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  1. Even though there have been huge improvements in the electric stove industry - not the stereotypical 3 bar fires of years gone by - this is still a diversive subject lol
  2. Hi @woodrascal Good point - if you dont stick to the manufacturer's recommended fuel types you will likely have issues if you ever needed to use your warranty cover.
  3. Over the last few weeks we have seen some difficulties in the stove manufacturing and retail sector. A mix of uncertainty over Brexit, unhelpful comments from politicians and the almost constant threat of taxes/additional costs on stoves in the name of the "environment" have not helped. While the industry is certainly here to stay, it looks as though we may see a consolidation of the sector and a few more casualties in the short to medium term. Are you seeing signs that local stove retailers are struggling?
  4. Anyone care to comment on the their experience with a modern day electric stove. I will keep my comments back so as not to push the argument either way
  5. How did the anthracite beans burn? Did you get a lot of heat off them?
  6. Spares is a very important subject because if the stove has been discontinued and limited/no spares available going forward then it could prove very expensive/dangerous when you are not able to replace broken/worn parts. Many manufacturers will continue with spares for their more popular ranges, even when the stoves have been discontinued, as they create a strong long term income stream.
  7. If Corbyn gets in I suspect we can expect a raft of do-gooder policies to attract green voters. Many from the left see stoves as a class thing which is so so far from the real truth.
  8. I thought the dog welfare comment was a nice touch lol Did you manage to make any progress with this?
  9. We took advice from the manufacturer, Dunsley Heat, and here is their reply:- - Please find attached York boiler instructions page 3 combustible materials - From the side and rear of the stove you need 100mm gap - From the flue pipe you need 460mm minimum gap - If your concerned that over time it may start to warp the wood cupboards then a sheet of metal about 1.5mm thick standing at least 30 mm away from the cupboard and 30mm off the floor and shielding direct radiation from the flue pipe would help - Also make sure the dog has plenty of water at hand York Boiler.pdf
  10. Hi @Capetown Looking at your photo there would appear to be an issue with the distance to non-combustibles. If you go down the route of a heat shield then you would need to be looking at some kind of fireboard or 2mm stainless steel (although there would be an issue with the material getting hot). We strongly advise approaching a HETAS engineer for professional advice.
  11. I see Boris as a marmite PM, you either love him or loathe him lol
  12. I would be interested to learn the first thing you consider/look at when buying a stove - is it the brand, price, heat output range, etc.
  13. Fair point although the quality of so called cheap stoves has in general improved over the last couple of years.
  14. Now that Boris Johnson is PM it will certainly be fun and games in the UK for a while to come. I would say nobody knows what he might do next but I dont think even he knows from one day to the next. What are his views on the environment and will he be good, bad or indifferent for the stove industry? The last government seemed to be attacking the industry via Michael Gove (who is still in the cabinet).
  15. I suppose we will also be importing stoves from Europe which will be EU compliant and any UK companies looking to export to the EU would also have to be EU compliant. Either way, it looks like we are tied into the EU regs one way or another?


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