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  1. Might be way off the mark, but I had a job once climbing communications towers - and from the top of them you can see loads of stuff that needs to be climbed to maintain them. Comms twers, electricity pylons and so on, depends how much you like climbing
  2. Im not up to speed on the regs these days, but... so long as you arn't adding to certain tyes of circuit, or altering its protection (the fuse / RCD) then you're OK. Like everything its all for safety - get the cooker wiring wrong and it will just trip the RCD - get a fuse box wrong and it might never trip and then kill you. Cable - B&Q fr about £10 when we got ours, or reuse the old one. Nor here that when ours was deliered we paid for the old ome to be taken away.. and the old cable went too (to be fair we inherited the oven with the house and 10 yers of it no tbeing cleaned I canunderstand why they left it it was worth it to get it take way). I did wonder how self cleaning ovens worked. But... 500 deg C and its clean? so how come my wood burner glass doesn't self clean?
  3. Steven P


    Massive problem with toads is they look like bark. Had a mouse nest in the garage logs one year - nice and cosy and dry for them (no food in the garage so it was just bed for the) -mice were long gone by the time I got to it. Squirrels and seeing the lead flashing - they gnawed through the wheelie bin ld and starting living in it one year, I tipped it up so the squirrel cold get out then took it in the garage to patc hit with mesh and fibre glass, next day got a text "The squirell is in the bin" - sneaky thng must have been sat in the there hiding and watching - and then high as a kite all morning from th fumes. Kind of glad it did keep still rather than jumpng out. I ddn't have the heart to let the bin men take it with them.
  4. Steven P


    I have one living in my freshly cut log pile ( am wanting to stack these for the year so toad will be homeless soon) Couple of questions, does aonyone else have interesting wildlife in their wood piles? (we also had a wood wasp the other year too -huge ad scary looking) Second question, has anyone left any wood piles to atract wildlife and any tips like just throw them in a pile, stack tem, stack them on pallets or bricks or rocks? part bury them? (Mr Toad eats slugs, slugs eat my vegies, mr Toad is good)
  5. Looking back 12 months, I was getting my stove ready for the winter. I put in screed fire brcks (see quote) a year ago and so far so good, they appear to be harder wearing than what I was using before. The one at the back has cracked...but I put that down to the grate falling apart and warping last easter. The faces of the bricks are still in good shape. They even came out and went back in again without breaking - thats a first after being in for a year. So far so good. Just to uodate for the thread, the stove is 7 now, had 3 or 4 sets of fire bricks, a new grate (ny fault for not clearing the ashes out) and ew glass (Cindy fault for slamming the door shut oto a log) [ just needs a new baffle plate (next winter i think) and the internals have all been changed.
  6. Ahhh, yes, the garage, I live in Scotland so fully expect it to rain for 90 days in the next 180, the logs have to get under cover somewhere One thing I forgot to mention before, I make my log piles in sections - so for example tonight I movd some inside and took out a section - but because of this the logs either side didn't fall into the hole that made. Got mine on a palet in the garage, but outsde I just raise them up on bricks - its a space thing that my log pile is longer andthinner rathr than square
  7. OK so I am moving my dry logs ito the garage this week (don't worry, the car has never got close to the garage, doesn't know what it's missing), and the part dried and fresh logs are to be restacked to dry where the dry logs were. I know this sounds like a lot of hassle but it frees up some drive space. Just womdering if anyone has any fool proof ways that dry the logs quickest. I am considering stackig them in rows against the wall, with an air gap of 5 - 10cm between the row, and using longer logs as a roof. In the past I have made hollow circular houss withe the walls a couple of logs thick, plus a roof - the boys played in them in the sumer and the inside walls of the logs were always dry. Sowhat are your top tips?
  8. Looking at it from ther point of view to play devils advocate, its a domestic property.. and how many domestic properties have tipper trucks r grabbers parking up round the back? So when it was installed, above car height, it was suitable and that might their reply - its suitable height fr a domestic property but if you want it raised because the proerry is changing use (they will see it that way if you park plant there) then thats something yo uwill have to pay for.
  9. I must remember to say hat next time I get out my wish list of 2 stroke toys
  10. I was looking at them just now, they also have a chain sharpener for £20, and was going to ask on here what people thought consdering the price of the machine
  11. In glasgow and in the winter it will be on most of the day, obviously building up to that as winter starts and ends. Iver he summer probaby a coupeofhours a month to move the air around the house and remove damp
  12. I have a MS181 which does me well enough, 16" blade. Anything too big I can turn the log arnd and cut from a differnt angle - I don't think anything has defeated it yet. I guess the limiting factor for me isn't the saw, its what I can phsically lift into the boot of the car to take home. As above the local dealer has all the consumables for he saw
  13. Steven P


    If you're supplying the PPE for your employees then it would take a special effort not to have a uniform look within your team (like having to go to differnt suppliers ).
  14. For the petrol there is plenty of anecdotal evidence of the big petrol stations being better. I did some work at Grangemouth - the base petrol is the same but it is given brand specific additivs as it's being umped int the tanker (in highly controlled quantities too). They all meet the minimum standards but its the addatives that mae the difference. For the sake of 1l if fuel and not much more I'm gong t give it a go and see if it helps. Sort of convinced me when the car 'fxed' itself hen t got different petrol. As an update< i adjusted the 'L' o the carb amd it started better today but still not perfect. I'll ry the different fuel next and then look at mechanical things


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