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  1. Got to be patient, often the tip sites are good for tree surgeons out of their usual area looking for somewhere to tip. Established firms are likely to have their arrangements in place, so all depends wo is working in your area. Might also be prudent to give the local firms a shout directly, ask if they are passing your place to drop off there instead of back to their base. Might be that if they need to get back to their job and you are 10 minutes each way quicker than the base, they will drop things off, but might not come out of their way to get to you... if it is easier people will come
  2. Could just have a solid base with air holes round the edge?
  3. Maybe I am paranoid but my first thought when a company pushes me to use an App is "why", and what benefit do they get out of me using one, for the costs and time it takes to create and maintain one, they have to get some benefit.... which is often the little buttons "access everything I have ever done on my phone" and "bombard me with adverts and offers". However for a forum and a social site you might use often, I might be more inclined to consider it.. but forums and social sites like this don't get the finances to support one. Understandable if it is not able to be supported and like above the browsers versions are often better. (however all irrelevant now, I have got a basic phone, quite bombproof, costs £20 to replace when I trash it...and no constant pressure to be online and lovingly stroke the thing every 30 seconds like some people do)
  4. Angle grinder.. used for grinding stuff, drill, used for putting holes in stuff, sander, used for sanding stuff. What kind of condition are the floorboards in to need sanding? and what kind of condition is the upside down face of them in? For ease if they are all lifted, can't you put them in upside down? Suitable attachments could cost as much as a cheap sander or sending them off to a carpenter to sand down
  5. Ooops and Shhh... just don't tell them
  6. I should also qualify this... when lighting and when the fire is going out the chimney could be below dew point of course
  7. That rings a bell for Saturdays, might be till 1:00,
  8. think ceiling fans, work by moving the air about
  9. Will affect it over time but if the chimney is kept hot then it won't condense so much onto the chimney liner?
  10. Goes in cycles I think, a bad year and then a good year, I am looking hopeful though, plenty on the trees just now
  11. If you follow the building or construction guidelines you should be OK though. What I read yesterday focussed more on the operators with PPE and ear defenders. I might ask what time you started and finished the work? If they are complaining at 11:00 on a Friday morning then they have no grounds, working at 7:00 then maybe, and of course "Tree removals".. a few trees? if you have been doing the job for a day and a half then no grounds but if you have been at it for 3 months then maybe. I think the rules all depends on the extent of the problem, like I said above keep to sociable times and you should be OK. I might also ask what the complainer was after from the complaint or if they gave a reason, for example night shift worker might well complain and ask you to be quieter, but Mrs Miggings getting annoyed they she hears noises while drinking her afternoon gin.. no cause to complain. I guess if they complain again you can listen to their complaint and politely point them in the direction of the council noise complaints people?
  12. Coal man smokeless though I don't know the brand. Experience has shown that DIY warehouse / Petrol station / supermarket smokeless will do the job but is more expensive (marketed I think to the Christmas day, once a year fire market) with more ash (which appears to be mostly a sand filler)
  13. All depends on time I think. 11pm to 7am is night time so should be quiet, though I haven't got a link for you
  14. would they be similar to the van I saw the other day, "Local tree Sugeon" it said with a mobile number, no company name, no logo on the van, no clue who it was
  15. Yup, a sub £100 saw is for domestic use or for serious refurbishment if it is a higher power, so selling to a bloke down the street they want to know it starts and runs, and doesn't sound too bad (which is why I suggested a video) before they come to buy. I get a feeling that the OP has taken a bit of care with his kit so unlikely to be too knackered... but all good info for us all. Bolted chain connection... again selling to a bloke down the street will see then with the quick adjusters new online, see the bolted connections on a saw and jump to conclusions that an older model will be more problems regardless of the facts, and will want to pay less.


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