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    If you're supplying the PPE for your employees then it would take a special effort not to have a uniform look within your team (like having to go to differnt suppliers ).
  2. For the petrol there is plenty of anecdotal evidence of the big petrol stations being better. I did some work at Grangemouth - the base petrol is the same but it is given brand specific additivs as it's being umped int the tanker (in highly controlled quantities too). They all meet the minimum standards but its the addatives that mae the difference. For the sake of 1l if fuel and not much more I'm gong t give it a go and see if it helps. Sort of convinced me when the car 'fxed' itself hen t got different petrol. As an update< i adjusted the 'L' o the carb amd it started better today but still not perfect. I'll ry the different fuel next and then look at mechanical things
  3. Thanks - my MS181 was a nightmare today, took ages to fire, wouldn't restart after a couple of minutes when I stopped it, and later refused to play at all. So in conclusion - carb then? Ome thing I read earlier was to open ip the 'L' o the catb a bit which sounds wrong because it was working OK as it was set. -edit- Forgot to mention last night about petrol. I run mine on supermarkt petrol - and also the car (nearest petrol staton). Anyway,the car engine warning light came on... and has clered itself as soon as I put Shell petrol in it - better quality petrol? and I am thinking that over time this might have affected the saw So next week going to get Shell petrol to try
  4. I've had some in the garage since about November and they haven't split.. yet.. about 25mm thick and I kept them in a pile of sawduxt for a few months (my thought, right or wrong was that they would dry slower that way). However if it was important that they didn't crack I would be tempted to cut them closer to the weddng
  5. Go for the middle ground, someone might take them unsplit mid summer . I would but am a bit far away
  6. Not desperate for apples, just seams a waste to see a pot of apples being thrown out. I'll clean up the wound in the morning
  7. I wasn't sure whether to put this in here or general chat becuase I have 2 questions... First off, one of my apple trees was used as a swing by The Boy a couple of years ago abd broke a branch off, the Outlaws (used to be farming types) strapped it back up again and it has thrived for a couple of years. Today it fell off, probably the weight of apples on it. Looking at the scar it only rejoined half way - so am I right to assume I cannot do much with the branch apart from firewod now? Should I ne looking to do anything to protext where the branch snaped off. Second question, there are about 2 1/2 kg of unipe apples.. so does anyone have any killer chutney recepes? (alternative is squirrel / deer / cow food depends where I thow them). I guess smthing like, Apples, sultanas, vinegar and sugar plus some paprika for a bit of a kick? Not so happy - 50 apples that are 1/4 of the size they were when ripe and this was the branch wih most apples on too
  8. ... though if your worried, pop them over to mine and I will get rid of them for no charge. If you are storing them outsde then not a problem, they coe in, go on the stove and the tove door is shut, the mould won't go anywhere
  9. I'm not gong to say whether this was a good rate or not - you know your business, overheads, mortage and love for the job, and and much you want in your pocket at the end of the day =. It might be that this days work then leads to 6 months full time jobs, only you know. However it might be worth working it out for yourself a minimum rate, For example (and plucking numbes from theiar for the example): Chainsaw £1 each hour use for replacement / servicing Chain £1 an hour for chain sharening Vehice £2 an hour (to sit on the road not movng) Wages £10 an hour (up to you, I want tomake the sums easy) Admin £1 per hour worked Fuel 50p an hour other hardware £1 an hour of work. Write it down, list it and you could even have it to shw a client if they question the costs So these are your fixed costs.. add more and change the values to suit your business - th eminimum you would charge if the jobs was ver the road at a neighbours Then add in jbs specific - such as travel costs (petrol, vehicle time, your wages) - you could do it as a flat rate i forget what HMRC say a vehicle costs, 50p a mile? plus your wages) Then add in a bit of spare to negotiate with (no one will admit to this beer money but evey business does this £1000 job, bit steep? OK, so if I don't do this (20 minue job), I could do it for £900....) Then you could wrk it out for your business and this job whether the rate was good. £15 might not cover all your costs and give you minimum wage. Hourly rate can work out OK if you get the rate right and you can add in for travelling and so on. As a custmer though I would be tempted to prefer a day rate of pece rate
  10. Maybe but to be fair, the glass was a long log, the grate was me being too lazy too often letting coal ashes build up (let that be an en expensive warning), suspect the fire bricks wre half caused by PET coke, the latest one is caused by the old grate moving and warpng as it fell apart - but the baffle plate, defenite caused by it getting hot I do prefer to run it full on rather than ticking over - it appears to keep cleaner that way
  11. Gong back to a comment about its work - 5 or 6 tmes in 4 year. I tend to get my little engines running at least once a month for a while just to keep everything moving inside (2 stroke oil so it is OK to do repeated stsrts with little wear - and I use the same mix for the mower). Certaily helps when I want to use them properly, and might be worth considering
  12. thanks, that's what I thought. Not desperate to fix it tonght apart from it was in bits in the living room (always conversation starter at home "What is that dong there" so a fix would have been handy. I'll just use evo stick till I get the correct part. ta.
  13. Good afternoon, The mice have been chewing my chainsaw - a nice tooth shaped hole in its primer bulb (a Stihl MS181). (they like petrol, they did the same to the lawnmower too) So I asked the man in the deakership today for a primer bulb which is exactly what he sold me - the flexible rubber rubber bulb. taking the saw apart just then it looks like I have to replace the whole primer pump assembly. So my question, is there a trick to taking the primer pump asembly apart to replace just the rubber bulb or do I have to go back to the man and ask for the correct pert? Just to note that if I cover the hole with my thumb it all still works OK, but before I put the saw back together and before I buy a whole pump just wondering if I can fix it tonight.
  14. For ust the stove, I would go up to a couple of thousand - it will be a replacement stove so I could up a ptice brakcet (no work to do, fingers crossed I can use the flue liner again). If I was getting new i think my total budget would be £2500 depending if the fireplace was OK to take it (or DIY) Apart from the stove, the budget needs to inclue fitting, flue liners, any brickwork etc, decorating, for a new stove any fire tools, perhaps wood store. Also to be aware of maintenance - my stove gets a lot of use (5kw to heat an 80 year old 3 bedoorm semi), in 6 year - 3 sets of fire bricks, 1 glass, 1 grate, and needs a new baffle plate next year so add about £50 a year so far.. plus sweeping)
  15. take it, turn it on, take the photos, turn it off "saving the batteries and I don't want to leave it charging in the van while i'm up a tree"


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