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  1. A quick look online suggests 160kg+ for the stove, I would guess 30kg for the hearth? Another 15kg for the weight on the floor for the flu? Non combustible material for the plinth and the tiles and surround - looking at 250kg+ maybe? Perhaps might be worth a quick check with someone
  2. Is it worth it..... depends on your time, but if it will mean you pay less for fuel and wouldn't be doing much anyway then probably, or if you gave up say a gym membership to do that work out instead. Looks like commercially once dried you'd have to spend a fair bit to get the same quantity delivered.
  3. Never split acacia but it looks very twisty - a tricky one
  4. I can't imagine that being any good: "Hold on, nearly got it, yes got the weapon moving now." "Fecking screw driver attachment! Give me a moment" "OK and fire"
  5. Looks like oak, or very similar, slow grown - lots of close growth rings = lots of energy. Splitting should be reasonably easy just now - still fresh, straight grain, and very few branches. I find the small branches are what slows me down the most. Something like that I'd be doing some splits one handed just because it will.
  6. For the nuisance, how much of the tree are you wanting to prune? not sure if it will make a difference, but if you were taking off a small amount this might be different from removing the 3/4 that is over hanging your garden. Might be seen more favourably that you only pruned away the nuisance parts and not everything (even if you did take away more than absolutely necessary).
  7. I reckon the same the same ay I would find out?
  8. No joke but I remember paying 50p a pint in the 90s. It was an appetiser since it made the 75p a pint beer taste so much better.
  9. Depends what you are asking for, the cheapest (least efficient) are half the price of the most efficient, ranging from about £800 / kwh to £1500 / kwh.
  10. What I love about the report I read this week is that the offenders were stopped, had to reload their vans, then had the vans confiscated and were prosecuted. Almost perfect, if only they had to walk home instead of a comfy ride to the police station. (I have no sympathy for them, mentioned here I litter picked my road over Christmas, a few hours, today, big bag of litter thrown out of car.... 25m from the litter bin... no excuses)
  11. It's not the political party as such but more the idea that Tony Benn, who was Secretary of State for Energy 45 years ago has such as great influence on our energy security today. Not believing that line.
  12. You got to do the full quote!! In the medium term yes, I think what ever storage there is has to be an energy dense storage. I don't have the figures but reckon that equivalent energy in pumped storage and in Hydrogen, and Hydrogen will take up much less space, just as an example.
  13. Even in the 30 years of Conservative governments?
  14. As I read it, he didn't do a deal with Iran (a beacon of world stability) and made a certain type of Nuclear reactor in the UK because Iran would have half owned it? I think looking at world history in the last 45 years probably a good thing (of course, doing a few deals here or there might have changed history, we will never know). Of course, since 1979, Thatcher came to power Benn wasn't secretary of State for Energy, and U2 released their first album (1980). Bono and his hippy ilk were in no position in 1977 to influence the government. 40 years later and of course, Tony Benns hatred of nuclear power has influenced Conservative, Labour and coalition governments? (even extending beyond his death?). I don't think his influence extended that far.


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