong answer.
  8. bmp01

    260 chain running on.......

    I'm assuming the wire isn't a "design feature" but wrapped itself around the sprocket during a cutting incident. ... The chain running on being a result of the wire pressing on the crank and driving the sprocket (and chain) even when the clutch has disengaged. Happy to be told I'm wrong .... It'll all be fine in a bit though, the wire will soon wear to give running clearance and/or something else will break.
  9. bmp01

    260 chain running on.......

    Giving the clutch a helping hand. ...
  10. bmp01

    260 chain running on.......

    Oops.... Good inspection of chain required after that or is chain obviously fubarred? Was the "chain running on" the first sign of a problem ? No cutting issues up to then, no strange noises .....😨... ???
  11. bmp01

    Who has sent me a MS361 and another saw?

    Oh, ok, I'll go first. ... Other saw is a MS 192T and the box is cardboard like, crumpled news paper packing. And ermmmmm...... they need cleaning 😈 Nexxxttttt !!!
  12. bmp01

    What's on your bench today?

    Here's another version, from a 021 parts list, L&S Engineers....
  13. bmp01

    Which Carburetor do I need. Stihl ms 211 C

    Private message sent to you regarding carb fix.
  14. bmp01

    Stihl ms 211/ c throttle linkage removal

    White smoke is usually associated with water (or coolant) going through the combustion chamber, not likely with an air cooled 2 stroke unless there is water in the fuel. But I'm guessing you changed the fuel for fresh mix when you did the fuel filter. ... I expect your white smoke is down to the 2 stroke oil you used during the rebuild, it's probably inside the exhaust and needs can good thrash to clean it out. That will have to wait. Have a look at this thread regarding carb problems : https://arbtalk.co.uk/forums/topic/111138-ms181-spluttering-and-bogging-down-at-high-revs/ HTH.
  15. bmp01

    Stihl ms 211/ c throttle linkage removal

    Piston is just as soft as the cylinder. So as Spud said if something has gone through the engine you'd expect to see a damaged piston too. So either piston has been replaced or it's a dodgy cylinder from the off. Could be aftermarket parts, do you know the saws history? Regarding assembly issues - the need to assemble the engine lose and bolt it all up in situe is a truely shite idea. I don't have any respect for Stihl for employing this design. Compound that with making it almost impossible to position the engine in the saw body.... just stupid. I've done a few now and it's not easy, best way I've found is to have the engine upside down and position the body over it. Well, the truth is you're not expected to rebuild these saws. Personally I'd just run it, you've changed and/or inspected all the bits that leak. If it's an old saw expect the carb to be a pain. ... bmp01


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