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  1. Steven P

    Stihl HS81 hedge trimmer problem

    Just a thought going back years - mum ran out of petrol in the car (once and only once...) - last few drops of petrol sucked up all the gunk in the tank with it needing new filters and things. So when you said it warn out of fuel for the first time my thoughts go back to that. Ignition system doesn't make sense, so look to the fuel system. Gunk sucked into the carb needing a clean / carb kit makes sense (OK I Know there won't be much gunk in the tank but thats how my thinkng works).
  2. I'm with the 'free' answer for the best wood for my stove, I will burn different things depends how I feel. Pine and softwood for a flames and decent heat output.. so long as its dry outside and I can get to the garage what feels like every 5 minutes to bring more logs in without pulling on (worn out) boot. \i'll go for thorns any day of the week
  3. Steven P

    Leaf “vacuum” recommendations

    I did mine with the mower at the weekend, blades set on highest setting to keep the grass OK it did the job, and it works on flagged areas. Remember you're not cutting the grass you're using the blades to suck up the leaves (I often 'mow' things off the drive and often wood chippings where I have split logs too).
  4. I would chase him for the fees, there was a verbal agreement (which might not be binding but it was there) and confirmed in his 1st e-mail I guess when he was saying you were charging too much and he could get it cheaper locally. HAve you sent him an invoice yet? I would be making up a detailed invoice (travel to site, set up site, emergency works, clear site, remove waste and disposal, and travel again. etc). I would add a good description of the works you completed identifying why it wasn't a simple felling job (for example the nature of the dangerous tree - the failed parts, that it was roped so it didn't fall onto an overhung greenhouse and so on), and send him that - rather than what sounds like an informal e-mail chain. Obviously all on headed paper with things like VAT numbers and so in if applicable. Then if it goes to small claims court you can pull out the invoice, and this will be considered and add to your case
  5. Steven P

    Squirrel Control

    I think that last line is my problem.. they will migrate in. If your woods can support 50 squirrels you might kill 50 but they will migrate in again after the next breeding season until there are 50 new squirrels again and again. To cure your problem, you need to reduce their numbers in your woods and the National Trust woods, and their neighbours and theirs to stop this migration or you need to reduce their numbers and then stop the woods being a viable place for them - predators, reduced food supply or nest sites and so on. Yup set traps, but how to make the woods less attractice to them? Also to note, crows are vicoius and could account for loss of wildlife (though squrrels have been known to eat meat also)
  6. Steven P

    Jotul - You should only burn hardwoods

    Is that true about the potato peel?
  7. Steven P

    Log Goblins

    Sorry to be boring and to go back to the original topic.. it has been a good year to be a goblin.... (OK all for free and all with permission to collect it, a busy year for e and my little hatchback) (and as for the recent post, I'll collect firewood but have no desire to cross dress)
  8. Steven P

    Over wintering chainsaws

    I never thought of that Gary, I think you might have a point about the wear and tear from cold. However in my case, my toys are for domestic use, if you're over-wintering tools then they arn't heavily used I guess and in this case some extra wear won't be the end of the world. But it was something I never thought about
  9. Steven P

    Over wintering chainsaws

    I just start them up for a minute or so every other week - do this for all my petrol toys - reckon that keeps everything free inside and moving well
  10. Another thought, how fussy are pellet burners for needing exact cylinders of wood? Would these work in such a fire?
  11. I wouldn't, they are consumables so should be easy to replace. My vermiculite does the same - stays in until it falls apart
  12. Just got my stove ready for the winter. New firebricks again (every 18 months but I will burn coal, coke and wood), it needs a new baffle plate soon , and grate (6 years old stove) Replaced the glass after we cracked it and the rope this year This year I am trying screed (concrete) fire bricks (had to cast them myself) - the woman on the phone said they would work so here goes and hope they last say, 2 years.
  13. Was chopping some branches this week with the intention to use it as BBQ fuel next year. I am not bothered about it being charcoal so long as it isn't too smokey and will give a decent bed of ashes (when I was younger and in the Scouts that's all we used to cook with, didn't use charcoal so I guess it must work well) - just to give another idea where you could market it. Doesn't solve the problem for selling it in bulk though. Put some on the stove they burn, the room is getting warmer but the market wants logs so you wou;d have to do some good marketting to sell this
  14. Steven P

    Is this log dry, ready to burn?

    If my house is cold then yes, its good to burn.
  15. Steven P

    Had to be done...

    There are 2 known ways to argue with woman. neither work...


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