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  1. The news is jampacked with coronavirus so maybe its time to take our minds off things for just a few minutes?
  2. I spoke to one person who said they are using 50% more wood as a consequence of the isolation advice/lockdown. Surely this cant be right? 50% more?
  3. These are certainly troubling times and all we can do is come together to offer support for each other until it is over - which it will be at some point. However, the financial pain of government bailouts will probably be felt for decades to come, especially so soon after the 2008 financial crisis. The human race is being tested!
  4. Why is he suggesting that wood burning stoves are being banned when that is not the case?
  5. Nothing much yet (touch wood lol) but feels like if it coming. A few cases around us and in all honesty it is just a matter of time.
  6. As ever, when a government announces a new policy they leave more unanswered questions than answered ones! Nobody ever seems to go back over and fill in the gaps ?
  7. Hi Bmp01,


    I am just about to send out a newsletter with a 20% off discount code for this exact type of replacement glass. Give me a shout if I can help.





    1. bmp01


      Hi Mark, 


      Thank you for contacting me regarding stove glass.

      Well,  I had hoped to get to the end of the burning season and then shop around but the glass cracked a second time,  horizontally and pretty much mid height, that put paid to that idea !

      I've ordered Calfire product through third party,  not received yet so can't comment on quality / finish, we'll see. Was 40 pounds for shaped 390 x 305mm (h x w), ebay, Albion Flue Systems (or AFS), wouldn't be surprised if it comes direct from Calfire though...


      Thanks again, 


  8. Hi @kevinjohnsonmbe I had a chat with my colleague and none of the manufacturers we currently deal with offer a wood burner oven combi. Regards, Mark
  9. Lets have a dance down memory lane What was the first stove you ever bought and in a few words sum up what you thought of it.
  10. Many people automatically assume that the weather plays a huge part in the stove industry. Would the weather tip you in favour of buying a stove/or spare part if it was something you had been thinking about? Interested to hear what everyone thinks.
  11. How come scandinavian countries, where wood burners are very popular, never seem to appear on the worst emissions list but in the UK apparently stove emissions are the number one target for the green lobby?
  12. While the heat from an electric stove is relatively low compared to wood burning/multifuel stoves, are we likely to see growing interest in this area of the stove market? Or does it just not give the right atmosphere for those who love the deep seated heat of a wood burner?
  13. Andy, I have taken the link down as didnt want to offend. I was genuinely trying to help.
  14. It looks like the UK will eventually leave the EU - will the stove industry benefit from being outside of EU regulations going forward?
  15. Hit or a miss for that kind of money? (p.s. not a promotional post, we dont sell them :))
  16. I have taken the link down - was genuinely trying to help. I have added hundreds of posts to the forum over the last few months without advertising in any way.
  17. Has the stove industry not used a guidance figure of 20% for many years? If this is not sustainable then it might be difficult to change it to 25% now?
  18. "a fuel consisting of an emulsion of bitumen in water." Doesnt sound too great to me
  19. On one hand this has given stove retailers/manufacturers the chance to get out there and correct errors in the press. On the other hand, it has muddied the water a little and put a degree of doubt into the mind of some people. It could certainly have been handled better by the authorities but we are where we are at the moment.


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